at twilight's end

groundhoglesbian  asked:

Pinkie for C1!

It’s pretty hard asking out your cute and smart and magical and really really cute crush.

A cute little story that I just had to share: Earlier this week I received a message from an elementary school librarian in North Carolina who said they created this poster to hang in their library and she wanted me to see it. Literally made my week. SO sweet! 


I captured this on a trip to the Southwest US desert about a month ago. On the 1st day of my trip, I landed in Vegas and drove 5 hours to Cape Royal in the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. After capturing a nice sunset and waiting for Astronomical Twilight to end, I set up my camera and left it to capture images all night.
I ended up getting 7 hours of consecutive 25 second exposures which got me 920 images.