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RFA comforting MC when MC feels neglected

(A/N: This is meant to be headcanons but like, it’s really long. So, it’s more like mini-fics, lol. ^^ Nevertheless, happy reading and enjoy!) 


Yoosung was the type of person who always kept himself busy. When there was nothing, he preoccupied his time by gaming. But now, he spent his time studying and working hard at University to do his best; if not for himself, then you. While you felt proud of him growing up so much in such a little time, especially in order to impress you, you felt lonely. Lately, he had been so busy that he barely talked to you.

And you understood that he didn’t have a choice, you really did. You thought that you should be supportive with his career and not bother him with your emotions. Hence, you kept your unnecessary emotions bottled up.

Until one day, the bottle broke.

And when it did, all the emotions poured out of you like a coke with mentos inside it. You were glad that when this had occurred, you were alone.

Or so, you thought. It had happened that on that day, Yoosung had decided to arrive home early. So, when he came home to find you crying he panicked.

He instantly dropped everything and wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you into a tight hug, and squeezed you tenderly and lovingly.

Despite your protests, he had forced you to tell him what was wrong. And although you felt silly for troubling him with your ‘childish’ issues, the boy shook his head and said just the right words.

“You aren’t a bother, your emotions aren’t a bother no matter how small your issues seem to you. They are never small for me. It’s normal, your emotions are normal so let’s handle this normally by helping you through them.” He had said, before he brought you your favourite food, put your favourite show on, and watched it together with you.

The entire time Yoosung did not release you from his embrace to assure you that he would always be there.


It was a given fact that Zen was a workaholic. After he began dating you, he had decreased his hours of work to make sure that he gave you the time and attention that you deserved. However, recently, he had been offered a new enticing lead role in a musical which he really wanted. The only issue was that the practices for this new role became an enormous commitment. It was not just that. After the release of the musical, it had become a major hit which meant that his work with this project wasn’t finished as he had to attend many fan meet ups and such.

To say that you missed him was an utter understatement. You began to feel insecure as if he did not want to be with you anymore. So, to avoid being in contact with you and not wanting to address the elephant of this situation, you believed that this was why Zen was overworking.

However, your trust in Zen overwhelmed your insecurities. Additionally, you were very reflective of your situations. This helped you remember that Zen was an extremely loyal and honest person. If his intentions were to neglect you on purpose, he would not have pursued a relationship with you in the first place. He loved you too much to do something as petty as what your insecurities had caused you to thought.

However, despite his love, his current actions were still bound to bother you and needed to be dealt with. So, you decided that you would discuss this with him over a cup of tea or so. And when you did, he was incredibly understanding of your situation and told you that he will decrease his work hours.

In the meanwhile, he decided to do other things to make up for the loss time 

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Due to your partnership over the cafe with Jaehee, you two were together all time at work, and at home. You were busy just as much as her, and felt exhausted just as much as she did. However, the only difference was that Jaehee was use to the hectic work life due to working for Jumin prior to the cafe. She was use to the exhaustion: both physically and mentally and dealing it with on her own. However, you, on the other hand, you were not used to working and then living in a way where you did not talk about how you felt throughout the day in a proper face to face conversation with someone.  

These days, Jaehee and you only shared conversations that were about work. Nothing was about yourselves. You were not able to share your thoughts, your feelings, or even have a small conversation which made you feel connected to her as a person. This was beginning to strain you emotionally and the stress that came with it was executed in your behaviour and work practice.

It was on a certain day where it all went wrong. The atmosphere of the cafe was downright sour. Your genuineness of your  customer service felt forced. Everything ticked you off and the work was done poorly. This did not go unnoticed by Jaehee, who had decided to close the cafe early in order to make sure you were okay.

As soon as she even called your name, you broke down crying. This had instantly caused her to enter her mom friend mode. Then, quickly as she could, she made you a cup of your favourite beverage in order to help you calm down, before encouraging you to talk about your feelings. And when you did, she realized that she was treating you somewhat similarly to how Jumin treated her. She instantly apologized and promised to spend more quality time with you as friends and not just as co-workers.


Jumin loved you a lot. For this reason, he tried his best to spend as much time as he could with you. If not only for your sake, but also his. However, lately, he was being bombarded with work constantly. If it was not late nights in at work, it was overbearing meetings. If it was not overbearing meetings, then it would be business trips overseas where he had to stay a few nights. Jumin’s lack of presence caused by this hectic schedule was a normal occurrence. You should’ve been use to it by now.

And you were. You passed your time during his absence perfectly fine. After all, you were not alone. You had Elizabeth the 3rd. You should not be feeling like this.

But you were, and you could not figure out why. This ‘normal’ schedule, did not feel normal anymore. You were beginning to be overwhelmed by loneliness. Additionally, the sorrow and anxiety caused by this continued to increase day by day. You tried to push it away and ignore it, but that just worsened how you felt. When the other RFA members tried to comfort you, or offered  their company instead, you always declined. That’s because it was not their company that you desired, but Jumin’s.

You were not really sure what gave it away. Whether it was the extra longing looks you seemed to direct towards Jumin that made him knew, the RFA members notifying him of your condition, or something else entirely; you did not had to suffer from feeling lonely for too long.

As if he knew it himself, Jumin had automatically decreased the amounts of work that he took on, and started to spend more time with you. You were not complaining, but the sudden change made you curious.

When you asked him about it, he simply smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you. His embrace was nothing but filled with love and warmth. So much that it made you wondered.

Perhaps he was also feeling what you were. After all, soulmates often tend to think alike.


A lot of things required Saeyoung’s attention nowadays. Firstly, he was busy with his work. Secondly, he was trying to rebuild his relationship with Saeran which required a lot of effort and patience. And this took so much out of his time that he barely had any time left to spend it with you. The time he was left with, he spent it sleeping. This was because despite how much he wanted to spend it with you, the fatigue in his body would not let him. After all, as a human, there were only so many nights he could pull an all nighter on without becoming extremely exhausted.

You tried to be understanding of his situation. You tried to ignore your feelings, your needs and put Saeyoung’s needs before yours. But, after all, you were only a human as well. There was only so much time you could spend telling yourself that you didn’t mind it, but in fact you did.

You did not want to seem needy so you did not bother to express your feelings.

However, as if this was a game and Saeyoung had the option to hack into your mind, he eventually figured out that you were missing him. And so, he decided to do what he thought he did best: turn everything into a joke.

He dressed like a gold digger and ordered a Jumin cosplay online that he forced you to wear. As a third party, Saeran was forced to dress like Elly.

When this weird situation commenced, you were extremely confused at what was occurring. You thought it was a weird roleplay kink he wanted to discover. For this reason, it was incredibly uncomfortable to have Saeran standing in a corner and watching you with a stoic face.

Subsequently, Saeyoung began to be incredibly flirtatious towards you and clingy. He began to proclaim his love towards you the way gold diggers did with Jumin. The only difference was that his acting was incredible cringey, but his love was absolutely genuine.

The entire thing was a mess. However, when you busted out laughing with literal sparkles around you, Saeyoung could not be any happier.

Then, finally, he had wrapped himself around you real tightly, before pampering your face with sweet kisses and lecturing you about the importance of talking about your feelings. What a hypocrite lol.


How Could You?

Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 3309

Part one, Part two

Warnings: Blood, mild swearing, the usual

 Summary: After learning of the evidence Jughead was keeping from him, Archie takes matters into his own hands. As Veronica and her mother investigate the relationship between Hiram and the reader, they discover something that neither could have prepared for. After losing her mother, a past reader is confronted by a mysterious businessman.

Note:  I’m so excited for this chapter because tensions are higher than ever between Archie and the gang. (I just love writing drama!) Just a warning, it kind of jumps around a lot so I hope that isn’t confusing. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the series and will want me to continue! Sorry it has taken so long.

Archie’s fist slammed into Jughead’s mouth and Betty screamed. As Jug recovered from the blow, Archie pushed him back, sending him to the ground.

“What is this?” He yelled, holding Hiram’s note. Betty gasped. “What the hell is this Jughead?” Jug stared up at him, shaking his head. Archie knelt down and grabbed the collar of his shirt. “Is that what you meant? By Y/N always protecting us?” He still didn’t say anything. Archie pulled him up towards him so their faces were inches apart. “Tell me this wasn’t because of me! Tell me she didn’t do this because of me!” No response. Archie swung his fist into his nose.

“Archie!” Betty tried to pull him off, but he pushed her away.

“How could you?!” He screamed, completely oblivious to the crowd gathering around them. “How could you keep this from me?” He hit him again and again and again, but Jughead never fought back. He knew he deserved it.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, blood from his mouth dripping down his chin. Someone pulled Archie off of him, but he still fought, reaching towards Jughead with claws.

“How could you?!” He screamed again as they dragged him down the hallway. “I trusted you!” Betty helped Jughead get to his feet and somebody started ushering him towards Principle’s Weatherbee’s office, Betty trailing after. His face was throbbing with pain, but he didn’t care, nor did he blame Archie. He had been in such a rush that morning to tell Betty, he left his laptop at Archie’s house. How could he be so stupid?

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Trip to Japan recap! (Part 4 - Otaku and miscellaneous, Food and Drink and Lychee)

Last recap post!

Part 1 (Shoujo Stuff):

Part 2 (Kyoto and Nara):

Part 3 (Himeji, Hakone, Tokyo):

In this post I’ll just put the remaining interesting miscellaneous pictures (food and drink, non-shoujo otaku/pop culture, and lychee stuff - my favourite fruit ^^).

Otaku/pop culture stuff:

Haikyuu! standees on sale! 8D

Wall ad for the Haikyuu! stage play in Shibuya station.

Apparently they had a Hanasaku Iroha train tie-in and even made a model for it.

For all you Persona 5 lovers out there, our airbnb apartment was in Sangen-jaya, the real-life neighborhood on which Persona 5′s Yangen-jaya is based on (san meaning 3 in Japanese and yon meaning 4 lol). 8D

There was an event in Ikebukuro’s Animate (manga/anime/otaku-stuff chain store) celebrating Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary. Here’s a large Tonberry plush:


Instant Mabo Curry pack from the Tales of Series ^^

Still in Ikebukuro, my sister and I booked a time slot for the Swallowtail butler cafe. I was the only male client in the cafe for almost the whole duration of our stay (you have to book a timeslot in advance and the 2 person ones go out fast). I personally find Akihabara’s maid cafes tacky, but the Swallowtail butler cafe had more an atmosphere of a fancy restaurant. The food and decor are European-style. The service is excellent (you ring a bell to call your waiter to refill your cup of tea!? and the waiters come to the side of the table and bow after every time they service your needs). Alas, no pictures are allowed once inside the cafe proper.

We went to a Pokemon Center (Pokemon merch store) in Sunshine City (a skyscraper complex in Ikebukuro with a shopping mall, a small museum, a planetarium, an aquarium, a hotel, a theatre, and a theme park - Namja Town) situated in Ikebukuro (again) and there was some sort of event with a gigantic inflated Exeggutor.

We also went to arcades (in Ikebukuro). Taiko games are fun. I really enjoyed drumming to Koi by Hoshino Gen, a hugely popular Japanese song (as of writing). It’s also the theme song for the drama adaptatio of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, an ongoing Josei manga series by Umino Tsunami.

Crane-games at the arcade. These are hard. The cranes are so weak they have a hard time picking anything heavier than a tiny plush. 

They had meat chunk plushies LOL! This totally reminded me of Shibata from Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai xD

I then went and took purikura (photo booth stickers photos, you can’t possibly not know this if you’ve read shoujo manga for any amount of time lol) with my sister (solo guys weren’t allowed lol). xD

I found it pretty fun (even if I look horrible with the filters as a guy); definitely go try it out if you’re ever in Japan~


Bento box sold at Shinagawa station (pics taken in the Shinkansen). Major train stations all have stores selling bento box meals for Japanese businessmen short on time.

I looove Japanese-style pork cutlet. *_*

Steak Doria (Japanese-style rice gratin) in a restaurant near Futako-tamagawa station, Tokyo.

. (so that users on mobile can see the second picture)

Matcha tea and accompanying sweet in a small shop near the exit of Kinkaku-ji temple.

A Kyoto-style set meal in a restaurant in Kyoto station.

Bento box sold in a supermarket we ate for breakfast. While not obviously high-end cuisine, I was surprise to find out how good these tasted for the price paid.

And the meal wouldn’t be complete without soy sauce, here in a cute little fish disposable container.

Delicious tonkatsu pork cutlet set meal.

Sweets offered to us by the hotel staff at Hakone.

With green tea~

I don’t understand why there’s no “seaweed” flavour potato chips sold overseas (where I live). These are sooo good and tasty .>.<

Here’s the washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) dinner we were served in our room by our Hakone hotel.

The menu. 8D

We also had a traditional breakfast in the morning.

Back in Tokyo we went to Genki sushi in Shibuya, a conveyor sushi restaurant but with a twist: instead of having a selection of fresh sushi rolling around up for grabs, each seat has a tablet on which you can select the fish you want. And then the sushi plate would come up to you on any of 3 rail levels. Other than that perk, it was very tasty and cheap (~1000 to 1500 yen can easily fill you).


No trip to Japan would be complete without a ramen meal. So here’s one of the two I had, with a side of nice gyoza dumplings.

Another cheap tonkatsu meal from a restaurant in sangen-jaya. 

The restaurant featured a ticket vending machine more commonly seen in ramen restaurant in which you order what you want on the machine and hand it over to the staff once you take a seat. Very convenient if you don’t know the language (if there is an English option on the machine, that is).

Kiwi Fanta (with added vitamin E) from a vending machine. This has a pretty snazzy taste, I think I prefer it to the classic orange Fanta. But you know, it’s not available where I live. :/

Now THIS drink is special. It’s basically your ubiquitous Japanese melon soda, but you have to shake it (very counter-intuitive for a drink in a can lol) or else it’s just some weird-tasting slime. The drink has a very fuzzy flavour.

I thought I had more pictures of vending machine drinks (vending machines in Japan have a very large variety of drinks and it’s well-known that Japan has a diverse selection of flavours when it comes to drinks), but apparently not.


Typical lychee drink xD

Raspberry-lychee ice cream. Absolutely heavenly ^o^

Lychee detergent ^^

This actually tastes better than it sounds lol :3

Creamy lychee ice cream. I preferred the other one to this. :D

Salty lychee gummy. ;D

And the best for last, the lychee lipstick. I wonder how a lychee-flavoured kiss tastes like *_*

And that’s all folks! ^^

Hope you all enjoyed these posts (I know I did writing them lol). Writing these posts from home make me want to go back already :s

I might do a final (very short) post of the shoujo-related loot I got from Japan…

[3/4] Enstars: B’s-Log December 2015

Unit Song CD Vol. 1: UNDEAD Cast Interview

Comment from Mr. Kuwabara, the music director:

Melody in the Dark: It’s a song that is exciting to be sung in a live concert. It’s also easy to do call and response.

Let The Honey Milk be to Your Liking (from here on: “Honey Milk”): It’s a song inspired from the event “At Your Service! UNDEAD Cafe” and it is in French style. The use of accordion and violin helped to create the atmosphere.

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ONE MIC TALK translations; only some parts are transalted - cr to egle / lemonsherbet



JYP NATION members talking about the stages they want to do:


JB wants to collab with Yerin. Khun wants to collab with BamBam!

GOT7 choosing 2PM.

Jinyoung wants to be Miss A’s backup vocal.

Jimin wants to do Hands Up. Youngjae wants to do 2AM’s This Song.

Kwon inviting youngjae to join 2AM.

Jackson, Jimin, Min and Kwon gonna do something now. Since they were requested to perform tgt – they dance to Honey.

Kwon talking abt how GOT7 does a lot of martial arts.

Suzy doesnt even know Mark is her oppa by one year.


Suzy: Mark and I are not that close yet.

WY: Ahh… should we do something now to let u both be closer?

Mark: No, Youngjae might hit me.


Bernard Park is preparing 2 songs for the JYPNation Concert.

The next corner is just to take the mic and say whatever you want to whoever you want. Starting from Kwon to Jimin.


Jimin: Are there any advantages of being maknae?

Yugyeom: I think there are people who found out today that I’m maknae.


JB saying Youngjae has a very unique way of warming up his voice.


JB to Suzy: Becoz she featured in our album before (in JJP), wondering if she can feature in GOT7’s next album?

Suzy: Sure, anytime~


Suzy asking to hear BamBam’s Thai rap lol.

Jackson: Since it’s always with beatbox, why don’t you do accapella this time?

Bam: er okay~


Kwon to Mark: Do you wanna learn kkap for variety?


Kwon: what about the other GOT7 members? Do you all acknowledge Youngjae as Nich-in-bi?

Jr: Yes~ Doesn’t he look like Jo Sung Mo?


They’re making Youngjae do the 24 hours dance becoz he asked Sunmi abt it.

Kwon saying JB is still very polite whenever they meet each other in the company, like 90 degrees bow and all.

Jackson to Jia: I heard that Jia can do stretching very well…

All: Eyyy everyone knows, don’t talk abt things that everyone alrdy knows!

Jackson: Oh everyone knows?? *pretends*

Fei: You know too!

Jackson: Then how abt a stretching battle with me?

Wooyoung: OH~! Good job, Jackson!


Min to Changmin: If the JYP family goes to your cafe, isn’t there extra service? Like free of charge?

All: Oh yes~!!!


Amerithaikong was asked what they were most shocked by the Korean culture.

I think BamBam said something abt not being used to showering together in the sauna in Korea (?) And Mark was like, “yes me too!”

Mark: I was wearing clothes in there, then this ahjussi came along and said to me “You have to take off your clothes!” and I was shocked.


Wooyoung: Why, did you think I was gonna be mean to you?

Jackson: *straight-faced* Yes.

Wooyoung: *LOL* This brat, the first time he met me, he asked me to take a photo with him.

Jackson: Because at the time, you never know when you’ll leave (the company).


Jaebum to Jackson: how do u feel about this talk we’re having now

Jackson: thanks for this chance and got7’s a really awesome group.. thanks


Mark asked when 2PM will comeback.


Bambam: How to get better in korean.

Fei: get a girlfriend.

Woo: did you date(or something like that)?

Bambam: No~~~~


Jackson did splits twice. Jackson (after doing split): I’ll just go to the hospital and back!


Jia said she wants to collaborate with Min, Jackson and Jun.K for a hip hop group.

Collaborations… JB wants to sing with Yerin. Youngjae with Jun. K.

Bambam wants a collabo with Khun. Taec with Seulong.

If you're one of these people, stop.

Hi there. I’m a barista at a pretty well-known cafe. It’s one of the busiest locations in my area, which means that at peak hours, we have about 30 people in the line waiting to get their food/drinks. Chances are, you’ve BEEN to one of these coffee places, and chances are, you’ve done one of the following things (which I think you should stop):

  • Ordering at the cash, then changing your mind at the bar while the barista is working mid-drink.
  • Waiting at the bar for food items when the pastry case or oven is on the opposite side of the room.
  • Asking for a glass of water at the bar instead of at the cash when there’s a lineup the size of the Great Wall of China.
  • CHOOSING to wait in line for 15 minutes, and then complaining about it the entire time.
  • CHOOSING to order an expresso/bar drink when it’s busy and then complaining that it’s taking long, when a regular coffee/tea takes mere seconds.
  • Expecting baristas to remember your order and name, and getting offended when they don’t (this especially bothers me, because my location sees hundreds of people in a day, and if we remember you, it’s a bloody courtesy).
  • Getting angry at the baristas when they double/triple check what your order is to ensure they got it right because it’s “inconvenient” to have to confirm it.
  • When waiting at the bar, completely tuning out and ignoring the baristas when they call out your drink, only to ask “Uh, is this my latte?” a second after they’ve called it.
  • Neglecting an espresso that the barista has called you for several times, and then complaining that it’s cold/not right (espresso on its own burns itself if left for over 10 seconds, so if it’s left for a minute, it will automatically taste burnt. It’s not our faults; it’s yours for waiting.)
  • Staring blankly at the baristas calling out food items when you’ve clearly heard what they said, but not making any sign that it’s yours. WAVE, WALK OVER TO THEM, SOMETHING. ANYTHING.
  • When given the option to have a dark, medium, or mild blend coffee, ordering a dark roast and then complaining it’s too strong.

This doesn’t even half cover it, but so help me, if any of you do these things, you ARE going to be the angry topic of conversations for baristas everywhere. SMARTEN UP. BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING. USE YOUR BRAIN. STOP COMPLAINING. 

Yours truly,

Angry Barista