at least i can pretend that they did and tris is alive and well lol


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

In My Dreams Part 5

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe gets you all off of the moon and makes his way towards the Resistance and Kylo is told to hunt you down by Snoke.

Warnings: Mentions of death and violence, cursing

A/N: We are just going to pretend that Lor San Tekka is still alive and didn’t get killed by Kylo LOL just for the sake of the story.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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I do not own GIF.

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Poe kept his word, saying that he would find a ship to get you guys to the Resistance. He mentioned something about a U-Wing that was left abandoned at the only landing strip in the city. What he failed to mention, however, was that the First Order was keeping tabs on who left in what ship—killing those who had falsified identi-tabs.

The three of you, plus the two droids, kept a low head as you passed by multiple Stormtroopers. You couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen to the five of you if you were caught, especially at the hands of Kylo Ren.

“Okay,” Poe whispered and nodded to a beat down ship. “That’s the one we want to grab.”

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Summary 47

Summary of:  August 8th, 2017(Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator)


Skulls is pruging creativity again.

Me:  Ryan looks tired.

Ryan:  I’ve been here two seconds, and you’re already saying I look tired, Syberia?  …I am tired.

Apparently a lightning storm had the dogs freaking out, as well as Livvy, so Ryan got no sleep…two nights ago. >_>;

The kids have appeared and are being adorable.  Also, Ryan is happy being big.

Attempt to capture Eli and Olivia failed.


Did Ryan actually finish Eli’s bed? D :

“Sex, Ryan.” -sorcererinslytherin, 2017 

“I have tried it once, and I never saw a single person, including the person that destroyed me from behind.” -Ryan Haywood, 2018


I want you all to know, I’m typing this with a quill.

“Also, he’s probably not actually British-he just thinks he’s Brit, he’s pretending to be British,-so if his accent’s all over the place, that works thematically.   Explained that away!” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

“Dammit, the butterflies.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

Ryan reading Naruto erotica.  The dream has been realized.

"I did mention I was not brain alive today, so…more talking bad?” -Ryan Haywood 2017

Tiny Food Wars:  KatPad VS Bambi_NC!

Someone mentions the binders thing to Ryan, and he was so lost.  He thought they were talking about three-ring binders. XD

sorcererinslytherin, tenderlauryn, suz_buttons:  Oh, Ryan.

imkaylamarie:  Ryan, NO.

Bambi_NC:  OMFG.

bamfmcgee62:  ME:  LMAO.

KatPad:  Oh, Ry.

bamfmcgee62, Bambi_NC:  RYAN.

HuffleRyan, SereneOddities, sam_likes_the_sidemen, ColumbiaSkies:  Ryan… 

shade_jay:  Ryan, baby, no-chest binders.

RayToTheMax:  What? Ryan….

valeria_18:  Oh, honey…

VulpesKnight:  Ryan…… OMFG.

BluebellMoon:  Jesus, Ryan.  Hahaha.

SkullsAndKisses:  Ryan questions binders, thinks of three-ring, hole-punch binders.

KeriLin:  Idiot.

flamingkay:  OMG.

vivaciousWordsmith:  Oh, dear.

scarletbetta:  Ryan.  Aw, Ry.

ladyarya2014:  Ryan, you are so innocently sweet.

Jesshatter:  Oh, Ryan…  No, Ryan.

SlytherinLit:  Try again, Rye-bread. 

watcher_listener_here, katelyn_paige:  Oh, my god.

frizzical:  Wow, Ryan.  Wow.

LLLLLLetsplay_chick:  OMG, Ryan.  I’m dying.

BluebellMoon:  Hahahaha.

Azalulu:  Ryan, pls.

HuffleRyan:  Ryan, bb…                        

bamfmcgee62:  Ryan is dumb.

Bambi_NC:  Ryan, Christ.

imkaylamarie:  Ryan, I love you, but PLEASE.

Sam141824:  Ryan, OMG. XD

DmitriMolotov:  Buddy… 

AnimeFreak08:  LOL.                 

CaPowArsenic:  Aw, Ry.

BluebellMoon:  @terriblewriter I’m wheezing.

SageBailey:  Someone educate him, please.

shadowcat2132:  You sweet cinnamon roll.

KatPad:  *headdesk*

Bambi_NC:  I’m in TEARS.

NMacDowell13:  *facepalm*

“Do you think it’s possible to say ‘fuck you’ in flower?” -Nolinnoel, 2017

“Ryan is too precious-he needs to be STOPPED.” -frecklesandfarce, 2017

“Seriously, game me?” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

“Gavin:  Ryan, have you ever crushed the hopes and dreams of your children?
Chat:  YES.” -Me, 2017

Ryan has been ranting about cooking for at least five minutes now.  He’s not even playing the game. O_O;

cmdr_shepard_sr2:  What have i missed?

Me:  @cmdr_shepard_sr2 Cooking is GOD, and don’t you dare say otherwise!

“We did it!“ -Nightbot, 2017

It’s a Peep, and I said it first.(⌐■_■)

Ryan made a new friend. : >

Don’t tell Ryan to bind his wound-he’ll just put three-ring binders on it.

I’m not going to judge anyone who chooses to write Ryan/Robert fanfiction.  I will, however, judge those of you who don’t write it. : P

“Take me in the back of this truck, you salve-wielding man.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

"Robert is the epitome of 'Is that a knife in your pocket, or are you just happy to se…OH GOD A KNIFE.’. -LegendOfLayne, 2017 

"Girl, your waffle ain’t done!” -jayjackson09, 2107 

“Ryan just murdered the creeping feeling that he’s enjoying this.” -Reiderreiter, 2017 

“@cmdr_shepard_sr2 Pffft, you just watch me.  I’ll stab whatever daughter I want.” -SkullsAndKisses, 2017 

We just got a letter.  We just got a letter.  We just got a letter.  Wonder who it’s from?

Me:  Ryan, who are you to define words when you can barely speak them? : P

KatPad:   @SyberiaWinx Christ, what a burn.

Ryan’s handwriting is apparently terrible?

“Pardon me, good sir.  Would you mind, ever so humbly, if I tap that?” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

"I am disappointed.  I saw no mention of vampire titties as we were promised.” - ForthwithJackal, 2017 

“He thinks I’m thiiiiiicc!” -Ryan Haywood, 2017


Ryan’s shirt size is Medium.

Ryan Haywood.  YouTuber.  Streamer.  Occasional three-year-old.

None of those couches are facing the TV.


"I’m not crying.  There are ninjas in my room, cutting onions.” -Pritchman227, 2017 

Today’s Mission……………………………..Not Joseph.;-;

anonymous asked:

I know a lot of fan artists on tumblr who talk about what a danny phantom reboot would be like and what changes they would make from the original and I'm curious to hear what you would do different about the show if it were all in your hands (btw it's totally chill if you don't feel like answering this, I know a lot of people love the show how it is and you don't want to start a tumblr war)

well you are in absolute luck bc this is totally a thing i have written down

so here’s what i got

-make sam canonically a lesbian

-make sam and paulina gay

-make valerie and ember gay

-give all the ghost villains backstory

-either write vlad to be more of a sad old man or more of an irredeemable asswipe. i don’t like this weird grey area he’s in

-sam is a vegetarian but pretends to be vegan specifically to annoy people

-just make tucker….better. do more with his jealousy complex of danny and explore their history as lifelong friends.

-develop paulina as a character, why she’s so obsessed with looks and popularity and why she looks down on people. make her learn something.

-develop dash as a character, turn his feminine interests into more than just a punchline, but a deep-seated fear and insecurity that comes from living in a world that demands he be the perfect example of manhood.

-fucking point out that jack is a bad parent and give him a redemption arc about it. for gods sake

-analyze how danny’s neglect by just about every authority figure in his life affects him, maybe even play around with the fact that vlad pays more attention to him than anyone else and the temptation he might feel to actually ditch his family.

-the hazmat suits include headgear or at the very least gas masks because what the fuck

-danny’s ghost suit includes either a full hood or just a gas mask, which he can take off. this can also serve to disguise his identity.

-maybe bring up how if danny sided with the ghosts he would become powerful and respected, while fighting for humans earns him nothing but constant rejection.

-a version of the retcon episode where an alternate timeline exists where danny never had the accident, and the town is overrun by hostile ghosts. in one incident, sam is killed and becomes a ghost. using some….time travel bullshit, probably thanks to clockwork, she’s able to travel back in time and overshadows her past self so she can convince danny to enter the portal. her ghost spends the next several months altering little things in alive-sam’s life to help the trio along, although she tries not to get too close to danny in case he senses her. when the day finally comes that sam died in the alternate timeline, she’s finally discovered by the trio, everyone survives, and in the end she’s able to move on.

-valerie captures ember and decides to interrogate her for more information on ghosts and their agenda. this is their beginning of their rival-romance relationship, as well as ember’s redemption arc.

-“how’d you die?” “oh my god, at least take me out to dinner first.”

(ember/valerie is my femslash crackship of choice, lol)

but yeah ive actually had a ton of conversations about this with my bud @antlor and this isnt even all the details we came up with. kinda makes me want to start watching dp again, tbh! i never did finish it


(finders) seekers for @pocpotterweek

friday: marauder era [lucinda talkalot, regulus black] - ~800 words - rated gen

Contrary to her name, Lucinda Talkalot isn’t much of a speaker. She still makes a good Captain for their team.

She comes up with the most brilliant strategies, and asserts her leadership while still considering the team’s input.

On the rare occasion that she bothers to speak with people, it is never really small-talk. She either argues, criticises or shuts people down.

“Regulus, a word, please,” she says after practice, waving away the rest of the team.

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anonymous asked:

ok can I just say right off the bat that I love your stories?? anyways can you do one where the reader has a lil bit of chub and doesn't rlly like it and then fluff happens?? thanks <3 [keep up the good work]

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them :p
Sorry this one took so long; it really hit close to home and I wrote it on one of those down days that hit you sometimes (like where you just feel like absolute shit and you hate everything about yourself and yeah it really isn’t fun lol), so that’s why it may be a bit depressing lol fml, but I hope it’s okay!! X

You stood in front of the mirror and stared.
The shower was on behind you. You were waiting for the water to warm up until you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror.
Now you stood and stared at yourself until the image became blurry and you felt a tear trickle down your cheek.

Soon you were competing with the shower in terms of who could expel the most water in the littlest amount of time, and you were winning.

You eventually tore your eyes away from yourself and stood under the warm spray of the shower.
You looked down at your body and felt nothing but pure hate for yourself, and you couldn’t help but cry.
You had tried to love yourself, you really had; but you hadn’t had any success.

Suddenly, you thought about your boyfriend, Calvin.
Did he want you to lose weight? Was he embarrassed to be with you because of the way you looked? The thought brought a wave of pain so intense it was as if someone had stabbed you and twisted the knife in the wound.

You thought about the amount of girls that threw themselves at him every day and wondered if he ever thought about them; if he ever compared them to you and wished you were more like them.
You wondered if he was only with you because he felt sorry for you.

Sobs racked your body and you stepped out of the shower. You dried yourself quickly and threw on a sweater and comfy bottoms before going into the bedroom and curling up in the sheets in the dark.
Tears still fell - they were seemingly unstoppable.

Calvin was in the lounge and you tried to keep quiet so he wouldn’t hear you. The bedroom door was closed and you were in complete darkness; you closed your eyes and tried to breathe.
Why did these feelings just attack you out of nowhere, completely unprovoked?

You tried to even your breathing and you seemed to be succeeding to at least a small degree until the door opened and dim light flooded into the room.
You thought about keeping your eyes closed and pretending you were sleeping but it was no use - he knew you too well to be fooled by that.

Calvin walked quietly over to the bed and you heard his socked feet pad closer and closer. You felt his gentle touch on your waist and the bed tilted slightly as he sat on the edge of it.
‘Hey babe? D'ya want something to eat? I know how grumpy you get when you’re hungr-’ he chuckled slightly as he spoke and then his gaze landed on the tear tracks staining your cheeks. He stopped. Frowned.
‘What’s wrong baby?’ His voice took on a tone of urgency as his hands reached for yours, which were now covering your face.
He gently took your hands from your face and wiped your tears away with his thumb.
‘Why are you crying?’ His voice was soft and his eyes were big and alive with concern.
You just reached your hands out for him and he understood. He lay down on the bed and you cuddled into him as your emotions threatened to take hold once again.

He wrapped an arm around your waist and you stiffened as a fresh wave of self-consciousness rolled over you.
You took his hand in yours and moved his arm away from your waist, repositioning it so he was hardly touching you but you were still snuggled into his neck.
He frowned and looked down at you.
‘Why?’ He asked simply.
You decided fuck it, you were just going to tell him exactly how you felt, no matter how choked up you might get.
'I just hate myself so much,’ you whispered as new tears fell, but you didn’t even care anymore. You just wanted to get it off your chest in hopes it would make you feel better.
'I’m nothing compared to the girls that throw themselves at you on a daily basis,’ you rambled about how you hated the way you looked and then you paused, sniffled, and decided to ask a question - no matter now much you dreaded the answer.

'Tell me the truth,’ you began and shifted so you could see his face at all times, 'do you wish I was skinnier?’
Your voice broke as you articulated what had been running through your head relentlessly for the past half an hour.
Numerous emotions crossed his features briefly before he spoke.
'What? No! Of course not. Why would you even think that?’
His heart was pounding at the prospect that you even thought shit like that. Why didn’t consider yourself to be as beautiful as he knew you were?

He sat up, and made you do the same. You were facing him but you kept your head bowed so your gaze didn’t quite meet his.

'I just.. You could do so much better than me,’ you whispered.
'Stop saying that,’ he sounded upset and slightly angry, but you didn’t know why. 'Y/n, how can you think this shit about yourself? You’re fucking beautiful, baby.’

He gently put two fingers under your chin and lifted your head, making your eyes meet his.
'I don’t care about any of those other girls - and I never will. Because the fact is, they’re not you. I wanna be with you, no one else. You’re fucking smokin’ hot the way you are, and you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Why don’t you see that?’
His eyes glittered as they looked into yours and they were so filled with sincerity it nearly made your heart burst.
You just leaned into him and fell into his warm, safe embrace. He pulled you onto his lap and you cuddled your face into his neck as his arms encircled you. He touched you gently, glancing at you every now and then as if to make sure you were comfortable.
He began to slowly and rhythmically rock back and forth with you in his arms, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead as he did so.

For the rest of the evening Cal held you and told you every single thing he loved about you and why you’re so beautiful.
You eventually drifted to sleep in the refuge of his arms far before he ran out of things that made you beautiful.
As far as he was concerned, every
single thing about you was perfect.

Someone pls tell me where I can get my very own Cal bc honestly I just need a Calvin Cuddle™ sometimes and he ain’t here. :(
Anyway lol I hope that was okay and feel free to drop by my ask to request something or even just for a lil chat!! :) luv u 💗 X


Requested by Anon

Some of these roasts are a little mean, I am sure irl they arent this mean k


*You have been nothing but nice to him all week and he takes it too far again when he completely insults your cooking*

K: “My dog eats better quality meals than this”

Y/N: “I have seen the food you ‘try’ to make Kai, I have seen a replica of your meals come out of the dogs back end”

*Rubs the tear from his eyes before putting the glasses back on*

Originally posted by jonginization


*Sehuns constant habit of telling you to hurry up so you could both go out was getting on your nerves, not because he was telling you to be faster but because he would add other stupid comments to it*

SH: “Are you dying in there Y/N”, “The Queen of England could move about faster than you and she has been alive for millenniums”, “Who would have thought I would have a partner who couldn’t beat a snail in a race”

Y/N: “Tbh Sehun I could take less time but then I would come out looking as bad as you, I’m going for a good solid 10/10 whilst you settle for the 7″

Originally posted by chensoomyun


*You guys are on a radio show together and he starts talking about how you fell over on stage the other day, but in a lot more detail than what was necessary. It didn’t take long for you to respond*

Y/N: “Yeah yesterday was embarrassing but the Exo members must feel constant embarrassment at having a leader who dad dances all the time, infact I don’t think you can even call it that. My dad even dances better than him”

Radio host: “And with that we will say our goodbyes”

*Suho plays his saltiness off*

Originally posted by sorenkingsley


*He literally takes the mick every time he sees you. It has been going on for a while, until one day you snap and fire some much needed shots back at him*

Y/N: “Literally Chanyeol Idk why you are even speaking to me. This is coming from a person who desperately tenses him arm muscles on stage to impress fans, whos voice broke when he tried to sound hardcore by saying the f word and lets not even talk about how you walked around like you had been electrocuted during mama era”.

Originally posted by essentyeol


*You guys have the type of relationship involving you both cussing each other out all the time. It has even lead to rap battles, fair enough they were crap but you both tried. You were with some of the boys and you were about to play video games. It was up to you to pick, you could be on Baekhyuns team or Jongdaes team*

BH: “Come on Y/N come on my team we will win”

Y/n: “I guess you forgot those times when you lost those LOL matches in front of all of your fans. Not once may I add, but twice. I think I’ll take my chances with Jongdae*

*Stars running around like he does after you go off on him*

Originally posted by kkaebsong33


*You attend a water park with him and voiced your worries about going on the higher rides as heights aren’t your forte. He uses this opportunity to tease you about it*

Y/N: “Sorry but who had to literally be dRAGGED out of the water earlier by Jongin and Jongdae, Oh right that was you, they took so long trying to pull you up someone might have thought you were an elephant”.

*Swims away*

Originally posted by kaizzzi


*Jongdae took his photoshoot as the opportunity to brag about how good he looked (hella good tho) too much to the point where he basically started offending you. Regret instantly washes over him as you appear again with the photo off his mama hair*

Y/N: “Look everybody he may look great now, but he didn’t back then. It was like a frog died on his head”

*Gives glares because we don’t talk about the Mama hair Y/N*

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


*This man has the audacity to try and moan at you for forgetting to get his cereal on the way back home even though you both knew he just went out and could have picked up some himself*

T: “God Y/N you have to think a bit more, it isn’t hard”

Y/N: This is coming from the man who calls himself ‘Swaggy-T’ because he thinks it edgy and cool. I’ll pick up your cereal the day you stop singing snap chat me that pussy, the only thing you are going to get snap chatted to you is some decency”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


*He doesn’t even get the chance to speak before you start roasting him better than that chicken he made for the Sunday Dinner*

Y/N: “Don’t even say hello to me, I have seen Olympic athletes get more rest than you, I have seen damsels in distress faint less times than you, I have seen daredevils have less injuries than you. get some rest or so help me god.”

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu


*You were in a very irritable mood as you were learning lines for your new film. He was trying to help you but ended up cracking jokes about your acting. 

Y/N: “At least I’m trying whilst you are out there releasing flop songs about bad girls, what bad girls are you even talking about. The baddest girl you have dated is me and i only got that parking ticket one time. Sit your fake ass down”.

Gif explains all

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*As you were parking he kept moaning at you for taking too long when he literally does the same thing*

LH: “Come on Y/N hurry up”, “There is a car right next to us yanno don’t hit it will you” “This isn’t even straight parking, you need to pull out and do it again you are doing it wrong”

Y/N: “Listen Luhan the only thing you can pull out of is me, and even then you did it too fast”

*Pretends like he didn’t hear that*

Originally posted by 2nddreamz


*He had mentioned earlier on that day that you seemed to be a bad mood, he then went on to mention that wasn’t unusual because you were moody a lot these days. He was only joking but that made you more annoyed*

Y/N: “Well maybe I’m moody because every day I have to put up with that high pitched screaming you call singing”

*You just insulted his singing so he knows you real mad*

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These jokes are not my real thoughts esp Xius singing bc its lovely.

BethAny’s plAn

(lol I think I’m gonna have this GIF as an introduction for all of my theories from now on)

Soo.. I’m gonna start with something that was revealed in the latest PLL episode (6x06): Bethany and Charles both escaped from Radley the night Ali went missing. I think it’s only logical to assume they did this together. And they had a plan. Now that’s the keyword here.. I couldn’t help but be reminded of this:

Especially the part about “she’s not the only one who can make plans”. (most probably talking about Alison here, we know Bethany knew her because of a different tape recording that was revealed earlier in 5x12):

Watch from 0:50 on for the tape recording. Bethany is highly likely talking about Mrs. D here. So the sentence “I wonder if I can trust anyone in this family.. is it like mother like daughter?” must mean Bethany knew Ali.

And of course there’s another big ass proof they knew each other:

This letter Bethany wrote to Ali. Which brings us right to the first plan.. Ali’s.

Ali’s plan

I’m pretty positive Ali was planning on faking her death for a long time.

The hints have been there from season one.

I think CeCE has been involved in the plan, too. She hasn’t been wearing a yellow top on that night out of mere coincidence.

But CeCe wasn’t the only Ali-look-alike who was supposed to wear a yellow top and be around Rosewood that exact same night. Look at Bethany’s letter again. There’s a hell lot to get out of it.

First of all it says how much she was looking forward to seeing Ali on labour day (aka that night) and in the end of it she thanks Ali for the clothes she sent her.. Some of them apparently yellow. I bet a lot those weren’t yellow pants.

Now what we’ve all been missing out on is the middle paragraph… Bethany tells Alison how much she’s looking forward to getting out of Radley, leading a normal life again and asks if she told her friends Bethany was coming..Now hear me out: if Bethany was about to be released from Radley then a) why take the risk of severe punishment like being kept longer and run away even for a night? b) She wouldn’t be sent to Rosewood after being out of Radley but back to her parents. Then why all the fuss about meeting Ali’s friends and stuff?! For me there’s only one explanation that really makes sense: Ali tried to make Bethany believe she was going to take her place. She told her she’d run away and as Bethany looked extremely much like Ali (which is why her body could be mistaken for hers and why we’ve never seen her face) she could take her place and get out of Radley for good. Picture of Bethany to compare:

Of course Mrs. D knew Bethany and would realize who she was but as Bethany knew Charles was alive she could always blackmail her into not telling anyone. 

Also note how the letter says Bethany almost finished her sketch book.. This sketch book:

Bethany knew a lot.

But of course Ali didn’t really plan on letting someone take her place. She planned to fake her death so everyone would miss her and she could have her ‘immortality’.  This wouldn’t work with someone else being aroung as her. So she just wanted to take advantage of Bethany so this plan would work, though I’m not sure if she just wanted this other blonde in the yellow top to be around in order to add some more confusion or if she wanted her to take her place.. but inside the grave.

Either way, somehow Bethany found out and that’s why we hear her saying “she’s an evil bitch”, “it’s either me or her” and “she’s not the only one who can make plans”. This leads us to..

Bethany’s plan

So what did Bethany do? She decided to pretend she was playing along. But she also knew Charles. Charles had already built his dollhouse by then (or at least somewhere he could have held Ali captioned at. We know this as he abducted Sara that night and has been keeping her in there ever since). So the two of them teamed up - Charles was supposed to run away with Bethany, take Ali with him and keep her in the dollhouse while Bethany would take Ali’s place - just like Ali had pretended she should. And as Ali herself was setting up everything up for that so perfectly there wasn’t a lot that could go wrong about that.. well, at least Bethany thought so.

What went wrong

Everything went according to plan until Mrs. D saw Charles hit Ali (he did that, but not with the intention to kill her but to take her to the dollhouse). Mrs. D knew Charles was obsessed with Ali and would always be a threat to her - so she decided to run outside the house, be dramatic (”what have you done?!”) and pretend to Charles that he accidently killed Ali. She then buried her knowing Ali could hold her breath for like eternities (like we saw in flashblacks, she used to do that to get what she wanted).

She thought with Ali buried Charles would have to believe she was dead and leave her alone. Mrs. D of course also planned on pulling Ali back out soon as Charles was out of sight again knowing she really was just unconcious (maybe Mrs. Grundwald did do it instead, maybe not, but I’m sure Mrs. D at least intended to do so). Someone should tell Jessica faking your kids’ deaths is not a cool hobby btw.

Now some of Ali’s well planned confusion also went wrong. She made some people pretend to kill her. At least she for sure did with Garrett when he pretended to hit her with the shovel for Jenna but really just hit the tree (also so much for what Bethany said about Ali getting everyone to do what she wants, especially if they’re male. Bethany wasn’t exactly dumb either).

But I don’t think Garrett is the only one Ali had told to do something like this. Also if he didn’t know there was others as well he probs wouldn’t have agreed to that.. Jenna loving him or not, he as only potential killer with a witness would be at too damn much of a risk I think.

Here’s where I believe the liars come to play..

When A hit Hanna with that car (still supposedly dead back then) Ali came to visit her in the hospital and told her that the four liars combined knew more about that night than they’d think.

And that storyline did come up again although Ali never explained what she meant by that.

So we all know the liars have been drugged and have some severe memory issues about that night - but considering what Ali said sleeping is really not the only thing they could have done.

I think Ali had them help her in a similar way like she did with Garrett. To be more precise she told them to hit her in the head - but of course not hard enough for her to really die (or maybe only pretend to for some of them).

That’s why Emily had a memory of doing that.

And also why Spencer did.

But now here’s the problem.. when it comes to Spencer I believe she did exactly what Ali told her to do: hit her so she’d pass out and then leave. Only problem here was Melissa saw it and in an urge to protect Spencer buried the girl she (wrongly) assumed Spencer had just killed.. which ended up in her really being dead. Plus it’s very possible Spencer accidently hit Bethany instead of Ali thinking it was her. But I think it’s also possible that Bethany was the real survivor here and chose to run away because she realized Ali’s friends were also helping her fake her death and Ali really was dead now. I tend to believe Ali is the one to survive but you gotta note she does act very differently since she’s back and the producers do try to make her look older ever since (Bethany was two years older than Ali). Bethany might know all the stuff she knows because Ali told her everything when she was pretending to prepare Bethany to take her place. The medical examination could have been forged again like probably every document in Rosewood by now.

Anyways the dead girl is the reason for all of that:

Now this was something Charles didn’t find out right away that night. After Mrs. D shortly buried Ali he took off believing she’s dead, found another girl that looked like her (Sara) and put her in the dollhouse instead. But sooner or later he did find out. That’s when he decided he wanted revenge for the dead girl.. and blamed the liars for messing everything he and Bethany had planned up. And I don’t think we really need to talk about what he did to Mrs. D who fooled him that way..

(This also hints towards Ali being the real survivor and Charles wanting revenge for Bethany).

Reeeeaally sorry it got so long, thank you so much if you took the time to read! ♥ Hope you liked it!


1989 World Tour: Arlington, Texas.  

Dear @taylorswift I honestly don’t know where to start, there are just so many things I want to tell you, I’m probably the most irrelevant person in this fandom and well, this is not a moving story or anything special at all, just some random girl trying to get noticed by you and feeling a little bad about it but…okay. First off, I’d like to apologize for any further grammar mistakes you may see while you’re reading this (I mean IF you ever see this and then decide to actually read it) since English is not my native language, besides I usually suck at writing so this might be no exception lol I can assure you I tried my best though…anyway, My name is Marisol and I kind of just wanted to let you know that after a bit more than 7 years of waiting, I’m finally going to see you in Dallas on October 17th! This is such a big deal because I have loved you since you were younger than I am now (19) that’s just so crazy to me and oh my god you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this but it was something that I never really had the chance to accomplish until now <3 This is so exciting, I’m over the moon right now…So by the middle of this year, I didn’t even think about the possibility of seeing you anymore, money was not a problem because I started saving since about a year and a half ago but I couldn’t go with my friends cause none of them could afford the whole thing and I’m terrified of traveling alone. Then my mom was super hard to convince and after a whole process of “please, please think it over” considering my good behavior and how great I’m doing in school, she ended up agreeing but tickets were already sold out. One day after months and months of patiently waiting (not really cause it’s YOU TAYLOR AWESOME SWIFT we’re talking about, duh) luck got on my side (kind of) and I finally found some tickets <3 even though I won’t have the best view, (I probably won’t see a thing tbh but I don’t care) I do consider myself very blessed and lucky. The fact that we’re gonna be breathing the same air and to have you singing right there in front of my eyes after so many years, makes me the happiest person alive :’) I’m going all the way from Mexico which I know is probably not that far (14 hour drive because plane tickets are way too expensive) but it’s finally happening and it’ll be so worth it!!!! I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life. Alright, now moving on to my costume, this is a poor attempt of an Alice In Wonderland 1989 Album Cover Inspired Dress that I’ll wear to the show. I know it may not be super creative or anything, specially after all the AMAZING costumes I’ve seen people wearing throughout this tour but well…it’s all I could come up with and besides it is so special to me cause even though it might seem like we didn’t, we really DID put a lot of thought into it, the dress itself was made by my grandma who happens to be 72 years old, she used to be a seamstress back in the day but she doesn’t do big stuff anymore so when I told her about this idea I had in mind, she was the sweetest when she told me she felt capable of doing that for me and well here you have the result <3 I hope you love it as much as I did, then the rest of both outfits and the signs (lights, polaroids, glow-sticks, etc, WE PLAN ON ADDING SOME MORE) was made by my mom and I (actually, her playing the (weird) Cheshire cat was my idea haha I kinda forced her into this). Last but not least, I wrote this thing I’ll paste below a few months ago (around May) when I didn’t even know If we were attending the show. I guess I got sort of inspired seeing all the fans super excited about seeing you and the way they talked about how magical each of the concerts were. It sounded like this great, wonderful experience that every Swiftie around the world deserves to live, and I don’t lie to myself I obviously know this next paragraph is probably not that good or witty and many people has written similar stuff before but like I already mentioned above, I suck at writing and man it really took me hours to get it done!!! So once again, I apologize. Here it goes…

“Hey TAYLOR I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR YOU to come to my country for what feels like ages and well, since that hasn’t happened yet (I’m sure one day though), I came to see you somewhere else. I’m pretty sure when you get on stage I’ll be like “OMG LOOK AT THAT gorgeous FACE <3” This day is one of the best in my entire life, I’m all dressed up I even GOT THAT RED LIP CLASSIC THING on THAT YOU LIKE to wear, I think it’ll just NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. I know LOOKING AT IT NOW, IT ALL SEEMS SO SIMPLE but omg it sure wasn’t. You have no idea how hard it was for me to get to come to this show. I hope one day I get the chance to tell you how much you’ve inspired me, to thank you for blessing the world with those beautiful masterpieces you have written along the years, and that ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY true to yourself all this time. We all love you just the way you are. You know HATERS GONNA H8 but Swifties will have your back FOREVER AND EVER. Many guys BROKE YOUR HEART before and we have always tried our best to PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, I WISH YOU WOULD never forget about that…Right now IT’S 2 AM I’m IN MY ROOM working on this thing (pretending it’s the BIG DAY) and I’m feeling so emotional cause IT’S SO SAD TO THINK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES I’ve missed out for not going to any of your past tours before but never in my WILDEST DREAMS I thought I would get the chance to see you STANDING IN A NICE DRESS STARING at the crowd screaming out your name with those RED LIPS AND ROSY CHEEKS that look adorable on you. AND I COULD GO ON AND ON cause THIS LOVE we have for you will last forever. I KNOW many other PLACES you should go with this tour but for now I’ll have to wait. Going back to my excitement, it won’t matter if RAIN CAME POURING DOWN while I‘m on my way to the show, that wouldn’t stop me. IT ALL SEEMNEW AND EXCITING I feel like I’m IN WONDERLAND (forreal lol) I’m gonna have a blast! I CAN HEAR IT IN THE SILENCE. And I know I won’t shut up about it ON THE WAY HOME (or ever). I can almost see it now, I’m gonna be TOO BUSY DANCING to your songs and I’ll SING THEM PROUDLY and once it’s over, I’m gonna CRY happy TEARS OF MASCARA IN THE BATHROOM cause one of my biggest dreams finally came true…”

(ps: PICTURES TURNED OUT TERRIBLE :c this was not what we originally planned to do but anyway, once again here I apologize. Also…I know I’m lying about the red lip thing but I really wanted a color to match the outfit so I thought purple would do, sorry)


SEC 330            ROW 6            SEATS 4 & 5 

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