#i wanna take ur dick in my hands fill ur shaft on my lips gonna get reckless in the starlight #im moving to the beat of your heart i was so lost until tonight tonight #ILL FUCK YOU AT THE AFTERPARTY #ILL FUCK YOU IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM #ILL FUCK YOU WHEN IM ON MY KNEES #TURN OFF THE LIGHTS AND SLAP MY ASS #ILL FUCK YOU WITH A MIRROR CATCHING OUR.MOVEMENTS #ILL FUCK YOU TILL THE MORNING TOO#ILL FUCK NATHAN CANT YOU SEE #I WAS LOST #UNTIL I FUCK U U U#ISAIDPEOPLE.MP3 #ns


This is my design for a Vampuria Reptoid, an alleged type of Reptoid (not Terran or Draconian) that feeds solely on the emotional energy of others.*

Sadly, awesome alien sites that used to be hosted on angelfire and tripod are disappearing and information on these guys is super scarce. provides the only description I could find:

Supposedly a species of reptilian that sustains its life force by siphoning off human energies and emotions. They are several feet with a  bulb like hump between their foreheads, elongated arms and legs, eyes are red with slits for pupils, the bodies are reptile like bipedal and hands have four digits with dark talons. They are a hybrid species.

I’m trying to introduce more alien varieties and references in the side stories and I thought this guy might be a fun villain for a Halloween TH story. :B

Maybe I could name them after different parts of the brain…

* Depending on who you ask, this is sometimes a Draconian trait but I’m finding more and more a distinction between the two.  The Draco in TH definitely don’t eat emotions; they eat the fuuds. :3

 Author: Trespresh

Type: Chaptered - work in progress

Centric: Niall

Content: Fingering, anal, blowjob, masturbation, riding

Kinks: Begging, D/s, pain play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, overstimulation, orgasm control, dirty talk, bondage

Summary: It only makes sense that, when Niall loses himself in their performances, his bandmates and best friends will help him find his way back after the shows.

I am NOT sure BUT do my best friend and my friend with benefits had sext or send nudes before!!??!?!?!?! They say something like that and I was like OH MY GOD NO WAY, like, I don’t mind BUT she is the best friend of the girl who has a crush on my fwb (she is my friend too but they are REALLY close)

“idk man if Nathan walked in right now and said get on my knees I’d tie myself up and open wide u feel me

#im so sad omg im so fuckingg frustsrated that i cant be bothered hittin #caps lock like i want nathan to lick the insides of my thighs and tease me #so badly that ill be screaming please in 58 different languages #like i want him to grip the top of my thighs so hard that i have bruises for weeks #as he eats me the fuck out and looks up at me with that smug little look #he knows im enjoying this shit i can feel him smiling against me #i want him to leave wet sloppy kisses from my pelvis up to my neck and to have #multiple lovebites and i want that shit to hav me screaming for mercy #as he holds me down against the bed using his fucking hips #i want to feel that hard d pressing hard into my nerves that ill whimper#just at the very touch of it cause holy shit niGga im thirsty for you #you gonna fill me up or ruin me #but he’ll nod his head no and leave a rough kiss on my lips before he#removes his pants just down to his ankles and then he’ll look down at me #with an animalistic carnal desire burning behind those beautiful hazel eyes #just the sight has me slicker than the bp oil spill #then he’ll enter be so hard that my ancestors will surround me and reassure me #that i havent died that i will be okay as he thrusts deep into me with power #biting into my neck as the rhythm picks up and im screaming #he pauses for a bit and he’ll shift up to his elbows and stare down at me #his features are softened just a bit as his thrusts turn into a slow antagonizing #grind that leaves me gripping at his back with tears in my eyes im about to explode #he grips at my chin and he kisses my lips twice before he uses the same #and to reach between us move furiously over my bundle of nerves with his fingers #im arching my back and he’s kissing me into my orgasm as my body spasms with #great pleasure and then he says ‘im not finished with you yet go on and taste’ #as he rolls us over and smirks before sitting up against the head board #ill put him inside of my lips and he’ll grunt with satisfaction until he reaches #his own euphoric climax and then we get married cause i got preggo #and we live happily ever after because i said so bye swerve sidestep yolo

arielle just shifted my mood from depressed to horny and depressed

 #that’s right you lil bitch chew on that fucking gum mmm damn right you dumb slut omfg dont look at me #ew ok good look at me #no dont you fucking cretin look somewhere before i get a restraining order on this gif #no okay i give in you can look at my breasts please #omg can we share that gum because i dont care what form of transaction that i may receive your dna in #wow like the first gif #boy that hair is ridic and you know this man #omg but i want to run my fingers through it and slightly tug on it so i can hear you be like ‘ow #arielle #that actually hurt’ in like a soft sensual like growl#while you reach back to grab my hand and take it out #ill just yank harder and then pull my lips down to yours because that’s what couples do #wow i think this is a bad time but i think im falling in love with you nathan like #i want to finger paint you naked with only the primary colors of the rainbow #and no i meant that i would be naked and not you k #you can too but aw then i would get to see your chubs and that massive d you are hiding in the jurassic park of your briefs #you gonna touch me or are you gonna shutup and chew your gum #i would choose the latter too #dont look at me #bye #ns