at wheel

  • Rey: "I can't beat you and you can't beat me. Dead even. So what do we do?"
  • Kylo: "You could be my... umm... dark apprentice best friend slash force bonded soulmate forever and ever?"
  • Rey: "Or... or... I could JUMP OFF THIS CLIFF AND DROWN US BOTH!!" *runs off cliff*
  • Luke: "Damn and I thought *we* were dramatic..."
  • Kylo: *drowning* "DAMMIT REYYY!!!"
  • Luke: "What? She can't swim for real?"
  • Kylo: *spews water in Luke's face*
  • Luke: *delighted* "Wow, this Force Bond stuff is AWESOME!!!" *knocks Kylo off cliff* "Go help her, dark force mate friend bond whatever the fuck you are. She's your only ho."