i drew @tidorito‘s cute lil horror boy 

i also made a maybe?? horror sans??? his name is spots tho and hes kind of like a circus ringleader? (i was listening to my circus playlist so)


i know what all of those words mean individually but not when arranged like that

Okay so, all-dressed-chips are a wonderful and perfect Canadian invention that’s basically the Everything Pizza of potato chips. With varying ratios by brand, they’re sour cream & onion, bbq, salt & vinegar, and ketchup ALL AT ONCE and are deliciously overwhelming. I like mine a bit more onion and vinegar-y, so I like Ruffles brand. 

It came to my attention that Ruffles now makes them in the states, too. But they’re Wrong. They are ketchup flavored chips with a vague hint of vinegar and bbq. I don’t understand why it’s different, at all.

And thus, Vizzy sent me the real ones, with french on the bag, and my soul knows peace again for a time.