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I feel like mark laz is an opportunist who will change his stance according to what will get him the most attention. Seeing as he built his career on jonny and kaners backs and then did a complete turn on kaner(because it benefited him) pt.1

as if he was guilty from the start when he was totally up kaners ass before(because it benefited him) and then pt.2

he had the audacity to try and buddy back up without so much as an apology(at least not publicly, which I suppose he doesn’t have too,but after very publicly bashing kaner he should). I don’t trust laz anymore and I won’t forgive him. Pt.3

I’ll admit right off the bat that I don’t hate the dude. I mean, I don’t particularly LIKE him either–he annoys me often, and there’s a lot of stuff that he says or has said that has annoyed me, or that I disagreed with, or that even angered me–but I’ve liked (and still do) some of his stuff as well. I’ve appreciated some of the things he’s said in the past (yes, even about Kaner and the case). I mostly follow him for the quotes and such, and I’ve muted him in the past when he was getting to be too much. So yeah, not my fave person, but I don’t hate the guy either. 

I disagree that he’s built his career on Jonny and Kaner’s backs. He’s a journalist who was assigned to cover a team as a beat writer. He’s covered the team and its players, two of which happened to be big stars, and a team that happened to win cups, all of which brought more fans and therefore more followers and readers for him. But he’d still probably had the job if the team sucked or if Jonny and Kaner weren’t on it. Even shit teams have beat writers, and neither Kaner nor Jonny got him the job in the first place. (I mean, maybe his newspaper wouldn’t employ a beat writer if the team was at the bottom of the league so yeah, maybe he got the job because the team got big, but I find it a stretch to say it’s on Jonny’s and Kaner’s backs)

I also think he’s not required to be Kaner’s friend, or whatever, so I don’t see what he did as doing a complete turn on him (even though I did disagree with a lot of stuff he’s said and done last summer/fall). I don’t think it was being up his ass before to like the guy and be friendly, and I don’t think it’s hypocritical of him to then be completely off him when something as shocking as a rape accusation happened–that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people. I think he reacted a lot to that in anger and disgust, etc. and not in as an objective way as he seemed to think he did. A lot of people did. *I* did. But yeah, I’m also not a journalist. So there’s definitely stuff there that’s frustrating and that I disagreed with.

But I also don’t see him as having the audacity to buddy back up with Kaner after. He’s got a job to do, he has to be at least polite to the guy, regardless of what he said, or how he feels. And I don’t know if he apologized to him or not, but I don’t think he’s required to do it publicly. Hell, he might think he’s got nothing to apologize for, and there are people who are going to agree with that and others who won’t. Moving on from the case now that it’s closed isn’t being hypocritical either, imo, it’s moving on from it (just like a lot of us did)–there’s not a lot to add and there’s a job to do. I don’t think he owes Kaner anything, just like Kaner doesn’t owe him anything either. They don’t need to like each other.

I don’t think you or anyone are required to like Laz or even forgive him. Like I said, I’m not his biggest fan, and I certainly don’t believe his “sources” (actually the whole thing put me off “sources”). I think he’s often an obnoxious, smug asshole, but he’s not, you know, satan. I just ignore him for the most part and take what I want from him which is cute quotes from my fave players and team. 

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Saruhiko as Kisa's heir. Let's say Kisa has some sort of fatal disease which gets her thinking, regretting abandoning her son. So at the last minute she writes up Saruhiko's name in her will or something. What will Saru do? Especially since he didn't get to see Niki before he died and now he has a chance to see Kisa before she does. Do you think Misaki or Munakata will encourage him to see her?

I think Fushimi wouldn’t be sure what he wanted to do. In this situation I imagine it being something like Kisa gets sick and starts to regret being so terrible to her son so she puts him in her will and then like sends him a letter letting him know she’s dying and she’s sorry and that he will be inheriting all her stuff. Fushimi gets the letter and at first he probably nearly throws it away without even reading it because he can’t see any reason why Kisa should want to try to contact him after all this time. Munakata finds the letter in the trash and notes that Fushimi seems to have dropped something, Fushimi clicks his tongue and tries to avoid answering. Between Munakata and Yata he’s probably convinced to at least open the letter and see what it’s all about, which is when he learns that Kisa’s dying and he’s pretty much about to be super rich.

I think when it comes to actually visiting her Fushimi would be hesitant, I imagine him reading the letter and maybe he’s like at the apartment he shares with Yata and Yata’s reading over his shoulder. Yata asks him if he’s going to go visit Kisa and Fushimi looks at him blankly because the idea of visiting his mother in the hospital hadn’t even occurred to him. I think for Fushimi it would be a mix of bitterness and maybe a little fear. He’s probably angry that’s it’s only now Kisa’s decided to see him as her son, she abandoned him for all those years he was living under her roof and did nothing while Niki tormented him and then now suddenly when she’s dying she wants to be his mother again, like fuck that. I think he’d also be afraid, even with the letter and the will and everything that if he goes to see her she’s just going to reject him again the way she always did, treating him like some stranger who isn’t even her kid. I think if he did go see her he’d probably have to have someone come with him as extra support, like Yata tells Fushimi that he doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want to but if he does go Yata’s going to come with him. I think in the end Fushimi might go see her, feeling like if he doesn’t then she’s beaten him somehow. Yata kinda hangs out near the door of the hospital room while Fushimi goes inside. Kisa’s maybe in really bad shape by now so she can’t say much but she does actually apologize to Fushimi and quietly tells him that he really is more her son than that man’s after all and Fushimi kinda stiffens for a moment and just nods his head without replying. Actually I wonder if he’d worry about that, thinking that ‘being like Kisa’ means he’s all cold and emotionally distant and that’s when Yata steps in and says Kisa’s wrong, Fushimi isn’t like either of them, Saruhiko is Saruhiko and it’s her loss that she doesn’t even know who that is.

Me: *in line at gas station*
Stranger: *stares at my tattoos with disgust*
Me: o_O can I help you????
Stranger: *pauses and looks at me*
Me: ??? *ASL for what*
Stranger: I don’t like tattoos. You have too many. You don’t need any more. You’re pretty.
Me: Yes, I totally spent time and money on artwork a professional did on me for other people’s pleasure. Totally. Toooootaaally. I thought about other people’s dislikes while I spent time creating a design and area to put on my body. My life revolves around letting other people determine what I should do to my body. Ah, yes. You got me! My attractiveness depends on whether or not I have tattoos, my life is over. Oh, noOoOo!
Stranger: *pauses*
Me: *raises eyebrows*
Stranger: I see your point. I apologize. I never thought about it like that.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse from when I was much younger; however, I recently got out of a relationship that was unhealthy to say the least.

There were many night where I definitely did not want to have sex, but was pressured into it. Like he would threaten to leave me or get extremely angry if I didn’t give in. After each sex session like this, I would cry for at least an hour, and he would apologize, yet pressure me again the next night.

Part of me feels like this was definitely rape, but the other part of me has a hard time accepting it as such. I feel like it was my fault because I shouldn’t have spent the night with him when I knew what he was going to do. I have no one else to talk to, and I feel so damaged.

Would this situation actually be rape? I need some type of outside validation. I feel like I’m losing my mind..

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

I understand the shame but what you really should be focusing on is breaking the silence bc this happens to all women

This is the game betw his sexual needs & yours, and the problem is men peak at 17 & women peak more like 25-30.

If someone convince you against your better judgement, as an adult it’s not fraud or rape; you consented by going along unless he threatened you with physical violence.  Laws do no protect you from verbal manipulation.  If someone convinces you to rob a store, it’s not stockholm syndrome unless they held you captive and tortured. 

Then all of these “Consent mandatory” activists, that’s great to try to counter educate against the porn culture, but what now, if you label this rape, what are you going to do?

Call 911, get a rape kit done, sit there in the police station and repeat over and over this all the details with a female SART but it’s the DA that approves the case for trial.

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I just rewatched season 1 ep. 7 of QAF

And Doctor David literally asked the main question of the whole show.

What is it about Brian Kinney? Sure he’s hot but a lot of guys are hot. Sure he’s got charm but we all have that when we want it. So, what is so special about Brian fucking Kinney?

Melanie said its because has “no excuses, no apologies, no regrets”

But honestly is that really why we love him?

I think it’s because he says that and he has people think that, but actually he creates excuses every which why, apologizes at least 10 different times every season, and regrets so many things (a lot of them having to do with the way he handled Justin)

So I think we love him because even though he wants us to think he’s this cold hearted man that can’t be loved, he’s actually the most lovable and caring person on the entire show.
People call him selfish, but he would never accept a handout if he didn’t have to and always gives and gives to everyone

Just because he’s honest doesn’t make him an awful human being.

My 2 cents...

Honestly, I think that everyone that is an I-Got7 or even remotely likes Got7 needs to just calm the fuck down. Bambam has apologized and he’s trying to make it right. At least he’s manning up and apologizing instead of being a coward and waiting for JYP to make him do something. If you care for him at all, then calm down and let him fix this. Stressing out over it and being mean is going to get you NO WHERE. Also, if you are body shaming Yugyeom, you better be sure you have a full set of abs to show to everyone while you’re sitting down. Don’t embarrass someone if you don’t want to be embarrassed yourself. If you want to continue loving and supporting Got7, then do it. If you don’t, then I guess you were never a real fan from the start. Deuces.

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"How do you cope with- y'know- war trauma? The mental issues that come with it, specifically? N- not that I have any myself, just... out of curiosity. For science."

dr. bro is in the building. | NOT ACCEPTING! 

       `can i be honest with you?` jason is fidgeting already. he’s not good at this part, however hard he tries to be. `i don’t know, will. i’m sorry, i don’t know. but…`

       no–that’s the wrong approach to take with will. they’re too similar for that. he sits down beside him, not too close–just close enough that he could talk quietly and still be heard.

       `i had this history professor, back in new rome,` he takes a shaky breath, and focuses on his hands, focuses on controlling the shaking he saw at his fingertips. `she was fond of saying rome wasn’t built in a day, jason. you have to take your time. it confused me at first, but i didn’t think i’d rely on that so much… and she was right, i used to rush stuff too much. i rushed into battles, rushed through letting myself heal… handling the problems that come from it. war trauma, as you said. now you–you’ve seen and survived war. you’re a doctor. you know how easy it is to break a bone compared to how long it takes to heal. you’ve probably done your fair share of rushing, too. i–i understand,` jason adds, quickly. he didn’t want will thinking of this as an accusation. `–you can’t afford to crack. not when so many people rely on you to fix up and move on so others can get help. i understand. but if you do that long enough, you convince yourself you have no problems. no issues. you tell yourself that when you fix up so fast, the problem wasn’t a problem… and that’s bullshit. it’s bullshit thinking, solace.`

       finally, he looks at will, makes a hesitant move to put a hand on his shoulder.

       `you weren’t built in a day either. not will solace, head counsellor and chief medic of a whole camp. you had to put yourself through a lot to get here, and… you lost siblings. this was probably not a position you were ready for so fast after that kind of loss. but you’ve done the best you can, kept going. rushed through it. if you ask me, it feels like you’ve been coping this whole time. only problem is… i don’t… i don’t think you gave yourself a chance to recover at all. so…

       `what are we gonna do to help you? what can we do? just–say what you need, and, we’ll figure out a way to help. i promise.`

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I'm worried about Mark as well, he looked so frustrated at the airport back from LA (I felt like he might be breaking things rn too). Bam and Gyeom as well...JYP probably told them all to lay low till this blows over since it didn't get big in Korea, and making a statement would make it bigger, but I feel like Bam's kicking himself bc he promised to do something about this once they got back and can't. I'm just, ugh I want them all to be okay.

yeah, i saw. like he has covered up at airport before but i never seen him avoid people to that extend. i just hope he knows that we love him and everything will be fine in the end. like mark has said about being afraid to make mistakes in an interview before. as bam, yeah jype probably told him to stay mute but at least he tried to go against the company and apologized on his ig first. at least he unfollowed those people on ig and i hope that he will be able to do that official apology he wanted to do. as for yugyeom, oh my god in this situation he is the one who is wrongly accused thanks to allkp*p misleading article. there was no evidence of yugyeom drinking and even if he was drinking he was on private property which is allowed under the law. allkp*p is a trash website that put up misleading articles as clickbaits at the expense of teenagers/young adults careers.

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At least peyton apologised unlike Uriah. Even if it wasn't the apology that people were looking for at least he acknowledged it. If amir and rowan aren't mad at peyton (he probably said sorry to them personally as well) then we shouldn't keep @ing him rude stuff lmao

I feel that but we gotta remember what urine shellfish said was way worse than what potato said

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I get that bambam isn't educated but automatically forgiving him before he's even apologized isn't going to do any good. Don't excuse his behavior. He said something racist. Sure, people are going overboard with this but don't forget that he said a slur. He doesn't deserve death threats, or all this forgiveness. At least not until he takes responsibility and apologizes, then we can forgive him. Until then, I'm just waiting for him to make a statement or something.

i’m not forgiving him, i’m not excusing him like i said yes HE DID SOMETHING WRONG but sending death threats isn’t right. two wrongs don’t make one right. yes, we should let him know that he is wrong and educate him,  

An angst


Two years… Two long years since Arthur Kirkland had disappeared from this world. Missing, presumed dead. No trace left of him, just broken hearts and an empty house. 

So he was wondering what the hell compelled him to walk up to the doorstep of the one Alfred F Jones. What had made him show up again after two years. And what would the reaction to his return be? More broken hearts? Screaming? Crying? Outright cold denial? 

He didn’t want to know. 

Yet he raised his hand and knocked. 

Maybe he can at least get an apology in before the door is slammed shut in his face.