at work & gonna be here until like 10

I’ll keep this up here for a little while. This is a song I recorded on Wednesday for an album I’m working on. 

You’ve been working real hard on this picture all day and night.
“I’ve been working on this for like 10 hours”
You’ve been mauling over which colors are gonna look right.
“Hmm maybe this shade of blue.”
Well hey this picture is looking okay!
“Hey this looks pretty decent!”
Until you realize that you’ve made a fatal mistake.
“Wait a minute… Wait what the fuck… AW FUCKING SHIT”
You drew on the wrong layer
Time to hit Ctrl Alt Z
Lets hope you have enough memory to reverse this catastrophe
You drew on the wrong layer
Hard work gone down the drain
You can try and fix up your mistakes but all you’ll feel is scorn and pain
You drew on the wrong layer
“I don’t have enough clicks to go back now! I didn’t save a separate save file! My life is fucking ruined!”
Where did this masterpiece go wrong?
I can always try to replicate but instead I’m singing this song.
“This is just the fucking worst. Maybe I’ll work on this later.”

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