people freaking out over these out-there theories while sana and yousef are just flirting and a beautiful relationship is blossoming? maybe this season will be like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror you know, not everything has to end so badly. i say just enjoy the content we are actually getting and worry about drama and when it actually starts happening? and no one understands what all the s3 parallels mean yet so… cause at the moment all i see is a beautiful muslim girl who is the literal sun with a crush on a beautiful muslim boy who encourages her in every way.

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Hi! I'm sending this message to different blogs. I'm new in this fandom and I want to follow as much blogs that love Louis and Harry equally as I can. Can you rec me some of them please? Thank you!

Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been offline most of the day. Some blogs that I know love Harry and Louis equally are @doctorrainbows, @anulloamato, @curlyhairedcuntandboobear, @zapboobear, @la-paritalienne, @louehlighthouse, @ostricacida, @itsastorm, @droppingtheveilofmaya and @violeblanche. I hope this helps!

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I’m not feeling well so I decided to close Requests for a few days until I get better. Mostly bc I don’t want to make people wait too much (and I have 50+ asks, THANK YOU ALL! I’m looking forward to do them as soon as I can, be patient! As I always say: I’ll do all the request I’ve recieved)

Thanks for listening and thanks for requesting me!

Don’t mind me, Just throwing more OC’s at @drorah-walks:

At first glance, Silas thought the stranger was just some eccentric human. On second glance, he decided there was no way the woman in white was actually human. Her hair was shiny, for goodness sakes. But who was she? She wasn’t anyone he knew, as far as he could tell. Not a watcher, and mercifully not a faerie, either. He didn’t like it. 

He flew down, setting onto a branch directly in the woman’s field of vision. When he was sure he had been seen, he let out a loud, obnoxious caw, which, when translated into english, roughly meant “who the hell are you?” 

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There’s an ‘anti lancelot’ search now, and my first thought was of a feud against the French part of the Arthurian fandom over the long-standing pieces of ‘canon’ from 800 years ago before I realized it was referring to the newfangled ship of the same name. 

Regardless, Mordred would run an Anti Lancelot blog lol

“How are you today?”

“I’m doing good at the moment.”

“What do you mean, "at the moment?”

“Well you never know how you’ll be feeling in a couple of minutes.”

—  Sometimes you don’t even know if you’ll be alive. (Via the-dark-llama-queen )