• Guy:So do you guys think being fast is better than being slow?
  • Everyone:Yes!
  • Little Girl:It's better to be fast to not be bit by a werewolf and then you'll be turned into one and you'll have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you'll be too hot and then you're like "Rahr Rawr Rahr Rawr Rahr Rawr" which means "I wish I was back to a human!"
  • Guy:Wh..what...?

FC: Johnathan Rhys Meyers

Sexual Preference: Straight

Muse’s Kinks: Basically anything under the sun that his mate wants to try.  Daddy/Little play, BDSM, Dominance, etc.

Muse’s Hard Limits: He does not share his mate with anyone other than the occasional omega female for her pleasure only.  Also age play, bathroom play or vomit play, and gangbangs.  

Muse’s Biography:

As a boy, Calhoun MacAlister was as sweet as could be and very caring.  He had a wonderful example of a loving relationship.  His mother and father were total soul mates who loved each other very much.  Cal had looked upon them many times and thought to himself that was what he wanted when he grew up.  He also wanted to be just like his father who was the laird of a Scottish Kingdom.  His father was fair and honorable and taught the two MacAlister boys to be the same.  

Cal’s relationship with his brother growing up was a good one.  The two boys cared very much about each other and they seldom fought.  They had each other’s backs.  They never thought anything would split them apart.  But something did…  

Cal grew up to take over the Kingdom when his father passed away.  He was as good of a king as his father, taking care of the people and protecting their prosperous land.  Calhoun fell in love with a witch named Moira.  They were to be married, but a tyrant king was threatening to destroy their city.  Cal’s witch blessed Cal and his men so that they would be stronger in battle, faster, and so that they would be united as a pack.  

Cal and his men went off to war and it was a slaughter of the king and his men.  The humans were unable to prevail against the much faster and stronger beasts that attacked.  They returned to their city in great triumph, only to find that while they had been away, Cal had been betrayed by his brother, Regar who had waited for Cal to depart before killing the witch he thought had bespelled his brother.  

In anguish and rage, Cal had transformed into a wolf and had attacked in wolf form.  He bit his brother, turning him into a werewolf.  Cal’s best friend, William, pulled him off of his brother before he could kill him.  Regar was banished from Scotland and Cal has not seen him since.  Cal mourned Moira’s loss and never became attached to another woman.. that is until he spotted Sophie Teller in the crowd of humans to be bitten during the uprising.  

Muse’s Personality:

Cal has lived many years, thousands of years in fact, and a lot of knowledge, strength and perception came with that experience.  There is very little that Cal misses.  And unlike many pack Alphas, Cal is one that allows more informal communication and conversation.  He treats the members of his pack as he always has, like part of his family.  That being said, do not make the mistake of challenging him.  He is the First Alpha.  There is no werewolf stronger than him or more powerful.  He will bring you to the knees just with the power of his dominance alone.  He is fiercely protective of his mate and those he cares about.  Cal does not forgive easily, so do not betray his trust.  


William O’Brien- (Open Canon Bio to be posted soon) Best friend and Beta.  He trusts William with his life and Sophie’s life.  

Sophie Teller- His Mate.  He is very possessive of her and loves her dearly.  She is his Princess.  

Regar MacAlister- (Open Canon Bio to be posted soon) His younger brother.  The two became estranged after Regar killed Moira.  

Jamie Hayes- New friend.  He is somebody that Cal enjoys talking to and spending time and he trusts Jamie.  

Unfortunately this muse is - TAKEN

FC: Tatiana Maslany

Muse’s Sexuality: Bisexual

Muse’s Kinks: Bondage, breath play, anal, threesomes, gangbangs, consensual non-consent, rough sex

Muse’s Hard Limits: Scat or other bathroom play, age play, blindfolds, masks, dark confined spaces.  (Note: these are the muse’s hard limits, not the mun’s)


Valandra “Val” Watson was abandoned as a baby.  She didn’t know who her parents were or why they gave her up.  She didn’t know that she hadn’t been alone, born a twin, Val and her brother Ryan were both given up at birth.  The twins were split up between two families and Val grew up, never knowing that she had a brother.  

Val was adopted as a baby by a lovely woman by the name of Meredith Watson.  Val was treated well and she adored Meredith, growing up with knowledge that Val was loved by this woman.  But when Val was 13, Meredith suffered a stroke and died, leaving Val all alone in the world again.  Val went into the foster care system.  It wasn’t long before the angry, sorrow-filled child got into fights, started stealing, and even got involved with drugs.  

She went from family to family, until she was 15, and was taken in by what she thought was a lovely family, Gemma and Winston Irving.  But the painting of a lovely family was just an illusion.  Because what she didn’t know was that the Gemma was a compelled human, and Winston was a sadistic vampire.  The two were supposed to care for and protect Val, but the woman was nothing but a brainless doll, a slave herself.  And the man, Winston wanted Val as his blood and sex doll despite Val’s young age.  Worse than having to accept the man’s fangs in her vein and cock in her underage body, the man wanted to use Val to make a profit.  He sold use of her body to any vampire who could pay him.  Dozens of vampires fed on Val for years.  It was one day, when Val was 17, that she broke free.  She ran like hell and didn’t stop running.  

But she knew things that most humans didn’t.  There were monsters and humans were oblivious to their existence.  She learned how to fight and she started to hunt the monsters.  Along the way, she met other hunters like her and she killed dozens upon dozens of monsters.  

One of the monsters, Nikolas, knocked her unconscious during their fight.  When she came to, she was in a wooden box and she was buried alive.  It was because of this event that Val has a strong phobia of small places and darkness.  She had to claw her way out of the wooden coffin and through the dirt to the surface.  She went after Nikolas and this time she killed him.  She cut off his head and put it on a spike and left the vampire to meet the dawn.  

Val followed a dangerous werewolf to London, and found herself smack dab in the middle of the supernatural uprising.  

Muse’s Personality:

Val is a fairly dominant omega.  She has lived most of her life as an independent, headstrong woman who took care of herself and didn’t take shit from anyone.  She promised herself she would never be a slave to anyone again, and now that she’s been bitten and enslaved as an omega, she’s feeling like a caged tiger, pacing and biding her time until she can rip somebody’s throat out.  Val is dangerous.  She doesn’t seem like it because she’s so petite and pretty, but she can be a fierce fighter and a ruthless killer.  She saw the world in shades of black and white.  But now she’s starting to realize that it’s all grey.  All of that being said, if she considers you a friend or family, she is loyal and protective. She uses sarcasm and wit like weapons and armor, but deep down inside she’s more insecure than she lets on.  Can somebody say abandonment issues?


Ryan Watson- Twin Brother

Jamie Hayes- Bane of her Existance

Ashton Stark- She met him when he was on the war path against vampires and other supernaturals and they fought together a time or two.  She ignored the fact that he was a vampire because he was killing other monsters.

Richard Hardy- The two hunters have crossed paths on hunts before, they are on amicable terms.  Val considers Richard a friend.

Veronica Moscowitz- Met her through Jamie and considers her an ally.  

Unfortunately this muse is - TAKEN

FC: Colin O’Donoghue

Muse’s Sexuality: Homosexual

Muse’s Kinks: Dominating, giving/receiving oral,  outdoor/semi-public sex

Muse’s Hard Limits: Scat/gore, pet play/humiliation, scarring/mutilation


Ciaran O’Bryan was no stranger to keeping secrets. Born into wealth in 1810 in County Glaway Ireland, he was the oldest of four children born to a banker father and his homemaker wife. On the outside, his parents, Molly and Liam, and their children Ciaran, Colm, Siobhan, and Bridget, were the perfect family. But on the inside, life was quite different. Liam was a raging alcoholic, and dishonest in the dealings that brought his family their fortune. Which, of course, was quickly dwindling, due to he and Molly’s outrageous spending.

By the time the Famine hit at it’s hardest in 1840, Ciaran, thirty at the time, was living a few counties away on his own. He’d make a modest life for himself as the owner of a small pub. He was single, always having been the philandering sort that never settled down. And even in a time of crisis, people always seemed to have the time and money for a good ale. So he managed to keep enough money for proper food and medical care. His family wasn’t so lucky. Their funds had been diminished to nothing at that point, leaving them vulnerable to the famine.  After an urgent telegram from his youngest sister Bridget, only fourteen, he returned home to try and help. But it was too late. By the time he arrived, his mother, father, brother and eldest sister were dead from the disease and starvation that the famine brought. The medication and food that he had brought did nothing to help Bridget, who died the following morning.

Grief and guilt stricken, Ciaran rode into the next county to try and find a priest to bless his home and deceased family. Unsuccessful, he came home to a sight that changed his life forever. A pack of massive, unearthly looking wolves were feeding on the remains of his family.  Grabbing a shotgun, he tried to chase them off but was struck down and bit instead.  Waking up disoriented but otherwise uninjured the next morning, he buried his family and left for his own home, shrugging off his bite mark as a result from the altercation with what he thought were regular wild wolves. It was only during the next full moon that he discovered what he really was. Once word hit about an uprising, Ciaran finally stopped his aimless wanderings, heading to London to see if he could lend a helping hand.

Muse’s Personality:

As the only surviving member of his family, Ciaran suffers from survivor’s guilt. He’s always felt that he should have stayed with his family and helped, instead of leaving. That maybe his family would have survived if he’d been there. He has a heart of gold and will do anything to help others, but is also a sometimes cold man, very difficult to get closed to. Once you gain his trust and favor though, you’ll have it forever.


Jake Rogers- First week Omega.

Unfortunately this muse is - TAKEN

FC: Lily Collins

Muse’s Sexuality: Demisexual

Muse’s Kinks: Daddy Kink, Humiliation, Dirty Talking, Public Sex, Spanking, Pain, Rope Play, Bondage, Consensual Non-Consent.

Muse’s Hard Limits: Undiscovered.


Sophia Elizabeth Teller was born 6 week premature in San Francisco General Hospital to a junkie mother and an absent father. By the time that she was three years old, Child Protective Services had been called on her mother and the young girl was placed in foster care. Just until her mother was well they said. So, Sophie waited a week, then the week turned into a month, the month turned into a year and the little girl realized that her mother was never going to come for her. The little girl was sad but she soldiered on like a true survivor would. Year after year, Sophie got passed around from home to home. Some of the homes were nice and clean, but most of them just wanted the check from the state.

When she was 12 years old she ended up in an extremely abusive foster home. The mother would stand back as the father would beat the children black and blue any time they upset him in any way. She would always try to protect the smaller ones by using her body as a shield which is how she got the scars on her back. From the father’s belt. None of them lasted long in that home. But then it was just on to another home where she never knew what was going to happen next. Sometimes it was nice to stay in the abusive homes, because then she could at least predict what was going to happen. In a nice home it was always like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In school, Sophie always tried her best to do well and keep under the radar. She wasn’t popular, she wasn’t an outcast, no one knew her name and she like it that way. In high school she ignored the general population in favor of her books and a job at any place that she could get. But all of the moving around brought down her average enough that she couldn’t get into any colleges after high school. However, she had saved up enough to get a one way ticket to London, England. Once she arrived in London though she realized how hard it was to start over. In the first two weeks after she arrived, Sophie had been robbed at knifepoint and even got a scar on her neck as a souvenir. After that she realized how important it was to hide just what she was and how vulnerable she was on the streets. Sophie Teller turned into Teller the Street Rat.

For five long years Sophie had been hiding her identity and living on the streets just barely surviving.  When the humans started to be rounded up, the young girl had known that it would be stupid to try and run from whatever these people were. All that she could hope for was that no one would notice who she really was or just how scared she was beneath a tough exterior.


Sophie is a survivor. Above all else that is what everyone should know about her. From the moment that she was born she had been dealt a bad hand and that only made her realize that she was the only person she could depend on. She lashes out whenever she feels most vulnerable and she tends to try avoiding an big conflict. Despite her need for independence, or her inability to deal with her strong emotions, all Sophie has ever secretly wanted was to belong to someone and to be loved. Since the moment she knew that she didn’t like her surroundings she had learned to escape any place that tried to hold her. Because of this she learned that bad behavior was the only way to ever get attention.


Calhoun MacAlister; Mate

Unfortunately this muse is - TAKEN