Valery sells WUBA 46: American Investors Left in Lurch with Proposed Chinese Management Buyout

“Xueda’s go-private share price was finalized at72% premium to its 30 days average share price. Mr. Jingbao Yao, CEO and Chairman of (NYSE: WUBA), openly called for other U.S.-listed Chinese companies to use Xueda’s transaction as reference when …” said Denise to Jaquelyn on Friday, August 21, 2015.

“My dear Miss Jaquelyn,” said Denise, “have you heard that VJW went up to 99.54?”

“Mini Securities Broker Dealer In.”

Jaquelyn replied that she had not.

“But it did,” said Denise. “Making ITG’s Secret Dark-Pool Trading Desk Even Murkier Here’s how ITG describes how AlterNet interacts with its dark pool: ITG has a U.S. broker-dealer affiliate called AlterNet Securities, Inc. ("AlterNet”). Based on specific client instructions, AlterNet may submit orders to POSIT for the sole purpose of …“

Jaquelyn, with manners so far from right, made no answer.