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Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits

In which the reader and Jughead develop a strange dynamic.

A/N: My second fic and it’s awful, I thought practice made perfect? Apparently not but it doesn’t matter because I’m posting it anyways.

Warnings: Language, kissing and smoking (don’t do it kids it’s bad for you)

You were the new girl in town, the new addition to the river vixens and with an ass that made the entire football team want you and sass that made jaws drop. Jughead was the dark, brooding loner kid with more baggage than an airport and sarcasm that got him a one-way ticket to a black eye. Your paths could never intertwine, it was the rule and yet somehow you had both found yourselves wondering around the derelict building-site that was now The Twilight Drive-in. You casually leant against the scaffolding, a cigarette between your fingers and thick smoke escaping from your plump parted lips, unaware that somebody else was lurking around too.  

“That’ll kill you y’know,” a husky male voice came from behind you but you didn’t turn your head, simply rolled your eyes and continued to smoke leisurely.

“Wow, really? I had no idea, thanks random stranger now that you’ve told me that I’ll quit immediately,” you replied with sickly sweet sarcasm. The mysterious voice let out a low chuckle and the body to which it belonged stepped in front on you, illuminated by the lit end of the cigarette now between your lips. The boy stuck out his hand and introduced himself as “Jughead Pendleton Jones the Third” to which you scoffed but shook his hand nevertheless. You vaguely recognised him from the school hallways and from your English class.

“Do you have a name?” he asked.

“No,” you answered peering up at his tall frame but he just narrowed his eyes and glared back at you expectantly. “(Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Well (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N) what are you doing here at two o’clock in the morning? Other than filling your lungs with tar that is.”

“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d come and explore this part of town,” you strode up to him and folded your arms across your chest in annoyance, tilting your head at an impossible angle so that you could glare back at him.

“I hope you’re aware that there is a killer on the loose, this is a rough part of town princess and that sarcasm can’t save you from a bullet,” he said in a hushed tone.

“I’m aware of that but I can take care of myself thanks!” you spat.

“I seriously doubt that.”


“You’re like three feet tall.”

You huffed and rolled your eyes again but couldn’t help your lips from curling into a small smirk. And then you realised the hypocrisy of the lean, beanie-clad boy before you.

“Hey, what are you doing here at two o’clock in the morning? For all I know you’re the killer in question,” you asked furrowing your brows and poking him in the chest with a perfectly manicured nail.

It was his turn to smirk and he told you that you were right, he could be the killer but he promised you that he wasn’t. you held out your pinkie and told him to pinkie promise that he wasn’t and he simply linked his pinkie with yours in response. You smiled widely.

“So Jughead Pendleton Jones the Third,” you mimicked his voice when you said his name and you could have sworn that he almost smiled, “what’s with the crown beanie and the whole angsty look?”

“I won’t be judged on my appearance by the girl in an oversized hoodie, no pants and…ugg boots.” He retorted with a breathy laugh.

“Hey these are my pyjamas, not my everyday attire. If you see me in school, I’ll be wearing heels and skirts and crop tops thank you very much!” you shrieked and flipped your hair. You continued to bicker and chat with him until you had reached the end of your smoke. You threw the butt on the ground and stepped on it before turning to leave. As you walked away from him you briefly turned your head to mutter a quick “see ya” only to see him jogging to catch up with you.

“Stalking me now Jones?”

“Like I said (Y/L/N) there’s a killer on the loose, I can’t let an unarmed dwarf wander the streets all by herself, now can I?”

You huffed but allowed him to walk beside you to your suburban home. Once you reached your driveway, you beckoned Jughead to follow you around to the side of your house. Confused, he followed you.

“Give me a leg-up?” you asked him, doe eyes silently pleading. He simply rolled his eyes but kneeled down and clasped his hands together nevertheless. You quietly squealed in delight and stepped onto his hands, hoisting yourself up onto the flat roof of your garage. From there you tiptoed over to your window and slid up your window. Just before clambering inside you turned back to your new friend.

“Thanks, see you around Jughead,” and with that you climbed through the opening and closed the window.

Jughead watched as you clambered into your bed and snuggled down. He began to walk away with a smile on his face paired with the strong feeling that you would not in fact see him around. You were from a different world, a world with a best friend named Cheryl Blossom and Reggie Mantle and the like hot on your heels.

The following day at school, as you were talking to Reggie, you noticed Jughead stood by the lockers talking to a ginger haired jock and two of your fellow Vixens; one with short dark hair and the other with a tight blonde ponytail. You caught his eye and shot him a wave to which he swallowed dryly and shook his head slightly. You furrowed your brows and turned back to Reggie, confused and annoyed that he seemed like he didn’t want to know you. That is why you were so surprised when that night, as you climbed out of your window and off of your roof, you were met with a nonchalantly awaiting Jughead.  

“Oh, so you won’t acknowledge me at school but you think its okay to turn up at my house in the middle of the night?” you were royally miffed.

“Yeah…no princess, I will accompany you to and from the drive-in so that you don’t get murdered. If I didn’t I would be a total ass. But other than that we don’t know each other, people like you and people like me don’t fraternise in the real world.”

“So this, right now isn’t the real world Jughead?”


“Okay then…did you just come here to argue with me or are you going to walk me.”

He didn’t answer, he just started to walk and you followed. Over the next few weeks this continues. Every night at two o’clock you would meet Jughead outside your house and you would walk. Sometimes to the drive-in and sometimes just around town, exploring. He would talk and you would smoke and then you would go home. You liked his company, his wit and his sarcasm and he loved your fiery nature and flirtatious gestures, he adored the way that you were always completely confident in yourself. Despite this, at school, he would ignore you and you would reluctantly do the same. Neither of you realised that you both stole secretive glances at each other.

It was five minutes until the vixens were due to perform with The Pussycats and Josie’s voice had completely gone. In its place was a scratchy whisper, courtesy of a throat infection. Cheryl was freaking out. Who was going to sing? How would we perform without a singer to sing our song? How will Valerie and the drummer do it without a lead singer? Then the redheaded girl snapped her head to face you, the memory of you drunkenly singing at one of her infamous soirees suddenly invading her thoughts.

“(Y/N) you have to go up there!”

“…and say what exactly Cher?”

“Not say, sing, you know the song, we’ve been practicing it for the routines.”

“I can’t what about Josie, what about the routine?”

“Can you not sing and dance?”

“…yeah  okay…but what about Josie….”you were cut off by the pussycat herself.

“Oh hunny you’d be doing me a favour, I don’t wanna be known as the leader of a group that lets people down now can I?”

“Okay fine, I’ll do it but if I flop then don’t blame me, I’m not a singer.”

Cheryl beamed and ushered you onto the stage at the edge of the football field, following closely behind. She scurried over to the mayor, whispering something in her ear and pointing over to Josie who was desperately slurping at a bottle of foul-smelling cough syrup. The mayor nodded, sighed and then plastered a smile on her face before stepping towards the microphone and addressing the swarms of people in the stands.

“Riverdale, a town of pep has never been a more accurate term for our wonderful town,” as she spoke the marching band paraded and Cheryl had joined the rest of the Vixens that had assembled, pom-poms at the ready. She turned around to give you an encouraging smile and then turned back to face the crowd with a pout. “I am proud introduce our very own River Vixens who will be performing with Valerie Brown, Melody Valentine and newcomer (Y/N) (Y/L/N) who will be filling in for my lovely daughter.”

After sharing some confused glances, the audience cheered and you plastered false confidence on your face before picking up the mic. The music began and you took in a deep breath preparing for your impending embarrassment.

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’m talkin’ to ya

See you standing over there with your body

You pointed your finger to the audience and wiggled it seductively before circling your hips and dropping to the ground, springing back up.

Feeling like I wanna rock with your body

And we don’t gotta think ‘bout nothin’

I’m comin’ at ya

You spotted Jughead in the crowd, he gazing at you intently and you flushed under his stare, biting your lip and tearing away so that you could continue undistracted.

'Cause I know you got a bad reputation

Doesn’t matter, 'cause you give me temptation

And we don’t gotta think 'bout nothin’

These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them no, 'cause I

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

Been tryna hide it

Baby what’s it gonna hurt if they don’t know?

Makin’ everybody think that we solo

Just as long as you know you got me

And boy I got ya

'Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil

And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble

Just as long as you know you got me


These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them no, 'cause


I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

You finished breathless and attempted to courtesy in your skimpy cheer uniform before hopping down the steps beside the stage. You ran towards Cheryl and the Bulldogs that had now run onto the field. She hugged you and squealed her praise. You spotted Jughead over her shoulder but chose to ignore him, that is what he wanted after all. As you made your way through the boys you were wolf-whistled and sloppily hugged until you felt your feet leave the ground. You squealed in confusion and shock until your captor turned you around in his arms and you were met with the face of Reggie.

“You’re one hell of a performer Dollface,” he yelled spinning you around and holding you tightly as you shrieked and laughed. You leant down and pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks Reg, now it’s your turn, go get ‘em tiger!” he hugged you once more before planting your feet on the ground, squeezing your ass cheekily and jogging off to start the game as you were left giggling at his boyish antics.

It was then that you felt the all-too-familiar craving for a cigarette so you meandered your way behind the bleachers. You fumbled with your pocket, trying to prise out your packet and lighter and not concentrating on where you were going. You bumped into something tall and dark. You looked up to find that the thing was in fact a Jughead. A very pissed off looking Jughead.

“Shit sorry Juggie!” you squealed through a giggle, still in the midst of the rush from perfroming, He just huffed out an exasperated sigh and turned to walk off. “Jug?”

No response.

“Jughead?” he continued to storm away from you. “Jughead Jones the Third don’t fucking ignore me, where are you going?”

“Sorry I forgot I had to check in with the singing dwarf” he muttered bitterly, whirling around to face your direction. Your brows furrowed and (Y/E/C) orbs widened at him in shock and confusion, clearly waiting for an answer. “Reggie, (Y/N) are you serious, why are you even talking to him let alone allowing him to touch you?”

You were silent for a moment as your anger towards the boy bubbled inside you before spilling over and scalding everything in its path. You couldn’t believe that Jughead was trying to control you like this, he wouldn’t speak to you in school so why did he get to dictate how you behaved around your friends.

“Are you fucking kidding me Jones?” you shrieked, lunging towards him and shoving your tiny palms against his slender chest. “You don’t want to know me at school and yet now you think it’s cool for you to criticise my choice in friends?”

“Hmm gee princess I thought you were smarter than that.”

“What are you talking about asshole?”

“Well I think your friend Reggie has a little more than friendship on his mind.”

“Jealousy doesn’t look good on you Jones.” You retorted, scoffing. You stood on your tiptoes and peered up at him, faces mere inches apart. He leaned impossibly closer so that your noses brushed and you could feel his hot breath on your skin. With that you pulled out a cigarette and lit it, blowing the smoke into his face and striding away defiantly leaving him stood bewildered, guilty and alone.

It was two in the morning and you were lying on your bed clad in your underwear and a large hoodie when you an incessant knocking on your curtain-covered window could be heard. Curiously you strode over and yanked open the blinds to be met with the face of a sheepish beanie-wearing boy. You rolled your eyes and exasperatedly unlatched your window and pushed it up with a huff.

“Grovelling isn’t going to work Jug just piss off,”you hissed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“(Y/N)…please…” you huffed in annoyance but made no effort to dismiss him. “Can I please come in before I fall?”


“Okay…can you come down then?”

“I don’t have any shoes.”

“I’ll carry you.”


He smirked triumphantly but immediately returned sheepish when he saw you pouting in annoyance. He clambered down and waited with open arms on the grass beside your house as you lowered yourself into his grasp. He turned you around so that your legs wrapped around his waist and he could rest your back against the wall. You huffed at the position but made no effort to move as the grass was damp and muddy.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead whispered. “I was jealous and stupid and I’m sorry. I mean, you infuriate me and you’re so fucking sexy that it’s really distracting…. up there on that stage you were incredible…and even your bad habits drive me crazy… I can’t write anything because all i can think about is your lips on mine instead of the end of a cigarette. I can’t concentrate around you and It’s driving me insane because I need you but I can’t have you.”

You bit your lip at his babbled, whispered confession, realising exactly what he meant. He liked you. You saw his eyes flit from your lips and then back and you felt butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You leaned in and brushed your nose against his, looking up at him with doe eyes and batting your thick lashes. His chest heaved against  you with each laboured breath and you brought your arms around his neck, threading your fingers through the raven hair at the nape, eliciting goosebumps on his olive skin. You became aware of the feeling of his large hands that were holding your bare thighs, fuelling the heat that was spreading over your body.

“Juggie.” you leaned in so that your lips were almost touching and he could feel your whisper tickling his cupids bow.


“I’m here, nobody else and I want you, nobody else, I have since we first met. You’re such a sarcastic ass sometimes and you’re angsty and brooding but you have the biggest heart and I love that about you. You literally met me, a virtual stranger and took it upon yourself to see that I made it safely to and from my house every night. That’s completely mental. Nobody else would do that for me, Jug.” 

“Wow Princess, you made me sound like a real catch, no wonder you’re totally in love with me.” he answered cockily, a lopsided smirk gracing his delicate features.

“Don’t flatter yourself Jones, need I remind you who it was that came here to grovel?” you replied, raising an eyebrow and mimicking his smirk then you bit your lip once more and beckoned him closer with your eyes and crashed your lips to his. He kissed back, tentatively at first until you ground your hips into his making it abundantly clear that you needed more. He gripped your thighs tighter and moaned into your mouth which allowed you to slip in your tongue. He pulled you flush against him, needing to hold you as close as possible before reluctantly pulling away.

“What about everyone else, what about school, Reggie?” he asked breathlessly, becoming serious once more so you kissed him again, tongue sliding between his lips slowly and sensually.

“They’re not here Juggie, it’s just you and me.”

A Friend For the End of the World

“You’re my favourite, you know,” Clarke whispers like a secret into his skin. It sends a shiver down his spine. There’s more than just softness there. He’s sure he hasn’t imagined that it sounds a little wanton.

Still, Bellamy tries his best to play it off. “Don’t worry,” he replies lightly, voice muffled by the pillow. “I won’t tell the other kids.”

Clarke, Bellamy, and the night before the second apocalypse.

Rated: E. WC: 5902. started as a drabble for @wellamyblake and turned into… something. So I decided to post it.

AO3 or

BTS Finding Out You Can’t Have Kids

Namjoon: You were afraid to tell him that news. Since you saw how happy he was when the both of you were talking about having a family. But he was very understanding and comfort you when you told him the news about being unable to have kids.

“Don’t cry (Y/N). It’s not something you can control.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: It broke your heart when you found out that you couldn’t have kids because you knew Taehyung adored them and wanted a huge family. Once you told him the news, he was upset but when he saw you breaking down crying he quickly went over and hugged you tightly.

“It’s ok. It’s ok we can adopt more puppies they will be our children. Don’t cry babe.”

Originally posted by bts-x

Hoseok: When you came back home from the doctor you were red eyed and Hoseok knew it was going to be bad news. In between sobs you told him about you not being able to have kids and he just hugged you tightly not saying a word. Once you had calmed down he winked at you.

“Now we don’t have to be so careful. As for having kids we can find a way, right?”

Originally posted by vubbletae

Jin: Since you were a teen you knew that you weren’t going to be able to have kids. Of course back then it wasn’t much of a big deal but now that you were hopelessly in love with your fiance, jin, it saddened you that you can’t have children with him.

“We can get pets and treat them like they were our kids. We won’t have to deal with crying in the middle of the night at least.”

Originally posted by sailor--mon

Jungkook: Having kids wasn’t something on your mind but slowly the thought of having children with Jungkook brought such joy. You knew that you weren’t able to have children it troubled you. When you spoke to him about it he’d look on the brighter side of things suggestion some options.

“A surrogate maybe? Adopting can also be an option too.”

Originally posted by jecn

Yoongi: You overheard Yoongi talk to the other members about wanting to start a family. You hadn’t told him about the high risk you had if you’d become pregnant. When you told him about knowing he wants to have kids and about your condition. He gave out an awkward chuckle when you started to tear up.

“Oh no! I meant having kids in like 5 years, plus it’s ok just being the two of us. It would be quieter don’t you think?”

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Jimin: You weren’t too sure when to tell Jimin about the situation. He’d talk about children every once in a while and you knew he was hinting about having one with you. So when you told him about being unable to have kids, you cried into his arms.

“Don’t feel bad for waiting to tell me about this. It’s not an easy topic to talk about.”

Originally posted by parkjiminz

hey yooooo i wish you a happy birthday and all the best for the rest of your life too because you deserve all the best and talking about deserving all the best i’m sorry that you get a not so great edit from me. kinda antithetic isnt it :D i had another idea but it didn’t work out so that’s all you get i’m sorry xd have a wonderful life jinny <3

AHHHH WHAT THIS IS SO CUTE ???  what do u mean not so great i’m gonna treasure this foreveR i can’t believe you took the time to make it for me!!!  i’m so touched tbh, thank you so much and thank you for sending such kind words as well!!  you’ve absolutely made my day.

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Hi, I saw you're open for fic requests. Can you write Nessian Hogwarts AU where Cassian is Gryffindor's Quidditch captain and Nesta is Slytherin's but Nesta finds out he has a huge crush on her and eventually accepts to go on a date with him?

Cassian is a nervous wreck who decides to blow off some steam on with Quidditch, but Nesta is not letting him off that easily.

Sunlight shined down on the Quidditch Training pitch.  A lone Hogwarts student flew swiftly across the length of the ground on his Firebolt broomstick. The student gripped the ebony wood with one hand while his other held a bat poised to swing. From the corner of his eye he caught sight of the incoming Bludger.

In one fluid motion the Gryffindor Captain turned his broom around and struck the Bludger in a deafening crack with his bat. His aim was perfect. Just like it always was.

But that wasn’t enough for him. He had to go above and beyond to prove to others that he wasn’t some “poor bastard” kid who had earned his Captain position through the pity of others.

Cassian would show them all that he was worthy of the title. That he was worthy of respect.

He shot forward on his broom. His agility would put most Seekers to shame as he maneuvered his broom into different twists and turns with ease before finally catching up with the bewitched Bludger. At the last second he swerved to miss the large ball before swinging his arm around with all his might to knock it back toward the chest where he kept all his other Quidditch equipment.

An exhilarated laugh couldn’t be contained as Cassian hurried after the ball on his broom before latching his arm around it with brute strength to keep it from flying off. His muscles strained underneath his red sweater, but the Bludger could not escape his grasp no matter how hard it tried to escape.

In a matter of moments Cassian sealed it away before latching the worn leather case closed. If only his emotions could be tucked away just as easily.

For years he has chased one girl who made him want to argue with her one-minute and the next he imagined pushing his lips against her own. And make their battle of tongues turn into more than an exchange of harsh words. Cassian wanted to know what his Slytherin sweetheart tasted like.

He had fallen hard for her. The only problem was that she didn’t return his feelings. Or at least it sure seemed that way.

Cassian sighed wishing that he had the balls to just ask her out without her thinking he was trying to tease her. Although his reputation had dug that hole for him.

The last time he saw Nesta was outside the Great Hall after dinner. It was the night before a match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, which meant students were in a commotion about the game.

 Crowds flocked around Cassian asking questions about his team. Belatedly he realized Nesta watched the exchanges he shared with the crowds. Most comprised of females who were more interested in Cassian than the upcoming game. Or more accurately what his plans were after the match.

 Cassian, easy smiles and a cocky attitude, bantered back with the ladies. He never got too close though. Many bed offers were made to him, but he declined all of them. There was only one person he was interested in sharing a bed with. And just as he was about to walk over to Nesta someone stepped into his path.

 And then it happened. A female student kissed Cassian right there in the crowded Great Hall. It was a sloppy kiss that lasted for mere seconds before Cassian could pry himself away from the girl’s groping hands which latched onto his Gryffindor robes. He could feel saliva on his lips and he subtly wiped it off with the back of his hand.

 At that moment his eyes found Nesta. She was staring right at him in shock that quickly morphed into disgust before leaving the Great Hall.

 That had been three days ago and still no sign of Nesta. She didn’t come to the match which she always did to watch over Elain who went to simply watch Lucien. Cassian couldn’t find her at the library and he always barely missed her when it was time for meals.

 The whole situation was a bloody mess. And Cassian didn’t know how to fix it. 

From afar another figure watched the Quidditch Captain finish his practice.

Nesta didn’t know what compelled her to come here. She didn’t care that it was a beautiful day outside even though she preferred to be inside with her books and potions. She definitely didn’t give a knut’s worth about the brutish game of Quidditch.

 But the poisonous tongued Slytherin felt drawn toward the warmth of the charming Gryffindor warrior.

 He was one year her senior, yet he acted more rambunctious than the younger students. When Nesta first met him years ago she was at her wit’s end trying to focus on schoolwork while he goofed off around her surrounded by his friends. A group she would later come to know as the Inner Circle.

 She was a fourth year student minding her own business. Reading her Astronomy book when Cassian pulled it out of her hands with interest. He read the text aloud in a high-pitched tone to mimic the Astronomy professor’s voice. Nesta might have laughed at how ridiculous he sounded except he had taken her book. A death wish for those who already knew the reputation of the steel hearted Slytherin.

“Give it back,” Nesta demanded.

“And what would you give for it,” fifth year Cassian waggled his brows. A move that almost always got the ladies swooning.

“How about a hex so terrible you’ll never be able to use your favorite part again,” Nesta glanced at his crotch making it clear as to which part of his anatomy she meant.

“Don’t worry I can always use other parts so you won’t go unsatisfied,” Cassian winked.

“You’re disgusting,” Nesta reached for her book, but Cassian, who was too tall for any normal wizard his age, kept the book out of her grasp. Her hands barely even reached his face let alone the length of his arm that was held high above her. Keeping her precious book so close and yet so far.

“Come on sweetheart,” Cassian teased, but a tiny flicker of hope gleamed in his eyes. He wanted her to play with him. “How about a kiss and we’ll call it a trade?”

Nesta saw red. It became her fuel to ignite the fury inside. Her fingers moved to splay across his cheeks to pull his face closer.

Cassian was shocked into silence. He always knew there was an untamed spirit underneath those cool outer Slytherin scales Nesta wore. His victorious smile at having finally seen that passion unleashed was too difficult to contain.

But Nesta took it as further incentive to put this lion in his place. And without hesitation she rammed her knee right into his manhood.

Cassian collapsed in a heap right there in the courtyard. Nesta snatched her book from his hand and took off like a bat out hell. She ignored the laughter from the other students as she ran back to the common room.

With wheezing breaths Cassian looked up and just caught the tail end sight of Nesta’s robes fleeing around the corner. Rhysand and Azriel helped him up even though they struggled to do so through their laughing fits. Even Amren and More were giggling nearby.

But Cassian didn’t pay attention to them. Instead all he could think about was the Slytherin who beat the Gryffindor at his own game. Except he would later realize this wasn’t a game anymore. He was slowing falling for Nesta Archeron.

Now as a sixth year Nesta couldn’t help, but wonder if that was the moment Cassian had developed a crush for her. Or maybe it was one of the times he tried to sit with her in the Great Hall, or catch her in the library. Maybe it was when he would blow kisses to her every Quidditch game he was in or loudly proclaim that each hit he took during the game was nothing compared to Nesta crushing his heart everyday when she would ignore his flirtations.

Of course Nesta always thought this was an act. That all of his little remarks and actions were falsehoods. A lion toying with the snake.

And so Nesta would bear her fangs each time to ward him off. But he always kept coming back.  More determined than ever much to Nesta’s bewilderment. Usually people would stay clear of her, yet Cassian actively sought her out.

It wasn’t until Feyre, Nesta’s youngest sister, ended up telling her the truth that Nesta understood Cassian’s intention. He loved her.

Feyre explained that Cassian was nervous to directly ask her out, because he wasn’t sure if Nesta was ready. It was well known that her last boyfriend didn’t go over well. And Nesta always had a sneaking suspicion that Cassian was involved with Thomas being sent to Nurse Pomfrey’s office soon after it was revealed that Thomas tried to hurt Nesta.

So here she stood debating her next actions to take regarding the Gryffindor whose heart rested in her hands. But for some time now he had taken hers as well. Nesta only realized it until now when Feyre gave her the last nudge it took to summon her courage to face an unknown future.

Determination pulled her forward to stride onto the pitch. Her steps were even until Cassian looked up to see who approached. For a brief second her footsteps faltered, before she smoothly recovered.

Nesta looked at him closely as she closed the distance between them. He had barely broken a sweat during practice. A testament to his stamina and strength beneath those muscles. His hair was a long dark wild mess with strands falling out of the small bun tied with a leather band. Nesta wondered how he would look with his hair completely loose with sweat running down the planes of his back as he stretched after a match.

Quickly Nesta banished those thoughts away when she noticed Cassian was striding toward her with his broom.

“Nesta? What are you doing here?” Cassian questioned when he stopped in front of her. His hazel eyes searched the depths of her blue grey gaze that stared up at him with a raised brow.

“I had to come find you,” Nesta crossed her arms. “You’ve caused me a lot of trouble I hope you know. Abandoning my studies to search for you only to find that you’re still moping around.”

Cassian blinked once. Twice. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t act nonchalant,” Nesta turned her head to look back toward the castle. Avoiding his eyes that could easily see inside her soul. “Why did you never come find me after dinner?”

“Dinner?” It took Cassian a moment to realize what she meant. “Oh. You mean that.” Nervously he scratched the back of his head. Searching for the words he had been prepared to say, but now didn’t seem to be good enough.

“Yes. That.” Nesta tapped a finger on her arm. Waiting to see what his next move would be.

Silence greeted her as Cassian tried to find the correct words to say. Anything to convey how he felt.

“I’m waiting Cassian,” Nesta smiled. Not one of those vicious smiles meant to taunt, but it was something else entirely. The corner of her mouth lifted invitingly.

Seeing that smile sparked a fire in Cassian.

“What happened in the Great Hall wasn’t my intention,” Cassian said. He had to explain and let Nesta decide what to do with the information. He wanted her to at least know that. “I never wanted to kiss that girl. In fact there’s only one girl I want.”

“Really?” Nesta arched a brow. “Then why haven’t you told her so? Whatever happened to Gryffindor bravery?”

Cassian stepped closer. “Being brave isn’t everything Nesta.” Another step. “Sometimes you need to bide your time and be cunning in your advances.” Another step. Cassian stood so close that Nesta could easily reach out to him and touch his chest.

“Cunning you say?” Nesta pondered the thought. “I don’t think that suits you Cassian.”

“Maybe not,” Cassian shrugged. “But I suppose I can leave that skill to the girl I love.” His fingers gently ran across the back of Nesta’s hand.

“Say it,” Nesta whispered in the breeze that blew her golden brown hair across her face.

Cassian raised his hand to push the strands behind Nesta’s ears. His touch was warm and his hazel eyes burned as he looked deeply into her blue grey eyes.

“I love you Nesta,” Cassian admitted. “And I would be honored if you would join me for dinner tonight.”

Nesta leaned up with a hand splayed above his heart to balance her. She could feel his galloping heart beat underneath her fingers. Her lips pressed against his cheek in a chaste kiss.

“I was wondering when you would ask,” Nesta whispered with a smile against his ear.

6187. Aqualad just can't take the Percy Jackson fandom seriously. Maybe it's because he knows that the God of the seas got a vasectomy many hundreds of years ago, or maybe it's because if Poseidon did have a son in modern times, he wouldn't give the poor kid a dorky name like "Percy". Either way, he can't help but giggle to himself any time he sees one of those books.

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So, totally wasn’t kidding when I said I tripped on my way into the restaurant for lunch. Gave my husband a purple nurple when reaching out and grabbing ANYTHING to keep from falling! Lol.

Did some shopping and stuff, got home and my ankle blew up! Now I’m sitting here on ice wondering if that margarita was worth it.

(It totally was)

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Hunter seem to steal I mean adopt a lot of kids doesn't he?

Yeah. That’s his and his bae thing. I stoped counting but he got a lot of those.

We can’t help it, you guys are so precious sometimes.

Nct 127+Hansol,Ten's reaction to their s/o not wanting kids

excluding Haechan & Mark

Request: Hello lovely! Could I request a reaction from NCT 127+Ten and Hansol where you tell them that you definitely don’t want kids in the future? Like you want to let them know so they know what they are committing themselves to at the moment (like when talking about the future, marriage, or fears etc)

A/N: i left the younger members out because i feel it’s still quite young, i hope you don’t mind! these are so different compared to my usual reactions tbh haha



I feel like Taeil would be surprised and a little disappointed at first, but as time goes by he’d respect your decision, as all he wants is to be happy with you. But still, he holds on to the smallest hope that you might change your mind one day, as he brings it up occasionally time to time, but tries not to, as he knows how sensitive you are to this topic, and all he wants is you to be happy.

“Look at them playing, they’re so cute”

“Yeah they are”

“It’d be cute if we had our own in the future- oh i’m sorry”

“oh nah, it’s okay”

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When you first told him, he’d be speechless and unsure of what to say and do, mainly because he never actually thought about it yet- he just knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He’s pretty chill about it and has no objections, and you like that he doesn’t mind at all, as knows that it’d be the best for both you and him in the future.

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He probably thought that you were joking at first, as he’d seen how you interacted with kids and thought that you liked them- which came to him as a shock when you told him your choice. He’d ask you many questions and try to convince you, but gives up in the end when he knows it’s not going to change your mind. Nonetheless, he still treats you normally and isn’t very affected, because his main priority is to be with you, and he feels that having kids are not as important as for now.

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Would be in a state of confusion and disappointment, but doesn’t show it too obviously, mainly because he had already visualise his future with you- starting a family together and having kids had always been a dream. He tries his best to convince you from time to time but still respects your decision, not pushing his mindset against yours, as he knows it may cause unnecessary conflicts. As time goes by he starts to realise that it is not as important too, so he tries to get his mind off the matter, and fully focus on spending quality time with you.

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I feel like he’d get a little pissed over this matter, as he feels that you’re not thinking for him, and only caring about yourself. Because of this, y'all had a small conflict and stopped talking for a few days. Just when you thought everything was going to end between the both you, he appeared at your apartment and apologised, explaining his reasons and saying that he fully supports your decision, as he’d rather let that go than let you go. From then on, y'all hardly ever brought the matter up but he knew what you wanted and was willing to go with it.

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A mixture of Yuta & Taeyong, he’d be a bit confused and disappointed at first, then slowly becoming annoyed and irritated, but he tries not to lose his cool. He then requests for you to give him some time to think it through, where he eventually learnt to not take things too seriously and agree with you, because he doesn’t want to give up his source of happiness for something that was a choice. Although he still brings up the matter of kids and children from time to time, he makes sure it doesn’t affect you in any way, as he knows it may cause misunderstandings.

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Like Johnny, he probably also thought that it was a prank/joke, not taking it too seriously. But after repeating yourself many times and confirming that it was what you really wanted, he hugged you immediately and assured you that he didn’t mind, as all he wanted to do was to be with you. Even though sometimes you feel bad because you’d notice how his eyes would always lit up when there are kids around, and that small little smile he’d always give when they play with him. But being the sweet person he is he doesn’t say anything and goes with whatever you say, as all he wants is for the both of you to be happy.

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Being the positive and optimistic guy he is, Jaehyun wouldn’t be too bothered by it and is also really chill towards this matter. He feels that it shouldn’t matter at all because what’s important is that the both of you are and always will be in a healthy relationship, and feels that what happens in the future should just come naturally and not be forced. You’re glad that he’s this positive and open minded, and you’re grateful that he doesn’t say much about it too.

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Like Hansol, he’d be very confused and shocked at how you suddenly told him that matter, and would have nothing to say towards it as he’s just too in shock. But eventually after he takes in everything, he assures you that he doesn’t mind at all and would respect any of your decisions, because he understands that it may be hard for you in the future. So he tries to avoid talking about this matter and just keeps quiet about everything.

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duchessofostergotlands replied to your post: ((OK but how cute would it be for Madde and Chris…

If this did happen they should be out of the line of succession. Although the SRF have already bent the rules for them…

I mean I was just thinking about how cute that would be, it would be nice to see George and Charlotte grow up to have a close relationship with some international royals, but I do think in terms of what is actually more likely, they’ll probably be sent to a Swedish School in London or some other international school. I honestly don’t think they’ll be kicked out of the succession, I think it’s more likely that their future kids won’t be given succession rights if they don’t live in Sweden, the line is pretty secure now, and by that point Victoria (or even Estelle) will be monarch so L & N’s kids won’t be as closely related to the monarchy and L/N are themselves

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Mark + 37??

37. “Welcome to fatherhood.”

“Welcome to fatherhood, Mark.”

Mark glares at you from where he’s knelt next to Jisung, wrapping his calf in gauze from a cut he had just earned after jumping off a swing.

“Don’t ever say that again, Y/N. I don’t want to be a father until I’m like, forty.”

“Isn’t that kind of old, hyung?” Jisung asks.

“Yeah, way too old. I don’t want kids when I’m forty.”

“…are we going to have kids together?” Mark asks. He stares up at you in confusion, and you laugh.

“Duh, Mark. Who else would you have kids with?”

“We’re not even dating though?”

“Oh. Right. Mark you wanna be my boyfriend?”

“Yes? I guess?”

“You guess?”

“It was sudden so I don’t know!”

“Wow. Now he doesn’t know. Good choice in boyfriend, Y/N.”

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never trust a male middle school teacher who has a "creepy" reputation among the kids. for the most part, kids don't make this shit up for no reason. i am amazed that guy still works there

tw: pedophilia

If this is the same anon as the other school related asks, it is 100% time to tell other adults, especially women, and call the authorities.