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if a whole research team collectively discovered a species, who would name it? also, if/when? you discover a species, what would you name it?

Oh man, this is SUCH a difficult question. I imagine that a research team would collectively name the species - maybe with priority going to the person who actually caught/found the holotype specimen, or to the person who spent the most time describing it.  

If I were to discover a new species and name it, I would totally either be one of those people who spends literal years researching latin declensions and words to find the perfect descriptive name that also sounds cool


I would be that person who doesn’t take it seriously and names it a pun or something equally ridiculous because I Am A Scientist I Do What I Want even though it would be hard to follow up such excellent contenders such as


Michl & Kraftl- THE “relation(ship)” quiz  (part 1)

1. who is the better football player?

Stefan: (giggles) self-confidence…

Michi: you don’t believe it yourself as a bayern fan.

Stefan: you have absolutely no idea about football.

2. who is the first one at breakfast?

Stefan: i walk faster.

Michi: yeah, i always toddle behind.

3. who snores?

Stefan: no one.

Michael: could happen if i’ve got a cold. but i don’t hear myself then. but you don’t.

Stefan: no one.

4. who does the vacuum-cleaning?

Stefan: i’ve vacuumed in falun.

Michi: yeah, because you had to.

Stefan: yes, because you wiped.

Michi: yeah, but i do it at home.

5. who puts the rubbish out?

Michi: could happen.

Stefan: never did… but at home. besides we don’t have to en route.

Michi: in falun? we didn’t have to in our bungalow.

Stefan: no…

6. who leaves hair in the washbasin?

Stefan: what’s up with you? (…) am i doing this?

Michi: your beard…

Stefan: i don’t have one!

7. who calls mom or girlfriend more often?

Michi: you. that’s clear. yeah.

8. who stands longer in front of the mirror?

Michi: he, too. right?

Stefan: yeah… sometimes. you do your hair before.

Michi: yes, of course.

9. who comes home late more often?

Michi: he can hold on longer. i get tired.

10. who sleeps in front of the tv?

Stefan: that’s nothing to fall asleep. it’s too exciting. you don’t want to sleep.

Michi: we always watch something where you definitely cannot fall asleep.

11. who is the morning grouch?

Stefan: i’m not a morning grouch, so… he’s no one as well.

Michi: most likely me, maybe.


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