it’s that time of the year again

hey! i’ll be on a semi-hiatus from july 7 until august 5 because i’ll be on vacation :)
i’ve prepared a huge queue and will have (terrible, no wifi rip myself) internet on my phone, and since i’m addicted to this site beyond saving i’ll be checking here and there as much as i can. which means you will not notice much, but i had to let you know! :D
everything i’ll post via phone will be tagged as ‘pb’; my queue is tagged.

i hope you all will have a great summer! <3


Words: 3541
Fandom: Stormlight Archive
Spoilers: Through Words of Radiance
Trigger Warnings: None
Summary: Telling Dalinar about Moash was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

Requested by anon.

Notes: Apparently today is not Kaladin’s lucky day. (But it is yours, anon.) As I was formatting this to post, I saw that themalhambird posted their own take on this theme earlier today. (You should go check it out. Double the pain! Whoo!)

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New video!!

At Least It Was Here (Community Theme Song) // Liam Covers 

I really wanted to upload this at the same time the new season of Community premiered, but if the show’s taught me anything it’s that October 19th can be anytime and mean anything. So here’s my a capella cover of The 88’s full version of the theme song! Enjoy!

(This has a loooot of vocal layers in it and optimum listening experience comes through headphones rather than shitty laptop speakers but it’s your life)

A thing I’ve been sitting on for ages. Hope you enjoy! Share if you do :D


Community Intro with JUST the Greendale 7

(I’ve been thinking about possibly doing a “current cast” version and a “full cast” version as well, but baby steps ya know?)

Inspired by this scene in Easy A


Seriously though, the new season has been epic so far!!

So, due to some personal life stuff I haven’t sat down to make a video in… well a long time. So sorry this is small, the idea came to me and I needed to get back into the groove of things.

I absolutely adore the cootie catcher intro, but I also kinda wondered what it could potentially look like if actual scenes from the show were used. I looked around on youtube for a while and didn’t happen to see one. I saw lots of mash-ups though.

(these are my personal faves)

and now I’m even thinking of making one in the style of the walking dead, just for giggles. We’ll see.


6/19/15 Chicago Blackhawks at the Dierks Bentley concert [X]

Tell me that isn’t Jonathan Toews trying to convince Patrick Sharp that it would be happy fun times to lift up Patrick Kane along with the Cup.


@MickJagger love you forever.  5/??