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tell us some stories from your lighthouse job

well there was the time that i mentioned in the tags of that fart post where a tourist farted in the tower and it reverberated off the walls for a solid 3 seconds before stopping (plus i was speaking at the time and not laughing was literally the HARDEST thing ive ever had to do in my life)

there was this rock in the water that waves would keep splashing over and some tourists would think it was a whale. one guy in particular was super stoked and was cheering “there he goes again!!!! and AGAIN!! oh-HOO!!!! WOOOOO!!” and i didnt have the heart to tell him he was cheering for a rock

once a tourist came in with a blade of grass and asked us “what kind of plant is this”

there were 2 baby foxes living right behind the lighthouse and i would go visit them everyday and watch them play. heres a photoset i posted of them


all text taken from the poetry book night sky with exit wounds by ocean vuong.

  • ‘  in the body, where everything has a price, i was a beggar.  ‘
  • ‘  he was singing, which is why i remember it. his voice — it filled me to the core like a skeleton.  ‘
  • ‘  even my name knelt down inside me, asking to be spared.  ‘
  • ‘  it is all i remember.  ‘
  • ‘  i was alive. i didn’t know there was a better reason.  ‘
  • ‘  i lost it all with my eyes wide open.  ‘
  • ‘  do you know who i am?  ‘
  • ‘  how easily a boy in a dress the red of shut eyes vanishes beneath the sound of his own galloping.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m dreaming of a curtain of snow falling from her shoulders.  ‘
  • ‘  snow scraping against the window. snow shredded with gunfire. red sky.  ‘
  • ‘  show me how ruin makes a home out of hip bones.  ‘
  • ‘  let every river envy our mouths. let every kiss hit the body like a season.  ‘
  • ‘  if you must know anything, know that the hardest task is to live only once.  ‘
  • ‘  if we make it to shore, i will name our son after this water. i will learn to love a monster.  ‘
  • ‘  he laughs despite knowing he has ruined every beautiful thing just to prove beauty cannot change him.  ‘
  • ‘  hey! you didn’t have to go this far. why did you go so far?  ‘
  • ‘  sometimes i feel like an ampersand.  ‘
  • ‘  everyone can forget us — as long as you remember.  ‘
  • ‘  i hold the gun & wonder if an entry wound in the night would make a hole as wide as morning.  ‘
  • ‘  there’s a lighthouse. some nights you are the lighthouse, some nights the sea.  ‘
  • ‘  what this means is that i don’t know desire other than the need to be shattered & rebuilt.  ‘
  • ‘  even tomorrow you will have today.  ‘
  • ‘  you’ll never forget yourself the way god forgets his hands.  ‘
  • ‘  the body is a blade that sharpens by cutting.  ‘
  • ‘  my mother said i could be anything i wanted — but i chose to live.  ‘
  • ‘  i am ready to be every animal you leave behind.  ‘
  • ‘  and this is how we loved: a fifth of vodka and an afternoon in the attic, your fingers though my hair — my hair a wildfire.  ‘
  • ‘  when our lips touched the day closed into a coffin.  ‘
  • ‘  the year is a distance we’ve traveled in circles.  ‘
  • ‘  we made it, baby. we’re riding in the back of the black limousine.  ‘
  • ‘  i love my country. i pretend nothing is wrong.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m holding your still-hot thoughts in, darling, my sweet, sweet ___.  ‘
  • ‘  you want to tell him it’s okay that the night is also a grave we climb out of.  ‘
  • ‘  you say thank you thank you thank you because you haven’t learned the purpose of forgive me.  ‘
  • ‘  you’re so quiet you’re almost tomorrow.  ‘
  • ‘  to love another man — is to leave no one behind to forgive me. i want to leave no one behind.  ‘
  • ‘  even though he’s gone, i still want to be clean.  ‘
  • ‘  if only the rain were gasoline, your tongue a lit match, & you can change without disappearing.  ‘
  • ‘  he dies each night you close your eyes & hear his slow exhale.  ‘
  • ‘  wait, i have something to say.  ‘
  • ‘  as if my finger, tracing your collarbone behind closed doors, was enough to erase myself.  ‘
  • ‘  to forget we built this house knowing it won’t last.  ‘
  • ‘  it’s funny. i always knew i’d be warmest beside by man.  ‘
  • ‘  don’t laugh. just tell me the story again.  ‘
  • ‘  speak — until your voice is nothing but the crackle of charred bones.  ‘
  • ‘  look how happy we are to be no one & still american.  ‘
  • ‘  i’ll tell you how we’re wrong enough to be forgiven/  ‘
  • ‘  say you’d kill for it.  ‘
  • ‘  don’t we touch each other just to prove we are still here?  ‘
  • ‘  silly me. i thought love was real and the body imaginary.  ‘
  • ‘  i said yes because you asked me to stay.  ‘
  • ‘  there is so much i want to tell you. how my greatest accolade was to walk across the brooklyn bridge & not think of flight.  ‘
  • ‘  you will always remember what you were doing when it hurts the most.  ‘
  • ‘  dearest father, forgive me for i have seen.  ‘
  • ‘  once, i fell in love during a slow-motion car crash.  ‘
  • ‘  i wrote a better hour onto the page & watched the fire take it back.  ‘
  • ‘  this means you are not alone.  ‘
  • ‘  don’t stay here. don’t cry anymore.  ‘
  • ‘  i promise to stop soon.  ‘
  • ‘  how come depression makes me feel more alive?  ‘
  • ‘  i shouldn’t have, but he had the hands of someone i used to know. someone i was used to.  ‘
  • ‘  i dreamed i walked barefoot all the way to your house in the snow. everything was the blue of smudged ink and you were still alive.  ‘
  • ‘  here. that’s all i wanted to be.  ‘
  • ‘  don’t worry. your father is only your father until one of you forgets.  ‘
  • ‘  the end of the road is so far ahead it is already behind us.  ‘
  • ‘  don’t be afraid, the gunfire is only the sound of people trying to live a little longer & failing.  ‘
  • ‘  remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world.  ‘
  • ‘  the difference between prayer & mercy is how you move the tongue.  ‘
  • ‘  so what if my feathers are burning. i never asked for flight.  ‘

Back when lighthouses had to be lit and tended by hand, the lighthouse-keepers and their families lived wherever a light was placed, however barren and inhospitable. Some of the lighthouses were built on islands so small that they were nothing but bare rock. But when the fishermen came by to deliver supplies or pass the time of day with the keeper, they would carry buckets of earth with them, and slowly, bucket by bucket, the lighthouse-keeper’s family would gather enough soil to plant a garden. It could never be a very lush place with the salt-spray so near, but they took bare stone and turned it into something green and growing. It was ephemeral, too–you could lose the whole thing to a storm and have to start again at the beginning. But they would. Day by day. Bucket by bucket.

That’s what hope is.

Pater’s Rose 2

The story continues….. 

I hope you will like it and I would be happy if you tell me what you liked or not!!! 

Lots of love 

E. xx 

The morning sun wakes me up and I smile with my eyes closed. Burying my face deeper in the white clean pillow, I open my tired eyes. I guess it’s a beautiful day waiting for me outside. And for the first time I feel excitement; what will I do today? Nothing here is compulsory, like my days in London. Looking at the alarm clock on my nightstand I am startled. 9 am. I slept very long. With a satisfied smile I fall back into the pillows and close my eyes, feeling a long missed feeling. No pressure, no expectations which I have to fulfill.

Pulling back the duvet I creep out of the bed, slipping in my expensive slippers, walking towards the window which is covered with curtains. I pull the soft rosé coloured curtains away.

The sun warms my face and my white nightgown shines bright in the light. It’s a beautiful day.

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What is the Lighthouse Gem?

This is a theory I’ve been working on for some time and I’ve started uploading it broken down into a few parts just for ease of consumption.

I meant to have some images in there as reference, but I was too tired to screencap and I don’t have a good program for it, so there’s minimal image references.

Okay, so this theory breaks down into three parts:

1) The Lighthouse Gem is related to the Lunar Sea Spire/Moon Goddess Statue
2) The Lighthouse Gem was put there by Yellow Diamond
3) The Lighthouse Gem is going to possess Ronaldo

I’m going to go ahead and break these down one at a time.

Part 1: The Lighthouse Gem is related to the Lunar Sea Spire

One of the things I found most interesting about the lighthouse gem is its sheer size and power.  It is a GIANT gem and it has a very distinct cut.  

It’s also not incredibly obvious, but the gem has been cut oddly.  There is a piece of the bottom tip missing.  Even more odd is that the missing part is cut off cleanly and at a weird angle.  This is not a normal way to cut a gem.  As odd as it would be to trim off the tip, the fact that it’s not a straight across cut makes it even more obvious that this isn’t meant to be this way.

I suspect the missing piece is why the gem doesn’t have a physical form.  

Yet despite this fact, the gem is still incredibly powerful.  Not only can it possess the lighthouse itself, it also animates/possesses the scarecrows and bats Ronaldo had decorating the yard.  It can also record and project images and sounds.  

So where is the missing piece?  I theorize that the missing piece of the gem is in the Moon Goddess Statue.

This might sound a bit far-fetched, but bear with me.  The Lunar Sea Spire shows up in the first season.  One thing I found interesting is the shape of it.  It’s a tall tower with a very interesting tapered design.  Now on the surface it’s easy to make the comparison in structure between the Spire and a Lighthouse. They both have a similar tapered upright design with windows that rise in intervals.  They both have an internal circular stair structure.  They also both have something at the top that emits a beam of light.

The thing about the Spire is that we learn more about it as further episodes come out.  We know that according to Bismuth, the Spire was created as a place for Uppercrust gems to go and think (Which in a way is already similar to the use that Ronaldo has for the lighthouse), but even more intriguing are the two images of the Spire we see.  

There is a blueprint of the spire visible when they go to the moon.  In the blueprint, there is a large triangular structure directly in the center of the top of the spire.  It’s shown as large and centered.  This is not something that is actually on the spire that we’ve seen on the show (but is something that makes it resemble a lighthouse more).  

Image above: The Blueprint vs Image Below of the actual Spire

Nor does this show up, exactly, in the other image of the Spire, which was Centipeedle’s drawing.  In the drawing, it looks far more like the actual Spire we see in the show.  There is a triangular structure in her image, but it’s small and to the side.  This is the area on the actual spire that was supposed to hold the Moon Goddess Statue (The Altar).

There are a few theories as to why the Spire looks different than the original blueprint.  Firstly, and most obvious, that perhaps there was supposed to be a top to the spire that was never built.  One of the ideas I tossed around was that the large triangle at the top of the spire  in the blueprint was never meant to represent the top, but that the size of it was instead meant to indicate IMPORTANCE.  As in, whatever the triangle represents, it was important and emphasized in the blueprint.

Another interesting thing about the Spire, and specifically about the Altar is the shape of it.  It is a circular indentation.  There is a tiny hole in the center, presumably where you might put the pointed tip of the bottom part of the Moon Goddess Statue, but I wondered about that.  Why is the platform a large circle when a conical structure would work far better and be more intuitive a shape for putting the Moon Goddess Statue?

Because it wasn’t originally created to use the Moon Goddess Statue at all.  There was originally something else there.

What was it?  Something that looks triangular in blueprints, that emits or funnels light.  Something wide at the base but narrowing to a tip (like a triangle).

I think the Lighthouse Gem originally belonged at the top of the Lunar Sea Spire.  The circular base with slight depth would fit well into the groove created on the Altar and it is about the right size when measured against Steven.  It could have been used as a focal point to emit light, or, alternatively, as something to receive information from other locations which has been passed in the form of light.

But what about the Moon Goddess Statue?  Why is that a thing?  I think at some point, for some reason, the Lighthouse Gem was removed from the top of the Spire and eventually hidden.  They would need some other magical item to replace the function of the gem that was previously there (though I can’t imagine it would have been as useful or powerful).  The base of the Moon Goddess Statue is the tip of a tapered cut blue gem.

If you look at images of it, you can see how it fits in Steven’s grasp.

Now look at the Lighthouse Gem, specifically at the bottom of it.  That sliced off portion, if you calculate the size by Steven’s hands, is about the right size to fit the piece of blue gem inside of the Goddess Statue.

I believe at some point, the Lighthouse Gem was cut to make the Moon Goddess Statue, and the rest of it was hidden.

But why?  

Well, more on this in Part 2

Jealous [Anders/Fenris]

Insp. by this post: ‘we’ve been fucking with no strings attached but i just saw you go upstairs with another guy and im drunk and following you both upstairs to punch the shit out of him’.

Wrote this a while back and finally decided to post it, since I don’t think I will ever write a second part as I originally intended. I do feel I got it to a good enough stopping point that it stands on its own though, so enjoy!

Fandom: Dragon Age II
Pairing: Anders/Fenris
Rating: PG (no actual sex, but sexual references)
Words: 1892
Content warnings: Alcohol use, jealousy/possessiveness

Fenris growled and downed another gulp of the swill Varric had placed before him earlier that eve. The dwarf had given it high praise as “the only thing actually worth paying for at The Hanged Man” (though he’d later revised his claim after Isabela reminded him that she had a room there). Perhaps Aggregio Pavali had simply ruined him for all other spirits, but Fenris honestly couldn’t tell it apart from the usual piss water they drank on card nights.

He was now three pints in and nearing physical illness, and the shit still wasn’t doing its job. Oh, he was drunk. Perhaps drunker than he’d ever been, but damned if that meant anything. He still hadn’t managed to tear his attention away from the mage. His mage. His mage leaned heavily against an attractive blond human by the hearth fire, face pink from laughter, his amber eyes wide with unmistakable desire for the man at his side.

The drink had all but reduced Fenris’ world to a dizzy swirl of colors and light, but Anders alone remained bright and in focus, like some mortal lighthouse mocking him across a rageful sea.

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Telephone Prayers ☎

It falls, not dramatically as Icarus perhaps, but like one of his feathers caught on wind currents, indecisive where to go, weighed by wax until it sinks into the ocean. Like him, however, it is not forgotten. 

It floats up from the volcanic floor of the ocean, a strange thing Hephaestus found and tried to make something out of it. A thought, a hope, a whisper? 

When it withstands the volcanic vents, Poseidon splashes on the shore, throwing it upwards, like a swimmer exploding out of the water after holding their breath to long. The message nearly dies at the rocks after mulling and stewing and rolling in the waves for weeks, tumbled smooth. 

 Hermes catches it, however, as he glides across the water like a skipping stone. On his way up some lighthouse stairs to deliver a message he sends it out with a signal to send ships another way, and beckon weary travelers to shelter. 

 Apollo catches it riding the lighthouse beam to a rainbow to the sun glinting over the clearing storm clouds. He tends to the broken, feeble little thing, patching it up with the music of sea gull cries and wind chimes of the nearby shore. 

 Zeus picks it up where Apollo left it, resting on a wisp of a clouds he overlooks the world, and spots Hera. He sends it down to her in a sun shower that graces her fingertips, and she smiles –they have their happy moments too. 

Hera passes by Artemis in the park. They stop to talk over coffee as Artemis jogs in place while Hera reminds her to eat more vegetables in her motherly way, until her son shows up. 

Artemis holds in in the palm of her hand and when she arm wrestles Aries and beats him, he takes it. Each battle is about success as much as it is defeat, and he knows to take both honorably.

It’s exchanged in a flirt from Aries to Aphrodite. First in the eyes, where the spark sends butterflies into their stomachs like always. Then in the hands, where pinkies link in passing and it’s not a spark but warmth. 

She holds onto it, rides her bike all the way home and delivers it to Hestia with a kiss on the cheek. 

It appears to Athena as she reads by the fire in a spark of inspiration, a stray flare when Hestia pokes the hearth fire again. She rushes outside with it tumbling from her lips and a new layout for the garden.

Demeter scolds Dionysus for getting in her way, but smiles fondly. He discusses vintage and blends of various fruits as she pushes them into the ground and they spring back up. 

Dionysus is tying fairy lights around her garden trellises and tomato cages, and every cherry, every grape, every fig he pops in his mouth ferments before he swallows. When the evening festivities arrive he offers Persephone a glass of wine with juice-sticky fingers. 

Persephone drinks six sips and discusses it over with Morpheus as he drops by. 6 o'clock she decides to walk home and her friend joins her. She talks at length, dominating the conversation as she does everything. 

Morpheus winds it back into a neat little package, translated into a dream where it is more detailed and vague than ever before. The dreamer dies in his sleep and Morpheus meets up with Hades as he does every night, and they talk long hours into the night until Persephone rises to visit her mother again. 

The ever dutiful Hades measures it ten times over in every dimension. The eternal account, he records it all in his neat and precise order, and files it away, because it has already been answered. These things are rarely mishandled in his care, not with so many hands holding it.

Fic: Sea Glass Pt 3

A/N ‘Sea Glass’ was meant as a one shot. Then I wrote a chapter two. Now a chapter three. I actually have a storyline in mind so expect more updates.

I’ve fallen behind with my writing. Working ‘False Flags’ took up my weekend along with grad school. I’ll be hammering out this week’s prompt for @txf-prompt-box tomorrow. Anyways, enjoy. Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

One. | Two.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything.

Scully could not sleep. Physically, she was exhausted. She was yawning so much that it was causing her eyes to tear up. But her mind, no, her mind had different plans. It would not turn off. She rolled uneasily in bed, taking a majority of the blankets with her unintentionally. Mulder grunted in his sleep and she felt his hand on the small of her back, gently guiding her back to face him. She sighed and rolled back over onto his side, rearranging the blankets as she did. He smoothed his hand up her spine as rested his arm lightly around her.

“Everything okay,” he mumbled sleepily.

“Yeah,” she whispered, yawning again. Tears in her eyes again.

His arm and hand ran up the length of her back and back down, and he settled into the soothing motion. She closed her eyes to focus on his touch and listen to his heartbeat. She finally was able to sleep.

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LiS: (Rachel’s?) Wind Glyphs

alright so something I noticed rewatching episode 1 of the original Life is Strange game is this;

at the end of the episode, you can find these glyphs graffitied on the back side of the lighthouse.

now, who do we know in this game that likes to graffiti?

Chloe and Rachel.

it’s been theorized that Rachel could possibly be able to control the wind.

when Max looks at these mysterious and indecipherable glyphs, she’s reminded of the wind.

what if Rachel drew those there? what if it’s significant in some way that the lighthouse was the one place that was safe from the tornado? what if only Max was able to draw any thoughts from them because she also has powers?


St Augustine Lighthouse - 

Originally built in 1824, the St Augustine Lighthouse in Florida has so many ghosts attached to it the owners have lost track of them all. The first known ghost is that of the original owner, Dr Alan Ballard. He wanted to sell the lighthouse to the government but after the Civil War Florida’s funds were low and the government offered him a much smaller amount than Dr Ballard was expecting. This threw him into a rage so the government threatened to just take the lighthouse from him. He vowed to never leave the lighthouse and some say that he kept his vow and his ghost has been seen around the property. 

Another ghost that is commonly witnessed around the lighthouse by staff several times a week is that of Peter Rasmussen. Peter was a lighthouse keeper who enjoyed his cigars and had a reputation for being very strict and meticulous. After he died the smell of his cigars could still be detected as though he were just wandering by smoking happily. Peter is not the only cigar smoking ghost. Another is the ghost of Joseph Andreu who was a keeper who died in the 1850′s when he fell from the lighthouse. Some say that his cigar smoke, footsteps and figure have all been witnessed on the tower stairs and that it is his ghost that was photographed sitting at the top of the lighthouse. 

The most well known ghosts of the St Augustine Lighthouse are the spirits of the 13 and 15 year old daughters of Hezekiah Pity. Pity was hired to renovate the lighthouse in the late 1800′s. One day in 1873, Eliza, 13, and Mary, 15, were playing in the grounds of the lighthouse. The two of them climbed into the cart used for carrying building materials from the bay to the lighthouse. The cart broke loose and both girls drowned when it rolled downhill into the bay. Today the two girls can be heard laughing in the tower at night. The eldest girl is spotted in person from time to time, wearing the same blue dress and hair bow she died in. 

There are many more ghosts that are said to haunt the grounds of St Augustine, including those of an entire crew of pirates. 

honestly i feel like where i really belong is either maintaining a lighthouse near some small coastal town that i occasionally visit to get supplies and am otherwise a cryptid who lives in my lighthouse secretly writing best seller novels under a pseudonym

or working/living on a farm and being a lesbian farmhand