Let’s aim for #BTS2ndWin on MCountdown  Tonight!

M!Countdown airs Thursday @ 6:00 pm KST, which for USA cities is:

  • Thursday @ 2:00 am PDT
  • Thursday @ 3:00 am MDT
  • Thursday @ 4:00 am CDT
  • Thursday @ 5:00 am EDT


  1. Download/stream I NEED U from one of the following sites: Mnet, Melon, Bugs, Soribada
  2. Watch official MV on ibighit’s channel
    1. Be logged in
    2. Refresh page
    3. Keep volume at AT LEAST 50%
    4. Clear cache frequently
    5. Make sure you LIKE the video
    6. Leave a comment on the video
  3. Vote during the live broadcast HERE (each ID can vote 1 time)
  4. Talk about BTS on Twitter using hashtags #방탄소년단 and #INEEDU. Do not start or end your tweets with a hashtag and try to include at least two words between the hashtags to prevent them from being caught in spam filters.  This isn’t voting, it just helps raise their SNS index.
  5. Vote via text during the broadcast by going to,, or, choosing Korea (South Korea) as the country, sending 방탄소년단 as your message to country code +82, number 2566.



Have a sample of the castle town populace. Sorry it’s so long.
As I mentioned, it is difficult to appreciate the designs from the normal position of the camera.


  • There are recycled models, textures, features, recolors, etc, as you can likely tell.
    As an example, the one selling bread (3rd last image, top square) is the same person outside Agitha’s castle, just reused.
  • Those standing often share the same “gossiping” body language / animation, although not everybody follows it exactly.
  • Although the first point is true, imo these are pretty neat designs.
  • I didn’t get everybody, it’s hard to fit them all in one photoset haha.

anonymous asked:

I'm fangirling over all the possible ways CS will say the 'I love you'. What if Emma is like: "Remember when you told me I was your happy ending" K: "Aye love, of course" E: "...well you were mine" and then there is the whole sacrifice scene. *right in the feels*. It is TOTALLY a Tangled parallel as well! ("You were my new dream" "And you were mine"). I can't wait!!!

I see this post going around and i want to say that again: it’s not about the fact that Chalie died. 

it was the HOW she died, and WHY, and how OOC this whole thing was. 

I was sad that Kevid died. yes. but it wasn’t SO BADLY WRITTEN like this one. 

Yes, characters die in any show, and the op’ mentioned GoT- in which, no death is pointless (if you read the books) it always got some meaning and IT IS ALWASY IN CHARACTER. 

Charlie’s death was a result of her acting OOC all through the episode (bickering with Rowena? ComeOn!, storming off alone when she knwos the Stains are after her? give me a break. ths isn’t charlie) .and THAT’S what pisses me off. 

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Twitter is being weirdly quite this week too??? like usually all the cast is talking about it, and even if they're busy working, they still send out an "I love you and good luck!" tweet ya know?? I think they're ALL pissed.

they are all definitely pissed. curtis armstrong, kim rhodes, and robbie thompson have all tweeted wank about it. idk about anybody else, but i’m sure there are others.

Stop me when I speak
of sweetness, of the dripping days
of summer lasting
like the lingering kiss of a lover

with it’s sweat and storms
of chaos rousing you from sleep
- less dreams. I do not dare to voice
the hope blossoming

beneath woodsmoke and rotting
leaves of years gone by.  
Raise your hand
to trembling lips and quieten
this urge to scream.

you coat this graying world  
in possibility.

—  Michel Lazzaro | Oil Drips