little good things

  • the smell of freshly baked bread
  • when people can’t even finish a joke/story because they’re laughing too hard
  • when you’ve been wearing socks under the covers for a while and you finally take them off
  • girls with undercuts
  • cherry blossom trees
  • boys in crop tops
  • people remembering little details about you and bringing them up
  • when your friend is so excited about something they can’t stop talking about it
  • acoustic guitar music
  • watching a terrible movie with a group of friends and everyone making fun of it until you can’t stop laughing
  • watching a good movie with a group of friends mostly in silence and just feeling the presence of all these people you love around you until you can’t stop smiling
  • the feeling at 2am at a sleepover when everyone’s tired so it’s just silence, your friends draped over each other, legs in each other’s laps and hair being stroked and just the very essence of calm
  • hotel rooms that give you little chocolates and little soaps and little shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • coming home after a bad day and having your favourite food for dinner
  • flower crowns

For the lil lady asking about what I do to my hair and how to make curly hair less frizzy:

1. So with curly hair it tends to be dry so the main thing is to keep it moisturised. A lot of people swear by coconut oil (put it on your hair once every week or every 2 weeks) and it’ll smooth it all out and strengthen it. Make sure you wash it out properly so your roots aren’t flat and greasy.

2. Try not to use heat your curls. It could take a while for the curl pattern to regulate again.

3. Use moisturising shampoos/conditioners/masks that’ll lock in moisture for as long as possible and keep your curls defined. They don’t have to be expensive (you can make diy masks at home).

- Shampoos and conditioners for straight hair are supposed to tame frizz and make hair sleeker. I’ve started using them lately and it’s been working v well for me so it might be worth a try -

4. When you’re shampooing your hair, focus on the roots and not the tips since shampoo strips your hair of oils and you don’t want dry ends. And try to wash your hair only when you need to. Excessive washing dries out curly hair especially.

5. Brush your hair only before you wash it and never brush it when its wet!! A wide toothed comb is better for your hair than a brush because it reduces breakage.

6. While on the topic of hair, start brushing from the bottom up!

7. Dry your hair with a towel (or something softer like a t shirt) by dabbing it instead of rubbing it. Again, you’re trying to keep the curls as intact as possible.

8. To keep your curls defined, don’t brush your hair after you get out of the shower!! Like I said, only brush it before you wash it.

9. What I personally put in my hair after I wash it: I rub a bit of my conditioner between the palms of my hands, flip my hair over and start scrunching my hair, focusing on the middle/ends of my hair and the areas where my hair usually gets the most frizzy. I don’t rinse it out which is why I only use a small amount so my hair doesn’t look greasy.

10. On the days I don’t wash my hair (if my hair is looking frizzy) I put a bit of water on it and then scrunch a tiny bit of conditioner through it and it’ll rejuvenate the curls as if it’s just been washed. Or I rub a few drops of Moroccan oil between my hands and put that on the middle/ends of my hair.

11. Don’t run your fingers through your hair (I do this a lot lol). It separates and frizzes out your curls. Also go for trims whenever you feel like the ends of your hair are dry.

12. I find that putting my hair up in a bun or a ponytail or a braid ruins the way my curls look, so when I want my hair out of my face I either clip it back or I put a headband on.

13. idk if this will help specifically with frizzy hair but zinc is a good mineral for your hair and nails.

That’s all I can think of for now and it’s what I find works for me. Hope it was helpful 💘

*Puts the drink on the counter*

And will this be all for you, ma’am?


Alright then your total will be three seventy-five

*Pulls three dollars out of her wallet and digs for change*

…That’s all I have

Oh…well sorry miss it looks like you’ll have to take it back

Give the poor girl her money back.

A measly seventy-five cents, I can’t believe y’all would turn a little girl down for seventy-five cents.

Sorry sir, it’s policy

*Takes the money and hands him the change and Emma her money back*

Thank you.

*Takes the drink and heads out the door*


*Walking down the sidewalk*

Now hold on there!

*Drives up next to her*

Where’re ya headin’, sweetheart?


Well can I at least offer ya a ride home? ‘S a hot day out for a long walk home. Got the air conditioner blowin’. Shoot, you’d be keepin’ me company, ‘s the least you can offer for my generosity. 

…No thank you. *Continues walking, only a little faster*

*Matches his car’s drive with her pace*

Not even a lil company? Why that’s a little selfish of you.

…Sorry. Please go…

Doing braids last night, my client and I were talking about her hair. I showed her how much her hair has grown since i saw her 6 weeks ago, and I thought she was gonna start crying because she thought because she has ‘4c’ hair, her hair couldn’t be soft or grow. Her sister always made fun of her saying her hair doesn’t grow. In 6 weeks she’s grown about an inch. This is only her second visit and her hair is retaining moisture and growing NOT because we use special magical products or hair pills. I give her a homemade protein/conditioning deep treatment, deep condition, put a hair butter and oil on then do a protective style. All I have her do at home is spray diluted conditioner and oil on her hair daily/bidaily and THAT’S it. Her schedule is crazy busy so it’s perfect for her. Now her sister (who just big chopped yay) is jealous lol I say ALL this to say, you dont need to pop pills, buy expensive products, hang from handlebars for an hour or sing to your hair at night. Find a simple routine that works for YOU and essential products and just be CONSISTENT with your routine. That’s all