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Dude: “Yo man, why you still hating on Kyoani? Have you seen Koe no Katachi? Even Violet Evergarden! even you can admit the show looks beautiful.”

Me: “I know, my dislike towards the studio hasn’t blinded me to the point to not acknowledge the brilliant animation the studio does, yet… what am I without my unpopular opinion? I’ll be like everyone else who “over praises” the studio… I don’t dislike the studio for their practices nor animation, yet they’re just another Anime studio to me, which I find to be overrated.”

Dude: “You still haven’t gotten over about what happened in Hibike! huh?”

Me: “……Never forgive, never forget.”

There we go. Found the fax number.

Good news: Gives me a lot of information!

Bad news: I can probably expect a few more faxes and multiple harassing, homophobic phone calls as things escalate because this is deeeeefinitely not his first rodeo by a long shot.

Suddenly I’m really, really glad I won’t be at this job by the end of next week.

okay i am going to reach into my sociology knowledge bank to try and briefly explain a thing because a lot of understandings seem to be, to some degree, misinformed:

what the wage/pay gap isn’t: an employer literally handing seventy-seven cents to a (white) woman and one dollar to a (white) man. i mean, c’mon. think a little harder.

what the wage/pay gap is: the consistent pattern of the average of men’s incomes (both in general and in specific fields) being higher than the average of women’s incomes (this is the basis of the seventy-seven cents to a dollar model). no, this pattern is not caused by ~women’s choices.~ it is linked to several different (STRUCTURAL; again, NOT choice) factors, including (but not limited to): men being more likely to receive promotions and therefore move higher up the ladder (glass ceiling [glass escalator in female-dominated jobs]); occupational sex segregation, which sees men and women within the same field tracked towards different roles that typically place men higher up in terms of status and pay than women; gendered socialization forces that encourage men towards subjects that lead to higher paying fields (such as STEM fields) and women towards subjects that lead to lower paying fields (such as humanities, liberal arts, et cetera); the devaluation of “feminized” (read: female-dominated) jobs that results in lower pay in those fields (check out the history of teaching for very stark proof of this); continued gender expectations rooted in traditional patriarchal roles that encourage (and, frequently, push) mothers to take more time away to raise and care for children while encouraging fathers to do the opposite; the motherhood penalty, which is the phenomenon of employers seeing mothers as automatically less dedicated to work and therefore choosing not to hire/promote them (there is no fatherhood penalty; studies have found that fathers are actually seen as better job candidates)(this also affects women who are not mothers because employers view them as people who will inevitably become mothers and will therefore be less dedicated, etc) and so on and so forth. 

(it’s also super important to remember that the gaps become even wider when race is factored in, meaning that women of color earn even less than white women in comparison to white men).

White people, January 1st -May 4th: Build the wall! They’re taking our jobs! They’re drug dealers and criminals! Get them out!

White people, May 5th: We love Mexicans! Their music, their food, their tequila, those festive hats! Woooo!! Cinco de Mayo!!

White people, May 6th - December 31st: Build the wall! They’re taking our jobs! They’re drug dealers and criminals! Get them out!

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"gnc women are less likely to be considered in a job interview" has this been proven with research or are you just assuming? sounds fake honestly

The title of the article is “Bosses Admit They Would Discriminate Against Women Not Wearing Makeup”

Jobs can also force you to wear shitty uncomfortable shoes (aka high heels) that cause ankle damage because they look “feminine”

As promised, here´s my Kylux rom-com video, inspired by an korean show : )

It’s super silly, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. Oh, and I am very very sorry, random stormtrooper.
California Restaurants Launch Nation's First Transgender Jobs Program
The unemployment rate for transgender people is double that of the general population. A new program aims to change that. It's all because of a trans woman who's employed trans people for years.

Arthur is not a coworker that you would want. His coffee breaks take over 80% of his workday and none of his coworkers know how or why. 

(Some continuation on this comic and how Ryan continued on being undercover very professionally.)