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to that anon, if you're in Brooklyn definitely go to the BK bride and walk it ( if it's nice out), go to Central Park and do all that stuff, honestly stay away from Times Square it's rly not that worth it ( but I'm biased bc I hate it with a burning passion), but there's so much to do in Brooklyn so really just explore and find cute little things, there are so many little shops and such


I’ve been having cheat meals once a week so this one is my newest creation haha made it at Burger King. It has 2 burger patties, a tendercrisp patty, BK Fish patty, An original chicken patty, Lots of Bacon, Fried Spicy Onions and 3 types of cheese. It was awesome ^_^… heart hurts


Pretty Boys.
Models: Chris and Kayla.

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SAT FEB 6 - 6:00 PM

200 Eastern Parkway

MOI Pop Up at BK Museum: Black Radical Tradition

Museum of Impact pop up in a big way First Saturdays Feb 6th at the Brooklyn Museum, 3rd Floor Beaux Art Court.

Some of what will be featured includes:
- Sandra Bland Tribute
- Activist Artist Loveletters
- Black Excellence Walk of Fame
- Black Fashion in the Movement
- Social Justice Art-Making & Photos
- Black Radical Library & Dialogue

Join us, along with The Very Black Project and Team Melanin, to experience the Black Radical Tradition! This event is FREE as part of Target First Saturdays. You can go to this link >>>(
to see the whole list of events for the evening!

Have any questions or want more information? Contact us at

                                                 BLACK KNIGHT

                                            SEASON 8, EPISODE 5



“How did you…?” The sound of Wylie’s surprised words trailed off as Jane placed his king piece into its final position producing a smug grin upon the consultant’s face. The part-time consultant leaned over to check on Liam who was soundly sleeping in the pram sat beside him. He and Liam had come by to the offices to take Lisbon out for some lunch. Jane had made a delicious homemade picnic for them all, hoping to enjoy the warm sunshine at the local park for a few hours.

“Strategic planning, my young friend. Chess is not just a game of winning. It’s a skill of strategic planning and control. Always being two steps ahead of your opponent.”

“He’s not giving you his gloating speech on forward thinking and strategic planning, is he?” Lisbon quipped with a smirk as she entered the break room. She gave Wylie a sympathetic wink seeing that the poor guy had that solemn look of disappointment at being beaten.

“It’s not ‘gloating’ as you put it, my dear. It’s fact.” Jane stood up from the break room chair placing a quick kiss to his wife’s cheek. “And you, my dear, only think it’s babble as you’re a bad loser.”

Jane watched as Lisbon’s face changed from happy contentment to slightly irritated within a matter of seconds. “Are you ready for some lunch?” he asked hoping to distract his wife from his dangerously brave comment.

“I am NOT a bad loser!” Lisbon placed her hands on her hips glaring in Jane’s direction as he disengaged the brake on Liam’s pram.

“Oh, come on. You are. Admit it. But hey, it’s okay. It’s just one of your adorable little flaws that I love about you.” Jane gave her one of his beaming sexy smiles hoping it would work its magic.

“One…? Of my flaws?” Lisbon raised an eyebrow in disbelief as he began to dig the hole even deeper. “And when exactly have I been a bad loser?”

“Well…” Jane paused, contemplating whether to continue into this territory. “Christmas just gone for a start. At your brother’s,” Jane replied quickly handing the control of the pram over to Lisbon, hoping if her hands were occupied he was less likely to get injured or shot.

“Stan was cheating. He had over one thousand dollars stuck up his shirt sleeve and he added an extra hotel on Broadway when no one was looking,” she spat defensively.

“Well, that may be so, but using foul language, throwing the old shoe at Stan’s head and storming off was a tad dramatic,” Jane added, watching as Lisbon’s eyes widened in embarrassment. Jane playfully winked at young Wylie who was sat eagerly listening to the husband and wife banter.

“I didn’t throw it,” Lisbon huffed pushing Liam’s pram out of the break room towards the elevator. “I just… accidentally… dropped it.” She winced, hearing how her own lie wasn’t coming out very convincingly. Jane had always said she was a terrible liar and he was obviously right.

“Besides, I was heavily pregnant and full of hormones at the time. It’s rule number one, you never cheat a pregnant woman.”

Jane chuckled knowing full well Lisbon’s reaction towards her younger brother would have been exactly the same, regardless of hormones or not. Before Jane could respond or Lisbon could call for the elevator, Cho appeared at the doorway of his office with a look of apprehension written all over his face.

“Lisbon, Jane, can I have a word in my office?” With no further explanation, Cho disappeared back to his desk. It wasn’t often Cho let things rattle him, but it was obvious that something was up with their normally cool composed Supervisory Agent.

“Wonder what that’s about?” Lisbon remarked nervously. There was something in Cho’s tone that told her this was going to be something more than a friendly catch up.

“I don’t know.” Jane focused his attention on studying Cho through the glass partition that separated his office. “Let’s go find out, shall we?” Jane held his arm out allowing Lisbon to go first. He painted on a happy beaming smile hoping to ease Lisbon’s growing anxiety but knew himself by Cho’s mannerisms whatever this was about, it wasn’t going to be anything good.

“Hey Cho, let me guess, you need love life advice with Rosales and I am the man for the job.” Jane playfully winked as his wife as she parked Liam’s pram. She checked on her sleeping baby boy stroking a small curl and tucking the soft blanket in around him. Taking a seat beside her husband, Lisbon rolled her eyes before focusing her attention on her boss.

“I just had a call from the San Francisco office. They are going to be handing over a case to us,” Cho said getting straight to the point. “They discovered John Doe remains at a new housing development just outside of Fairfield in Napa Valley. I have already sent Rosales there to start on the forensics report. Initial reports indicate the victim has been buried for a while. But Anna should be able to confirm the exact timeline for sure.” Cho paused, watching as Lisbon’s posture tensed whilst Jane seemed unaffected and nonchalant, casually sitting crossed legged in the chair opposite.

“What’s that got to do with us here in Texas?” Lisbon inquired, unsure if she really wanted to know the real answer to that question. “Can’t the San Francisco office handle this?”

“We managed to get a positive DNA match.” With that Cho pointed his remote control at the TV screen placed on the wall. The face of Robert Kirkland’s Homeland Security profile appeared on the screen making Lisbon’s head spin back and forth. Jane also shifted forward in his chair taking a long look at the dead agent’s face staring back at him.

“I –I don’t understand,” Lisbon stuttered. “I mean, we know Kirkland was shot and killed by Reede Smith. Reede confessed and we had his body in our custody.” Lisbon spun to look at Jane, hoping he was as stunned as she was, but he seemed calm as he studied the screen.

“You’re right. He was,” Cho agreed not elaborating any further. Cho sat back in his chair watching as Jane slowly worked out the mystery, taking a few quiet moments to process it all.

“So… how the hell did Kirkland’s remains end up buried in a building site in Napa four years later?” Lisbon stated stunned, her eyes darting between her boss and her husband who were both sat in silence.

“They didn’t,” Jane finally responded calmly taking his wife’s hand in his own. He gently rubbed his thumb over her knuckles in a soothing gesture knowing that this unexpected blast from their past had clearly unsettled her.

“Our victim is not Robert Kirkland. It’s his missing twin brother… Michael.”

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DAY6 as your brother

Jae: he’s actually your twin; annoys the shit out of you but you wouldn’t trade him for anything (or anyone) else

Sungjin: humiliates you in public; humiliates himself in public

Junhyeok: cooks food for you when you’re sick; helps you with your homework 

YoungK: that super chill bro with super cool friends and half of the girls in his class are after him

Wonpil: half of the girls in your class are after him; watches dog videos with you

Dowoon: always in his own world; cutieeee



THU FEB 18 - 6:00 PM

647 Fulton Street

The Audre Lorde Birthday Celebration!

The Audre Lorde Project, in partnership with Griot Cricle, would like to cordially invite you to celebrate Audre Lorde’s 82nd Birthday! There is much to celebrate as this will also be the kickoff event to both Griot Circle’s & The Audre Lorde Project’s 20th Year anniversary! The event will be taking place on Thursday, February 18th, 2016 (on Audre’s actual birthday). The event will take place at Bric House, located at 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY.

We are gathering in memory and celebration of Audre Lorde’s 82nd Birthday, Griot & ALP’s 20th Year anniversaries, and will be honoring the legacy of work we have built together in our LGBTSTGNC Communities of Color in New York. We will have appetizers, drinks, cultural performances, and good company!This is a completely FREE event with cultural performers, dinner, dancing & great company! The space is wheelchair accessible. Childcare is provided. Dinner will begin at 6pm & the Program will start at 7:30pm! LGBTSTGNC POC and Allies welcome!

For volunteering opportunities or questions, Please contact Cleopatra at

Bric House, 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217
2, 3, 4, 5 to Nevins St
B, Q, R to Dekalb Ave
C to Lafayette Ave
G to Fulton
Steps from the Atlantic Terminal and the Long Island Railroad

Looking forward to seeing everyone to share gratitudes and partying!