FCC To Ensure That AT&T's Illegal Data Throttling Comes Back To Bite Them

FCC To Ensure That AT&T’s Illegal Data Throttling Comes Back To Bite Them

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to fine AT&T over their practice of throttling broadband speeds for customers who use high amounts of data. The problem is not that they do that, but that customers purchase what they believe are unlimited data plans, only to see their speeds slowed down significantly after they use a certain amount of data each month. Those slow speeds…

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Customers Free To Choose Cell Carrier With Unanimous Senate Vote

Customers Free To Choose Cell Carrier With Unanimous Senate Vote

Unlock your phones! And choose any carrier you want. Finally! The House approved a bill making it law that the carriers must unlock your cell phones, and last night the Senate passed it – unanimously! Imagine that. Now all that is left is for Congress to synch up the two versions and then for President Obama to put his John Hancock on the law.

Not only that, but the Library of Congress has to,


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AT&T National Commercial Casting Call in Austin, Texas

AT&T National Commercial Casting Call in Austin, Texas

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AT&T is filming a national commercial in Austin, Texas and is looking to hire extras to work on the upcoming production.

Beth Sepko Casting posted a casting call looking for men and women of all ethnicities ages 18 and older to work on a commercial filming in Austin, Texas. Producers are looking for people that are hip and cool and not “granola/casual”. Think sophisticated but not stuffy.


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Gamestop Expands By Closing 120 Stores In 2014

Major video game retailer Gamestop has big plans for 2014. A household name in any gamer’s home, and with 6,457 stores worldwide, Gamestop has more than just a foothold in the video game market. The question then, is why is Gamestop, a veritable giant in the gaming market, closing roughly 120 of its stores this year?

Simply put, Gamestop is expanding beyond video games. The company has a strategy in place to strengthen its already growing hold on the world of mobile devices with the expansion of three storefronts. The plan, dubbed by Gamestop CEO Paul Raines as “Gamestop 3.0”, is to diversify the company’s business practices by opening more of its Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores, along with its lesser known mobile outlet, Cricket. By closing 120 stores, and with the assistance of both AT&T and Apple, Gamestop aims to open a whopping 300 to 400 of these technology- focused stores in the coming years.
Spring Mobile currently has 164 stores bearing the name, and under the “Gamestop 3.0” business model there are plans to open 200 to 250 more. A wireless retailer, Spring Mobile aims to develop further by consolidating smaller, individually owned AT&T retailers across the country. Cricket is also a wireless AT&T retailer, but is much younger than Spring Mobile. Still, despite having only been around for a meager 4 months, the brand has 31 stores with hopes of opening 100 more. The third brand, Simply Mac, currently has 23 stores open and will have anywhere from 20 to 25 more under its moniker in the coming year.

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While Gamestop might be branching out its business model to include a wide breadth of technologies, it is still a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. This new business model is simply putting into practice something Gamestop has been doing for years. Raines has stated that “The buy/sell/trade model has potential applications for all of these markets. We were early on in seeing the potential for buy/sell/trade of phones and tablets and have by far the largest in-store presence in this category, and we expect to grow with the market.”

Gamestop Expands By Closing 120 Stores In 2014 was originally published on Gamefixt

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Popular tech magazine PCMag, with the help of their survey respondents, had chosen the winners for this year’s Readers’ Choice Award among smartphone brands and platforms. Nokia’s Lumia smartphone received an award from them for their satisfaction rating in two mobile carriers. However, Microsoft’s Windows Phone was not victorious unlike the last two years, despite the high overall score way past Google’s Android. What happened, then? Let’s hear what PCMag has to say.


AT&T is the prime vendor of Lumia smartphone (Nokia Windows Phone) in the US today, so we are not surprised that the handsets received the highest overall satisfaction rating compared to competitor brands. Even though they fell a bit short from their rating last year (from 9.2 to 8.9), but respondents provided good ratings all the same, particularly in areas of satisfaction with work email and other work-related communications. Nokia Windows Phone also received high marks for satisfaction in text and picture messaging (9.4), camera (9.3), and shooting videos. These good ratings brought victory to the Finnish company as they won the Readers’ Choice Award for the second time.

 In Verizon, it was a three way tie between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with the rating of 8.6. However, WP users are very happy and satisfied with their smartphones, taking note of the great cameras and messaging service available in Nokia Windows Phone.

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If we look into the score charts from PCMag, we can see that WP placed second in the platform wars for this year. However, since they added a question to survey, which concerns recommendation of the OS to friends or colleagues, the results had affected WP’s ranking. Based on their survey, the respondents with WP were slightly less likely to recommend the platform to others. In the end, the award was given to iOS and Android, who had higher scores in recommendation.


For the good news, no doubt many users are satisfied with what Nokia can offer thru the Lumia smartphones. After all, Lumia is not just built to be an enterprise phone – it has a wide variety of services, including the apps that Nokia actually created, that is valuable to any type of consumers: parents, grandparents, even teens, and children! Combined with the good service from AT&T, Nokia Lumia smartphones are the best contract phones for today’s and tomorrow’s generation! Congratulations to Nokia!

Windows Phone, sadly, still suffers from the misconception that it is not a very good OS, mainly in terms of apps and games portfolio. This factor may have affected the survey, as users are still in not that confident to recommend WP to their friends, despite the good experience it provided them. But if only consumers will try WP (especially when Blue update is launched and the WP Store now teeming with apps), they’ll know that they can even get more from Microsoft’s mobile platform compared to iOS and Android, particularly in terms of functionality and usefulness in daily tasks at home, work, and school. WP will get that award next time, I’m sure of it – being recognized way above Android in the overall scores is a good start, that’s for sure!


Nokia Lumia Grabs PCMag Reader’s Choice Awards in AT&T and Verizon! Popular tech magazine PCMag, with the help of their survey respondents, had chosen the winners for this year’s…
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