at&t mobile phones

Really fucked off with my friend who is almost and hour and half late to come pick me up.

He is a nightmare, I know he is always late but this is ridiculous and what makes it worse is he doesn’t have a mobile phone cos he lost it and hasn’t replaced it.

So I’m just pacing the house annoyed that I am wasting my day

And There She was - Chapter 1

A/N All credit to @nicknchris09 for the title of the story. She has titled my first story as well, I’m yet to fix it up.
I hope you all enjoy the first chapter. You will probably notice there isn’t any use of mobile phones for the first few chapters. For something different I wanted to bring back those times for a while. I personally loved those days!
Let me know what you think!

Seth’s POV
All through the last year of high school, I had a huge crush on a girl, her name Charlotte Evans, everyone called her Charlie for short. She wasn’t interested in a guy like me, I don’t exactly have sex appeal. I’m a nerd, I’m still a virgin for Christ’s sake!
My group of friends were nerds just like me. Her group of friends were cheerleaders. She told me she hated cheerleading. She loved dancing, all styles. She got accepted into a dance academy.
Charlie was different to her friends, she actually would go out of her way to talk to me. Her friends would give her shit for it, she would tell them outright to fuck off.
Charlie never knew I had a crush on her. I never had the guts to do anything about it.
After high school graduation, I never had anymore contact with her. I missed her. I regret not having the courage to tell her how I felt.
I have just completed my first year of college, I am back home for the break. I am with my friends at a mini high school reunion, we are the ones not getting drunk, talking about star wars and other nerdy stuff.
I see Charlie’s friends, then I see her! I wasn’t expecting to see her. She hasn’t seen me, I wasn’t going to go up to her, especially with her friends there. I was just hoping she would see me.
My friends were trying to convince me to go up to her, if she was by herself, I would have.
The sun is going down, just as I’m about to leave with my friends. My eyes get covered by a pair of hands. I hear a voice “Guess who”

I guess “Charlie?”

The hands come off my eyes, I turn around and she’s standing there. She still looks amazing.
Her friends are nearby telling her “Hurry up, we have better things to do”

Her response surprises me “I’m staying”

I look at her in complete shock

She says to me showing that gorgeous smile “I hope you don’t mind”

I stutter a little but eventually get out “Of course not”

Charlie’s POV
I was a new student in the school for the last year of high school. I’m born and raised in Australia. My parents moved to America for me. I wanted all along to get a scholarship into a dance academy, they fully supported me. If I didn’t have an Australian accent, I don’t think I would have the friends I do. They are great friends, I love them to pieces, they tend to be a bit shallow, not towards me, to others who they consider “not cool” I hated that. I never hesitated to tell them that. They didn’t care.
This guy Seth MacFarlane had the locker next to mine. I would always say “Hello” to him first , he would always reply “Hello” but he was really shy. He would never say “Hello” first.
As the months went on he became more comfortable, he would actually stick around long enough to have a conversation with me!
My friends always gave me shit when I talked to him, regardless if he could hear them or not. I think he appreciated me telling them where to go.
He was down to earth and genuine. Like my friends back in Australia. I didn’t care that he was a self confessed nerd.
After high school graduation, we lost contact. I missed him.
I meet up with my friends during a small reunion.. They are all blind drunk. I am tipsy. I keep an eye out for Seth. My friends notice
Holly says “Don’t worry about him, I don’t even know why you are friends with him anyways”

I turned my back to her and roll my eyes. Just then I see him. Him and his mates are just about to leave. I walk up behind him, cover his eyes and ask him “Guess who”

He guesses right.

My friends want me to go and get drunk with them. I want to stay with Seth. I didn’t even think to ask Seth first.
I tell them “I’m staying”

That’s when I think to ask Seth. He’s ok with it.

He says to his mates “I will catch up with you tomorrow”

I give him a big hug. He’s still shy, he’s reluctant to hug me back, he hasn’t changed a bit.
After 10 minutes of catch up talk I ask him “You want to come out with me tonight?”

“Where to?” he asks me

I smile “Night clubbing”

He smiles “Not really my scene, but how do you plan on getting in? We are only 19”

I like his smile. I wish he would smile more often.
I answer his question “I know the bouncers at the night club, you don’t have to drink, I might have a couple”

He smiles again “I really don’t think we should”

“Oh come on, it will be fun!” I laugh

“I don’t know” he’s reluctant

I tell him “How about we go there, if you want to leave, all you have to do is say so”

He laughs a little “Ok” he says still hesitant.

I get excited “You will love it!”

He laughs again “I highly doubt that, but I will give it a try”

I tell him “Go home and get ready, I will meet you back here in 2 hours”

He asks “What do I wear?”

I ask him “You kidding right?”

He says “No”

I tell him “Alright, I will go to your place with you and help you pick out some clothes, then we can go to my place”

He’s turns shy again “I’ve never brought a girl home before, my parents and sister will be there”

I tell him “We are friends, just tell them that!”

He says “They won’t believe me”

I ask him “So what if they don’t?”

He blushes and says reluctantly “Ok”

We get to his front yard, he’s nervous as hell

I reassure him “It will be fine, I will have your back”

We get inside and he’s relieved that no one is home.

I follow him to his room. I look around, I think to myself, God bless him, he is a nerd! I see his drawing on his desk. They are beyond awesome!

I say to him “They are fantastic, you are really talented you know that”

He blushes and says “Thankyou”

I then go through his wardrobe. I pick out a pair of loose fitting jeans and a dark blue button up shirt.

I give them to him “Wear these”

He takes them from me and I wait outside his room while he changes. After a few minutes I ask him “Are you decent yet”

“You can come in now” he replies.

I look him up and down I say “Let me fix one thing”

I unbutton the top button of his shirt.

I then say “Next is your hair”

He smiles “My hair?”

I tell him “I’m doing your hair though”

He laughs “Are you serious right now?”

I say “Yes I am! Now look down”

I get some hair gel put a little in the palm of my hand. I run my hands together, then mess his hair up with both of my hands.

I tell him “Now look up”

I fix up a few strands of hair, then step back and have a look to make sure it’s looks good. I’m happy with it. I am proud of my efforts, he actually looks hot right now!

I tell him “Put your shoes on, we are going to my place now”

We walk inside my place my parents are home.
I casually say to them “Hey Mum, Hey Dad, this is Seth”

They say to Seth “Hello”

I grab Seth’s hand and start to lead him to my room.
Dad says “I don’t think so”

I tell Dad “He’s a friend, Dad. If he was a girl you wouldn’t question it”

Dad doesn’t say a word, he just eyes me with skepticism.

I lead Seth to my room. He sits on my bed, looks around. I have all my dance trophies on various shelves around my room.

He comments “I take it you have been dancing for a while”

I reply “Yeah, since I was 6”

I go through my wardrobe, pick out the clothes I want to wear. A pair of skinny jeans, a fitting v-neck top. It shows a bit of my belly.

I start to get undressed.
Seth gets uncomfortable “You want me to go out?”

I ask him “You aren’t taking any photos are you?”

He smiles “No”

I reply “I don’t mind then”

I am dressed now, I do my hair. I leave it out, I put on a pair of heels and I tell him “Let’s go”

I say to Mum and Dad “Bye, I love you”

Mum says “I hope Seth wasn’t in your room while you were getting changed”

As we are leaving I say “Of course not”

Once we are out the front I explain to him “Mum and Dad are still a bit protective of me”

He says “I can see that”

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T-Mobile’s latest rugged phone can record action videos with a HUD
Photo: KyoceraKyocera’s ruggedized DuraForce Pro smartphone is finally making its way to T-Mobile after being available on the other three major carriers for some time. That normally wouldn’t be news, but the smartphone is bringing a new feature with it — a heads-up display mode in the camera.The new Action Overlay mode will allow users to record video with the HUD showing a number of different data points like speed, distance traveled, G-force, altitude, elapsed time, and date stamp. … Read more

I’m starting a new job soon at a workplace that doesn’t allow mobile phones, so I bought myself a watch so I can at least avoid going mad not knowing what time it is.

This particular watch was $5.99 at Roses. It’s somewhat cheap-feeling, but it looks the part, and it feels like I’ll at least get a few months’ use out of it.

Oddly, the buttons don’t do what they’re labeled as doing. I actually had to resort to reading the badly-translated instruction sheet to figure out how to work the stopwatch function.

The story of how I don't have Verizon any more, but I do have T-Mobile

I am one of those into the new thing kind of tech people, when it comes to hardware.  I am also an apple person.  And yes, this does mean that I get the new iphone on the day it comes out.  It’s shiny and fun and exciting.  I realize all the things there are to make fun of about this, and I’m in for the laugh - I’m slightly ridiculous, but I’m *good* at my specific brand of weird.

Anyway, long story short: this morning at 6AM I was seated outside of the Verizon store in downtown Boston, with a slew of other schmucks as curious and excited as I was - freezing but content in my plans.  An hour passed, then 45 minutes on top of that and a friendly warm voice echoed out.

A number of details poured forth, among them “If you are not eligible for an upgrade, this is not the place you want to be! We can not sell you an iPhone today, you’ll have to wait until after the chaos!”  A record scratched in my mind and I looked at him as if he was made of badgers - which is to say with extreme confusion.

Waiting patiently for him to get to me, we had the following exchange:

THP: “Hi!  I’m sorry, you said you couldn’t sell phones to people without upgrades today?  I don’t have an upgrade but was coming here with the intention of paying retail price for the phone.”

Verizon Guy: “Oh, I’m sorry Sir we can’t sell it to you at full price today, you can only buy it at the upgrade price, with an upgrade.”

THP: “Surely there must be some way for you to take my money in exchange for this device”

VG: “No, I’m sorry, Sir we only have a very limited number of phones today, and there are so many people here so we can only sell them to people with upgrades”

THP: ” I am confused. I am here, and I am a person.  And I am a person trying to give your company money.  So… you don’t want my money?”

VG: “I’m sorry Sir, we have a limited number of…”

THP: “So there is NO way for me to buy this product from you.”

VG: “No, sorry.”

THP: “Okay.  You realize T-Mobile *points across street* buys out unfinished contracts, right?”

VG: “I do, Sir.”

THP: “Okay. I know this isn’t your call, but if you get a chance, tell someone higher up that this why there was a cancellation today.”

At which point I walked over to the T-Mobile and was helped by two incredibly friendly salespeople.  Honestly the best possible option.  They paid for my unfinished contract with Verizon, gave me a great price on my phone, gave me a cheaper plan that I had with Verizon on NO contract, and did it all with a smile. Oh, and they, you know- sold me a product.

I guess the moral is: If you sell something, let people buy it.  Especially if they’re willing to give you more money.

i could make a really long caption about this so let’s keep it short - 

one of the best days of my life!