Sorry, it’s just that I have sustained a massive coronary event in the last few moments. There I was, watching Different for Girls. I’m just a few minutes in. Then, WHAM!

It’s Murderous Cabbie Jeffrey Hope, driving his cab around London and bitching about the police! This was followed by a much more literal WHAM, when our favorite cabbie drove right into…

…our favorite Detective Inspector! Even more excitingly, this is ABSOLUTELY the Lestrade from At Least There’s The Football, back in the days before he gave up his bike. I have never been so happy. Punk-Lestrade…

is the best Lestrade.

Fandom, Fanfiction, and 50 Shades of I'm-So-Over-This-Book

May I just take a moment to say why 50 Shades of Grey pisses me off? It’s not the plotless erotica part; I could care less about that. No, it’s the fact that every outsider - that is, non-fandom people - and hell, even a few fandom people, now think that that’s what fanfiction looks like, that it’s all poorly written sex with no plot payoff.

But we *points to every other person who’s been in fandom* know otherwise.

The Road Less Traveled. At Least There’s the Football. Performance in a Leading Role. Impact. Give me a Label (I’ll Give You Confetti). We’ll Burn Like Falling Stars Tonight. I mean really, Sherlockinas, which of has hasn’t read at least one of these? (If you haven’t then you’re missing out. Big time.)

And fellow potterheads, have you ever read any of C.Queen’s 2nd gen stories? Some of them are proof that stories can have PLENTY of sex and yet still be wonderfully written with an excellent plot.

This whole rant was prompted by some stupide article I read on 50 Shades of Grey that made it sound like “Yep. This is what all fanfiction looks like. It’s written by a small group of weird people who’re out of touch with the world, and it’s all plotless nonsense.”

Okay, yes, admittedly there is a fair amount of that, but not all of like this article made it sound.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


Changed into Lestrade costume to cook dinner and jam to The Clash. Yoda socks because I don’t own any Spider-Man socks. And floral/paisley apron because every good chef’s got an apron.

Yeah, this costume has become one big At Least There’s The Football reference. Most of the people at my house tonight are reading it, so it works. 

At Least There's The Football - Podfic

Big Announcement!

As no one else has taken the time to make a podfic of At Least There’s The Football, I decided to.

I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now, and I heard beck from Sheffiesharpe last night about permission. Aftermath should be soon.

I don’t have a British accent and I worry that I may sound far younger than I actually am, but my theory is that some podfic has to be better than no podfic. I’m incredibly excited to get to do this.


It may take a bit longer than I had hoped to get Aftermath up. I listened to it, and while the back half sounds great, the first ten minutes isn’t that great. I’m going to rerecord that part as soon as I can, but four of my professors seemed to have conspired to murder me this week, so it’ll probably be this weekend before I can do it.