School is finally dying down and summer is just around the corner, so I’m opening commissions! 

I will draw anything but sexually explicit material. Nudity is permitted.

If you’re interested, please email me at with information regarding: the type of commission, a preferred canvas size (optional), a clear description of what you want (characters, posing, setting, mood, props, etc.), and references if it is necessary. I am also open to designing new characters.

All payment is done up front via Paypal in USD, however I will update you on work in progresses. I am always open to suggestions or changes regarding your commission.

My style can be very versatile so if there is anything particular you want, please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can view more of my work and interests here.

Also the old Emma would have totally bailed on the date in order to chase down Will. The fact she DIDN’T says a lot about how much Killian means to her. She’s NOT making him a second choice, he’s her PRIORITY. Being out with him is more important than ANYTHING ELSE in the moment.

For once, Emma is picking the thing that makes HER happy over the greater good. And it’s about bloody time.


Kelly Clarkson performs “At Last” on American Idol 4-1-15

~September Dengeki VC Informationals~


(☞゚∀゚)☞ For basic game information, refer to this post. Scans (x)


Vandead Carnival Scheduled Release Date: December 4th

  • Regular Edition:  ≈  $58 (+tax)
  • Limited Edition:  ≈  $78 (+tax)
  • Download From Vita Store:  ≈  $50.48 (+tax)


Regular Edition Jacket Illustration: Sakamaki Brothers


Limited Edition Jacket Illustration: Mukami Brothers



Laito: Now, if anyone has anything to say to me, I won’t care.

Because… … you chose me.

Nfu ♪ And that means,

No matter where my Bitch-chan goes, you won’t be leaving my sight.


Yui: But wait… …


Laito: Fufu. Don’t worry, it’s okay. As your guard, I’ll make sure to protect you proooperly~

Okay, well now, shall we start heading towards the castle?



Yui: Wah… …!


Reiji: This silverwork piece hangs from this chain so it may be worn as a necklace.

Now, since this is a gift from me, you should be wearing it at all times. Understood?


Yui: Y-Yes.

(B-But, it tickles a bit with the way he’s putting it on… …!)


Reiji: Please keep still. Are you a child?


Yui: … …S-Sorry… …



(~˘▾˘)~ While I was at it, I decided to do Ruki bae’s Q&A as well hehe. His character song is called “冷たい血" (Cold Blood) for those wanting to know.


Q1: Ruki-kun, you dress so cool and mature-like, it always makes me dokidoki. I was wondering, do you like dressing in monocolored clothes? (PN. Sora-san)

A1: I wouldn’t say that I like it, but it fits. Maybe because it balances well with my hair color? I’m more concerned about the material. I take comfort into consideration.


Q2: What kind of books do you like to read? I’m curious because you seem like you’d read complex sort of books. (PN. Masako-san)

A2: I don’t read only a certain kind. It can range from books about politics to novel stories. Though recently, I’ve been getting into mystery. As long as it’s an enjoyable read, then the type doesn’t matter.


Q3: I heard that you were interested in creating original recipes. What kind of dishes do you make? (PN. Tsubaki-san)

A3: The ones I make are based off of Japanese-styled dishes. Like subtle Dashi with bold seasoning. I’m also interested in basing my dishes on the uniqueness of French ones.


Q4: Between Kou-kun, Yuma-kun, and Azusa-kun, who can you rely on the most? (PN. Murasaki Ren-san)

A4: Yuma can get outside of my control. With Kou, there are times when I don’t really know what he’s thinking. But, it’s possible to guess… …  Azusa’s the most reliable. He’s quick-witted.