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How are you today?

I am…tired. And disappointed in myself for frequent procrastination? And stressed b/c work and also my inability to draw faster >.< But I guess at the same time feeling pretty decent, didn’t oversleep and woke up while the sun was out and finished a doodle to post tonight while continuing my bigger projects ^ ^

I hope your day went a lot better than mine! >.<;;

man i feel so uninspired and unmotivated

i keep trying to draw and i end up spending 2 hours on nothing, most of the time i’m not even sure what pose i’m even trying to draw, not even sure why i’m trying to draw the pose since i don’t even have any idea of what i want to draw 

and if i know what i want to draw it feels almost the same, drawing something but not liking it so i’m starting over and still not liking what i drew, sometimes even references don’t help

trying to answer asks doesn’t help either, it still feels like i know what i want to do but i can’t really make it work the way i want it to

i really feel like i’m bad at drawing in general, if any one of you would see me trying to sketch something you’d rather see paint dry, when i see someone posted some sketch / doodle that they claim they did in 20 minutes or so i feel kinda bad that how slow i am 

i feel like i may not get anything done this semester break and i’ll just waste my fucking time doing nothing, and when i do try to draw again it’s gonna feel even worse and i’m gonna feel even worse as well


Some fantasy-sci fi-steampunk au cherik sketches. Procrastinating homework as usual

(takes small break from prince mononoke drawings to drown in another AU)

You really wanna know how to get to hamunaptra?……….Then get me the HELL outta here!!!

Sooooooo, I’m gonna just leave this here…..has this even been done yet???? I mean Evies a librarian for goodness sake… it’s darn near gajevy fodder! No? Ok, well anyway, I’m sold.
If anyone writes this, please tag me. I’ll draw more art for it. Happily.


I am in the process of deciding how to change my neck tattoo into something more meaningful. My good fiend Christine is drawing flowers for me because she feels they can transform the bad into the good. However, all of my tattoos are black ink only, so I’m nervous to add color. And then I found these guys. Now I don’t know what I want to get. Help!

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how old were you when you got your first sketchbook? how old were you when you knew you wanted to draw? any advice for an aspiring artist?

Oh, I don’t know. I tried keeping sketchbooks from my early teens onward, probably, but was very bad at it and rarely actually drew in them. It would take years to fill up a book. I wanted to be the kind of person who kept a regular sketchbook for a long, long time before actually becoming that person. I wouldn’t get hung up on how old you are or when the “right” time to start drawing is, it’s different for everybody.

At some point maybe four years ago a switch flipped in my brain, and drawing mutated from “I like to do this thing” to “I am compelled to constantly do this thing and if I don’t do it my mental well-being suffers.” I don’t know if I should encourage you to get to that point, because once you’re there you’re a bit doomed, but I guess it’s gratifying to have found/generated by force of habit the fire at my heels to keep me scurrying forward.

Anyway. Draw things that you see—scribble things while you’re out and about, go to figure-drawing sessions if that’s accessible to you (if not, here is a practice tool), look in the mirror and do self-portraits in different ways until you can’t look at your face anymore. Do master copies, and try to work in other styles (even ones that don’t really appeal to you initially) until your own style cobbles itself together and feels natural. (It’s very rude to outright use someone else’s style or copy a piece they’ve done and claim it as yours, so don’t do that, at the very least not without attribution. I have found it helpful to copy things [not trace!] to learn, though.) In school doing blind contours was useful for me to get confident about putting strong lines down on paper instead of doing tentative little sketchy strokes. Commit to the line you’re making, focus on big shapes first before allowing yourself to get into the details. This tag has some good and practical advice in it. Here is the hardest thing to keep in mind, and a thing that I still struggle with: it is okay to make really hideous drawings, and it is okay to make A LOT of hideous drawings. Nothing bad will happen if you make some bad art. You are learning from it.

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Um so you want a request? I think, I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted but if you do can you do what you think peridots weapon is because I'm pretty sure it's not the bomb that destroys the plug robonoids because I think peri has the pocket universe like how pearl held lapis's mirror and the emp generator she just has in case of emergency with the plug robonoids. Idk if this is a art request or a conversation XD

Sorry for answering late anon! (I am bad at drawing objects) I agree with the EMP bomb being just a tool, not a gem weapon by itself.

Well, I don’t think it’s a handheld buzz saw, but I just love the idea of it xD  Peridot seems to be so fagile, a ranged weapon, like a Plasma Cannon would be suitable for her, much like the one she had in her limb enhanchers.

I don’t know if she even has a physical weapon, but if she does I want it to be a hand drill!

Please read the reason in this seperate theory-post I just made:


Sorry for the bad quality XD

@chinomiko Hey, I finished the drawing I promised you! :3 I’m going to tell you again and again how much I love and appreciate you, and how much of an inspiration you are to me. I wouldn’t be drawing if I never thought “Ya know, one day Imma be like Chino. I’m gonna impress everyone at how good of a drawer I am.” I would still be drawing stick figures XD Has impressing people with my art happened yet? Sorta. Am I as good as you? Hell no! But I’m getting there, and it’s all thanks to you.

Don’t listen to all those rotten people saying how “horrible” and “ugly” and “useless” the new skin tones and just Candy’s update in general is. I love it, and a bunch of other people like it too. Focus on us. The bright side of the fandom! Your art has improved so much, and I’m proud of you. Keep doing you, chino. We love you sooooooo much, and I hope you’ll always know that. <3