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I wish we could see at least one pic of you in a diaper

If this post gets 300 notes, I will post a photo!

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me: *meets a white person*
white person: hello fellow white person nice to meet you this evening. care to watch the news whilst we converse about the ocean?
me: *follows them on instagram*
white person: bitch if dis aint da least 👏🏿 fleeking 👏🏿 pic 👏🏿 ever 👏🏿 boo like [slur] who took this af i seen better shxt in da ghetto

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how is a stomach nsfw that's the stupidest thing i've ever seen

nsfw means “not safe for work” ?

i’ve had a job where i just sat at a computer all day and browsed tumblr during down time and breaks i would definitely have gotten reprimanded (at the very least) if there had been a pic of a naked stomach and part of a pelvis on my screen. it’s precautionary. chill.


My friend and I were eating dinner outside then we see these guys with colorful hair coming over with staff, and I turn to my friend and say: “Are they an EXO cosplay group?” TURNS OUT IT WAS MONSTA X JFC BUT FOR REAL NEITHER OF US EVEN KNEW Then a few seconds later people started freaking out and running over there but luckily maintained a reasonable distance, but I’m still dying I thought they were an EXO cosplay group I couldn’t even get excited if I tried….took pics to say at least I was there. Sorry to their fans, maybe I can be tomorrow except I’ll mainly be foaming at the mouth through the other sets waiting for Super Junior…

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Maybe Alex Hirsch as Mayor Dewey? I mean he did play a really old version of himself as mayor of gravity falls and there is that one ep in SU (political power) were mayor Dewey keeps things from the public and it all falls to chaos (that's kind what's happening to the GF fandom right now)

on a side note to my suggestion of Alex Hirsch being Mayor Dewey I believe it would be hilarious and also completely plausible to see Alex driving around in a van that has a giant version of his head on top that chants “Mayor Hirsch”

I know I took Forever to do this but bless you for this idea, it’s So Good,

“Either he’s playing classical music at 78 RPM, or I’m still dreaming.”

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’m calling the orphanage.”

so vicecaptainsugawara tagged me in this ‘tag 20 beautiful people selfie or something’ and eh… yeah? The thrilling striped t-shirt saga continues. I’ll just tag some p random mutuals(remember u do not have to do this, if you dont’ want to👌) : cro-celle ayarambles kisala10  bokutokotaru prettykawa haikyuusetters oikawachi ohkagura gayalbinoboys  akaaaashi claramarla trash4trash  squishyfrootie  commander-kirstein  orpheew  calnivet  patsyasaurus  ludozerkaa  bjoo-official  pirickili  resentfulghost (ok I think I’ve reached 20 now but im too tired to count srry)