Mikasa Week| Day Four: Sports

volleybabe because i think its funny that her name is a sports brand :P pls dont look at the feet

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Cleaning out my drafts so I only have the one in here, and I found this old bit of the story, so I decided to finish it.1338 words, Nysara. Laurel and Sara watch a disaster unfold from a safe distance.  Rated PG.

Slow Night

They have brought beef again. And something from a pig.

That’s fine, Sara texted back. They don’t expect me to eat it. She stuck the phone back in the little waitressing apron and got back to work on the martinis table six had requested. It was a light night at work, which was why she’d felt confident she’d be able to make Felicity’s midnight barbecue on time. That wasn’t the issue.

The issue was that Nyssa had showed up to the midnight barbecue at 10 p.m.

And Sara loved her girlfriend, she really, really did. But sometimes Nyssa-Heir-to-the-Demon and Nyssa-Sara’s-girlfriend weren’t exactly the same person around Sara’s friends.

To prove it, there were already three new text messages on her phone when she checked again.

It’s disrespectful of them. Your food preferences are known. The only food you can eat here is a salad and the leaves do not look green enough for my ta [½]

ste. Someone should instruct the short one on how to purchase proper greens. This is disgraceful. I am not eating this salad. I will have a word with your ex about this. [2/2]

Sara furtively checked her other messages, half-expecting an aggravated note from Oliver or a silly emoticon from Felicity that might sum up how that particular exchange had gone. There was nothing but Nyssa’s third message.

Felicity Smoak has arrived and has brought some of those horrible vegan burgers that you like, so there is that.

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