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differentiate min yoongi, suga and agust d

*breathes* This is gonna get deep real fast, fam. Bear with me.

Suga: (The Wall) Shown to the world as strong, doesn’t give any fucks, doesn’t take shit from anyone. The outside layer, almost like a cover.

Agust D: (The Heart) The innermost layer; the embodiment of concealment. The struggle from within burrowing itself deep within the mind, perceived as the weakness but is actually the strongest layer.

Min Yoongi: (Combination of Heart and Wall) The two combined; the epitome of dark and light when they meet. The strongest when the heart and the wall work together. Never gives up, persevere’s through it all, hard-working; a masterpiece of night and day.

Agust D - A Mixtape Breakdown | Part I

And The Influence of ‘Scarface’ & Other Classics You Might Have Missed… 

It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Yoongi’s finally released his mixtape! *aggressive screeching* Agust D has finally been reveled to us and it is beyond my expectations… And they were pretty damn high to begin with… 

So while you’re enjoying the sweet sounds of literal fire here’s a closer look into what might have gone into the creative process! Well.. at least Part I… 

The Album Cover 

In the mix of 2016′s super colorful minimalistic album covers this completely breaks the mold, but let’s take a closer look at the text! 

  • ‘You need people like me. You need people like me so you  can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “that’s the bad guy.” 

Many of you might not know, but this is an extremely famous quote from the iconic 1983 film ‘Scarface’. Said by the infamous refugee turned mob boss, Tony Montana, this line practically sums up the movie in one take, but here’s why it’s significant to Agust D. At the point in which this line is said, most of the staple plot points have been set and our antihero is coming to grips with his fame and fortune summing it up to nothing because old age, and death, is all that awaits humans at the end of their lives. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD NOT ONLY YOONGI BUT BTS TALK ABOUT FLEETING YOUTH! I digress… now i’m not saying that Yoongi identifies with Montana because that’s a strong accusation, but to have his quote on his first album cover… there’s defiantly some hard core respect for the character and the movie itself. With Yoongi’s idol image, and the pressure that is put on idol rappers it’s hard to differ from the idea that he could feel like the ‘bad guy’ and relates to the infamous Tony Montana. (I’ll be talking about the song specifically in a later installment so make sure you like and reblog!!!) 

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You can watch the clip here

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Hello~ I love your blog :3 could you please make a BTS reaction to you accidentally elbowing their face while you're asleep? I move a lot while you sleep, haha



Jin: Ouch, don’t ruin my beautiful face.

You: *still sleeping*

- 5 minutes later -

You: *whacks him*

Jin: *gif* Goddamn it

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Rap Mon: Why aren’t you sleeping in your room?

Suga: Because…

Rap Mon: Because?

Suga: I think she does karate in her sleep

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Rap Mon: Why do you always elbow me when you sleep?

You: Cause you snore really loud

Rap Mon: … . .

You: I’m kidding. It’s just a habit of mine.

Rap Mon: *gif*

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You: I might hit you when I sleep…

Jhope: Oh..ok

- 15 minutes later -

Jhope: Bro I can’t do dis

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Jungkook: Did you not sleep last night?

Jimin: I couldn’t

Jungkook: Why?

Jimin: Because Y/N is just a little ninja when she sleeps

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Taehyung: Aishh..Y/N…

You: *mumble sorry*

Taehyung: *gif*

Jimin: I don’t know how you even handle that

Taehyung: She’s cute. That’s how.

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You: I’m sorry about last night

Jungkook: Mmm you’re strong

You: Ah…sorry

Jungkook: No, it’s cute how strong you are when you’re so little

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'The Last' English Translation
so far away translation

On the other side of this successful idol rapper
stands a weak self- this is a little dangerous
My depression and compulsions relapse once again
Hell no perhaps that is my true nature
Damn huh in the gaps between reality
My head throbs from the conflict of abnormalities in my mental state
The social phobia that developed at the age of 18
polluted the state of my mental health from that point on

Sometimes I scare myself because of the self-hatred
and depression that haunt me
Min Yoongi is already dead (I killed him)
Dead passion and comparing myself to others has become my daily life for a long time now

My parents were with me at my first counseling session
And they said they no longer knew who I was
I don’t even know myself, so who can know me?
My friends? You? Nobody knows

The doctor asked if I’ve ever _____
Without hesitation, I answered that I have

“I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck” these phrases that were said like a habit
were only things to hide my weakness
I want to erase the memory of a concert
when I hid in the bathroom, afraid of meeting people, and stared at my reflection

At that time I, at that time I,
Believed that success would compensate for all this
But the truth is, but the truth is
As time passed, I’ve slowly become a monster

The success that I traded my youth for had become a wealth-greedy monster
It turned my passion into a weapon against me, swallowed me, ruined me, and at times even suffocated me
Some people make me open my mouth only to shut it up, telling me I should swallow the Tree of Knowledge*
I don’t want it, so they want me to get off this hill*

Shit shit, I get it now so please stop
The root of all this is me, so I’ll end things now
If my misfortune makes you happy, I’ll gladly be unfortunate
If the target of all this hatred is me, I’ll gladly step onto the guillotine**

My fantasies have become reality, the dream I dreamt as a kid is right before my eyes
I used to perform in front of two fucking people, now Tokyo Dome is right before my nose
In a life where you only live once, live with burning passion, [because] anyone can live a half-assed life
my fan my hommie my fam don’t worry, I’m really okay now damn

I denied my true nature numerous times
But I will never deny my status as idol
I dug through my mind numerous times for the answer to my agony
[but] even at the end of my wandering, there was no right answer
The self-esteem I thought I sold off has now become my pride
My fans, raise your heads proudly, [because] who else has gone through as much as me uh

From Seiko to Rolex, AX Hall to Gymnastics Arena
So many people sway their heads to the slightest flick of my hands
It’s not that I couldn’t do Show Me the Money, it’s that I don’t want to shit
It’s not that I don’t hate*** those of you who sold me out, it’s that I can’t do it shit

My songs are laced with the world’s sweetness, bitterness and shittiness
The time I slept on a bathroom floor has now become a memory
Because of an accident during a delivery job, my shoulder was fucking crushed
[During all this] I clutched onto my debut, [and] you guys act like you’ve gone through shit

From Seiko to Rolex, AX Hall to Gymnastics Arena
So many people sway their heads to the slightest flick of my hands
I was born without limits uh, so watch me with your eyes open uh
It’s not that I don’t hate those of you who sold me out, it’s that I can’t do it shit

*the word for Tree of Knowledge, 선악과 (seonakgwa), can also be substituted for ‘good and evil’. And the word for hill, 동산 (dongsan), could be short form for 에덴동산 (eden dongsan), aka ‘garden of eden’. so when agust d doesn’t want to eat from the tree of knowledge/swallow both good and evil, the monsters (satan) wants him out of the hill (garden of eden).

**guillotine; a platform used for execution

***if i were to translate ‘우릴 팔아먹던 너넨 안 한 게 아니라 못 한 거라고’ it would sound something like ‘it’s not that i won’t do those of you who sold me out, it’s that i don’t want to’. so since this act of ‘doing’ is rather ambiguous, i substituted it with something that would fit the context more.

probably the last translation i’ll do for this mixtape! (and probably for good unless i feel strongly enough for future songs that it makes me want to do more)

disclaimer: i’m not korean, this is just one girl’s interpretation of art, if you take my word as law you’re the idiot.

can we just take a moment to appreciate what yoongi has done for us? he has social anxiety and phobia, yet he tries his best at fanmeetings, hi-touch events and concerts to interact and connect with us. he puts himself out there to face hysterical screaming fans in order to thank all of us one by one. that’s frightening, even for someone without anxiety, and is more than enough to trigger panic attacks.

i’m sure someone’s probably going to say “well, he chose that path for himself”, and, well, he did. but he could have always cited his anxiety as a reason not to meet any of his fans face-to-face. especially since he’s very, very famous at this point, he (and the rest of bts) doesn’t actually need to meet and greet his fans to secure his popularity. but not only does he decide to meet us for our sake, he does so with the utmost sincerity, whether that means joking along to ease our (and probably his own) nerves, or looking fans in the eye and treating each and every one of them with respect and care.

hats off to you, min yoongi.


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