So I have this headcanon...

- Draco and Narcissa are in house arest in the Tonks house after the war, because the Manor was taken over by the Ministry and Andromeda offers so.

- Draco is hesitant at the begining, but fast gets really atached to Teddy.

- Harry is over all the time because of Teddy and he and Draco started to be civil towards each other.

- Draco is there 24/7, so he takes to himself to take care of Teddy, and Andromeda let him, because after all, she needs a break after everything she lost and parenting a baby in her age and state is too much.

- Harry is in auror training and gets called all the time for war memorials and stuff, so he pretty much visit only on weekends.

- Draco and baby Teddy are really close, Draco sleeps in the nursery and all. Andromeda gets to be more of a grandmother than a mother, and she is gratefull for that. She even feels better that she doesn’t have to fuss and worry about Teddy, and gets to spoils him, as Draco worry and fussy enough for both.

- As Teddy gets older, he starts to spend the weekends with Harry.

- Teddy is 4 when Andromeda decides he should socialize with more kids and puts him in daycare for magical kids.

- Draco pouts for the whole first week, but Teddy is thrilled.

- He gets home onde day and asks Andromeda if a kid can have more than one mommy. She is suprised and asks him why, and he tells her that there’s a girl in daycare that has two mommys. She than explains to him that there’s diferent kinds of love and diferent kinds of families, with one or two mothers or fathers, or both, and a lot more. “Our family, for exemple, honey. It is grandma, Aunt Cissy, Draco and Harry.” She explains. And Teddy seens to understand.

- Teddy is 5 when the Malfoys get out of house arest and Andromeda decides she and Narcissa need both a air change and decides Teddy is old enough for them to go visit for a while a once removed Aunt on France.

- Draco is nervous at first that he gets to be alone with Teddy, but really, Potter is there all the time and still gets Teddy on the weekends, so he soon gets used to it, and even misses Teddy terribly when Harry gets him.

- They are 2 weeks into it when Teddy asks Draco, out of the blue, if he is his daddy. Draco frozes for a moment and tells him that Remus Lupin was his dad, but Teddy takes a much Draco-like exasperated look and explains to him that his Grandma had told him that some kids have more than one Daddy, and that in his teacher have told them that fathers was the ones who took care of the kids, put them to sleep, and made them eat vegetables and shower, and made them feel save and loved, and that Draco did all of that.

- Draco is really taken aback, but he reconizes he does all that, and Teddy, really satisfied with himself, asks Draco if he can call him Daddy. The blond says they have to talk with his Grandma before, and they quikly write Andromeda. She sends back a howler, saying Teddy is very much right.

- That’s how Draco Malfoy becomes Teddy Lupin’s Daddy.

(Hold on, there’s part 2)

  • Keith: Hey Coran, listen, so i was walking downtown...
  • Coran: Mhm...
  • Keith: And i was looking for this really cool knife stall...
  • Coran: Yeah...
  • Kwith: And i found a Shiro, can we keep him??
  • Coran: Keith, I love you, but this is the 5th time you brough a new Shiro to the castle and i´m afraid you´ll get too atached to all of them
  • Keith: But he followed me home!
  • Coran: It doesn´t matter, leave him outside or you don´t enter
  • *Keith stays 4 whole days outside and finds 2 more Shiros"

I want my heart
to stop being a metaphor
for all the different ways
you broke me.

I don’t want to feel my heart
cleave itself in two
everytime I see your name.

I don’t want my bones
to ache,
crumbling into dust
right before your eyes.

I don’t want you
to be poison
in my veins
or the ice to my fire.

I don’t want swollen bottom lips
and hoarse voices
screaming out
begging to be saved
from an absent moon.

I don’t want to be
a fucking comma
begging you to go on
in a story
I was erased from.

I just want
to hold your hand tight,
lean my head
against your chest,
listen to your steady breathing
and feel the thud
of your heartbeat
against my cheek.

I never wanted
you to become a metaphor.

Simply said,

I just wanted you.

—  But it’s the only way I can keep you because now you’re gone and I can’t seem to figure out what to do with my hands if they aren’t holding yours. -gaa
Tie Me Up


newtsslut: Please write smut with scorch trails scenario . About the part when newt wore a scarf around his neck . Just something about it How he ties up the girl with it or more like that

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Anônimo disse:

Hi serenity! I really love your silly blouse! I was wondering how did u make the bow in front? Whenever I make a bow like that in MD, it just shakes like crazy and falls apart 😂😂😂😂 Any advice?

Sorry for the delay D:

I will show here in steps with photos, how I did the bow of the ´silly´blouse haha. It is hard to explain it here, I hope you understand what I did.

1. First I did the colar, (in red), like this.

2. Then I sewed the two frontal pieces crossed.

3. Now for the bow, first of all I created a simple retangle and then I sewed then like that, so it got the shape of a bow.

4. After doing that in the two blue pieces, I atached then into the colar.

5. And at the end, I created two more simple retangles (green ones), and sewed then to that same place. 

And that´s it  .-. 

Midnight Shadows  ; 7

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

Genre : Fluff / Angst

 A/N : This part is longer so thank god

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I went home, unluckiest person in the world huh?
Yes, I’m pretty damn unlucky It started raining on my way back home. How great it is. Tomorrows work too. I hope I get it over soon, because I just wanna sleep & rest. But I thought how was Jimin feeling about all this? Yes, I know he felt really bad.
But maybe, it’s gonna be easier for him when she’s gone. I don’t think she’s gone for long though. She’s too atached. I have a fear for any other girl he’s gonna date.

I went home all wet. Rain drops started dropping on the floor.

“Great” I said to myself.

Well it is true that I’m pretty damn unlucky.
But now I just wanted to go to my bed. Just dig right in there and sleep tight. Yes, I needed to dry off my hair before going to sleep. Thanks to the rain.

But now, the moment finally came where I went in bed. Finally all this day this is all I ever wanted.

And I finally fell asleep. I thought about this all situation I mean it’s not like I like Jimin or anything so it wouldn’t be too bad to get close to him as a friend.

Yes, the past actions of mine we’re very stupid.
But that’s why it’s called the past you live and forget.

But. The morning came. Wow I really hated this, I quickly turn off my alarm because it’s annoying.
Why did I even make that my alarm I think to myself. But I’m begining to be off track.

I quickly dress up and put some makeup on. Aswell as fix my hair so I wouldn’t look like some horror film villain. I look in the mirror.

“Looking, ugly as always”
I get my bag and I rush to work. I see Jimin wearing the employee outfit.

I think to myself what the heck is he doing here?

“Hey, Jimin that outfits only for employees”

“Yeah, I got a job here.”

I didn’t want to be this unlucky. When did I ask for any of this. My life was going well until this.

“Why did you get a job here though”

“Because they we’re hiring people?”

Why the sarcastic reply. I just wanted to know why you got a job HERE. Not anywhere else.

But something popped into my head.

“Wait where’s Choa”

“I think she quit the job?”

I remember her saying that it was the best job she’s ever had. But now she left out of nowhere?
Seriously my days keep getting worse and worse.

“So I bet we’re gonna see eachother everyday”
He looked enthusiastic about all this.

Oh look it got even worse.

“Hah… I guess so” I look even more dead inside.
GREAT. I really did hope this was some kind of joke and that choa didn’t quit.

“Also, will you wanna catch up anytime soon? Since yesterday when we tried to do that it messed up” Oh, he’s talking about his (ex) girlfriend cheating.

“Oh, sure I forgot to ask are you feeling okay after yesterday I mean she did hurt you?”

“I guess so” I really got confussed is he still sad? No, one knows.

So the job ended, and I was ready to go home. I took off that ugly uniform that I had and grabbed my bag.

“Hey, I think my aparment is next door to yours” WHAT. DID. HE. JUST. SAY.

“How come?”

“well since I moved out of the one I had shared I moved into a new one”

“Wait… How do you know where I live?”

“I saw you walking to work”


Well this is wow. Why next to my apartment wasn’t the job enough. Why is life so cruel? I just wanted to live my life peacefully but now I can’t. I’ll need to see him everywhere.

“Well I’m gonna go home” I wished, I prayed that he didn’t say we can both go home.

“I can go with you since I live next to you” Oh no.
This is very bad. Is he a mind reader? Why couldn’t you possibly give anyone this extreme bad luck. Why me?

So I awkwardly walk home with Jimin next to me.

“Well this is my apartment cya”



“Do you want to watch a movie or anything like somewhere on netflix”

Oh, I could decline the offer but I might seem rude and “rude” isn’t what I’m trying to be as a person.

“Sure I guess, text me when you do want that movie night of yours” And I went into my apartment. Finally no human interaction peace and quiet-

I hear a knock.


I open the door.

I see Jimin and he says “Well, I think we could do movie night right now”

“Right now..?”

“Yeah, It’s midnight perfect for movies right?”

Why did I even try.

“Okay, fine we can do movie night but you pick out a movie”

I went in the kitchen to make popcorn because what’s a movie without popcorn am I right? After microwaving some popcorn I go back inside my living room.

And I think actually, why am I doing this.

He turns on some scary movie I don’t even know the name of. It’s not even scary? What is this I could’ve spent my life doing something productive and now I’m watching a “scary movie” I’m not even scared of.


X Hello guys, that would be my first fanfic that I’m posting on tumblr and I’m mostly doing it for feedback on my writting, because I’m not a native speaker. Anything helps! I’m also submitting this to @zigzaggersfanclub, for you guys to tell me what did you think of it. Anyways, I’ll edit the formating later, I’m posting this from my phone. 😱 Enjoy, I guess ❤. X

She was perfect. Bending over the pool table, she gave you a clear view at her body arching and her hair falling down her shoulders, gently touching her elbows when she was preparing for a shot. You felt familiar pang of desire somewhere deep inside. Familiar and yet somehow new, as if it originated somewhere else than so many times before. She wasn’t the first girl to caught your attention, but you had a feeling that this night won’t end like they usually did – kissing on the doorstep and promising that the second date will come soon. Sometimes it did and sometimes there was even a third or a fourth, but the moment you felt them growing too atached you broke things off. You wouldn’t do them any good anyway. But with her you felt a sligh sparkle of hope that perhaps she won’t give up on you so easily. You thought that, perhaps, she was persistent enough to bring your walls down. But what was about this girl, that made her so special? She had the most amazing smile, yes, but you’ve been with many girls and many of them smiled sweetly in your embrace. The genuine kindness in her eyes was another thing altogether, but it was not that either. You sense an unfamiliar feeling growing in your chest and you sharply inhale.

»Your turn,« she says, her brown eyes staring warmly at you, shot of whiskey in her hand. That was another little thing that surprised you. She didn’t strike you for a girl who even knew the first thing about liquor, but there she was, drinking the shot you brought for yourself, her cocktail, that you so meticulously chose for her, and that she eyed suspiciously before stealing the drink right out of your hands, forgotten on the table.

»Zig?« the sound of your name finally calls you back to reality. »Sorry,« you smile at her. »You weren’t lying when you said you knew how to play pool.«
»There’s another thing about me – I don’t lie. Ever.« She clenched her fists a little, but gathered herself and relaxed. You didn’t comment, but instead focused on the shot you had to make to even the score. And of course she chose the exact moment you took the shot, to shift a little in your peripheral vision, causing you to miss the hole.

»That’s your fault,« you accuse her and she arches her perfect eyebrows. »Yeah? How so?« »You’re so god-damn distracting in that little dress of yours.« She smiles and shakes her head a little. »You’re such a flirt!« She turns her back to you and a little wrinkle appears on her forehead, her eyes assessing the situation on the table. »That’s a tricky shot,« she says, a hint of displeasure in her voice. She tries to line the cue so she wouldn’t accidentally dip the black ball. You can see the frustration clearly written on her face, hesitation in her moves amuses you. And suddenly you can’t take even a second more of her bending over that godforsaken table. »Let me give you a hand.« You stand behind her, your hands gently guiding her movements, your bodies barely touching. You feel her body tense underneath yours. »Is this okay?«

»Zig, you can get a little closer, if you want.« You press your body into hers, inhaling her scent. Slowly, you plant a trail of kisses down her neck. She turns to face you and you lift her up and sit her on the edge of the table, the game all but forgotten. Her hands slip trough your hair and you feel the sudden urge for her painfully grow deep and low inside you, planted somewhere in the pit of the stomach. You lean in and your lips meet halfway. She tastes of whiskey and mint and desire and you can’t get enough of it. She pulls away, her eyes opened wide, her breath slightly uneven. »I wanted to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you.« The words leave your mouth before you can catch them and she rewards you with another deep kiss. »Me too.«

You pull away, breathless and gaze into her eyes. »You want to take this somewhere more private?« »Yeah, I’d like that.« You contemplate your options for half a second. You could take her to your place, but in your current state there was no guarantee that you’d even make it to the car, let alone to your apartment. You grab her by the hand and lead her to a dimly lit back room, conveniently furnished with nothing but another pool table, this one decorated with an ‘out of order’ sign, hanging from one of the corners. She grins.

»This is your idea of private?« »No one ever comes here, the lights are broken and there’s not much going on here, anyways.« Her grin grows wider and touches her now sparkling eyes. »Well, hopefully we can change that.« She pulls you into another kiss and you lean her on the wall, pinning her with your hips. She doesn’t seem to mind, her hands traveling along the lines of your body, and finally stopping at the edge of your hips, where your bodies are touching.
»How far do you want this to go, exactly?« A devilish smile is playing on her irresistible lips. »To infinity and beyond,« she whispers, her voice now hoarse with desire.

»Your wish is my command.« You lift her up, so she has to wrap your arms around your hips to stay in your embrace. Her breath now comes quicker and you feel your own pulse quickening as your hands explore her beautiful body. You find the zipper on her dress and slowly unzip it. Peeling her out of the dress you have a chance to admire every inch of her and while taking your sweet time, you feel her grow inpatient. »Zig …« Taking her lip between your teeth you effectively shut her up and finally, her dress is now crumpled around her waist. Her hands slip under your shirt and it soon lands on the floor. She opens your belt and hastily unzips the last barrier, that is preventing you from having her whole. The touch of her skin on yours ignites a fire in you, and while kissing every inch of her beautiful skin that you can reach, she gently scratches your back, making the hair on your whole body stand up. The music from the bar grows louder, providing you with rhythm while you loose inside her.

There’s the feeling in your chest again, feeling heavy and yet somehow it lifts you up from the ground and shoots you among the stars and suddenly you know you’re falling for her, for that girl you only know for a few weeks and that is trusting you so completely that she went with you to the sketchy bar across town just so she wouldn’t be alone for the night. Who is trusting you, despite not giving her a particular reason to, and who is still not running away, despite knowing all about your past. You almost feel how she’s bringing down your walls and suddenly you feel exposed and naked and not just in a literal sense of word. You whisper her name and it tastes so impossibly sweet on your lips. You catch her lips between yours once more and somehow you know she’s right for you, even tough you come from different worlds and you’re really not the type of guy a girl would be eager to introduce to her mother, or that you’re older than her or that she seems too good to be true. You take a shakily breath. »I think I’m falling for you.« She smiles. »I’ve already fallen for you.«

The rest of the night spills together in a blissful blur, that will hold your memory for a long time to come. Xx


OK can I take a moment hear to talk about the fact that jotaro was replaying the fight with dio perhaps unconsciously.

I’ve seen other posts mention his ptsd, as someone with ptsd I can see all the flags hear.

even sadder then jotaro viewing kira as dio is that he’s also viewing kochi as kakyoin, I don’t think act three resembling hierophant, and koichi’s uniform being like kakyoins, are a coincidence, araki chose it to be that way to further trigger jotaro.

I strongly believe the words jotaro speaks to koichi are the words he wished he had the chance to tell kakyoin but never could.

and he smiled even though he believed he was dying because he was happy he finally got to speak those words that were weighing heavy on him for ten years. I feel like jotaros actions hear show that survivors guilt made him feel he should have died along with kakyoin and his friends in Egypt.

it’s very clear that araki puts a lot of attention into the characters mental states, for example kira’s ocd with koichi’s sock truly shows how messed up kira’s mind is, for his ocd to take priority over his urge to murder a kid. Jotaro is no different, he suffers from ptsd and survives guilt araki wanted to show that at his core Jotaro is just a person and the events in Egypt did not leave him unharmed. Ptsd/survivers guilt make it very difficult to hold relationship’s as that fear of seeing loved ones die at your fault never goes away he’d likely always be distant in relationships and often bring up the past and compare certain people to those he lost such as koichis and kakyoin. “and there proof of this” his divorce from his wife and seemingly neglect of jolyne shows that Jotaro has a fear of becoming to atached to a person he left his wife likely because there was no atachment or love there, there’s a possibility that his wife reminded him of kakyoin in some way (maybe a action or a hair color ) but after time he may have realized he was only trying to fill the void that his friends death left. he wolud likely come to loath his wife for the very reason he fell of her her “resemblances to kakyoin”, that would only serve at a constant reminder of his friend but also that she clearly is a different person and can not fill the void. and in the case of jolyne he truly loved her but he really feared that anyone that is in his presence will be harmed and that she’d meet the same fate as his friends, that’s why he abandoned her.

i extremely loveh im and a=think he is so hot andbbeautiful and perfect like…. Eveyrthing about him is so right, I want to be atached to him at thie hip theortetically speaking and I waknt to be married to him mimmedialtlye and never stop touching him!!! I wnat him to love me back so bad!! 

I hate, hate hate dc movies rumours, literaly in the same day we had comfirmation leto whould have more apearences as the joker on his own movie and gotham city sirens, then joker and harley, then a origin movie out of continuity, then more news saying gotham city sirens is canceled (even tho margot is one of the producers, david ayer gave a interview on his reasons to do it, it has a female writer atached to it)

Basicaly everything that wasnt anounced on comic con, is rumours, just rumours.

And im tired of people taking it as truth from sources that only spread fake rumours, and dont actualy research about what is truly going on and it’s always with the dc movies. 

If it isnt coming from a oficial source, its fake.

Let's take a minute to talk about Lisa Trevor.

While pouring over Resident Evil’s remake for the first time, I read the journal entries that were left in the courtyard cabin.

After reading it, and encountering the creature known as Lisa Trevor, I didn’t think much of it, until I read through the notes of George Trevor.
 It took me quite some time to connect the fact that the monster from the cabin was Lisa, because I was still digesting the plot. I only figured it out when you encounter her the third time and she purposely falls into that abyss after she finds her mother’s skull. Immediately after that I re-read all of the notes, and studied up on her because I found her interesting.

Her entire history did nothing but make me intensely sad, and made me wonder a bit.

Lisa was born in 1953, and her father put together the aggravating mess of traps that is the Arklay Mansion. I’m sure you know, but at age fourteen, her and her mother were lured to the mansion and put in the research facility, unbeknownst to George. Each were used to test the Progenitor virus and Lisa was the only one of the two to live due to the results.

Around that time she writes the journal entries that you read in the cabin, and through the context you figure out that the virus is taking a toll on her mind. At that point I had to remind myself that shes only fourteen. A fourteen-year-old human test subject. She seems much older when you read about her handlers dying because she kills them and rips the flesh from their faces for safe-keeping.

But no, she’s a child.

So she eventually ends up staying in the cabin, away from the rest of the mayhem. This is when things starting hitting me hard.

She was tested on in 1967, and Resident Evil remake takes place in 1998. She was in this strange, horrific state of mutated hell for 31 years. At the time when the player finds her, she is 45 years old. It is shown in the journal entries that she still retains some intelligence, and still feels emotions. She is able to even produce a fire, which you see in the cabin.

“dadddy atached first momm atached scond

iNside reD and sLimy whiTe and haRd

not true moM wheRe

dunno dadd found mum again

whne atachd mommy she moved no more she screaming

why? Jst want to b with her

mom where?

I mis yuo”

That’s the last entry in the journal. So, for 31 years solid, Lisa was wondering where her Mother was, so she could be with her again. It’s easy to talk about living like that, but actually doing it is a different story.  Stuck in a disfigured form that wasn’t consented by her, reduced to the basics of intelligence, but still cognitive enough to attempt suicide when she finally finds her mom, realizing she’s dead. And still, she didn’t die from it because of her advanced healing.

Surely that would be a lot for a young lady to bear, right?

Must have been painful. I see a lot of posts (ok there isnt many posts about Lisa) that say: “Oh she’s so scary, shes a really hard boss, creepy!!, ect, ect”. I don’t know, I just don’t see her as a boss or even an enemy. Shes the result of human testing and she’s proof of how just despicable Umbrella was.

She’s my new favorite character, and I’m really impressed with Capcom for creating such a deep dark story that you can really think about.


Le mois de décembre viens de commencer, et le calendrier de l avent aussi !!! Voici un diy , simple mais long , qui pour ma serie “#Christmas diy” !
.En premier,on prend un bâton auquel on atache un file qui va servir à accrocher le calendrier
. Ensuite un recouvre le bâton de masking tape
.on attache des files de la longueur que l on souhaite et la base est finie !

.deuxiemement on imprime des photos d inspiration noël ( vous pouvez aller voir sur we heart it) qu on découpe
.on découpe des petits bouts de papier de la taille des photos sur lequel on colle ou dessine des chiffres
.on colle ensemble à l aide de scotch double face une photo et un chiffre

.troisiemement on prend des petites pinces à linges que l on colle sur les files du support et on y accroche les photos côté chiffre

Et voilà vous n avez plus qu à retourner une photo chaque matin et au final, cela vous fera une superbe deco !!! 🎁☃🎅🏼

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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