Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

*In the car*

Yuuri: hey, Viktor?

Viktor: yes, Yuuri?

Yuuri: are we… forgetting something?

Viktor: huh? I don’t think so; we bought everything on the list

Yuuri: hmm, okay

Viktor: ……
Yuuri: …….
Viktor: ………
Yuuri: ………



some hipster post on tumblr: “What if instead of intense fight scenes, compelling romance, or nuanced characterization character X and Y just accepted eachother from the start and became platonic friends who cuddled and did quirky things together like knit plaid blankets and sell them to the townspeople??”

50,000 of y’all: “SO MUCH THIS”

Me: “That sounds boring as shit.” 

on their way to get some alien sighting

will stop by the bubble tea shop if they come across it

So I walked into Walmart with my sister, and I was wearing my Spiderman jacket. A guy that looked a bit older than me was walking passed us with a serious look on his face. But he was wearing a Deadpool jacket, so I’m like oh my gosh. I smiled and did the finger gun thing at him. His face went from dead serious to a lit up smile, and he finger gunned back at me, and I have not laughed so hard since last year. To the guy who I saw, you are a wonderful person and I wish you a happy life.

sometimes i see batfam posts and i wonder

does everybody realize that tim grew up pretty rich?

like, not bruce wayne inna mansion levels of rich but.  the drakes were the waynes’ neighbors.

tim drake did not grow up middle class.  he grew up firmly upper-class, probably in a similar class bracket that i did.  it is entirely possible he has never been in a walmart in his life, or that he has no concept of what middle class people actually do recreationally (like, do they go to amusement parks?  scuba diving trips?  broadway?  to the park?).

i’m not judging rn i’m just… wondering.


A couple weeks ago my mom got one of these decorations for my 5 gal tank for my little betta girl(it was originally for my 36 gal but didn’t fit with the decor.)
A couple days after putting it in, I noticed my girl getting very lethargic, not moving and not being her feisty little self at all. I took it out and changed the water and it seemed to help her a little but the damage was done.
Soon she was again lethargic and at the bottom and as a last ditch effort I did a 100% water change but it was too late and my opal had past.
With advice from others I had to boil my other decorations, bleach my tank and replace the gravel to make my tank safe again
These decorations are just dangerous and killed two of my babies. Be careful if you see these at Walmart, I couldn’t even find them in the fish section on the Walmart website.