Day 18! This took longer than I thought, but it’s all good! Here we have The Sides™ all dressed up for Halloween! And yes! I seriously believe Patton would dress up JUST to say a dad joke!! (Thanks for the idea, Sammy) I had multiple ideas for Virgil, but at the last minute I decided to go with his own version of Jim’s Halloween costume from The Office, 3 Hole Punch Jim! Since Roman is a diva I figured he’d go all out for his costume and go as Winifred Sanderson Sister (and yes he’s upset none of the other sides wanted to dress up as the other sisters) and lastly we have Logan, I had multiple ideas for him too, but in the end I decided he’d go as a jar of Crofter’s! The costume isn’t sponsored, he’s just a fan. The only jelly he’ll put in his belly. Crofter’s.

Neil + Casual Honesty
  • Neil trusts the team and doesn’t want to hide things from them, so slowly more and more of his past comes out in casual conversation
  • The whole team is beyond concerned and horrified
  • Except for Andrew who just likes the honesty, although he doesn’t particularly care what Neil tells the rest of the team as long as he keeps telling him truths
  • One of the twins trying to claim Neil doesn’t know what Kevin terrified actually looks like because he wasn’t there to see Kevin broken on the bus after Riko broke his hand and wasn’t around when Kevin first joined the Foxes
  • Neil doesn’t skip a beat before responding “I think he looked pretty terrified after we watched my father torture a man to death.”
  • And the team is like what the fuck Neil?
  • They’re watching a movie and Matt’s like “There’s no way he’s just walking around after being shot like that. They have to get him to a hospital.”
  • And Neil says “I didn’t go to the hospital when I got shot.”
  • Matt is concerned
  • Neil zoning a movie out while thinking about how this movie is making him wait way too long before he and Andrew can sneak off to the roof
  • Nicky’s like “There is no way he’s lost this much blood and is still conscious.”
  • Neil knows exactly how much blood loss it takes before someone can’t stay conscious anymore
  • So he’s like "I’ve seen someone conscious after losing more.”
  • And Nicky’s head whips around to look at Neil like he is concerned for Neil’s immediate well-being which Neil thinks is ridiculous
  • It was a long time ago and it wasn’t even his blood

It was nice while it lasted.

anonymous asked:

Can we have more inigo and his boyfriend? (Mask mask)

I suppose

I just realised the end of the vid when he’s wandering around the streets that it’s dawn. A nice little visual cue to show he’s ‘waking’ up so to speak and coming out of whatever haze he’d been in for the night. He can make out the shapes in the dark now and see the blood on his clothes if he looked. The vid ending when it’s dark and he’s still in the panda costume is nice too because it’s kinda mimicking the entire theme of not letting go of the past and coming back to it.

You see the sky turning light and think we’ll see the sun come up but instead it cuts back to the night before and whatever the hell he did. At least I expected to see the sun and have some kind of closure but nope right back to the beginning where he’s alone as a creepy killer panda. Nice bit of cinematography, I really like it.

my heart is so unbelievably happy for those who have met Taylor at the secret sessions and seeing the extreme amount of genuine, pure joy flooding on my dash only gives me more hope of being able to experience this firsthand. I truly hope my time comes soon. But in the meantime, I’m overjoyed at all the love I’m seeing today and the smiles on your faces from meeting Taylor xx

Hey, I just want you all to know that, even though I’m really struggling right now and am having a hard time, I love each and every one of you and am so proud of you for everything you do to keep going and make the world a better, kinder, more beautiful place. You are all doing great, and I am so proud of you.