at war with the obvious


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


Only to come back….

                                      ….I´ll always come back to you

Multiple people chose this pose so I decided to do them all at once. I hope you giggle even half as much as I did while struggling to draw this. :’D Poses meme ref is here.


Like my father before me.


These are the lyrics to the song Honey I Been Thinking About You-Jackie Greene which is one of the songs in Cassian Andor’s Spotify playlist. Im not saying its about Jyn but seriously its obviously about Jyn

Home from my 11th viewing of TFA and y’all…

Finn is so force sensitive it hurts

  1. When Slip marks Finn with the blood there’s DEFINITELY a force sound and then Finn stands up and seems overwhelmed. I’m convinced that moment is his awakening. 
  2. Kylo looks at Finn bc he FEELS it. Bottom line.
  3. Snoke and Kylo have their “there’s been an awakening. have you felt it” convo BEFORE Rey even gets close to the saber. Also, during the assault on Starkiller Kylo is like “she’s JUST beginning to test her powers” - Rey’s powers awoke when she was resisting Kylo - AFTER Snoke feels the (Finn’s) awakening. 
  4. Maz tries to get Rey to take the lightsaber and says “take it.” Rey runs. When Finn, Han and Chewie find Maz when the FO is attacking, Maz offers the saber to *Finn* and says “take it.” Not “take it to Rey” or “give this to Rey.” THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. Maz considers Finn JUST AS WORTHY and CAPABLE of wielding the saber as Rey. Then, force sensitive Maz tells a frantic Finn “you have a weapon [the saber]” and tells him “Rey and BB8 need you.”
  5. Finn DEFINITELY *hears* the cries of the people on the planets that were destroyed. It’s those cries that make him turn and he knows IMMEDIATELY that it’s the Republic. 
  6. Finn actually injurs Kylo in their duel, something Rey is only able to do AFTER she stops to download the force. 

The Finnrey of the whole movies is NOT subtle

  1. Rey def gives Finn the up down look when she turns around to ask his name for the first time on the Falcon. It happened.
  2. God bless John Boyega’s acting because he SOLD it in that cantina spilling Finn’s truth to Rey. All the feels tbh.
  3. Rey runs from the fight, tells BB8 to dip, but totes runs back into the fray when she sees the FO attacking and knows Finn is in danger. 
  4. When they get to the Resistance base, Finn is DEFINITELY out where the pilots are landing looking for someone who can take him to the FO base bc he HAS to get to Rey.
  5. The hug. THE. HUG. Rey just THROWS HERSELF into his arms and refuses to let go like SWEET LORD!
  6. Rey runs back to Finn’s unconscious body and is legit prepared to die there with him but then Chewie shows up with the Falcon and we see the hope in her eyes and then SHE CLUTCHES FINN’S HAND & then my soul left my body.
  7. Rey literally reaches out for Finn as they take him away and put him on the vehicle to get him to the medbay and then she just stands there so lost and then is embraced by Leia–Leia who just lost Han and Rey’s afraid she’ll lose Finn THE PARALLELS PEOPLE THE HAN/LEIA PARALLELS!
  8. The forehead kiss tho

Rey & Finn are clearly CO-LEADS. This is BOTH of their stories. They BOTH are on a hero’s journey. TOGETHER. I’ll be sobbing for two years bye.


Lol, Connor’s statement is obvious and I would have respond in the same matter as Haytham.

Guys here me out
Rebelcaptain Grey’s anatomy au

Jyn’s a resident transfer with Cassian as an attending and they argue a lot.
I can see Cassian in trauma with maybe Jyn in ortho or cardio? Idk she just has the same badassery as Cristina/Callie.
Anyway… basically nobody trusts jyn cos she seems super reckless but then this little girl comes in and jyn defies cassian’s orders in order to save her life and everybody realises she’s legit.
But then Galen ends up on the table after a car accident or something and his injuries are bad. Cassian knows there’s no way he’s going to make it but eventually promises jyn he’ll at least try but she blames him anyway when he doesn’t make it.
So then cassian starts complaining about why Jyn’s dad was so important anyway and discovers he was deep into research about some potential cure for an alien virus (maybe it causes famous senators like padme amidala’s birth control to stop working, idk) but it got defunded after his death despite jyn giving an impassioned speech to save it.
Obviously cos cassian has more prestige android stuff as a surgeon he manages to muster up a limited project plan, like not enough that it will definitely succeed but enough so that a group of passionate ragtag surgeons would jump aboard.
And I’m typical grey’s fashion they end up sharing their first kiss in the elevator and then causing tons of drama in the on call rooms.