“She knows what size pants I wear.” Among a lot of other things, apparently. This pair of underwear is green, too. He’s pretty certain he knows why now.

Mycroft glances at him. “I know that, too.” He tries to look casual about it. “Anyone with a basic grasp of spatial relations could extrapolate that with a scant bit of observation.”

Lestrade raises an eyebrow. “I think that’s Mycroftish for ‘I’ve been looking at your arse’.”

Mycroft’s cheeks flame. “I—”

Lestrade hooks his ankle around Mycroft’s, pulls his foot away from the rungs of his chair so their feet are touching beneath the table. “It’s okay. I’ve been looking, too. And not because you needed some spare togs.”

At Least There’s The Football - by sheffiesharpe (x)

As Requested, Fanfiction Recommendations...
allherstars asked you:

I don’t run a Sherlock tumblr, but Sherlock has pretty much taken over my personal blog. XD I can’t watch the Mark Lawson interview (not available outside the UK /weeps at the injustice) You should add a list of quality Mycroft fanfics to this blog, it would be real helpful with the Mycroft mania. :D

Anonymous asked you:

What Mycroft ships do you ship? Could you possibly do a Mycroft ship analysis? Love this blog! x

Oh my dear allherstars! Oh lovely anon! As shipping and fanfiction have a tendency to go hand-in-hand, let me see what I can do for you both. I haven’t read everything - far from it - and I have the nasty habit of refusing to read anything that contradicts my headcanon, but I do have some favourites that I would enjoy sharing. I more or less will ship Mycroft with anyone. Not because he needs to have someone, but because he seems to want to. That scene where he was alone at Christmas, contrasted with Sherlock surrounded by friends, made me impossibly sad. I just want him to have a friend, more than anything…I like to think of Anthea playing the part, but that’s just me. See below  for General Mycroft fics, as well as Mystrade, Mystraquerry, Holmescest and Johnlock recommendations.

  •  Bogeyman and Poker by Marmosette
    I could read everything Marmosette writes, all day, every day, but I’m restraining myself.
    Bogeyman features two people who don’t realise that Mycroft is the British Government himself, talking themselves into hot water.
    Poker has Sherlock, John, Lestrade and Mycroft all trapped together. A game of poker, of sorts, ensues.
    Both sort of Mystrade, but you can ignore that if it bothers you. (Why would it bother you??)
  • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Sapphy
    BAMF!Mycroft at his finest, terrifing the life out of Jim Moriarty. Oh yes.
  • Terms of Service by Atropabelladonna1120
    This is beautiful. Moving between the Holmes brothers childhood, and when they’re old and Mycroft is dying, it explores their brotherly bond. I cried, I really did.
  • You’ll Never be Alone in the Bone Orchard by SarahT
    I really, really loved this. A sort of ‘Turn Left’ plot, with Mycroft meeting John before Sherlock does, causing the whole world to shift. Also up for your consideration: High in the Catalogue, in which Mycroft and Sherlock actually get on and Become Silhouettes, in which Sherlock has accidently taken a life, so turns to his brother.
  • The Rough Edges Series by Basingstoke
    Crack, but just the right side of crack. Mycroft only really appears in cameo, but when he does he lights up the stage. Featuring the rest of the Holmes clan, starting with Bernard Black, of Black Books, as Sherlock’s cousin and spiralling from there.

External image
Masterminds by ViaEstelar….I’m just putting his here because I really like it, and it is my headcanon…

I’ve only recently got my head around Mystrade. Like most, I found it odd because the two characters never share a scene…but, after a while, that stopped mattering. Go, put on your belief suspenders and indulge!
  • At Least There’s The Football by Sheffiesharpe
    A big part of my coming to really, really like Mystrade was the existence of this series, so I’m linking it in full. If you haven’t read it, go and do so immediately. It is an epic, now fourteen parts long, but utterly wonderful. It’s fluffy and warm, but the characters are perfectly drawn and I am inordinately fond of the original characters too. It is a wonderful world to go and get lost in.
  • The World on a String by Primroseshows
    Dark!Mycroft is creepy…but I love him. When Mycroft decides he wants Lestrade, he stops at nothing. We must never forget just what Mycroft is capable of.

The Police Officer & the Young Politcian by Sashkash

For the uninitiated, that’s Mycroft/Lestrade/The Equerry from the Palace, and for it I hold Kadabbs, Macpye and Eva personally responsible!
  • The Meeting by Eva
    Don’t ask questions, just go and read it. You’re welcome!

Your new OT3, by Kadabbs

Holmescest: Yes, I’m sorry, I sometimes indulge. I would never want it on my television screen, but when it’s done right in fanfiction, it beautifully illustrates how isolated and lonely the Holmesian intellect has made our boys, and how all they really have is each other.
  • The Physics of the Present Tense by Paxlux
    This is pretty long, but worth the effort. Covers the Holmes boys throughout the years. The slash is almost incidental, but fits into this world so beautifully.
  • Manfred by Thinkpink20
    This haunted me for days after reading it.Returning to their dilapidated ancestral home, the brothers are reminded of their confusing relationship.

External image

In The Cupboard by queenstardust

The first Sherlock fanfic I ever read was Johncroft, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the pairing. I don’t often find it works, but I do have one particular favourite:

External image

  • Promise to the Living by Deklava
    Post-Reichenbach, Mycroft tries to stop John from committing suicide. What follows is a case-fic so enjoyable, with a BAMF! Mycroft and the umbrella sword, that I will be disappointed if season three doesn’t match this level of awesome. The story is currently being continued in The Devil in Devon.

There now…will that keep you going for a while?


Sorry, it’s just that I have sustained a massive coronary event in the last few moments. There I was, watching Different for Girls. I’m just a few minutes in. Then, WHAM!

It’s Murderous Cabbie Jeffrey Hope, driving his cab around London and bitching about the police! This was followed by a much more literal WHAM, when our favorite cabbie drove right into…

…our favorite Detective Inspector! Even more excitingly, this is ABSOLUTELY the Lestrade from At Least There’s The Football, back in the days before he gave up his bike. I have never been so happy. Punk-Lestrade…

is the best Lestrade.

At Least There's The Football - Aftermath - Podfic

*EDIT* Sorry about the issues. I tried using Google Drive because it would let me keep the opening music, but apparently it limits downloads. So, I took the music off and put it on mediafire.


Part one of At Least There’s The Football

Author: Sheffiesharpe

Reader: oppisum

Time: 32:23

Thanks to innominerosae for the amazing cover art

Download mp3 (no opening music)

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Original Story

AO3 Post


Changed into Lestrade costume to cook dinner and jam to The Clash. Yoda socks because I don’t own any Spider-Man socks. And floral/paisley apron because every good chef’s got an apron.

Yeah, this costume has become one big At Least There’s The Football reference. Most of the people at my house tonight are reading it, so it works. 

Fandom, Fanfiction, and 50 Shades of I'm-So-Over-This-Book

May I just take a moment to say why 50 Shades of Grey pisses me off? It’s not the plotless erotica part; I could care less about that. No, it’s the fact that every outsider - that is, non-fandom people - and hell, even a few fandom people, now think that that’s what fanfiction looks like, that it’s all poorly written sex with no plot payoff.

But we *points to every other person who’s been in fandom* know otherwise.

The Road Less Traveled. At Least There’s the Football. Performance in a Leading Role. Impact. Give me a Label (I’ll Give You Confetti). We’ll Burn Like Falling Stars Tonight. I mean really, Sherlockinas, which of has hasn’t read at least one of these? (If you haven’t then you’re missing out. Big time.)

And fellow potterheads, have you ever read any of C.Queen’s 2nd gen stories? Some of them are proof that stories can have PLENTY of sex and yet still be wonderfully written with an excellent plot.

This whole rant was prompted by some stupide article I read on 50 Shades of Grey that made it sound like “Yep. This is what all fanfiction looks like. It’s written by a small group of weird people who’re out of touch with the world, and it’s all plotless nonsense.”

Okay, yes, admittedly there is a fair amount of that, but not all of like this article made it sound.

Am I the only one who feels this way?