i’d say i am sorry but then i’d be lying

im here for the james who stopped asking lily out in fifth year because he realized how creepy and obsessive it was

im here for the james who realized that he didn’t actually know anything about lily and decided that more than anything he wanted to be civil and be her friend

im here for the james that slowly built up a friendship with lily based on respect and their mutual desire to create equality in the wizarding world

im here for the james that nearly passed out when lily told him that she loved him before he did, because now that he knew the real lily and not some idolized version of her, he stopped thinking of her in that way (or at least he tried)

im here for the james who constantly apologized for how much of a git he was in the past and even though lily always laughed it off, it always bothered him deep down

im here for the james that always stayed cocky and self-assured, but realized that his past behavior was disgusting and worked hard for the rest of his life to make up for it.

Think about this : 

Graves is found. Shackled, starved, bruises and cuts all over, but he’s found, and healed. Physically, at least. Progressively. He gets money from the MACUSA as an apology, and thousands of well wishes cards and love letters from fans he didn’t know he had. Praising his bravery. Wishing him a good recovery. 

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watching horror movies (OT12)

suho: “Y/N this is not family friendly!”

chanyeol: *gif*

luhan: “baobei im manly! i can protect you from those demons!” 


chen: *jumps and scares you at the least expected times,,,, you get pissed but he would apologize to you later*

tao: gOTTa bLaST

kyungsoo: you’d be creeped out because he’d be laughing when someone gets murdered

xiumin: “see these guns? ain’t no one getting past these bad boys”

kai: he was fine during the movie but–

*you’re about to turn off the lights to go to bed*

jongin: “wAIT DONT”

you: ???

jongin: “what if we see kyungsoo”

omg someone help this precious baby ^

lay: *recommended a disney movie in the first place*

kris: “horror movies are not my style”

sehun: *someone gets killed*

“bye bye bitch”

baekhyun: *screeches whenever the floor creaks for the next week*

Quicksilver Headcanon: As a joke gift Clint surprised Pietro with rollerblades. Him and Wanda laughed that now he could move even faster. After a few weeks of practice Pietro refused to take them off, speeding even faster through the world with his blades. He loves to dhow off new tricks and just how fast he can move now. After everyone realized he fell in love with them, they each got stickers to decorate them in their own image with. On lazy days he’ll skate around New York and even got Wanda and Clint their own pairs. At least once he’s run over each of his teammates, apologizing profusely unable to stop until he crashes into walls and/or furnitire. Since then, every night, Pietro will clean them and set them by his bedside because “What if there is an emergency mission? In these, I could save the day even faster.”

Jedi weren’t immune to guilt, fear, doubts and for sure these feelings grew stronger during war time. Jedi were put in difficult position; the peace makers were changed into generals and commanders. They were forced to make the hard choices; they made mistakes and sometimes they failed miserably. The old sources - now called Legends - presented quite often various Jedi and their internal dilemmas but how often do you hear Jedi, especially master Yoda, saying “I’m sorry” for what they did? How often Jedi aloud admitted their mistakes?

This is one of the things that struck me while watching TCW, namely “Wrong Jedi”, the final episode of 5 season. After Ahsoka’s trial in senate, there was scene when she and Jedi masters met in the same chamber. Anakin was the first person to apology Ahsoka (”I am so sorry about everything”) though he believed in her guiltlessness the whole time and it was him who in the end proved Ahsoka’s innocence and thus saved her life / freedom.

Beside Anakin, only Plo Kloon apologied for Jedi Council’s mistake (”You have our most humble apologies little ‘Soka.The Council was wrong to accuse you.”). The rest of Jedi went with talking about her “great strength and resilience” in her struggle to prove her innocence or how it was a Will of the Force that made her a better Jedi (”This was actually your great trial. Now we see that. We understand that the Force works in mysterious ways and because of this trial you have become a greater Jedi than you would have otherwise”). And Yoda, just said “Back into the Order you may come.” What a kindly words after everything what Ahsoka experienced, yeah. No “sorry” or any explanations why Jedi Council decided to kick her out of Order in the first place.

I understand that it was a hard decision to make; it wasn’t just about Ahsoka but also how public opinion would see Jedi after bombing attack. There were political pressures (Tarkin, senate) and Jedi Council did what was best in their opinion. I don’t blame them for that. But after recapturing her no one, beside Anakin, tried to prove her innocence nor show her any kind of support. They handled her to senate and then didn’t do anything. Looking at Ahsoka’s reaction, she wasn’t thrilled by what Jedi Council told her after trial.

What brings me to the contrast between Yoda and Anakin.

Yoda was usually seen as the wisest yet kind master. But when things went wrong - especially during Clone Wars - his standard answer was along line of “Dark Side of the Force clouds everything” and thus he was unable to see threat before something bad happened. It was sort of religious excuse for making mistakes, sure, why not - but it was hardly an apology for harmful behaviour or choice. As much as I believe that Yoda cared about Jedi, I don’t remember much of times when he directly apologized someone (especially someone outside of Jedi Council). And definitely there wasn’t any apology from him for Ahsoka. Or Anakin, after the whole mess of “Obi-Wan’s death” (admitting it was wrong to deceive Anakin is not the same as being sorry about it, not to mention that soon after this statement Yoda said “you’re too unpredictable”, like it was Anakin’s fault he didn’t told him truth from start. Frankly, I can see why Yoda was wary of Anakin’s reaction and how it would affect Obi-Wan’s mission but it was really that difficult to say “I’m sorry it turned that way but it was neccesery” or something?)

You may say what you want about Anakin - how arrogant he was, how reckless - but he was one of those Jedi that actually bother to apology for his fault, difficult behaviour or acting on anger/fear. He was stubborn and prideful(?) so admitting his own mistakes was difficult and sometimes took time but in the end ANAKIN APOLOGIZED and MEANT it.

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How would UT/US/UF/SF skelebros react to accidently kissing their S/O's identical twin (that he didnt know they have)?

Undertale Papyrus:

-insert loud appalled screaming here- He’s apologizing to S/O and to their twin. He’s so embarrassed. He feels so bad that he just invaded their sibling space like that, and he’s kissed his S/o’s sibling. Oh he feels terrible.

Undertale Sans:

He just looks between the two of them his sockets going dark. He might be broken. He didn’t know they had a twin and he just kissed the wrong person. What a way to make a first impression. aaand he’s teleported back to his room. It’ll be a bit before he gives them any affection unless he absolutely knows it’s them. He trusts nothing.

Underfell Papyrus:

-insert loud enraged screaming here- Why didn’t they tell him they had a twin!? He’s at least trying to get their family to tolerate him! He’s apologizing to their twin however he’s a little made at his S/O. That’s really something they should tell him.

Underfell Sans:

Welp. He’s screwed. It was nice while it lasted. He stares at them with dark sockets and giant red blush on his cheeks. He doesn’t even know what to say. So he gets out an apology before disappearing back to his room and promptly lay on his bed and hide for the next twenty years.(like seriously. He’s full on hdiding)

Underswap Papyrus: 

He looks back and forth between the two of them and he feel’s like he’s not in the right state of mind. When they tell him they’re twins he’s even more thrown off. He understands but t would’ve been nice to know. He’s glad it was just a kiss and he didn’t get handsy.

Underswap Sans:

He’ll be apologizing about it for the next month. He feels terrible! No doubt he’s made one of the worst first impressions. He’s worried his S/O is mad at him as well. He really didn’t mean to, he was trying to be romantic but he tried wooing the wrong person.

Swapfell Papyrus:

He’s laughing nervously glancing back and forth between the two. He’s so confused right now that he only knows how to laugh. So he keeps laughing and laughing until he just teleports away. He’ll apologize later but he’s just really embarrassed and doesn’t want to show his face.

Swapfell Sans:

He’s really uncertain about everything at this moment. He really wants to lash out at his S/O for not telling him anything but that probably won’t help him. He can’t act superior as if he knew that they were twins all along cause that would even worse. Therefore he swallows his pride and apologizes to the both of them before disappearing somewhere for the next hour or two.

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Im so sick of people always been so nasty towards jjong tbh.

same anon, same. That’s how I see it every time someone drags him:

Jjong: *being the cutest, sweetest guy ever* I love you guys so much. No one loves you more than me!
yall: Omg, how offensive didn’t he think of our families? Obviously they love us more. *sighs* Jjong is being problematic again, don’t try to defend him!!!
Jjong: I’m sorry. I should’ve thought about your families as well, I’m so sorry I understand I made a mistake and might have offended some of you, I’ll be more careful from now on. I’m really sorry
yall: At least he owned up to his mistake and apologized tsk tsk. He’s human too so he makes mistakes. we’ll keep an eye on you tho

I exaggerated a tiny bit. (rly tiny bit)
He’s literally apologizing for everything, soon he won’t be able to say a single word without people jumping to conclusions and twisting his words. Jonghyun is a great guy, let him off the hook. If you want to drag him for ridiculous things please leave the fandom, you will not be missed.

Finally Home

The saphael make up fic we all need


Simon returns to the hotel during the night. He makes sure he’s a good distance away from the hotel before he texts Raphael.

meet me outside, I promise I won’t come in I just want to talk.

Several minutes pass. Technically Simon knows it’s cold tonight but he doesn’t feel it. Perks to being undead.

if your shadowhunter friend wants something she can find it elsewhere

Simon swallows down the guilt that rises in his throat. Raphael has no reason to want to talk to him but he can’t leave this unresolved. The Hotel, as much as he originally hated it, had become his home. All he wants is a second chance or at least to apologize for throwing it all away.

this isn’t about clary I just want to talk

He doesn’t get a response for a long time but he plans on waiting until the sun rises or Raphael tells him to leave.

Raphael doesn’t text back. Simon leaves before the sun rises. It was worth a shot.


He comes back the next night on impulse more than anything. He had been determined to leave Raphael be. He obviously didn’t want to talk to Simon. But it wasn’t like anyone in the institute was going to talk to him since they sleep at night. So after restlessly pacing his new room for maybe an hour Simon left. He left a note in case anyone went looking for him though he doubted any one would.

He originally set off for the Jade Wolf but then remembered that Luke was back in the institute with Jocelyn. So he just walked, He walked everywhere and anywhere until he found himself walking the familiar path to the Hotel Dumort.

He went back to the spot he had ben in the previous night and pulled out his phone.

I’m outside again. I still want to talk

It’s nearly an hour of mindlessly playing apps before he gets a response.

you’re making the clan nervous just standing there

Simon frowns down at his phone.

do you want me to leave?

He never gets a response so he stays. He stays and plays stupid apps and waits for Raphael to text him.

And though he never does he never tells Simon to go either. That instills a little bit of hope in him. A little is always enough to keep him going.


He comes back the next night again. This time he’s prepared. He brought a book and a travel mug of blood. He goes to his spot and texts raphael.

talk to me

He waits for the response.

you’re insufferable

In Simon’s eyes that’s definitely progress. He sits down in the wet grass and cracks open his book.


guess whose back

a traitor

that’s a little rude 

no response. 


we should talk sooner rather than later

what’s there to talk about

a lot

no response

I’m going to pull a say anything eventually I hope y'know that

I don’t know what that is

say anything is a movie

it’s a few hours before he gets a response

if i see you anywhere near here with a boombox I will shove your head through it

hey desperate times call for desperate measures

no response. Simon’s okay with that.


what’s your favourite song?

shut up and read your book

You can see me?

That doesn’t get a response but Simon knows he’s getting somewhere.


He misses a night due to unforeseen shadowhunter related business.
After the battle with some circle members he considers going back to the hotel dumort but the suns about to rise and he definitely wont make it.

He goes back to the institute instead. He checks his phone to see Raphael didn’t text him. With a sigh he plops down on the spacious bed. He almost misses the coffins as tightly packed as they were.


Simon awakes to the sound of people arguing by his bedside.

“Technically I shouldn’t even be letting you in here since you tried to kill him!” That sounded like Clary. Simon groggily started patting the bedside table in search of his glasses but stopped when he remembered -oh yeah, vampire. Old habits die hard. 

“Well he did free camille and betray my trust”

“You’re not really selling the whole ‘I just want to talk to him’ thing”

“Just.. ” That was..

that was Raphael.

Simon shot out of his bed startling both Clary and Raphael. Any other day he would revel in having shocked the elder but he was just too relieved to see him here.

“Clary will you gives us a minute” Simon said, eyes never leaving Raphael.
Clary gripped his arm, forcing him to look at her. “Are you sure Simon?” She asked using what, Simon had dubbed, her 'mom-voice’. He nodded and she gave him a tight smile before making her way out. He totally didn’t miss the glare she sent Raphael on her way out. 


He was here, actually here in front of Simon.

They were alone and he never pictured it would be so …. awkward.

Simon cleared his throat even though he didn’t need to. It was just something to break the silence.
Raphael seemed to snap out of whatever daze he had been in and turned away from Simon.

“I just…”

“I’m sorry…”

They said simutaneously.

Raphael’s back was still turned, stiff and straight. Simon took a moment to take him in. His rigid posture his wide shoulders (his nice ass). It had only been a short while but it felt like forever since he last saw him. His heart ached at the sight of him. He needed to make this right.

“Listen, Raphael. I know I betrayed you. I had my reasons  you know I did but I hurt you none the less. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for letting down the clan. I know I complained but you guys.. you guys were starting to become my family. I understand if you can’t forgive me or if you want me to stay away from the clan but I .. I just I didn’t want to leave without saying something” Simon stumbled over his words.

He had this all planned out but now that Raphael’s here in front of him he can’t think straight. He had a speech about why he did it and a speech about how much everything they did for him, everything Raphael did for him, meant so much but he can’t think. He can’t breathe.

“Dios fledgling, you’re an idiot” Raphael mutters. One second he has his back to Simon the next he’s right up in Simon’s face.

“What you did was unforgivable, letting Camille out, that’s not something that’s easy to fix”

“I know”

Simon feels a coil of guilt winding it’s way around his insides. Raphael is looking at him with such intensity Simon never wants that look turned on anyone else. He also kinda wants to throw up but that would be a mood killer.

“You’re not going to defend yourself?” Raphael asks fangs poking out a little now and that’s so unfair. No one should be that good looking and terrifying at the same time.

“I know what I did was wrong. I had my reasons, they paid off but they also screwed us over in equal amounts” Simon replies with a half hearted shrug. It was true. Jocelyn may be free but so was Camille, plus Jace and the mortal cup were with Valentine. Their odds weren’t looking great right now.

Raphael lets out a long sigh before he slumps against Simon. Simon is shocked for a moment before he realizes it’s a hug. Raphael is hugging him! Simon quickly winds his arms around the shorter vampire, determined to make this last as long as possible.


“It’s quiet in the hotel without you” Raphael confesses when they finally pull away. If Simon’s heart worked it would totally skip a beat right about now.

“I missed you too” He says and can’t help but beam at Raphael’s eyeroll.

“C'mon fledgling, I want to  make it back to the Hotel before sunrise” Raphael says sauntering towards the door.

“Yeah hold on”

Simon quickly writes a note before dashing to catch up with Raphael.

“Race you to the hotel?”

“You’re on fledgling”

They make it back to the hotel well before sunrise.

Simon finally feels at home.


temperaturecontrol started following you

      Who was this guy?! Ah and he looks so creepy too! What a weirdo! Jean just scoots away quickly to the other side of the bench he happened to be sitting on. He was waiting at the park for his brother to pick him up. And then this guy sits by him! He was so creepy!

Unrealistic Occult Horror: the spirit traps you in the bathroom while chanting ominously about someone’s sins
Realistic Occult Horror: the spirit happens to walk in on you as you’re getting out of the shower and it takes them ten minutes of frantic apologizing for them to finally leave

also like this was not my FAVORITE moment but i feel like i need to mention it just like… bell is so confused and hurt by orna like i don’t know if he’s EVER felt this confused about a person in his life

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"Br-Brother?" Castiel whispered in shock. There was no doubt about it. This massive presence and power before him was of one man and one man alone. "Micheal?" He muttered the name more to himself than the owner of it.

And here, he had hoped he would not be recognized.

Green eyes lifted from where they had glared out in disdain at the snow littering the ground to meet the clear blue of the one addressing him, a dark eyebrow cocked.