[translations] 2017.07.06 NCT 127 First Anniversary Event fan accounts - Rolling Paper

Taeil -> Johnny
Chicago monster bro. I love your physiques, are you perhaps a model? Thank you for always looking out for the rest of the members by taking on the role of the middle man. [chewchew_do]

Taeil -> Taeyong
Your features are so beautiful. Your eyes nose lips, no, I love everything about you [cheetahparrot]

Taeil -> Yuta
Yukkuri ….. ????? (fan accounts say that yuta was laughing so hard that he couldn’t read it)

Taeil -> Doyoung
How are you? Cutie. Every time I see your shoulders I think you are so handsome. I’m fine thank you bro [dukduk0614]

Taeil -> Jaehyun
Jaehyun I like your burning passion, in the future please burn that bright and pass the passion on to the remaining members as well [chin9deura]

Taeil -> Winwin
Ni Hao, Dong Si Cheng. I heard you play games really badly, practice more. Anyway you are so cute. I think you have gotten used to living in Korea, and gotten close with the members. Dong Si Cheng, Wo Ai Ni [nct_victory]

Taeil -> Mark
Cute. You are so cute. I can always feel a lot of things when I’m with you. Thank you bro [markleezzang]

Taeil -> Haechan
Our Lee Haechan who usually joke a lot but lately you became quiet. However now I like how you are joking around again. We nag at you is because we like you. I’m thankful that you are doing the role of the maknae well, and became the mood-maker too. Bye bye I love you [xzzanx]

Johnny -> Taeil
I am an only child in the family. But because hyung was by my side I was able to feel how is it like to have an older brother. I feel really happy and secured with hyung by my side. I am always thankful for that. Even though hyung don’t express it, but I know you like me a lot. I love you hyung. [chin9deura]

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I swear, one more “lol men are mediocre” post crosses my dash and I’m going to completely lose it. 

Like… is that something you’d say to the face of the men in your life? There is probably at least one guy you care about, whether it’s a family member or a friend or a former mentor. Could you really look that person in the face and go ‘lmao men are mediocre’?

And if not, can you maybe consider that they might stumble across your stupid, stupid, stupid poorly-considered rant and think that it’s about them? 

And that’s not all. Most of y’all who post this crap consider yourselves to be SJWs. Fighting for the fucking side of right, all that. If you do this- if you constantly post about how men are terrible and mediocre- you’re fucking terrible at social justice. 

Have you considered that your ‘PROTECT [XYZ GROUP] AT ALL COSTS’ rhetoric is completely empty and shallow if you’re not willing to protect all members of that group? Have you fucking considered that some men are POC or queer or trans or disabled?

 If you post “DISABLED PEOPLE ARE AWESOME” and “QUEER PEOPLE ARE AWESOME” every five minutes and then follow it up with “LOL MEN THO”, we know how you really feel. Your ‘support’ for disabled people or queer people only extends to vague internet platitudes. When it comes to, you know, not triggering people with depression, or anxiety, or impostor syndrome? Haha, who cares, there are men to make fun of on the internet! 

In less pretentious language: your support means jackshit. 

Social justice is supposed to be about making the world a less shitty place. It’s supposed to be about making the world a place where no one gets hurt for things they can’t help, no matter what race, creed, or gender they happen to be. 

If you’re not willing to do that? If you’re more interested in petty, mean bullshit against a group you don’t like than helping people?  If your “SJ” is more about sticking it to men or white people or str8s or The Cis than it is about helping raise the people you want to help out?  You fucking fail at justice. You’re looking for an excuse to be mean.

Either admit that you just want an excuse to be mean, or stop doing this. Shit or get off the pot.  

Signed: A queer, trans, disabled man who is so tired of your crap you don’t even know

@yaxawa masterpost

tumblr user @yaxawa has already been called out multiple times but since theres no comprehensive 1 off post with major receipts im posting this

nina yaxawa is 18 years old and reblogs lolicon art frequently and unapologetically. i am not saying she is a pedophile but thats extremely Not Ok to do regardless 

@ninacallout @ninaphobe

warnings for lolicon art, mild nsfw, sexualized underaged characters

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dive into danger
Final Fantasy XV
dive into danger

Prompto: Oh look! An opportunity to dive into danger. Wouldn’t wanna pass that up.

Gladio: Well I was gonna pass that up, but if you insist…

Ignis: At least you be careful Noct.

About Damn Time

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Anon request: could you please write a dean x reader fic where they end up locked in a confined space together that starts as annoyance but leads to more? and they’ve been hunting together a while but always had an antagonistic/teasing relationship to cover up that they have feelings for each other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: SMUT (that’s right, I wrote some smut. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s there) language, mention of death, minor angst, lots of sass

A/N: This is also for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196​‘s sarcastic writing challenge! Sorry I’m a little late - honestly I’m shocked and thrilled it didn’t take longer to finish this. Thanks for the fun challenge, and have a great semester, hun! (my prompt was "Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the ones I keep to myself…" and is in bold)

A/N/N: Look guys, a thing that isn’t firefighter Dean! It’s a miracle!

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anonymous asked:

I imagine that Gaston actually had some really fucked up experiences from the war. And maybe when he finally finds someone he is able to open up about how joining the war actually really messed him up and made him violent and aggressive.

TBQH, this is one of my headcanons too and like. How dare you make me feel this way right now i feel attacked.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

  • Coming back from the War probably left parts of his personality and some segments of his emotions raw and torn down. While serving, he used opportunities of violence and women to help that.
  • But now, certain situations leave him defenseless, emotions seem to far out of hand at times so he created the perfect persona to show others so he doesn’t have to come to terms with what happened while he was fighting.
      • Something leaves him so out of focus, and he acts out in emotional and physical ways to fill a hole that was left behind. Narcissism and women are his usual ways.
        • Of course, he was full of himself before hand but not as badly. It was typical for men to be cocky, but after returning from the War, it seemed to escalate so he could fill in the need for his emotional and physical wants that were left unfulfilled.
          • Because of this, he’s found it hard to connect with someone and so he tends to use women as an outlet. He’s aware of what he does, of course, because there’s always going to be a part of him that wants to settle down with a small family. His own wife and children. A simple life.
  • After meeting you, he starts heavily contemplating whether he wants to tell you or if he just wants things to be left as they are.
    • It’s just a matter about opening up and letting you know who he really is. Gaston, for probably the second time in his life, is fearful of what the outcome of a situation holds from him. Because now that he’s developed feelings for you, he’s afraid that if he tells you who he truly is, you’re going to leave.
    • It’s a constant battle inside of his mind. One part wants to leave things as are because it would be the easiest but the other part of him wants to tell you because he finally realized that letting you in has helped him feel normal and grounded again. It makes him feel like he’s at war again, only with himself.
      • It’s sort of interesting because he refuses to admit that he’s truly and severely in love with you and he keeps playing it off and keeps telling himself that it’s just the sex. (Like, wow typical Gaston).
        • But after seeing you for over three months, and in a rather consistent way, it finally dawns upon himself that he does love you or at the very least, he cares for you. After all, the longest he had ever spent with the same woman before had only lasted two weeks, maybe even less if he really focused on it.
  • The dude probably just balls up and tells you straight out what happened, totally expecting the worst response from you as a result. Gaston hangs his head, almost ready to say, “If you want to leave me, now would be the best time. I don’t deserve you. I never have and I never will.”
    • Literally looks like someone kicked him in the face, he’s about to cry?
      • Brushing back some of the stray hairs in his face, he glances up at you and catches your gaze. You allow him no opportunity to speak and you say, “The War left all of us a little different…” Licking his bottom lip, he nods in agreement, “I’m not going to stop loving you because you think you don’t deserve it, Gaston… I saw under the facade, and fell in love with you. I’m not going to leave you…”
  • Gaston in love, okay? Just like, melts my heart.
    •  Binch, him like so devoted to you that he buys you flowers just because(not because he wants you to owe him something).
      • Gaston like, picking you up bridal style because there’s a really big puddle and he doesn’t want your feet to get wet so he carries you across it.
      • Gaston letting you braid his hair in private while the two of you watch the sun set. Bonus points if you tangle flowers into his hair.
      • Lends you his jacket if it’s chilly outside and you didn’t bring one of yourself. 
      • Him taking you on his horse to see the countryside. Just the two of you. You don’t even need to be talking. Silence and being alone with you is enough.
      • Going from the transition of sex to the swing of just enjoying one another’s company. Cuddles, just kissing, talking to one another in privacy. 
      • He probably sings to you. Not the showy off kind of singing, but the beautiful ‘I adore you’ sort of singing. Usually in the morning time. His voice husky, his body still half asleep. Usually a little tune he can remember from childhood. He tucks your hair back, kisses your forehead and the two of you just lay like that until you’re actually ready to get up.
      • Him talking to you about getting married and having children of your own. Tells you like, in a really detailed way as if he had been planning it since childhood. How many kids he wants, how he wants to live somewhere peaceful with you and them. 

i have a lot more headcanons but i needed to stop myself LOL. Thanks for reading! Reblogs and likes are appreciated!

the eleventh doctor imagine | you argue and he apologises

warnings: none

words: 1011

in which you feel you can never live up to his former companions and he apologises for making you feel as though you’re not good enough.

Originally posted by fangirl-porn

“Rose would know,” he frowns, staring down at the TARDIS controls.
You gulp, feeling your stomach flip, wishing more than anything that you could help him—that you could prove yourself to him. You’re tired of living in the shadows of his previous companions, tired of never feeling good enough. You have even began to contemplate leaving him.
“Good old Rose,” you whisper, sitting down glumly. The Doctor barely even notices.
“Or Amy. If Amy was here, she’d know exactly what to do.”
You can’t help but snap after that. “Well, I’m sorry, Doctor. I’m sorry I’m not Rose, or Amy. I’m sorry I’m just me. I’m sorry I can’t help.”
You attempt to walk away to your room, but when he speaks, you can’t help but come to a halt again. “Well, that’s it, isn’t it? You can never help. Of all of the people I’ve picked…”
“What? Go on, say it.” By now you are doing everything you can to prevent yourself from crying.
The Doctor shakes his head firmly and starts to work on the TARDIS controls again. “It doesn’t matter.”
“It matters to me!” You shout. “If you don’t want me here, all you have to do is say. You can drop me off just as fast as you picked me up, if that’s what you really want.”
“I refuse to talk to you when you’re like this, [Y/N].” He adjusts his bow tie and glares at one of the computer screens. “You’re upsetting my TARDIS.”
“Oh, how rude of me.” You half-scoff, half-sob. A part of you wishes that he would react, so at least you know he cares, even if only a little bit. Instead, his face remains blank as he purses his lips.
You begin to walk off again, then turn back on your heel. “You know, there’s a reason you always end up alone. It’s because you’re selfish. You want people when it’s convenient for you, and then as soon as they can’t help you, you stop caring. One day you won’t even have me, and I hope maybe then you’ll realise that I—we—deserve better than this.”
You don’t wait to see his reaction; instead, you march off until you get to your room and then slam the door even though you know he will hardly be able to hear it from where he’s standing. It’s only then that you let your tears fall properly, but not for long; only a few moments later, you can hear The Doctor shuffling at the other side of the door.
“[Y/N]…” he calls hesitantly. “Did you mean what you said? Do you wish to go home?”
You don’t answer right away, and you can almost sense his impatience. “I don’t know anymore,” you say finally. “I thought I’d never want to give this up, but I’m tired.”
“I told you, you should sleep more often. That’s why there are beds, and pyjamas, and bedrooms. There’s even a bath somewhere.
“You know that’s not what I mean.” You slide down the door and tuck your knees under your chin, feeling as though your heart might burst out of its rib-cage at any moment. “I’m tired of you making me feel as though I’m not good enough. I’m tired of trying to meet impossible standards. If you wanted someone superhuman, someone good and strong, you shouldn’t have chosen me.”
“Do you really think that?” His voice, muffled by the door, is heavy with sadness.
You don’t answer, but you don’t need to. Something in his voice has changed; perhaps he’s finally realised the truth.
“[Y/N],” he almost whispers. “Open the door. Please.”
You blink the tears out of your eyes as best you can before you slowly stand up and do as he asks. You can barely look at him when you see his brown eyes so solemn, maybe even guilty.
“I’m sorry.”
You roll your eyes, feeling silly to have even made such a scene now that you have to look him in the eye.
“No,” he says and grabs your hand. “I am. I mean it. You are good and strong, and there are lots of times where I couldn’t have done what I do without you. I’m just a stupid, ignorant, old man, that’s all.” He attempts a smile, and you almost want to smile back, but you don’t. You can’t, not yet.
“It’s okay. I know I’m not like the others. I know I’m just normal. I just wish you didn’t have to bring it up so much.”
“I didn’t do it on purpose. I never want to make you feel like you’re any less fantastic than you are.” He cups your face in his hands then and you lower your eyes. “Because you are, [Y/N]. You are fantastic, and you are more than enough. Really. It’s me who’s not enough. You were right about what you said.”
“No. You’re too much.” A tear rolls down your cheek. “Are you going to take me home?”
“Only if that’s what you want.” His own eyes seem to glitter with tears that refuse to fall now.
“Is it what you want?” You question.
He shakes his head and lowers his hands away from you before shoving them in his pockets. “I never want you to leave, but it’s selfish of me to keep you here when you’re not happy. I want you to be happy. I promise that I’ll stop belittling you. I promise I’ll appreciate you the way you deserve. I promise, [Y/N], on both of my hearts, to be better.”
You think about it for a moment, knowing you should leave but not having the will power to do it. You can’t give up this, and you know now that the Doctor feels guilty for the way he’s treated you. Finally, you give him a small smile. “I don’t want to leave, not yet. Not as long as you want me.”
“You’ll be here a long time then,” he grins. “I can’t imagine ever not wanting you.”
He kisses your forehead without thinking and then blushes ever so slightly, but of course, not as much as you do.
“I suppose I just can’t get rid of you,” you say.



Bonus Round

Originally posted by scaredful

Note:  This was so much fun to write because Hoseok is the best.  Also this took forever because I had about 1.6k words of backstory that I just cut because… it took Forever to link everything.  Also this is inspired by semi-true-ish events so… yeah.  Graciously edited by the wonderful @sugaredmarbles.

EDIT: @sugaredmarbles just fixed my title too because she’s amazing.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut  
Warnings: public sex, alcohol-fueled sex, dirty talk, pregnancy mention, unsanitary activity 
Word Count: 3547


Summary:  You’ve harbored a crush on Jung Hoseok ever since high school, and you had even decided on attending a performing arts university because he was going there.  You had almost been content with admiring him from afar, but he’s enlisting soon.  And this is how you confess to him.




“Have you confessed to Hoseok yet?”  

Namjoon’s question over 2AM coffee makes him the third person to ask you today.  

The first person to ask you had been Taehyung, a fellow theatre arts major.  (”You need to nab him before he enlists,” he had lectured.  “If everyone knows he has a girlfriend, they’re not going to pester him as much about going to… massage parlors…”) 

The second person to ask you had been Jungkook, a once-shy underclassman you had taken under your wing until he switched majors after seeing Hoseok dance.  Traitor.  Not that you necessarily blamed him.  (”You should just tell him because he’s leaving regardless.  If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to see him again.”  Jungkook had always been blunt.)  

And Namjoon now makes three.  

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amnesia || sebastian stan

word count: 2109

summary: sebastian stan x reader → he’s waiting for you to remember

author’s note: i took a chance on this one. it’s been in my drafts for awhile now and i’m just now posting it. it might be a little out of character, since i didn’t originally have anyone planned out for this. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) enjoy :)

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I waited around for you
hoping you’d say something.
I wanted you to at least let me know
you cared,
But days went by and all I heard was radio silence.
Slowly the fire that was once there
began to fizzle.
I would no longer light up at
the mention of you
or wish for a different outcome.
That was when I knew,
I knew that it was time to add your name to the list of people
who didn’t care enough to stay.
—  S.F

Man, Attack On Titan’s character and thematic writing really is underrated.

I see almost nothing picking the characters apart (outside my bubble of Tumblr, at least), when to me it’s the most interesting part of the story.

I don’t think the horror would work if the characters didn’t have these human reactions. If everyone were a badass like Levi you wouldn’t believe in their threat. It’s really the tragedy element of a character’s human flaws and desires getting the best of them.

Eren’s mother’s death is so effective because she is so human. Because she isn’t a infallible source of hope. She’s just another human being who breaks when her family is taken away. If that weren’t there, I don’t think the scene would be nearly as powerful.

Imagine if Gelgar didn’t really have the drinking problem?

If the Levi squad never admitted their mistake?

If Ymir had no motivation of living for herself or Historia her predicament of having given a false name?

If Mikasa didn’t have everyone she loves constantly taken away?

If Eren and Armin didn’t have their shared dream of freedom or putting an end and giving a meaning to all the deaths that happen?

The characters all have human desires, but within a cruel and unfeeling world.

The world is unfair and our characters fight so it no longer would be unfair, this is why I think I care, at least.

Would you really care if these characters weren’t shown to be feeling these things? It’s not that the Titans are this overwhelming threat that makes this story effective, it’s that they turn a blind eye to feelings. The Titans could be no matter what size or shape, but their threat wouldn’t be real if it didn’t mean anything to the characters and thus the audience. We hate the Titans because they make the world unfair and cold (just as we hate Marley because they make the world unfair and cold).

The idea that rational badass who does nothing wrong = good character is such an annoying thing for AoT for this reason and would absolutely ruin the series.

Mafia BTS reacting to their S/O getting hurt on the job

Anonymous said:
Can i have a reaction to their s/o getting hurt bc of their job

Here you go and enjoy! (sorry for the long wait) I’m also pullin out the cute gifs. Get ready 

Jin: He would go into full mom mode and would make sure that your wounds were taken care of immediately, you were drinking plenty of fluids, and you were also getting plenty of much needed rest (since you help him with his work a lot and you deserved it).

“No buts about it, you’re staying in bed until you can walk without assistance.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: When you came home bloodier than usual, he freaked out and tended to your wounds and he would ask you to explain what happened. And while you rested, he would take time off to stay with you and keep you company.

“I know you hate laying here, but the least I could do is keep you company.”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Hoseok: Your careless actions ended up with you getting a broken ankle and a broken arm but Hoseok quickly gets you in braces and cleans up the small cuts you got as well. While he cleans you up, he gives you a lecture on controlling your anger and watch your surroundings.

“You’re lucky you didn’t wound up with a broken skull.” “Oh come on I’m not that reckless.” “Your broken ankle and arm says otherwise babe.”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Namjoon: He takes most of the blame since you were on the job with him and he wasn’t able to keep an eye on you and you ended up getting a good blow to the head. He has one of his men take close care of you since he’s under-educated on head injuries, but he always tries to stay as close to you as he can and he constantly spoils you.

“It could have been worse, but next time you will be staying right by my side so this never happens again. Now say ‘ah’.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

Jimin: He didn’t realize that the mission was a bit too much for you so he immediately feels bad once you got hurt. He was able to get you patched up quickly but he didn’t want anyone around you so he stayed close to your hip and acted as if he was a guard dog.

“You got hurt because of me so let me at least take care of you and make sure your injuries don’t get worse.”

Originally posted by bangtan

Taehyung: You left the fight with small cuts and a few nasty bruises but Tae took extra measures to make sure that none of the cuts would get infected and you rest easy for a few days so the bruises would heal and you wouldn’t be up and hurting yourself more.

“Tae let me up please I just have to pee.” “But baby you could gEt hURT!”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: He would treat you like a princess none-of-the-less he would high-key fun of you. He would always compare how he never gets hurt while on a deal while you on the other hand got scraped up. You took a few days to lay in bed and rest up and Jungkook would stand at the door and smile at you.

“It’s weird seeing you in bed for this long.” “Don’t rub it in.”  

Originally posted by jeonbase

And if there is any confusion, the non-bold quotes is meant to be you or Y/N (: 

~Admin S

Because I Love You (Part IV)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Summary: Can Bucky finally make things right?

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Modern!AU, Swearing
2k Words.

For the last time, sorry to those named Adley!

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV (The end)

A/N: I realised the tags were not working (I think?) for the previous chapters, really sorry about that! 

Bucky fiddled with his fingers. It took him a lengthy lecture from Steve and a multitude of blue, black and green discolouration on his left arm, courtesy of Natasha, for him to find out where (Y/n) was. Remorse crawled all over him when he first heard of her location- Santorini, Greece. Of all places she could’ve choose to go, she flew to the place he promised he would take her on their Honeymoon. So there he was, sitting in the Taxi, gazing out the window and wondering how this breath-taking scenery could’ve played out very differently.

“Sir, you have arrived,” the driver said.

Bucky shot him a tight-lipped smile before muttering a short ‘thanks’. He passed the driver enough cash and got out of the car. A rush of sea breeze greeted him, thank God he decided not to slick his hair back today. Bucky remembered very clearly that (Y/n) preferred his hair fluffy and untamed. She mentioned that the slick back style reminded her of his work mode and she’d rather see him unwind and relax. The hotel looked exquisite. Despite the simplicity of the blue and white architecture, it looked cozy and welcoming.

Bucky didn’t bother paying too much attention to the interior and the decorations. He has an objective, an aim, a goal to accomplish. And he’d be darned to let (Y/n) slip away from his grasps once more. Bucky walked up to the reception and cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the woman behind the desk.

“May I help you, Sir?” she asked.

“I was wondering if you could tell me the room number of (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n),” Bucky’s response was immediate. The receptionist froze, eyeing Bucky and scrunching her perfectly lined brows.

“Providing a customer’s information to strangers is beyond my rights, Sir. I’m sorry, but I cannot afford to do that.”

“Look, I know it is. And you can put the blame completely on me! I swear! You can tell them I threatened you with a knife or a gun or… I don’t care. I just want to know where (Y/n) is!”

The speculating gaze of the woman remained unwavered. Bucky huffed out a sigh, brushing his hair back with his right arm.

“Miss, I’m really sorry about this, but I really do need to know where she is. She’s everything to me but I… I fucked up, and I want to make things right. So please,” Bucky pleaded, voice quavering.

“Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of it,” a new voice offered from behind him.

Bucky’s head snapped up, ears perking up from the sweet, melodious voice he longed to hear. His eyes laid upon the familiar figure and there she was.


He wanted to tell her that she looked stunning, with that not-too-short floral shorts and plain white blouse, but he would be lying. (Y/n) may look gorgeous, but Bucky could undoubtedly see everything the woman was hiding underneath all the light layers of makeup. The dark circles beneath her eyes were well concealed but not to him, never to him. And those eyes, they weren’t opened as wide or looked as aware as they once were, her (y/e/c) orbs were dead. Her focus turned to him, and his breath hitched.

“Follow me.”

The walk was short and silent. Bucky spent the entire time staring at (Y/n)’s back. He was reciting all the things he wanted to say to her in his mind, and he has been reciting them ever since he got on the plane. (Y/n) stopped in front of a door, unlocking it and entering inside. Bucky timidly followed and glanced around. The room was clean, sheets were perfectly made and there were no traces of anyone living there, which was odd considering the fact that he had been informed that (Y/n)’s been here for a week. His eyes fell to the luggage sitting in the corner of the room, and everything clicked.

“You’re leaving today?” he asked, the nervousness that had enveloped him took away all the words he originally planned on saying.

(Y/n) did not provide a response. She continued towards the balcony and stared off ahead. Bucky took small, soft steps, afraid that she may not want him near her. (Y/n), though, was nonchalant about it when Bucky landed beside her. The scenery, as astonishing as it was, couldn’t contain her raging heart. The warm and painted skies of Santorini wasn’t enough to help her get a hold of herself. It has been a long time since Bucky and her had been this close, and it was riling her emotions up more than she’d like to admit.

“Why are you here, James?”

“I want to make things right,” he replied. Bucky turned to look at her; the wind swept her (y/h/c) strands from her face, while her face had a soft glow thanks to the Sunset. Looking at her, standing right next to him after everything that had happened gave him courage.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. I truly am. And you can blame me, hate me, punch me after this but I need to explain to you why I did it. I need you to understand-”

“No James,” (Y/n) cut him off. She finally turned and looked at him, “I don’t want to know why you did it. I want to know how you feel.”


“I want to know of your feelings towards Adley. I want to know your feelings towards me. I want to know what you want me to do, what you want me to say. I want to know what you want for your future.”

Bucky blinked. He was never good with words and feelings, (Y/n) knew that. So why was she asking this from him? Bucky gulped and decided that it’s time to let his heart take over. If that’s what (Y/n) wanted, so be it.

“I don’t love her,” he started but the sharp gaze (Y/n) held towards him told him this wasn’t the answer she was looking for, so he dug in deeper, “She’s a wonderful person. She’s caring and modest, mature and forgiving, but she’s different. She tries to understand me, she tries to look into my head because she wants to help, but you told me that you would wait for me to reveal things to you myself. She always asks me about the things we do together, to make sure it’s in my comfort zone, but you… you would force me to get out, to try new things and to expand my world. She’d ask me about work, you know, trying to help me get some load off my chest, but you would take me into your arms and hold me, whispering childish stories into my ear so I’ll get my mind off of it,” Bucky inhaled slowly, trying to keep his tears at bay. He needed to convey his words to you, “She’s a great woman… but she’s not you.”

Bucky had to pause for a bit because he didn’t want her to hear the pathetic sobs of his, not when she should be the one in pain instead of him.

“What do I want you to do? I want you to tell me that I’ve messed up. I want you to scream and shout at me, to be mad at me, to hit me. I want you to look me in the eyes with tears in your own and just… burst! Yell out what I did wrong, yell out how stupid I’ve been, yell out what you imagine our future would’ve been before I fucked things up! That way I know at least, you still care, that way I would’ve known what I would want for my future as well…”

By the time Bucky finished all he needed to say, his head hung low and his form was shaking, wracked by the barrage of tears streaming down his face. He couldn’t see it, but (Y/n) was in the exact same state. He imagined this to be the last words he said to her, and he gasped in horror and denial. He wanted his last words to be meaningful, to be memorable for her, but that seemed impossible after all he’s put her through.

(Y/n)’s hands were up on her mouth, covering her trembling lips. She managed to hide her sobs well, she believed. Either that or Bucky was so into his speech he didn’t notice the whimpers she had let out. (Y/n) closed her eyes, the war raging inside her was too much. As her brain was spewing excuses as to why she shouldn’t give him another chance, her heart was making itself clear- Bucky loves her. She didn’t need to know the reason why. She wanted to trust herself, to believe that she understood Bucky well enough to see for herself the logic behind his actions. After all, the past had its turn on changing the present, but it’s the present that has the power to change the future. That’s why (Y/n) needed to know how Bucky felt.

“Hello?” (Y/n) answered her phone, the number unknown.

“Uhm… hi, (Y/n) right?” the voice replied.

“Yes, and you are?”

“It’s Adley. I need to talk to you.”

(Y/n) paused. What did Adley need? Did something happen to Bucky?

“Is there something you need?”

“We broke up,” Adley chuckled awkwardly, “It’s not that we were truly together anyway.”

“I, I’m sorry?”

“(Y/n), he loves you. He really does. You may think that he loves me, but he doesn’t. He never did. And I’m just here to tell you that. Have a good life, (Y/n).”

Before (Y/n) could say anything, Adley hung up. (Y/n)’s mouth was opened slightly, eyebrows furrowed. She sat down on the chair on her balcony and found herself repeating Adley’s words in her head. It’s been months since she heard anything from Bucky. She assumed he finally got his happy ending, so why did the brunette call? Her cell phone rang once more, snapping her out of her daze, this time with a recognizable contact.

“Hey Nat, what’s up?”

“(Y/n), you might be mad at me… and Steve, he’s in on this as well, but you have to listen carefully,” Natasha spoke with such intensity in her voice, “Barnes is on his way to you.”

“What?” (Y/n) stood up, “Nat, what? I mean, I’m leaving today!”

“So? Just call in and delay your checkout, he should be there by evening.”

“I just… What about my flight?”

“The same shit. Tell them to change your flight to a later one.”


“No buts (Y/n). Listen to yourself, I told you Barnes is on his way and you haven’t even reprimanded me about telling him your location! You love him, and… as much as I hate to admit it, he loves you. So just do what you need to do. Call me when it’s over.”

(Y/n) choked on a sob again, louder this time, and Bucky finally looked up. When he saw his best girl crying, he willed his feet and moved towards her. Bucky wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her in the warmth she was always used to. And both of them broke down in each other’s arms.

“I’m sorry,” Bucky whispered, “I love you. I love you so, so much (Y/n).”

(Y/n) didn’t struggle, she didn’t push him away nor did she retaliate. She nodded her head.

“I love you too, Bucky. I love you so much.”

Bucky smiled. He loved her, and he won’t make the same mistakes again. He will give her everything she deserves. He kissed her forehead, appreciating the raw emotion they were feeding from and to one another.

(Y/n) loved him, that much was clear to her. Her arms around his torso gripped tighter as she took in the familiar and soothing scent she had missed from the past few months. She felt the love Bucky has for her, and if giving him another chance meant giving their loving future a possibility, it was more than enough.

A/N: And that’s the end of it, guys. Thank you so much for reading this series, and I’m really sorry if you are unsatisfied with the ending. I wanted to make it a contrast to how usual cheating fics are. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a reply on this post itself or in my ask box. Thank you so much.

Also, side notes:

@hollycornish, I know what I replied to your ask, but I thought sticking to this would be a better ending. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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Genre: extreme angst im ready to make y'all cry

Request: I’d like to request an angsty Jaehyun scenario where he starts dating you bc of a bet he made with his friends and you find out and breakup with him but he actually truly loves you. Sorry if this was confusing.

A/N: okay so i used fool by winner for this scenario because it’s one of my favourite songs and it fits this scenario perfectly so!! and this is quite long and im proud of myself for writing this so i hope y'all like it too!


I was a fool

Nothing is gonna change

Even if I’m sorry now

I know

He hesitantly looked at you, remorse and sorrow filling his eyes. Your cold and intense gaze was set on the book you were holding in your hand, as you tried to ignore his presence.

But a part of you wanted to be back in his arms- even after 4 months.

You miss him.

And you loved him.

Out of all places, you had to coincidentally meet him at the small little cafe down the street.

It’s not like he had not been clinging on to you and trying to win you back for the past few months.

But you resisted.

You didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t love you as much as you did.

“Y/N… Um.. How are you?” he asked in a soft tone.

You ignored him and flipped the page of your book.

He sighed, then bit his lips. But not giving up, hs asked again, “Are you busy these days? You haven’t been replying my calls or texts”

Your heart ached a little.

But you pressed on.

You ignored his words again, your eyes fully focused on the words on the page.

Jaehyun ran his fingers through his hair, then took your hand in his. You tried pulling away, but he held it tightly, and you could see clearly the eyebags that formed under his eyes and amount of weight he loss as you struggled to pull away.

“What are you trying to do right now?” you asked him sternly, keeping a straight face.

He flinched a little, then sighed, and you saw his eyes becoming teary. “I’m really sorry, i only just realised how much you mean to me and i know i shouldn’t have done it but i really do love you and-”

“It’s already over anyways, is there still a point in saying all these?” you cut him off, a look of frustration on your face.

He bit his lips again, “I just really hope you can forgive me and i just… really love you”

You shook your head and scoffed, “If you really did you should have put in more effort, but you didn’t. It’s too late Jaehyun, you need to let everything go”

You grabbed your book and bag, the shot him one last glance, “If i can, then you can too”

But in fact, you couldn’t, and didn’t.

But you had to lie and convince yourself.

Jaehyun sat back in dejection on the back of the seat, his tears rolling down his cheek.

He knew it was going to turn out this way.

He took in a deep breath as his hands rubbed lightly against the screen of his phone, where a picture of the both of you shone brightly.

He misses you.

If only he didn’t do it


Stupid bastard, foolish bastard

I know now that it’s all my fault

Jaehyun had his arms all around you, as he lazily gave you a peck on your forehead. You giggled softly to yourself. His chin was resting on your head, as he used his phone, humming in response to your words.

“How cute would it be if we stay together till we die?” you asked innocently, your fingers in his soft locks, as you admired his beautiful skin and features from below.

He let out a small laugh, his dimple showing evidently. “That would be very cute” he replied with almost no sincerity, but you ignored it anyways, since all you cared about was being with him.

He made you happy.

Never did you think that you’d be together with him, considering the fact that the both of you had total opposite personalities and interests.

One fine day he started hitting you up and talking to you at the library, the place you like to go to.

And all his friends were so supportive of his actions, it seemed to you like his feelings was sincere.

After two long months of getting to know each other even more, you realised you had already fallen for him.

Only he had the power to make you happy.

Small dates at cafes and carnivals led to lazy cuddling and movie marathons at each others’ house.

And it was not until when you realised Jaehyun’s lips was on yours, his hands under your as your legs wrapped around his lean body, that you realised the both of you were madly in love with each other.

At least you thought so.

Until that one day you heard everything, which left you in devastation and pure agony. But you said nothing about it, because you loved him too much.

You were helping him to fold his clothes and laundry at his house, waiting for him to come back from his short meeting with his friends.

At the side of your eye, you caught a glimpse of a family leather black wallet sitting on his bed top, and it occured to you that he had forgotton to bring his wallet- which had almost everything he needed inside.

He didn’t pick up your call.

You remember him telling you the name of the restaurant they were going to meet up at, and knew that it wasn’t far away from his place.

In hopes that he’d smile and and thank you upon seeing how you made your way down to pass him his wallet, you were faced by another sight.

“So… How’s she? Dude i didn’t know you could last more than 3 months, are you starting to have feelings for her?” the brown-haired man asked Jaehyun with a big smile, hitting your boyfriend’s back lightly.

“Honestly not yet? But she’s really nice and sweet though, do you think it’s right to do this?” Jaehyun asked, then shook his head.

Was ‘she’ referring to you? What was happening?

You frowned as you stayed well hidden, as you pressed on to continue listening.

Another man spoke up, patting Jaehyun’s head, “Who was the one who was so hard up on this bet three months ago? Don’t regret your decisions Jae”

“You’re right Johnny”

“Oh, someone even set her as your lockscreen, you sure you don’t have feelings for her?”

You saw Jaehyun blush a little, but kept his cool and scoffed a little, “I have to let her know i love her right?”

You knew that his lockscreen was you.

He had taken it while you were doing your work.

“You look cute”

You wanted to break down so badly.

So all of these had been a lie?

You wanted to confront him, and you had many questions.

But you couldn’t do or say anything.

Something was pulling you back.

You didn’t want to lose him.

So you acted like you didn’t know anything.

You lied to yourself and told yourself he would at least have the slightest feelings for you.

If not, why was he able to give you a big warm hug and a long kiss everyday without fail? Why would give you small little compliments and pecks on the cheeks after, and blush everytime you called him cute?


I’m selfish, I’ve always been

I only think about myself

I think I’m crazy

The person who pushed you away is me

After the 6th month, he became to grew distant.

Skinships became lesser and he spoke to you even lesser now.

It was as though he wasn’t interested at all.

And you knew why.

You engulfed him a big and tight hug in your arms as soon as he stepped into the house, but his arms didn’t wrap around yours like they used to, his head simply just resting on yours.

You tried to ignore the aching pain in your chest, the one you had been feeling for the past two months.

At least seeing him everyday made you happy.

But it killed you internally too.

“How was work?” you asked lovingly, your hands making their way to his. He moved slightly away, and you looked at him as your heart sank.

He replied with almost no emotion, “It was fine”

His eyes were glued to the television screen, and he didn’t look at you even once, as compared to when he would always stare at you with those doe-like eyes, lighting up as you smile.

“Had a bad day? Or..? Can i do anything to make it better-”

“No, thanks”

You couldn’t deal with this anymore.

A rush of anger ran up your body as you threw the pillow on the floor, as you watched Jaehyun stare at you in confusion.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Can you at least show me that you care for me? Jaehyun i’m already suffocating and hurting on my own everyday, can you please make it better for me?”

Jaehyun scoffed, and he gave you the most intense glare he had ever, “What do you mean? Why are you pushing everything to me right now?”

You bit your lower lip as you rolled your eyes, “You know best Jaehyun. Here i am trying my best every single day for you, hoping that you’d share the same feelings i have for you but your actions right now clearly shows it isn’t working.”

“I’m just tired, of course i love you, what do you mean by 'share the same feelings’?”

You scoffed, “The bet. I know everything, stop pretending.”

His eyes widened, “Y-You knew…? How did you-”

“I’m done with this bullshit Jaehyun. I hope you had fun on this bet while i was here suffering alone for 6 months, being fooled by you and your bunch of oh-so-great friends for dating me, thinking that you actually had genuine feelings.”

And with that, you walked out of the house, and never once looked back.

You needed to let go.


If I can see you once more

A last glimpse of you even for a short moment

But Jaehyun only got worst.

The night after he found himself missing your presence, the familiar and comforting hold around his body as you would wrap yourself tightly around his body.

The day after that he found himself staring and looking at all photographs and pictures of the both of you, as he’d smile and laugh, reminiscing all the memories of the both of you. But would start tearing up and crying unknowingly when he realises what he had done.

He found himself texting and calling you constantly, trying his best to apologise and make it up to you.

He realised how happy he was throughout the months he was with you.

And he realised that unknowingly, he had started to have genuine feelings for you.

He loves you.

You found his waiting at your doorstep one day, his arms behind his back, head hanging down as he waited patiently for you.

“Y/N… I-”

But you walked past him and unlocked the door to your house, and without saying anything, you slammed the door in front of him.

You heard his breath fasten a little, and you heard his soft and small little cries, but still tried to say a few words to you,

“I really do love you and i’m sorry, i know it’s hard but please give me a chance?”

Upon these words, you broke down as you fell weakly onto the floor, pulling your legs closer to your body.

You wanted to forgive him, but at the same time, you wanted to forget him.

It was too much for you to handle.

You’re radiating and you go far far away

I try to feel the scattered memories

I miss you every every day

Yes I know I’m late

Come back to me like nothing ever happened

Jaehyun grabbed onto the piece of cloth in front of him and brought it up close to his face, as the comforting and warmth scent of you caused his tears to roll down again.

It was the only piece of you he had left.

“I’ll be leaving for a few years, don’t bother finding me anymore. Please let go”

He clenched his heart tightly as the last few words from you rang through his mind, as he took even bigger breaths as his crying got worst- he was a mess right now.

“Jaehyun.. Please call us when you see this, we’re all worried… and sorry”- taeyong hyung

Jaehyun felt a pain in his chest, as he let out a frustrated yell, then threw punch to the wall beside him.

He hated himself.

Why didn’t he cherish you while he could?

He threw another punch, and soon enough, his knuckles and hands were filled with scratches and cuts, as small bits of blood started to be more visible.

He didn’t care.

The pain in his heart hurt more tham anything else.

He wished everything was back to before.

He wished he hadn’t done anything at all.

He wished he could turn back time and make up to you.

He regretted everything.

And it was already too late to realise that he genuinely loves you,

because you were already gone.

You are such a fool, Jaehyun.

Green-Eyed Monster

Request: can you do where the reader is jealous and spence has to remind her that she is the only person he is in love with and yea just a lot of fluff

Warnings: jealousy ! Fluff ;)

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

You and the team were all huddled up in the victim’s house in Texas for a recent case. A whole family was missing.

Everything was going by plan until the sheriff of the police department walked down the steps that led into the living room, a young petite woman following behind him. She stood behind him quietly, she didn’t look a day older than nineteen. Her dark brown hair framed over her wide doe eyes. In between her arms, she held an aged book of “Huckleberry Finn” that looks like it’s been read a thousand times.

“Sorry to bother, but I just found this young lady hiding in the bedroom closet upstairs,” The Sheriff says. By the look in Hotch’s eyes, I knew exactly who he was gonna make talk to her.

“Reid, you think you can talk to her?” Hotch questions and Spencer nods.

“Mark Twain, good choice,” Spencer comments as he leaves the living room with her.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I hear her say, a giggle following in the distance.

“He’s one of my favorites,” I whisper to myself in annoyance, using an exaggerated high pitch tone to copy her voice. I tried redirecting my mind back to the box in front of me, sorting through all the objects inside. Seems like they were moving stuff out of a boy’s room.

“You good, Y/N?” Morgan asks teasingly, a brow raised.

“I’m great,” I force a smile. You knew Spencer was a sucker for girls who were inclined to literature. You could back that claim up with his past with Maeve and you.

“Relax, green-eyed monster,” Derek laughs. “Boy Wonder over there is head over heels in love with you, he’s not leaving you anytime soon.”

“Touché to that,” JJ comments.

You huffed and left the room, files in hand to go ask the sheriff for more information about the family. And also to peak in on the conversation between Spencer and Mrs. Twain.

As you hopped up the steps, you spotted Spencer and the girl in what looks to be her bedroom. She was crying and he held her in between his arms as she did so.

“What the-” you began to stomp your way over there but someone stepped in front of you.

“Y/N, I’m stopping you from doing something you’ll regret,” Rossi scolds. “We need that girl to talk. Apparently, she’s one of the unsubs victims who managed to escape recently.”

In your opinion, this was incredibly unprofessional. But Rossi was right, the team needs a lead and if this girl is the answer to that, Spencer has to do what he has to do.

About an hour later, you and the rest of the team were back in the conference room of the police department. The second Spencer walked into the room, he found newfound perspective on the case.

“I think I figured it out,” he says quickly, rushing over to the work board. “Thanks to Leah.”

You could feel Derek’s teasing gaze on you and you turn to give him a death stare.

Spencer quickly drew up all his ideas on the board and connected all the dots within five minutes. He called up Garcia to give the team a quick biography on the life of the suspected unsub and finally, everything seemed to piece together.


When you and the team arrived at the unsub’s secondary location, everyone piled out of their cars, guns ready and pointed.

Spencer suggested bringing Leah after all the unsub ended up being her older brother. He was the cause of death of a previous family in the area, same exact M.O. You discovered that family was a surrogate for his actual one. This time he finally had the confidence and he kidnapped the parents and spared Leah. The boy was an outcast in his family, the only person who really appreciated him was Leah which is why she was left alone.

“Leah, you’re coming in with me, okay?” Spencer tells her as he places his hands on her biceps. “Be careful, don’t trigger him in any way. You’re the only one who can get through to him.”

“Okay,” she whimpers.

“Y/N, lead in Leah and me,” Spencer orders quickly before rushing towards the abandoned cabin.

You ignored the annoyance clawing at the back of your mind. You expected Spencer to at least tell you to be careful or that he loves you, but his usual comments of security were nowhere to be heard. And that just irked you.

You were supposed to protect everyone, yet here you were wanting to blitz attack the girl from behind. Luckily, you didn’t have to stare at the back of her head for much longer since you were supposed to lead them in.

You kicked the door down and rushed inside, gun pointed.

You made your way into the house just as soon as the unsub, Jackson, was about to kill his father.

“FBI!” You shouted. “Jackson, put the gun down, now!”

Jackson quickly whipped his father around, using him as a shield and pressing the gun against his head. The mother sat in the corner of the room, tied up, mouth taped and tears falling down her face.

“No!” Jackson shakes his head vigorously.

“Jackson, I know you don’t want to do this,” Spencer says, walking in with the gun pointed at the raging murderer.

“You don’t know what I want and don’t want,” Jackson spats.

“I know that you don’t want your sister to see you get killed,” Spencer says. “I know you don’t want her to suffer from the sight of seeing her parents being slaughtered right in front of her.”

“What do you mean?” Jackson says angrily.

“Leah!” Spencer calls and in walks Leah. You could feel the nerves radiating off of her from behind you.

“Leah,” Jackson breathes out. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home, safe.”

“J, I was safe at home with mom and dad,” she chokes out.

“No, no mom and dad are horrible, they deserve to die!”

“No, they don’t, J,” Leah cries.

“Yes, they do!” Jackson fires a shot causing everyone to duck and cover. Another shot goes off, but it’s not coming from Jackson. You turn around to see Spencer pointing his gun at Jackson, and two bodies hit the ground.

The father scrambled off his back and crawled over to his wife, trying to rip off the ties that had her bounded. Jackson’s lifeless body lied in a growing pool of blood from the gunshot wound given to him by Spencer.

“Are you okay?” Spencer asks in worry. You turn around, thinking he was speaking to you - but he wasn’t. He was helping Leah off her feet who seemed to be in complete shock. Then finally it hit her.

“Jackson!” She screams out. Spencer holds her back from running to her brother. He holds her tight in his arms and you could see how she’s struggling to stand so Spencer falls to the ground with her.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” Emily asks you, offering you a hand to help you off the floor.

“I’m fine,” you mumble, taking her hand. You storm out of the stuffy house, ripping off your bulletproof vest and throwing it to the ground.

You went over to Hotch who was speaking to the EMT’s and waited until he was done speaking.

“May I go back to the hotel?” You ask impatiently.

“Everything is in check so yes, you may leave,” Hotch nods. “Jet won’t be ready until 6 am, you know the drill.”

“Yup,” you say curtly and turn on your heels towards one of the SUV’s.

“Y/N!” Hotch calls out. You turn around and give him a questioning look. “I don’t think Spencer realizes what he’s doing. I’ll give him until tonight before he realizes what’s wrong.”

“I don’t think he realizes either,” you agree. You hop into the SUV and quickly pull out of the police car filled lot.

You wanted nothing more than to take a hot shower, change into your pajamas and rest in bed. You were irritated and exhausted, plus Spencer being oblivious to your jealousy was a pain.


When you stepped out of the steamy bathroom in your oversized T-shirt and fuzzy socks, you didn’t expect to see Spencer sitting on the bed, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Why are you back so early?” You question. “I thought you still had some stuff to take care of.”

Spencer immediately caught the change in your tone of voice. He felt something was wrong earlier, but he brushed it off as you being annoyed with the case.

He felt his mood drop even more as you walked past him without a hug or a kiss, not even a smile. You just went to the other side of the bed and crawled in without acknowledging him again.

“Y/N,” he trails off, scared to ask you. “What’s wrong?”

“You don’t even know, huh?” You chuckle in disbelief. “Good night, Spencer.”

You reached over and turned off the light on the bedside table, your side of the room was now in shadows and only the light from the bathroom illuminated the dark room.

Spencer wracked his brain with different problems he might have caused between the two of you - but he kept coming up blank. He didn’t know what he did to tick you off.

Then he remembered a comment Morgan made before Spencer took off.

“Tell the green-eyed monster I say hello,” he joked.

It clicked. Spencer remembered the saying for jealousy was “green-eyed monster”. He just didn’t know why Morgan would bring it up.

Spencer looked over at you and he frowned. The green-eyed monster was you.

“I know what I messed up,” Spencer breaks the silence. “I ignored you the whole day. I put all my attention on Leah.”

You throw the covers off of you and sit up in annoyance.

“That’s not all, Spencer,” you frown. “I was annoyed yeah, but what really hurt me is what happened when we were in the unsub’s house.”

“What happened in the-” Spencer stopped mid-sentence. He remembered when the first bullet went off towards the middle of the room, instead of asking if you were okay, he went straight to Leah.

“Yeah, you know where I’m coming from now?” You say. Spencer rushed over to your side of the bed and turned on your bedside lamp. He kneeled down on the floor beside you and took your hands.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you, okay?” He begins. “I don’t know why you were jealous of Leah in the first place, I was just trying to solve the case and she was the key to it. Y/N, you’re a professionally trained law enforcement officer, I know I don’t need to worry about you.”

“But Leah, she’s perfect for you!” You exclaim quietly. “She reads the classics, she’s easygoing, she’s beautiful.”

“I think you just described yourself,” Spencer chuckles. “You’re perfect for me, Y/N. You’re more than just beautiful and intelligent, you’re the love of my life. You feel like home to me. No one is ever going to change that.”

“Do you really believe that?” You ask softly.

“I do,” he responds. “I love you, Y/N.”

You give him a small smile before leaning down and kissing his forehead and then his lips. You could hear him kicking off his shoes before he crawls into the bed with you and envelops you in his arms, never breaking the kiss.

“Maybe I should shower,” he breathes out as he breaks the kiss. “Do you know how many pathogens I could be passing onto you-”

“Shh,” you press a finger to his lips, “just enjoy the moment.”

Spencer lets out a small laugh before returning his lips to yours in a sweet and loving kiss.



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Thank you! Sin City 3.

Watching you dance was mesmerizing. Jimin found himself leaning against the wall of the booth even when the song started playing, exposing himself to the curious looks of the audience, but he didn’t care about them. He slipped up – he never showed this much interest in anyone before, but he was relieved to see that nobody was looking at him. Every pair of eyes at Sin City was focused on you – on your hips that swayed in the rhythm of the music, your eyes that looked inviting and playful, your mouth that you purposefully left just slightly agape to mess with their heads, your hands that roamed your own body, making every man in the room imagine they were his, including Jimin.

What was he doing? He reprimanded himself and tried to focus on the choreography, on the way you followed the rhythm, on the amount of effort you put in every move you made on stage. He needed to see you through the eyes of a businessman looking at his investment, not through the eyes of a lustful man looking at someone he wanted to have in every sense of the word. Jimin noticed some minor mistakes, nothing too complicated, nothing he couldn’t fix. He’d have to let Tasha fix it, though. He shouldn’t be left in a room with you alone.

And then you did that. That surely wasn’t a part of your choreography, he would have noticed it by now. He’s never seen anyone look as lewd as you did with that finger in your mouth, your eyes fixed on his own in a brief moment of shamelessness you allowed yourself. Jimin felt his pants tightening around the crotch, so he quickly shoved his hands in his pockets, hoping that the mounds his fists made in his pockets would be able to hide his growing erection.

What was he doing? He promised himself he wouldn’t become this, a man so weak he couldn’t get himself to look away from one of his own dancers, someone who trusted him not to take advantage of her, someone who was supposed to turn to him for advice and guidance, not sex. Jimin bit down on his bottom lip and hoped that the self-induced pain would take his mind off of your body, even if only for a moment.

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Warnings: Fluffy sick fic so not really anything at all

Word Count: 985

Summary: Bucky helps you feel better when you’re sick

A/N: This is for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196‘s Sarcastic Writing Challenge and I had the prompt: “I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.” This worked out well actually because I have been miserably sick all week and I wish I had Bucky to help make me feel better. 

A low, pitiful whine rolled from your lips as you turned yourself over, pressing your face into your pillow as you tugged the thick blankets tighter around your body. Your eyes were watering, your nose running and you were sure this is what death felt like, your body simply giving in to the virus you just hadn’t been able to shake.

Your eyes stung as you closed them tightly, fighting the urge to rub at them and only make it worse. All you wanted was a little more sleep, even if it was only for a couple hours. You’d been bedridden for three days but you hadn’t felt as though you’d gotten much rest in that time, your nights plagued with a chest rattling cough and the inability to clear your nose from all the snot it was producing. Recovery was slow and it only made you exhausted and cranky and the only thing you could do was ride it out and hope that there was a light at the end of this miserable tunnel.

Just as you felt yourself slipping back into sleep there was a loud knock on your apartment door, causing you to groan tearfully into your pillow. You didn’t want to get up out of the comfort of your bed and you certainly didn’t want to see anyone, not while knowing you looked probably worse than how you felt. You’d only managed to drag yourself into the shower once in the last few days, the pounding in your head only letting you stand for about ten minutes before you felt like you were going to collapse. So you’d left your hair in it’s slightly greasy bun on top of your head and pulled on the same clothes you’d been wearing before hand, not in the least bit caring.

You had never been a particularly good sick person and most of the time your friends and family avoided you until you were feeling better. Of course there were a select few that seemed willing enough to push your patience and Bucky Barnes was the worst of them all. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that he was the one annoyingly knocking on your front door.

Sure enough, five minutes later, when you’d neglected to let him in, your phone started buzzing from the nightstand. Angrily turning over you grabbed at the infernal device, Wonder Woman’s theme song only adding to the headache pounding away inside your skull. The stupid photo you’d taken of your best friend filled the screen and you swiped at it hurriedly, sighing gratefully as the noise stopped.
“Goodmorning to you too Sunshine,” Came his reply and you found yourself wondering why on Earth you’d chosen to be friends with him. “Care to let me in?”
“No,” You snapped, flopping back against your pillows. “I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.”  
“Ouch, that hurts Doll,” Bucky’s voice was light and teasing and you could practically hear the smirk in his voice. “I even came all this way with chocolate and medicine.”
You perk up a little at that, having not been able to make it to the supermarket or the pharmacy since you’d come down with this three days ago. You depleted your pantry - even though you still weren’t eating much - and the only thing you’d found drug wise was a half packet of panadol, good for your aching limbs but not much else.
“Yes, now get your sick little ass out of bed.”

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Message to Lily Peet.


If you’re going to describe me as a “Knob” say it to my face. Second of all, even if my signature is on the image, is it too much to ask to have the credit of you, as well as others to have their art credited in the description? If anything I would have been fine with you using my art if you had ASKED me permission first if you could use the picture that is on my Deviantart. I would’ve said yes. It’s a matter of common curtsy, in which you have none.

Now, I’m going to say this now. If you still decide not to credit me, or at least leave a link in the description to my Deviantart, and I KNOW you’ve at least went onto my page in order to grab this art piece, so I know you didn’t look this picture on google and just saved it to your drive without a second thought.

It saddens me that you would physically go onto my page, take my art, and not even bother to give credit. So, I am going to ask you to not use my art in your videos if you are not even going to bother to put a simple link in the description. Apparently it’s too much for you. Even if nobody reads the description it would give me peace of mind that you at least cared enough to credit the art you’ve used. Besides, you didn’t pay for that art either. You’re not only disrespecting ME by using that art without permission, you are also disrespecting the individual who paid for that art piece.

Also a piece of advice for you so you don’t run into this type of trouble with any other artists again, ASK at least before you take. It’s not too hard. Here, this is all you have to do:

You: “May I use this art piece that you’ve made?“
Artist: Yes you can use my art/No you can’t use my art.

The worst the artist can say is no. In this case, unless you give credit in the description, you may not use my art.

Now with this said, I bid you adieu.

Thorin x Dragonborn! Reader

Summary: As you could probably tell this is a crossover type one-shot where you are the Dragonborn from Skyrim, where there is a link between Smaug and the World Eater. This takes place when the dwarves are in Erebor trying to fight Smaug and also where you reveal your secret. This is set in an AU and I hope you enjoy it. :) 

Warnings: Little bit of violence 

Characters: Thorin, Smaug, The Company

Word Count: 1,267

“Thorin we’ll never make it.” Ballin exclaimed softly. You watched as Thorin looked over you all, regarding each of you in silence for a long minute, although it felt as if his gaze lingered on you the most before he finally spoke.

“Some of us might, we will lead him to the forges and we will kill that dammed dragon!” He proclaimed his tone showcasing both his determination and willingness to die fighting. “If this is to end in fire we will all burn together.” The others and Bilbo nodded vigorously in agreement their King’s speech renewing their strength and courage. You stepped forward before placing your hand on Thorin’s shoulder; he was the dwarf you loved even if he was unaware of it of course you were with him. He turned to you and (E/c) met blue your gazes locked for a fleeting moment before you removed your hand and spoke.

“We need to get moving so that all of us make it.”  You steeled yourself for what was to come and for the moment where you might have to reveal your secret in order for you to protect your friends. As you took after Thorin, Bilbo and Ballin you heard Smaug’s menacing voice say maliciously. “That’s right flee! Flee even though there is nowhere for you to go!” As he made his way towards the four of you climbing quickly over the bridges that lay in his path.

“Hey Dragon! Over here!” Came the voices of Ori, Dori and Bombur successfully diverting Smaug’s attention as he turned and started towards them instead. This gave Thorin, Bilbo, Ballin a chance to make a run for the hall ahead of you. You however remained on the bridge arm reaching for the sword wrapped in cloth on your back, the sword you hadn’t used since Alduin’s demise on your own continent of Tamriel. Thorin noticed your position on the bridge yelled across to you.

“(Y/n) what are you thinking! Get over here.” You could hear the worry in his voice clear as day which despite the situation made you smile a little, it showed he at least cared for you if only as friend. He made a move to come out to you but your next words stopped him in his tracks for a moment.

“Thorin get Bilbo and Ballin to the forges, I promise I’ll meet you there I need to distract Smaug from Bifur and Gloin.” You hollered back as your hand grabbed the hilt of your sword the Dragonsbane from the cloth in your back and pulled it out holding it out in front of you in your right hand at the ready in a stance you hadn’t taken up since reaching middle earth, under the impression of course that Thorin for once would listen to someone. Oh How wrong you were, Thorin bolted back down the bridge grabbing your tensed arm that had Dragonsbane raised and at the ready. The one word he spoke resounding about the treasury his strong voice and the echo making it seem all that more powerful.

“No.” you sighed and turned to him and simply said softly.

“Well then I hope you won’t hold what I’m about to do against me.” As you placed your free hand atop the one on your sword arm looking at him waiting for his reaction. He breathed deeply before he took his other hand and squeezed the one resting on his and said softly but surely “I trust you (Y/n)” your heart soared at his words as you nodded at him before opening you mouth to speak.

“Hey Slug!” You yelled mockingly. The scaly head turned to face you pausing in his bought of trying to burn Bifur and Gloin who were hiding in a large enough crevice in the mountain.

“What did you call me!” He snarled angrily as began to furiously once more make his way towards you and Thorin.

“Durin and the nine divines help me” you mumbled quickly which did not go unheard by Thorin, his sharp intake of breath confirmed that. Closing your eyes and allowing the teachings of the Greybeards and Paarthurnax come flooding back to you and speaking words you hadn’t used in what felt like an age. “Fus Ro Dah!” The thu’um left your mouth and a powerful unrelenting force propelled Smaug backwards much to his and Thorin’s shock.

“How do you know that tongue girl?” Smaug demanded his eyes wide as realisation hit him. “You can’t be one of them!” He roared, your reply was a smirk gracing your features as he snarled in rage. “Alduin-” He began.

“Alduin is dead, slain by my hand!” You declared cutting the dragon off as you glared at the beast. “As you soon will be.” You told him defiantly any warnings Gandalf had given you regarding using your thu’um in middle earth flew out of your mind as hot white fiery determination seeped into your bones. “Wuld Nah Kest!” you shouted as your whirlwind sprint shout sent you surging forward not giving Smaug or Thorin time to react you were on Smaug’s head and plunging Dragonsbane through his head.

“But how” Smaug gargled struggling to breathe as his life force left him, “My skin is impenetrable” His disbelief evident in his tone.

“Not to the blade of the Dragonborn” You told him contempt lacing your voice. You watched as the last light finally left his eyes and the dragon Smaug was no more. You sighed in relief and waited for the familiar feeling of absorbing a dragon’s soul to envelop and just as it started you heard your name.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!” Thorin called your name in concern as the light of Smaug’s soul covered your body. You smiled at his concern your heart fluttering.

“It’s alright Thorin I’m Dragonborn this is a part of my job, I’m just absorbing his soul.” You responded casually as Ballin and Bilbo joined him on the bridge, you felt yourself sway slightly. “Well Gandalf wasn’t kidding when he said shouting here would drain me faster than in Tamriel.” You muttered to yourself as you felt your eyes grow heavy and the last thing you saw was Thorin’s face twisted in worry and fear as he rushed towards you and then it all went black.

You next woke to the feel of someone squeezing your left hand and a soft voice almost whimpering brokenly say. “Please (Y/n) pull through, you can’t leave me not yet I still need you… I love you.” As you slowly became more aware you recognise the voice to be that of Thorin’s.

“Thorin?” You croak. “Is what you say true.” Your voice is barely a whisper and for a moment you don’t think he’s heard you until you open your eyes and see him smiling softly down at you. He gently places a hand behind your head and raises it up to his and presses your foreheads together.

“Aye it is.” He tells you earnestly you smile back eyes twinkling.

“I’m glad” You say tearfully. “As I have loved you forever and a day” As you finally bring your lips to meet his in a soft passionate kiss. This quickly turned steamy when Thorin gently laid you back down onto floor and straddled you. Your hands went up into his hair as he parted from the kiss and began kissing down your neck. Then you heard the sound of a something clattering to the ground and the familiar voice of Nori yelling.

“Alright pay up lads I told you they’d start making out when she woke up!”