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INFP gothic
  • Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I wasn’t listening
  • *hungover* Please don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. Just leave me alone to die.
  • *in a bad mood* Life is just as meaningless as death tbh I don’t give a shit anyway.
  • *in a good mood* I love literally every single person ever. Everyone deserves to be happy! But mostly cats
  • Okay here’s a thought/Imagine that/What if
  • Oh my god this is the ugliest little creature I’ve ever seen. Look at it. It’s so miserable. I love it with all my heart.
  • *actually cries when laughing too hard*
  • What was that? Yeah I stopped listening again sry
  • I’m so sleepy and tired, I’ll go to bed at like 9 p.m. *is 3 a.m.* Fml
  • Alternatively - *sleeps some full 10 hours* *wakes up even more dead inside*
  • I don’t think this is appropriate. Please don’t do it, don’t- Ah I guess I’ll just pretend I don’t know you
  • I actually don’t care about my looks at all~ *spends at least an hour picking outfits/putting make-up every day*
  • I’m just gonna ignore the person I like until they notice I like them. Works every time.
  • *secretly into bdsm or at least very kinky* I’m 100% pure and I’m shaming all of you sinners
  • Listen - I don’t want to offend you, I’m SORRY in advance, okay here goes. Again I hope you don’t take this personally I’m rly rly regretful that it has come to this situation. Okay yeah I’ll spit it out - I don’t think purple is your color.
  • *Has an existential mid-life crisis at 21* Everything is sunshine and rainbows!11!!!
Trained dogs at Teller-Morrow

Written by: Anon

Chibs had been working solidly all day. We’d had a fight that morning about the new prospect and he threw himself into garage work to avoid me. I worked with dogs in the yard to distract myself but stay close.
I was training Branson with some large money rolls Clay had been given. He let me train with them under supervision of Tig with his handgun. Not that I would steal it but people were coming and going with cars not 100 metres away.
Boomer was sunbathing, Blue was begging Gemma for another treat and Bronwen was guarding Gemmas office pretending to be asleep.
Chibs wheeled out one car and yelled for Bobby to backup the flatbed with the new one. It was already gone 5pm. He was gonna work until he ran out of daylight. Not that I had anywhere to be other than here. Waiting to fix it. Branson got the money 9/10 tests. Though I made the last one stupidly hard. I waved Tig to take the money back in to the safe. Branson had done enough. As i let him put of the pen into the yard Boomer jumped up and started sniffing the air.
“What’s got into him? He’s usually lazy till dinner.” Tig asked while pocketing the rolls of bills.
“I don’t like it Tig.”
He stood next to me and we watched as he approached the garage still air scenting. Chibs was just rolling the car off the flatbed without starting the engine. He got out and told Bobby to go ahead. He spotted Boomer and looked at me and my dog in turn. I didn’t hide my concern and he shrugged it off like the stubborn prick he is. He stepped back towards the car as Boomer stopped at the left wheel and barked once before sitting perfectly.
That was his signal.
“Tig.” I panicked.
“I seen it.” He headed over as Chibs climbed in.
“Chibby!” He shouted with no luck.
“Chibs!” Again he didn’t look up. He put the key in the ignition.
“Filip!” I screamed running across the yard. The use of his actual name mad him look up furious. I wasn’t allowed to use it unless we were alone.
“Look at Boomer!” I yelled now livid that he dared to be angry with me.
Chibs looked at the dog. His indicating sit was exactly how I’d trained him with the explosives Opie had lent me. He knew then what he had almost done.
He let his face relax out of anger and turned to despair.
“I nearly blew you up.” He said so calmly as he wrapped me up in his arms. Affection was strictly forbidden in front of the brothers too but I didn’t fight him.
“You nearly blew yourself up you muppet.” I replied.
“I don’t care about that so much.” He whispered as he released me and went to apologise to Tig for endangering him too. I took the opportunity to reward Boomer with some play although it was with Bransons toy not his own. He didn’t mind.
Tig patted me on the shoulder, “I wasn’t convinced on you and these dogs but that was god damn impressive. I’ll call Ope and have him check out the car.”
Chibs came over as I put the dogs in their kennels and stood quietly having a smoke while I fed them.
“I’m so sorry, darling.” He began.
“I told you, everyone’s fine. Boomer did his job you don’t need to be sorry.” I explained.
“Not for that, love. For this morning, i see you and the prospect getting along and I just get jealous that you are his age. And I’m-”
I cut him off with a kiss through the chain-link fence.
“My Old Man.” I winked and he smiled that big grin he saved for special occasions.
“I guess it is official after today. Tig won’t let my outburst slide. Or yours for that matter.” We both laughed forgetting the earlier argument and the near death experience. Just enjoying being in each other’s company.

I’ll keep this up here for a little while. This is a song I recorded on Wednesday for an album I’m working on. 

You’ve been working real hard on this picture all day and night.
“I’ve been working on this for like 10 hours”
You’ve been mauling over which colors are gonna look right.
“Hmm maybe this shade of blue.”
Well hey this picture is looking okay!
“Hey this looks pretty decent!”
Until you realize that you’ve made a fatal mistake.
“Wait a minute… Wait what the fuck… AW FUCKING SHIT”
You drew on the wrong layer
Time to hit Ctrl Alt Z
Lets hope you have enough memory to reverse this catastrophe
You drew on the wrong layer
Hard work gone down the drain
You can try and fix up your mistakes but all you’ll feel is scorn and pain
You drew on the wrong layer
“I don’t have enough clicks to go back now! I didn’t save a separate save file! My life is fucking ruined!”
Where did this masterpiece go wrong?
I can always try to replicate but instead I’m singing this song.
“This is just the fucking worst. Maybe I’ll work on this later.”

Made with SoundCloud
Punk!Michael Long Way Home (Part 26)



written by: Sam

Part 26 of our Punk!Michael series. Michael had a long day at work and just wants to spend a relaxing night with Sonia.

Warning: smut ;)))))

word count: 3.1k

Me:How’s my little mechanic doing?

I typed into my phone, hitting send. I wasn’t expecting a reply, the auto body had been packed all day apparently, and Michael hadn’t even been able to get a lunch break. To my surprise, I felt the device vibrate.

Mikey:I’m so sick of cars.

I giggled at his response, feeling bad for him. We were going to go out tonight after he got out, but it’s already 8 in the evening. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Me: When do you think you’re getting out?

Mikey: I don’t know, beautiful. I’m so sorry. My boss wants me to stay to help, two guys were hurt on the job and I’m one of the only ones left here.

Me: I understand, Mike. Don’t worry about it. I just wish I could make you feel better.

Mikey: It’s just that your curfew is 10 and I still have two cars left.

Me: Well if you get out before curfew you can come by and I’ll rub your back until my dad makes you leave (;

Mikey: I like the sound of that. I’m gonna get to work so I can see you, princess. I love you xx

Me: I love you too

I locked my phone, getting up from my bed and changing from my jeans to some yoga shorts, pulling on a baggy, off the shoulder sweatshirt. I tried to focus on reading and not on checking my phone every ten minutes, and basically lunged for my phone when I felt it vibrate an hour later.

Mikey: I just got out, beautiful. I still have to go home and shower so I don’t smell like diesel.

Me: I’ll be waiting (:

It wasn’t until around 9:30 that Mikey drove up to my house, and upon hearing the doorbell I raced downstairs and jumped on my boyfriend like a koala, causing a huge smile to appear on his face as he put his hands on the bottom of my thighs, my head in the crook of his neck, and exclaimed, laughing, “Well hello to you too.” He put me down gently when my dad yelled for me to shut the door because we were letting out the A/C. We walked past the living room on the way up the staircase.

“Hello, Michael.” My mom called cheerily from the kitchen.

“Hello, Mrs. Melo,” Michael called back.

“Michael, how was work, son?” My dad yelled from the couch, his eyes not leaving the newspaper held in front of his face.

“It was alright, sir, just.. got out a little late.” Michael replied. You could tell it was weird for him to get along so well with my parents, but I’m just glad they weren’t fighting anymore. It made me happy.

I pushed Michael’s bum so he could go up the stairs faster, pushing him into my room. As soon as we shut the door, Michael plopped face down on my unmade bed. “Oh, my god I hate my job.” I sat beside him, ruffling his hair as his face was smothered in my pillow.

“I know you do.” I replied, allowing him to vent.

“I hate my boss.” His muffled voice replied.

“I know you do, baby.” I sighed, straddling his bum as I started to rub his back.

“I’m sorry if I smell like gasoline.”

“You smell perfect.”

He turned his head to the side and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath and relishing in the fact that he could finally relax. This was cut short, however, when my dad knocked on the door and called out, “10 o clock, lovebirds.” To which I groaned.

“Wait a few minutes and come to the window?” I whispered, leaning into his ear. He gave me a small smile and nodded his head, grabbing his keys and “leaving,” saying goodbye to my parents on the way out.

10 minutes later, both my parents were in their room with the light out, when I heard pebbles at my window. Unlocking the balcony door, I come face to face with my blue haired troublemaker.

He says nothing as he leans on the railing on the balcony, but opens his arms and I walk into them, allowing him to squeeze me as close to him as possible. “Will you go somewhere with me?” He asks into my hair.

I pull back a bit. “Mikey, last time we got caught what if they see I’m gone.”

“I’ll take the blame,” he says, his finger tracing my jaw. “I haven’t been able to just be with you in the longest time. I miss being with you; just being able to lay with you, talk to you, touch you.” He says, running his hands up and down my sides. I nod my head after a moment of though and he tells me to go get blankets and pillows. He climbs down the tree, my comforter, two blankets, and two pillows under his arm, and I grab the sweatshirt I stole from him from my room and carefully tiptoed down the stairs, slipping out the front door. Mikey already had the truck started, and I ran from my front door to the waiting getaway vehicle, excited I can have some actual alone time with him. We drive for a while, his hand holding the inside of my thigh, as he plays Green Day’s Jesus Of Suburbia quietly through his speakers. Halfway into the ride I look out the window, unaware of my surroundings.

“Where are we going, babe?” I look to him, and he simply smirks. “I knew it, are you bringing me to some abandoned house to kill me? I knew you couldn’t handle commitment,” I joke.

He chuckles and places a kiss to my temple. “You got me, what’re you going to do now?” He questions, glancing at me but putting his focus back on the road.

“I’ll just have to seduce you and make my getaway.” I tease.

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” he says with a smirk, squeezing my thigh abruptly, causing me to squeal.

We pull into a clearing in the middle of nowhere after 30 minutes of driving.

Michael grabs the blankets from the back seat, coming around to help you out before hopping into the bed of the truck and arranging a bed for us, before he leaned down to pull me up with him. Once we finally lay down in each others arms, facing each other, I could finally see Michael start to actually relax. We lay there for almost an hour, very few words being shared, just cuddles and the sounds of the fireflies around us. I actually thought Michael was falling asleep until his hand came up to move a piece of my hair behind my ear, kissing my lips gently.

When I go to pull away, a hand gently pushes the back of my head further so that our lips meet again, quicker and needier than last time. I’m pulled on top of his lap by his two strong hands, straddling his hips as his tongue slips into my mouth, feeling mine and causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach and my heartbeat to race. His hands come down to the back of my thighs, slowly traveling upwards to grip my ass, massaging it as he pushes my hips down onto his. We start grinding slowly, but adding more pressure as the both of us get needier.

He pulls me down particularly hard to meet his hips at one point, causing a whimper to escape my mouth. He immediately flips us so that he’s the one on top and in control. His lips move to my neck, leaving slow, sensual kisses and marking me just above my collarbones as my hands go to his hair, holding him there. He sits up, taking off my shirt, leaning back into me to kiss me feverishly. The entire atmosphere has switched from cute and cuddly to lustful and passionate. He cups my most private parts through my shorts, teasing me as I try to get more friction from him.

“What do you want from me, babygirl?” he asks me in my ear. I hold onto his forearm, trying to push his palm to where I needed him. “Use your words, princess,” He says with a smirk. To my displeasure, his hand moves away from my aching center to release the clasp on my bra. His eyes take in my appearance, and his hand moves down to rub gently at my nipple. “Relax, Sonia it’s just me,” he coos, teasing me, as if he didn’t know the reason I was so tense was because of how needy he was making me.

After what feels like forever, his hands come to my shorts, tugging them down my legs and tossing them to the side where my sweater was thrown. Feeling very self conscious under his fully clothed frame, I pulled up his shirt so he could finish taking it off himself. His lips moved down to lick and suck on my nipple, as I tried to contain my moans. Michael’s hand came back to cup my unclothed crotch, making me flinch as the heel of his hand made contact with my swollen clit.

Michael groaned, “how are you so wet for me, beautiful? I haven’t even started yet.” Michael retracted his hand again, bringing a whimper from my lips. “You never answered me, love. What do you want from me. My fingers?” Michael left a soft kiss to my nipple, making me gasp. “Or do you want my mouth?” He asked, making eye contact with me.

“Y-your mouth, Michael,” I answer in a breathy, shaky voice, surprising myself. Michael’s face grew into a smirk as he heard my request, his head moving down between my thighs. His hands parted my legs and he pushed his arms under them so his face could be level with my throbbing center. Michael never broke eye contact as he licked a slow, torturous line from my center to my clit, the unexpected shock of pleasure causing me to let out a loud moan, my hand flying up to cover my mouth. Michael grabs my hand, lacing our fingers together and says, “It’s just you and me out here, baby, no one else. Don’t hold back,” he says as he moves his mouth back to leave slow kisses around my center, before licking another stripe from my entrance to my clit, as I gasped again and looked into his bright eyes. Michael’s tongue connected to my clit, adding pulsating pressure. The new sensations were making my head spin. Without warning, his lips wrapped around the bundle of nerves and he ever so slowly sucked on it. I let out a loud, breathy moan, which seemed to make Michael more confident, as after that his tongue continued to play out the most sinful actions against my center, my moans getting higher in pitch as I got closer to my release.

“Michael, oh, god Michael don’t stop, I’m so close.” With one last, pulsing suck to my clit I hit my high, my back arching as my hands tangled in Mikey’s hair, calling out his name.

It takes a second of me panting erratically to realize Mikey laying next to me, playing with my hair, looking at me with a small smile on his face, as he’s obviously proud of himself. I surprise him by grabbing the back of his neck, bringing our lips together as I climb on top of his lap, gasping in surprise as my sensitive clit hit his jeans. I continue rubbing myself against him, leaving a dark mark on his pants.

My hands go to the button on his jeans, pushing them down his thighs as he takes them off the rest of the way. I feel his hard length through his boxers before pushing my hand down the elastic band, shocking him. I push his boxers down as well, pushing myself down so my head is just above his intimidating member. His hand pushes my chin up so he can look me in the eye. “No, baby, I don’t want you to feel pressured to, you don’t have to, princess.” He assures me.

“Just help me out a little bit, okay? I don’t – I’m not very good at this.” I respond, a little worried I won’t be able to make him feel as good as he made me feel.

“Start out by doing… what you feel comfortable with,” he responds, gathering my hair away from my face in one of his hands. I traced my fingers gently over the head, watching as his breathing lapsed as he watched me intently. My fingertips traced from the head to the vein protruding down the entire length, as he squirmed a little bit, trying not to push me but I could tell my teasing was really getting to him. I kiss his member gently just under the head, then licked a quick line from the length and back up, swirling my tongue around the tip. His face contorted in pleasure at my surprising actions, his other hand moving to push more hair away from my face, as his hand holding my makeshift ponytail had gone limp as he groaned.

“Mmm, what now?” I asked with a smirk, looking to his lust filled eyes.

He opened his mouth like he wanted to talk, but no words would come out for him. “P-please, put me in your mouth,” he asks, completely under my control now. I think I like this. I swirl my tongue around the tip again before taking half of his length into my mouth, making him grab the blanket below us in his fist. I slowly slide his length out of my mouth, sucking, until it fell past my lips and I could now pump him slowly with my hand, keeping his eye contact. Once pre cum started dribbling rather quickly from the tip, I licked it up gently with the tip of my tongue, making his eyes fall to the back of his head for a second as he moans my name. He runs his fingers through my hair as I get into a rhythm, moving my head up and down his dick as his grunts and pants were the only things I could hear. “Oh, God Sonia, don’t stop.” He swallowed thickly, “Oh, god, you’re doing so well, baby, don’t stop.” I started going deeper as I felt his thighs shake and I laced our fingers together, his tip hitting the back of my throat, not even gagging as much as I worried I would. He yelled out my name before releasing in my mouth, giving me an incredulous look as he panted heavily, as I swallowed his cum easily.

“And you’ve… you’ve never done that for anyone before?” He asks me, his voice shaking slightly. I shake my head timidly. He looks up at the stars for a second as he continued to catch his breath. “Well…” he looks to me “You’re never doing it for anyone else but me for the rest of our lives, so…” he trails off, smiling. His hands run over his face, rubbing at his eyes. He looks at me, as if he’s studying me, trying to guess what I’m thinking. “I love you.” He says quickly, his eyes piercing into mine. “I love you too,” I smile, crawling on top of him and smiling. The sun will be rising soon, and I’m not quite finished with him yet. I straddle his lower abdomen, just above his pelvis, and initiate the kiss before he can even say anything, grinding myself onto him and moaning at how wet getting him off got me. The only thing he can do is accept what’s happening and wear what seems to be a permanent face mixed of adoration, surprise, and amusement. After coming close to my own high, I can feel his length prodding me, and Michael flips me over, kissing me deeply and slowly as he thrusts ever so slowly into me, stretching me, waiting for me to give him the okay so he can start moving. I move his hair off his sweaty forehead as his warm pants fan over my face, the occasional moan or grunt slipping from his mouth. It isn’t long until the both of us are moaning, shaking, sweaty messes, clinging to each other. I scrunch my eyes as I moan, hitting my high and scratching down his back with my nails, my thighs shaking and my back arching into him. Michael keeps panting and holds me closer, grabbing the bottom of one of my thighs and bringing it up to wrap around his waist. “Sonia, baby,” he says between pants, “kiss me, babygirl.” Once our lips connect Michael’s body shakes as he stills inside me, his high hitting him hard. I pull away from the kiss but Michael just reconnects it quickly, coming down from his high and just holding me close to him, not wanting to move. “I’m corrupting you, angel.” He says, stroking my hair, breathing deeply.

“I don’t mind,” I say simply and he smiles back at me.

The sun’s risen now, and I tell him he needs to get me back home before my parents find out I’m not in my room. To his displeasure, he pulls himself off me as we get dressed. I fold up the blankets after Michael tries and fails to make them actual folded squares, as they were more rolled up. We throw them in the back seat and Michael helps me up, kissing me on the cheek quickly before he shuts my door and runs to his side, pulling himself in and grabbing my hand, kissing my other cheek smoothly before starting the car, and as Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends comes on, I lean my head on his shoulder, the fatigue from staying up all night really catching up to me. I’m almost asleep when I feel his hand slide a piece of hair from my face and put it behind my ear. He shuts the car off. “You’ve got to go inside, love.” He says, “Go sleep, I’ll pick you up and we’ll go out to eat when you wake up.” I nod sleepily and go to open the truck door before he pulls me back by the wrist and kisses me quickly. I take the quiet trek upstairs, plopping down on my unmade bed, a smile on my face as I fall asleep.


I’ve decided to open commissions again!

It’s getting hotter and with me (hopefully!) starting school in the fall it’s harder and harder to live without some mode of transportation besides walking or taking the bus. I’m saving for a car now of course, but as a result I don’t have enough money to do things like, well, eat. We haven’t been able to afford groceries in several weeks and all we’ve got left are some old bagels and ramen noodles. Unfortunately, If I hope to get a car before the fall semester I have to save nearly every single penny I get and working minimum wage just isn’t enough for both things. So I’m asking for your help! 


Sketch - $10
Outline - $15
Flat Colors - $20
Fully Colored - $25

  • + $10 per extra character
  • + $5 for a waist up picture
  • Backgrounds are free!


  • OCs!
  • Fan Characters!
  • Gore!
  • Mechas!
  • Furries!
  • Pairings!
  • More!


  • Sexual stuff
  • That’s it!

If you’d like to commission me or have questions, email me at COWL_RAVEN@YAHOO.COM or shoot me ask on my tumblr (HERE). Thank you!