jokes about conversion therapy (like this one) arent funny because its not just “silly straight parents think sending gay boys off to camp with other gay boys will fix them” its… torture. im not joking historically camps like this are known for both physically and mentally torturing victims. its not a joke because even though we are making progress in some countries there are still so many places in the world where conversion therapy is legal and does happen and so many young lgbt people are tortured and mentally abused. people who force kids into programs like this arent some mythical character you can use to make fun of old christian people, theyre real and dangerous. conversion therapy ruins lives. it KILLS. its not a joke. and it most certainly isnt a good or fun thing.

*blushes* oh um tumbr how sweet of you to say I uh always liked your particular shade of blue

hehe you know me so well tumblr,

oh my tumblr, ajklsdfadfjklasdkdn are you saying what I think you are

tumblr sempi this is so fast buti<3youtoo



That was a rough day. …Just a testament to the working environment we have down in Georgia, I sat on a – before we walked out, I sat on an Igloo – and I didn’t want to walk out and start crying, I wanted to have already been flooded. I wanted the weight of her to show in my posture…So I sat on this Igloo and I just cried, you know, and I could see the feet of all of our crew walking back and forth. And I’m just looking at the ground…nobody bothered me, nobody threw rocks at me, you know? Nobody made fun of me, they just let me do my thing.
—  Norman Reedus (on filming Bethโ€™s death scene inย โ€œCodaโ€)

all I can think of atm is post reveal aged up adrinette attending an event & Adrien giving Mari all of the things he needs her to put in her purse
“ok, here’s my keys, my wallet, & plagg”


Adrien: hey babe take my kwami, my pockets aren’t big enough
marinette slightly bitter: at least you HAVE pockets

Slang decoder for parents :))

Ever wanted to know what your child is talking about on the internet???? See a strange text from their friends you haven’t met??? Here are the answers!

Lmfao- Lost my freaking Add Ons

Omg- Odd mine ghosts

Stfu- Some Troquantaries found undermeat

Wtf- Whales that fly

Fml- Found my libra-orb

Lms- Lets make Sugar

Tfw- Tie for winners

Rofl- Residential area forbidden, loser

Wth- Where’s tiny Hugo?

asf- Aggressive specters fighting

pm- Pedalo meetup

ftw- Fortune tickets wanted

no gf- No golden flesh :(

rt- Rats, Tiburce!

tmi- Tall Mister incoming

mf- Meat fountains

pos- Post office specters

mfw- Merchant’s fun wares

Smh- Specters make hell

i just think its funny that we’re stressing over the one million mark for the first week. Like no other artist even comes close….other fandoms are like “it sold 200K first week and debuted at #2 thats amazing” and we’re like “WE CAN DO BETTER THAN 1.2 MILLION AND SHE MUST BE #1 ON THE BILLBOARD 200 FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST 6 WEEKS”