atari 520st

My friends!

I’m sorry for the apparent lack of updates, a lot has changed. While I am personally much happier than I was in my previous job, I also do not encounter interesting electronics daily like I used to. I’m still pursuing my hobbies of course, but the 10 hour shifts make it much slower than all the free time I had in my college days.

Here’s a pretty and complete 520 ST with a nice aftermarket 5.25 disk drive.

And keep an eye out for a new video soon.

In 1985, Atari Corporation introduced the Atari ST computer series. The ST featured a 16-bit Motorola 68000 CPU. The Atari 520ST shipped with 520 kilobytes of RAM, and the Atari 1040ST shipped with 1 megabyte of RAM. The Atari 1040ST was the first computer to break the “$1000 per megabyte” barrier by retailing for $999.

The Atari ST series featured built-in MIDI capabilities and MIDI ports which caused the Atari ST to be very popular with musicians. Musicians from Madonna to the rock band Queen were known for using Atari ST computers as MIDI interfaces.