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I don’t fucking care (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi! I don’t know if you do song request imagines but if you do I was hoping you could do one based off the song Closer by The Chainsmokers FT Halsey or Idfc by Blackbear. If you don’t that’s okay just wanted to see cuz your my fav spiderman blog! Lol sorry if this was weird! by @always-panicking

Song: (acoustic)

A/N: I totally loved writing this one. Hope you like this!! 

You looked at Peter, who had just entered his bedroom through his window. You had sent him a message minutes ago telling him you were waiting for him there, since you were supposed to have a movie night together at 10pm, and five hours later, you were still waiting.
You wanted to be mad -he had been ditching you repeatedly lately, not telling you where he was. You had always told him everything -that’s what best friends were for. There was only one secret you were keeping from him -the fact that you loved him; and that was something you weren’t planning on telling him soon.

Tell me pretty lies,
look me in the face,
tell me that you love me,
even if it’s fake,
cause I don’t fucking care at all…

You wanted him to tell you that he loved you. You wanted him to tell you he wanted to be with you, even if you knew that wasn’t going to happen.
‘’Peter,’’ you said, worried ‘’are you okay?’’
He nodded and smiled softly, leaving his backpack inside his wardrobe.
‘’Yeah’’ he told you. ‘’I was just out doing some shopping. You know Aunt May doesn’t like it when the fridge is empty and she would kill me if I hadn’t gone out’’ he said, stuttering.
You knew he was lying -it was 3am, and May didn’t actually care about the fridge. You didn’t want to fight, though, so you said nothing.

You’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re slurring all your words,
not making any sense,
but I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’Yeah, I know’’ you whispered softly. You wanted him to trust you, but you didn’t want to force him to tell you what was going on, although you thought you knew.

‘Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
like they ain’t even there…
'Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
'cause I’m so fucking scared…

I’m only a fool for you,
and maybe you’re too good for me.
I’m only a fool for you,
but I don’t fucking care, at all…

You didn’t want to ruin your friendship by telling him how you felt. He was perfect -funny, handsome, kind, intelligent. You were just you. His best friend. He would always see you as that, no matter how hard you tried.
He walked to the couch, putting on a movie, not paying attention to the time it was.
‘’You’ve been with her, haven’t you?’’ you asked as he sat next to you, not being able to contain yourself any longer.
He had been telling you about how Liz Allan had been taking to him for months, how he thought she was the prettiest girl ever. You had always tried to ignore it, but it still hurt.

And you’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re probably getting fucked, you’re probably getting head…
And I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked you, furrowing his brows.
‘’With Liz’’ you told him, making you sound obvious. ‘’I’m not stupid, Peter’’ you whispered, trying not to sound hurt. ‘’I know you’ve been with her. You have been talking about her for months. I know what’s going on. I’m just hurt that you didn’t tell me.’’
‘’I don’t understand’’ he said, sounding confused. ‘’Tell you what?’’
You grew frustrated -was he doing this on purpose to hurt you?
‘’That you have been sleeping with her, Peter!’’ you shouted, not containing your anger any longer. ‘’Do you think I didn’t realize? I may not have the best GPA, but I’m not oblivious to the world around me. At least not as oblivious as others’’ you said, looking at him, trying to get him to notice the way your eyes showed love even if you were mad at him.
He opened his eyes and mouth wide, looking like a fish out of the water.
‘’You think…’’ he started. ‘’You think I’m sleeping with her?’’
‘’I know you are sleeping with her, Peter’’ you said. ‘’I’m not stupid.’’
‘’But I am not sleeping with her’’ he told you. ‘’I wish I could just tell you the truth, but I can’t. I’m sorry, [Y/N].’’
You wanted to punch him, to scream at him. You just wanted him to realize how much he was hurting you. Did you believe him? Yes. You had no reason not to. But if he wasn’t sleeping with her, what was he doing every night?
‘’You know what, Peter?’’ you asked him. ‘’I have only kept one secret from you in my whole life,’’ you said, getting up from the couch and picking up your stuff ‘’and I did it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship; but if you are going to be keeping things from me, I guess there is no friendship any longer, so I can tell you my big secret’’ you told him, tears in your eyes, your voice breaking. He looked at you, not understanding where you were going. ‘’I love you’’ you told him. ‘’I always have. I love the way you furrow your brows when you don’t understand something, or the way you mess your hair when you are frustrated. I love the way you smile when you do something right, or the way you hold my hand to help me relax. I love everything about you, and I’m tired of you not trusting me enough to tell me what the fuck is going on. I have hella feelings for you. I act like I don’t fucking care, like they aren’t even there, and I do it for you. I’m always so fucking scared. I’m only a freaking fool for you, and you are just… You are too good for me. I don’t fucking care anymore. Whenever you decide to trust me again, look for me, because I don’t fucking care about anything anymore’’ you told him before leaving his house and closing the door with a bang, not caring about the fact that it was 3am, walking home with a broken heart and a gone best friend.

Entertaining Simeon

[Timeline: 28th August 2016, Sunday, 5:10pm, dark corner of a coffee shop with preferred entry and exit for vampires during daylight hours]

Simeon was beginning to feel like a caged beast - First their were the delays with work and the time spent with Philippe at the palace and his home. Something about a possession and a dead cat. Then there was the storm. Now his workout sessions had also been put on hold with his friend’s or would he be an acquaintance, departure into the great swamp lands outside of Salt Creek. He was bored and currently trapped inside by the bright sun and blue skies. He tossed the paper on the table before him, “Doesn’t anything interesting ever happen in this town?”

9.30pm and I’m in bed.

My roommate and I have been watching Gilmore Girls every night - it’s been great.  Usually we’ll watch til about 10.30pm and then go to bed.  

Tonight, my phone died so I put it on charger in my room.  Then, after a couple of episodes, I asked her what the time was.  She said 9.20pm, so I said “ok one more…” then we watched it, then turned off the TV, and both got ready for bed.

TURNS OUT SHE CAN’T READ CLOCKS.  I TRUSTED HER!  We both went to our respective bedrooms and then cracked up laughing as we both realised it was only 9.30pm, and not after 10pm like we thought.  We’ve been laughing at each other through the wall for the last 10 minutes.  (We have paper thin walls).

We fail at being “young” people.  We have now made plans to go out on Wednesday night just to feel not like nannas.

A special moment to think about. Yesterday at 10pm. I am going to meet a girl I am nervous I am excited. I am alone in the city which is rare for me. Already it is later than I expect and I am nervous because I must be home before too long. I was supposed to see her before but the event she is at has run late so I am alone in the city still. I park far away. I walk. I’m thirsty and there’s a water bottle on a table left by some film fest goer. I take it up in my hand, I smell it, I drink from it, I throw it away. I think I am being both careless and wasteful but I am thankful for the providence that gave me water (lead me to water lord I sure am thirsty-Joanna). To be honest I came here early because I want to go on top of the parking deck at night. I get in the elevator and it is old and it is wood paneled and I think of earlier talking to a construction worker on the street of ghosts he has encountered in the many old buildings he renovates. I’m a little scared. I go on top (8th floor) and the view is spectacular but it is large and expansive and dark and the elevators date from another time I have an instinctual fear but I press on and I go out up to an enclosed staircase and I am scared of the dark staircase but I take a nice picture of the sky line and send it to the girl I am to meet. She replies that the event will end soon and I am thankful to be able to get out of the strange space atop the deck. In retrospect I think that’s a sort of place that gives a sort of feeling that you should only be up there on a cold night while exploring with some people who are not loved by you on a personal level but give you a sense of exploration and that’s important. But at the time I just think of how strange it is to know my ex is in the building right next door to me having an important time in her life that I expected to be a part of but I am instead attending only to meet someone else. I feel a little guilty. I speedwalk back to the elevators and look over my shoulder frequently. While I am still far off from them I see a woman come up in an elevator look around then promptly go back down. What scared her off? I run into the elevator and go down to the first floor not the ground floor by mistake. I press the G button but get off on the first floor and walk down anyway. I see that the girl has messaged me that the event is over. As I am writing a reply I bump into her on the street. Lead me to water lord I sure am thirsty.

anonymous asked:

Do u know where I can watch baeks drama online when it airs today?

i do not have a specific streaming link currently but i believe if you google SBS streaming link you should be able to find one.

if i find any other streaming links, i’ll post it here. so do check back later when it’s nearer to 10pm KST okay. :)

Okay, I mean.

At least I got through a lot of what I wanted to get done on Monday tonight because WHOOP sudden surprise energy boost, so, really, I shouldn’t be upset that I’m still awake at 3am. Technically, I have earned this extra time.



Now it just comes down to me waking my ass up at a good time tomorrow, so it isn’t the immediate bullshit of “Get up, go to school until 10pm, come home, sleep, wake up for work at 7 the next morning”.

The morning is all I have to do anything, but I’m *not* (and that is a very emphatic *not*) a morning person. Sure, anyone can become a morning person if given enough incentive from an outside source, but this isn’t that.

This is about me making a self-created incentive. The only one that loses out if I fuck up is me! But making a self-created incentive is hard. I’m not good at it. I never had been. I very much like having a carrot bouncing in front of me, dammit.

*knuckles forehead* I’ve been (trying) to get into some of that self-help kind of stuff, and it’s all about visualizing what you want or something. Visualizing and then taking action.

I’m very good at the first part. Perks of having an overactive imagination and the bulk of my childhood and teenage years spent trying to escape bad circumstances the only way I really could! Through my mind!

I’m not so good at the second.

Mmm. But I can be. I just gotta believe. Work with me, Brain. You scratch my back, I scratch your grey matter. I’ll eat some tuna. Brain food, you like that, right?

Try chugging out endorphins at a reasonable pace and I’ll give you all the tuna you want, bud.


The following crowning takes place around 10PM EST Saturday night.

I tried to hold off so everyone could vote, however time is money and it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting your adolescent lives for.  The winners for the 2016 Homecoming are as the following…

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uyyuuuyuyyy ganda ng mirai nikki kainis yung death parade din pala maganda :-)) grabe ngayon nalang ako nakakanakaw ng time para di mag acads pero alam ko ireregret ko lahat to sa tuesday kapal ng mukha ko di mag-acads kala mo talaga onti ng aaralin/gagawin mo eh no hmmm cute mo self para kang papa mo anyways yun nga ep 10 na ako sa mirai nikki tas sabi ko kaninang 10pm last ep na kasi nga bawi ako ng tulog ngayon pero huhu ganda talaga mapapa-next ka nalang sa sarap hahaha kasi gusto ko talaga ng mga ganitong genre haaay yoko na ng shoujo saka nalang pag may jowa na ulit ako charot hahahahaha nyt nyt

Vancon 2016 - Day 3

Our schedule today is pretty light.  Best part is, the J’s are on stage today.  I like everyone else, but they’re my favourite. :)

9:15am - Photo op with Misha Collins (in costume as Castiel)

2:00pm - Photo op wiith Jensen, Jared, and Misha

2:05pm - Music Video Open

2:10pm - Kim and Briana open up the afternoon

2:40pm - Misha Collins

3:10pm - Music Video

3:15pm - Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)

5:30pm - Rob Benedict

6:15pm - Sunday Programming (and Vancon 2016) done

We’ll have to hang around a bit and pick up our photos after the day is done.  Usually they’re ready by about 8pm.