Always glad to help! Finding new good music is a great thing. I don’t know how much doom you know so I’ll just list a bunch that I like. I will post the list (not in any order, all kinds of doom), so that perhaps, some others will add to it. Cheers! :)

  • Acid Bath
  • The Flight Of Sleipnir
  • Woods of Ypres
  • Dragged Into Sunlight
  • The Sword
  • Insomnium
  • Church Of Misery
  • The Morningside
  • Celtic Frost
  • Amenra
  • Be'Lakor
  • Ocean Chief
  • Samothrace
  • Hooded Menace
  • Shrinebuilder
  • XII Boar
  • Orthodox
  • Swallow the Sun
  • Lord Mantis
  • Arkham Witch
  • Black Sabbath
  • Grand Magus
  • Candlemass
  • Coffinworm
  • VYGR
  • Dopethrone
  • Cathedral
  • Horse Latitudes
  • Bädr Vogu
  • Judd Madden
  • Thorr’s Hammer
  • Om
  • Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
  • Crowbar
  • Womb
  • Ophis
  • Windhand
  • Horn Of The Rhino
  • Sleep
  • Cult Of Luna
  • Saint Vitus
  • Lair of the Minotaur
  • Thou
  • Tzun Tzu
  • An Autumn For Crippled Children
  • Apostate (Ukraine)
  • Disembowelment
  • Wormphlegm
  • Neurosis
  • Electric Wizard
  • Fleshpress
  • Ramesses
  • Swallowed
  • House Of Low Culture
  • Goat Horn
  • Pallbearer
  • Ataraxie
  • Cough
  • Old Man Gloom
  • Primitive Man
  • Bongripper
  • Serpentine Path
  • Floor
  • Dea Marica
  • Agrimonia
  • Slabdragger
  • Buzzov•en
  • Rwake
  • Atolah
  • Pentagram
  • October Tide
  • Earth
  • Pantheïst
  • Novembers Doom
  • Culted
  • Conan
  • Buried at Sea
  • Meth Drinker
  • Orange Goblin
  • Shadow Of The Torturer
  • Noothgrush
  • Jucifer
  • Abyssmal Sorrow
  • Winter
  • 40 Watt Sun
  • Derkéta
  • Gallhammer
  • Druid Lord
  • 13
  • Herder
  • Psychonaut 4
  • Nortt
  • Weedeater
  • Ahab
  • Corrupted
  • Haast’s Eagled
  • Teeth Of The Hydra
  • Seidr
  • My Dying Bride
  • Eibon (France)
  • Doom:VS
  • Goatsblood
  • EyeHateGod
  • Loss
  • The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God
  • Mournful Congregation
  • Grief
  • Khanate
  • Sunn O)))
  • Yob
  • Evoken
  • Ascend
  • Vallenfyre


I really like collecting words and I have a handful that I feel as though Logan would enjoy and maybe use. I hope you see/enjoy this, as I love the Sander sides videos.

Cajoled (v.)
past tense of cajole
To persuade somebody with flattery and flirting.
(It’s a great word to use instead of said.)

Selcouth (adj.)
To be strange or unfamiliar, even wondrous.
(this word is a beauty because it’s homological, which is always fun)

Homological (adj.)
Antonym of heterological
To describe itself. e.g. the word ‘word’ is homological because it’s written as a word.
(see also Grelling-Nelson Paradox, it’s super cool)

Lilt (v.)
used with or without an object
To talk or play in rhythmic manner; to sing while you talk.
(I dare say this is how Roman has ever said anything)

Quizzaciously (adv.)
To say in a mocking or sarcastic manner.
(Just to flaunt his vocab without the others having any idea what his saying. This word was also made famous by Vsauce, which is awesome)

Pulchritudinous (adj.)
Physically beautiful or comely.
(This is such a mean-sounding compliment and it would allow him to tell the others they’re pretty without them knowing)

L’espirit de l’escalier (idiom)
That voice that tells you all the things you should have said after leaving a conversation.
(Another one of those annoying things anxiety does)

Schlimazel (n.)
Informal and also Yiddish
A frustratingly unlucky or accident prone person
(I feel like Logic would love to call Thomas this)

Ataraxy (n.)
A sense and state of tranquillity and calmness
(Just a pretty word ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Lexicographer (n.)
A person who collects and compiles words.
(Something I think Logic is and I aspire to be)

“You learning things is the closest thing I will ever be to feeling love”  

- Logan

Okay everyones making follow forevers and all that jazz so I guess I should make the last one of these for the end of 2015. This year has been something hasn’t it? and Im thankful for so many things compared to last year, most of them are still video game and anime related but eh some things don’t change. But anyway some examples are bayonetta kirby and kageyama of course. But anyway these guys are the blogs Im thankful for in 2015 and hopefully all of 2016 too! Stay amazing guys!

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Hey! So it’s nearly halloween and I don’t think I’ve done something like this since like April? That and I needed a reason to make something with darkstalkers in it but then I drifted into other fandoms too rip·But I just wanted to like give a shout out to some blogs I follow and that who are honestly the only reason why I still use this site and thus give me something to look forward too in life! Also it’s coming up to my 3 year anniversary on this site I may do something similar when it gets to that time, but this can be a back up to that too I guess. This isn’t like a follow forever or anything (You can class it as one if you want but yeah..) but like these are the blogs I really enjoy and I hope you guys do too, I highly recommend you check them all out!

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