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Atari 2600: favorite video game
NES: favorite video game character
Super NES: least favorite video game character
N64: if you could live in any game universe what would you pick and why
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PC: favorite villain
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Xbox: least favorite video game/franchise
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3DS: video game guilty pleasure
Sega Genesis: most annoying encounter with a gamer online


Atari apparently wants back into the console scene and they announced the Atari Box but they were pretty hush-hush about all the details. So just what in the fuck is the Atari Box then?

Retro Game Spotlight 021: Alien (1982)

Publisher: 20th Century Fox
Platform: Atari 2600
Designer: Doug Neubauer

Trivia: During the time that 20th Century Fox was in the video game business, they contracted work out to former Atari programmer Doug Neubauer. Using the alias Dallas North, he wrote the games Alien, Mega Force (1982) and M*A*S*H (1983) for them.