Okay, you know what?  I can’t talk about this while dancing around it.  Homeworld, at least as much as we’ve seen, smacks of apex communism.  The absolute subsumation of the individual to the will of the state, combined with a people who are actually manufactured (and, apparently, “harvested” on a regular basis) and require zero resource consumption to maintain themselves?  This is the dream situation that human communist dictatorships can never hope to attain, a situation where they can convince their people that they are inherently worthless without their rulership and rule for millennia without resistance or rebellion.

As a result, we have even rebel Gems who struggle to rid themselves of the stigma of the individual, who forget sometimes that dismissing things that an individual values will hurt that individual, and who stagnate without a powerful personality to lead them.  And then…then there’s Peridot…

…Who has, apparently, never seen a device whose entire purpose is to look at yourself.

man like whenever ppl tell me that dating their SO has never felt stressful or scary i get so ?????? like it makes SENSE but i cant actually imagine a romantic relationship where im not. scared of making the other person angry /all the time/ so thats kind of messed up and im looking forward to how thats gonna unravel in my future relationships 👌

I wanted to doodle  before going to work to get my mind of stuff I don’t want to think about. And I felt like it’s not going to make me feel better but at least I will enjoy it while it lasts. Though to be honest I do feel better after drawing this and it made me feel more calm? 

so hey have an Obi-Wan Kenobi and have a good day please! ♡
At least 13 indigenous candidates running between NDP, Liberals in Manitoba election
7 indigenous candidates running for Liberals, 6 running for NDP, parties say

At least 13 indigenous candidates will run between the Manitoba New Democratic and Liberal parties in the upcoming provincial election — a number up slightly from the 2011 election.

The NDP intend to field at least six indigenous candidates (up two from the last election), while the Liberals aim to run a minimum of seven (up one from 2011).

On Tuesday, University of Winnipeg associate vice-president of indigenous affairs Wab Kinew threw his hat in the ring for the NDP. Kinew, who is also a former CBC journalist, is running uncontested in the Fort Rouge constituency in Winnipeg.

A few days later Nahanni Fontaine, the Manitoba government special advisor on aboriginal women’s issues, announced she, too, would be stepping up to the plate for the NDP. Fontaine is hoping to take over for Gord Mackintosh in the St. Johns constituency, following the justice minister’s announcement last week that he would be pulling out of the race.

​Kinew and Fontaine join Assiniboia candidate Joe McKellep, finance minister and Selkirk MLA Greg Dewar, The Pas representative Amanda Lathlin and Kevin Chief, who is the current jobs and economy minister and MLA for Point Douglas.

Chief is up against indigenous candidate Althea Guiboche. Guiboche, who is also known as the bannock lady, is running for the Liberals in Point Douglas.

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HELLO FRIENDS. i haven’t made one of these in a while, at least in several months. in which since, i’ve archived my old blog and revamped quite a bit. i’ve made so many new friends, but have also seen lots of old ones still around nowadays. i don’t have any particular reason for making this other than for recognizing some amazing, beautiful blogs and muns which i consider friends and fantastic roleplayers. because sometimes ya just gotta recognize. i love you all so much, and thanks for sticking around as my followers, mutuals, and friends and loving on bella with me. this is also lowkey a call-out to all my mutuals to fucking rp with me. hit me up, leave me a message – let’s actually thread!! 

THE INNER CIRCLE. for bae’s.

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SPECIAL RECOGNITION. for those i’ve known a long ass time, and blogs i really love.

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When a member of 1D is connected to a girl, sure as the sun rising in the east, there are 2 types of stories that happen.  The “fans threatened the girl” story and the “who is this new love interest” promo story for the girl.  

These are just the death threat stories I have convenient from my Niall projects. I wouldn’t doubt there’s at least one similar story for every girl the boys were ever connected to.

While there are always going to be fans who cross the line, that’s true of any group of people and especially when it’s an online fandom.  The regularity of these articles is ridiculous.  Go peddle your “the fans are crazy and obsessive” narrative elsewhere.  Or actually, don’t peddle it at all.

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Is there, at the very least, a way to keep your eyes closed while in sleep paralysis?

i mean, if you can realize what’s going on and tell yourself to close them, yeah, but most of the time it’s super hard to realize that’s what’s happening, and of course if youre seeing terrifying stuff around you it’s kind of natural to stare at them because youre afraid. and auditory hallucinations will still happen regardless

Giveaway #11

This week, as I plan to be busy, we only have one Pokemon. Zangoose is your typical glass cannon. even more so as he poisons herself using her Toxic Orb. while poisoned, her ability of Toxic Boost activates which boost the power of all moves that make contact. While poisoned, Facade’s power also doubles. Facade will be the primary STAB move to be used, coupled with Quick Attack. Knock Off is a great move that disrupts many strategies while also hitting damn near everything for at least neutral damage. Close Combat is a great coverage move while also being very powerful.

To get one of these babes, just deposit an Illumise into the GTS with the code “Toxic Lady 226

This Giveaway ends Sunday, February 7th, at 6:00 Pm EST.

aro/ace hamilton squad network

who can join us?

  • ace and/or aro spectrum people who like Hamilton
  • and who aren’t judgmental arseholes ;)
  • your blog can be multifandom, but you should post Hamilton related stuff at least once in a while
  • please reblog this post :)

why should you join?

  • why the hell not
  • you’ll get to know more A++ ham fans
  • you can share headcanons, fanfic, fanart, playlists… or just rant about whatever

there’s no set deadline for now, and i don’t know how many people i’ll be accepting… i’ll decide after seeing how many people would be interested :) 

(also you don’t have to follow me if you don’t want to)

How to deal with anon hate

Ignore it as best as you can

disable anon for at least a while

delete anons immediatly

if that doesn’t help than make fun of it

If you find out who’s been sending the anon hate: Give them love.

fight hate with love

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ugh does it ever just hit you how much you miss the old doctor who? like I miss when it was all funny & campy but managed to mean something deep and meaningful & it wasn't all flash and confusing complicated storylines where loss $ death loses its meaning bc anyone can be brought back. idk I just miss how the doctor & rose could bet with queen victoria but then have meaningful conversations. I mean since season 5 there's just something /missing/ & that makes me so sad bc I loved that show

yeah i agree completely. it’s really sad. hopefully when chibnall takes over we’ll at least get that back? maybe? while his track record of dw eps hasn’t been stellar, broadchurch is wonderful and excels at character growth and meaningful conversations, which is what i want most in dw and from the doctor & companion dynamic anyway

I re-watched ep 03x02 before last night's episode...
  • and Jaha drove me FUCKING INSANE. Then, when I watched 03x03, and Clarke tells Abby that this was their Unity Day, it hit me. Us Bellarkers and Clexa fans have been at each other's throats since season 2, but OUR Unity Day will come - once Jaha fucks everything up while kissing Alie's ass.
  • At least both ships can put aside their differences and agree to equally hate Jaha...leave it to Chancellor Crazy to be the creator of the soon-to-come Unity Day between us...

33. Favorite quote from a YGO character? (asked by @inksquiggles)
I don’t have a favorite quote. But in Waking of Dragons, what Yami said before he went looking for Yuugi hit me right in the chest. Especially when you know how Yuugi will treat him once he finds him.

(While it’s my least favorite season, it did have its feels moments)

[last of the shitty doodle series, whoo]

My boyfriend is coming tomorrow!!! I get to see him a full week!!! While I’ll also be doing midterms and dying but at least I’ll have a nice cute there to support me while I die! 

Basically the worst part is done?
Heavily based on the Fenris Files mod and still lacking a bunch of stuff, but I could not wait to show off the base of it.

This is the first time I ever sew something myself and while it is not perfect, it at least looks by far better than I thought it would.

Next step is probably restyling the wig.
Can You Believe? - Chapter 1 - Mirakell - Yu-Gi-Oh! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Bakura Ryou/Kaiba Seto
Characters: Yami Bakura, Mokuba, Marik Ishtar, Yami Marik
Additional Tags: Euroshipping, I blame Tumblr…, Shadow Game, Bakura trying to fix mistakes and making shit worse

With his life now in constant danger due to a Shadow Game gone horribly wrong, Ryou finds help from the least likely of sources while Bakura tries to work out a plan to reverse the trouble he’s gotten them all involved in. Euroshipping Fic (as there’s barely any!)

UPDATED! *dies*

>.> *flails around* works and mmo’s eat up soooo much time \^_^/