Character development from Ep 1-8
  • Yuri Ep 1: oh my god I can't believe Victor is here! I don't deserve this! I hope I don't disappoint him
  • Yuri Ep 8: I more than deserve. Tie my shoes and don't you dare look away for even a second, you're mine now Victor
Hypocrisy in the Star Wars fandom (specifically from Antis)

So because I ship Rey with Kylo and not Finn I’m a racist? Even though I totally ship Finn with Poe.

If I did ship Finn with Rey then I would be considered a homophobe- as many Finn x Rey are accused of being. I honestly don’t understand the hypocrisy of this fandom.

Just let people ship who they want to ship, it doesn’t mean they are racist or homophobic. It just means that something about the chemistry of the two characters touched their fandom heart.

Live and let live fuckers.

  • Yoongi: backhug jimin... backhug jimin... Doesn't sound like A good idea—
  • Yoongi's mind: fam
  • Yoongi: I know, i know, I gotta

Australian creativity at its finest.
Who remembers this?

They've gone too far

The 1D fans need to legitimately chill. They mocked Eun B and RiSe’s deaths and are throwing out God knows how many racist statements. Tbh who knew a random would get so fucking butt hurt over being out voted. BTW I hate to fucking inform you but one of your former members, the one that half of you guys thirsted over, is ASIAN.

Bethyl Week Day 1: Secret

Ya’ll got a secret?

“Daryl!” Beth groaned out  


“Why can’t we tell people?” Daryl and Beth have been together since the night he found her with Carol. Daryl knew Beth wanted to tell people, but he didn’t need Maggie to shoot him. 

“Look, when the time comes we’ll tell em just not right now.” Beth pouted and looked up at him with those damn baby blues. Daryl cupped her face with both his hands. 

“C’mon don’t give me that face.” 

“Daryl please!” Beth blinked up at him

“Beth, your sister’s gonna kill me.”

“No she won’t, she’ll be happy because I’m happy.” 

“Beth I just don’t wanna talk about it with em.” He really didn’t want a thousand questions from the group neither did Beth. 

“Look we don’t even have to tell em.” 

“What do you mean?” Daryl furrowed his brow.

“Let’s just walk back to camp and just sit together … Maybe they’ll get the hint.” 

“Beth-” Daryl was cut off by Beth putting her arms around his neck. 

“Please…Daryl…I’ll…be…so…happy.” She giggled kissing him in between words. That girl will be the death of him.

“Fine.” Beth gave him that smile she gives him after getting her way, he rolled his eyes. They went their separate ways back to the camp and met back at the fire with the rest of the group. Daryl sat down first then Beth sat between his legs. Heat started to fill Daryl’s face, but he rested his hand on Beth’s knee trying to stare at the fire. All eyes were on them. Maggie looked at them confused then broke the silence.

“Y’all got some secret to tell us?”  They looked at each other and simultaneously answered.

“Nope.” Daryl leaned in to give Beth a quick kiss on the lips.