Welp. I finished him.

I named him Gregory.

He looks better in real life though.

He’s going to the county art show now.

I know he’s not the best but I hope I at least get some recognition. There aren’t many mascot makers here in WV and the ones that are usually make very low quality ones.

This was the first bird suit I made. So yeah his beaks a bit crooked.

possible sappy long post ahead.

ok, so today marks the first month of this blog. that means it has been a whole fucking month since creating amanda, and honestly, sometimes it feels like it’s been longer than a month, and sometimes it feels shorter than a month. either way, it’s been a month.

choosing amanda was probably the greatest decision in my tumblr career. a lot of people have known me to bounce around from blog to blog, keeping them for maybe a few months before leaving. not with amanda, i’m going to be here for quite some time. at least i hope i am. just everything about this blog is perfect. from seeing the reactions people have when they follow my amanda, to just writing out everything she was and could have been.

this blog makes me feel safe, feel welcomed, feel wanted. i haven’t felt that in so long. there’s nothing i would trade this blog for. the people here are absolutely wonderful. everyone i have interacted with, whether it seem crazy or not, they have played a huge role in me creating amanda into something more than just what we had seen in the films. i’m giving her a life beyond her death.

i love every single one of you, and honestly, i can’t wait for the many months to come. i can’t wait to see how everything expands further, how her development keeps going, and just to see what else there is in store for her.

i just want to take a moment to tag all my friends i have on here , (or people i at least consider friends) , people who genuinely care about me and i just want to say thanks: (in no particular order): pinkiepiestuntdouble rageah0lics-unite himishl closesure pocketfullofreasons and anyone else who likes my posts or reblogs from me regularly. you’re not unnoticed. and as always my inbox is always open, talk to me, send me anon hate, i dont care


New video!!

At Least It Was Here (Community Theme Song) // Liam Covers 

I really wanted to upload this at the same time the new season of Community premiered, but if the show’s taught me anything it’s that October 19th can be anytime and mean anything. So here’s my a capella cover of The 88’s full version of the theme song! Enjoy!

(This has a loooot of vocal layers in it and optimum listening experience comes through headphones rather than shitty laptop speakers but it’s your life)

A thing I’ve been sitting on for ages. Hope you enjoy! Share if you do :D


When I was your age, used to dream of having a dragon of my own. Even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he’s seated on a dragon’s back.

(for my dear Veronika ♥)


Community Intro with JUST the Greendale 7

(I’ve been thinking about possibly doing a “current cast” version and a “full cast” version as well, but baby steps ya know?)

Inspired by this scene in Easy A


Seriously though, the new season has been epic so far!!

So, due to some personal life stuff I haven’t sat down to make a video in… well a long time. So sorry this is small, the idea came to me and I needed to get back into the groove of things.

I absolutely adore the cootie catcher intro, but I also kinda wondered what it could potentially look like if actual scenes from the show were used. I looked around on youtube for a while and didn’t happen to see one. I saw lots of mash-ups though.

(these are my personal faves)

and now I’m even thinking of making one in the style of the walking dead, just for giggles. We’ll see.