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everyone ready for simblreen?? 🎃👻

So I’m joining the Simblreen event for the first time.  If you don’t know what the fugly pugly I’m talking about, then be sure to read everything here.  

I’m only doing the first weekend (19-21st) unless a hoard of people miss it.  Then I might try to make time for the second weekend.  But if no one seems to miss it, then we’re good, right? 

My porch light will go on and off at different times. I will not answer when it’s off, and I will not answer to anons.  Please only send asks!  All treats are for The Sims 4.  I tried to make a variation of gifts, so there are multiple treats.  At a later point, I’d say about 80% will get released publicly.  I put a lot of energy and time in the gifts.  But it’ll probably be released over the course of a few weeks/months. 

You’ll be scavenging for your treats in an interactive game.  It will take a bit of time and the choices you make will influence what you get as a treat. 

Last but not least, please be patient with my replies.  I will reply.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  The treats will remain the same each day.

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Have you seen the ass hats ragging on Danny in the newest Mario party video?? They’re being so rude to him and saying he’s dense and doesn’t even know how to play video games and the said “why is he even a grump.” Ahhhh!! This actually pisses me off. Arin ain’t perfect at video games and he don’t follow tutorials. I love them both and they’re amazing at being themselves and those people need to fuck off of Game Grumps channel..... sorry. Needed to vent. Thank you for reading. - @markimooper69 💙

in all honesty, I don’t really look at comments, and I don’t tend to see that kind of drama. I’m pretty sure that avoiding them is why Dan doesn’t look at them himself either. Like, there’s always gonna be people leaving shitty rude comments about stupid stuff like that. You just gotta ignore them, cause there’s really nothin anyone can do to stop them from doing it. I do understand your frustration tho for sure.


【👓🖤】I know I said I’m going on hiatus but…….Vld NYCC Poster is GOLD oh my goshhhhhhh!!!!


Adrien really has a crush on Marinette and here’s wHY


so, i wanna start this post with Horrificator, bc it really caught my attention.

in that episode, Adrien plays the role of an agent, and Mylenne plays the role of his partner (i think). but she’s scared, and ofc, Chloe takes her place bc of a specific scene: a kissing scene. and Marinette looses her shit bc she didn’t want them to kiss. so, when Chloe leans on Adrien to kiss him, the boy dodges her.

i mean, look at his face. he looks scared and his body posture just sCREAMS “i don’t want to kiss this girl”.

then, our savior Nino intervines and takes out Chloe, leaving Marinette in her role. when they get to that part, there’s a thing that caught my attention: when Marinette is almost finishing her lines (“i’m not scared, agent Jones” if i remember right), Adrien literally places his hands in her waist and he pulls her towards him so they can be c l o s e r. he doesn’t even let the girl finish her lines properly.

now, look at Adrien’s body posture. he leans to Marinette, his face is calm.

this boy was eager to kiss Marinette.

so, lets move on to Gamer, an episode that Adrienette stans loved, i’m sure.

we all know what happened in that episode. Marinette and Adrien are paired up to go and compete in this cool video game competition. and to practice, Marinette invites Adrien to her house.

we get this scene where they touched each other’s hands bc both of them were going for the same remote (is that how’s that called?)

and Adrien gets nervous, for some reason. i was expecting it from Marinette, but Adrien? i was thinking he would do something more like “*smiles and passes her the remote* take this one Marinette” bc that’s how he is. a gentleman.

then they just stare at each other. bc they’re in love.

later, Max gets akumatized, looking for Marinette, that happens to be with Adrien at the park.

and that’s the look Adrien gives Gamer. if you look at Marinette, she’s just surprised, Adrien in the other hand looks angry.


in Frightningale, we get a cute moment between them:

Marinette is being,, well, Marinette. Adrien has his hand on his neck. this is a gesture that’s commonly used in a character that is next to/ is about to confess to their love interest.


in The Evillustrator, we get some Marichat scenes.

this scene in particular (which i found it very important, bc he’s tying to look cool in front of Marinette)

the part where i’m focusing on is Chat’s attitude. he acts flirty with Marinette, something that he wouldn’t do if he was Adrien. plus, he doesn’t do it when he sees other people, like Chloe. in that very episode, our duo goes to Chloe’s place to protect her. well, if Chat was acting like THAT with Marinette, why wasn’t he doing the same with Chloe? maybe is bc he doesn’t like her, but he interacts with other civilians, like Alya, and he doesn’t get flirty either. he’s just like that with Marinette.

there’s this other part: Adrien shows a different way of being when he is Chat Noir.

he does and says things he wouldn’t say being Adrien, like when he yelled at his father in Simon Says. or the puns, bc he doesn’t say many puns when he’s a civilian.

when they *tried* to outsmart The Evillustrator and get themselves in that glass box, Marinette suggests an idea to get out. Chat thanks her for the idea, but i screamed when he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.

was it really necessary to get that close? it wasn’t, honestly, bc Chat could keep his distance when he got them out. however, he was very close to Marinette’s face. hm?

and ofc, to finish this horrible theory post, Glaciator.

the Balcony Scene ™ was very important to me, not just bc of my Marichat ass, bc as i said earlier, Adrien allows himself to be vulnerable when he’s a superhero. when Ladybug rejects him, where does he go for comfort? Marinette. he tells Marinette about how he feels, allowing himself to be vulnerable, with another person.


i guess she isn’t JUST a friend, eh Agreste?