at times like this i hate my job

9 years ago I tried to kill myself. I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers from then on. I was self destructive, I lost people I loved, and I did whatever I had to do to cope with my misery. I dated a guy who forced himself on me and who abused me whenever I did something he didn’t like. I went away to college to try to start over and realized I couldn’t get out of bed to go to class. I tried to transfer back home but I stopped eating and wound up back in treatment. I dropped out of college and couldn’t work much more than a part time job. I struggled daily to get out of bed. I hated myself. I stopped sleeping, self harmed frequently, I was a mess. I thought I would never get better, and I never expected it to make it to my 21st birthday. But now I’m in a healthy, beautiful relationship with the girl of my dreams. I go to school full time, play college softball, work part time. I’m applying for nursing school while training to be a lifeguard. I have some money saved for when I’m ready to move out with my girlfriend. I never made any plans for a future, because I was positive I wouldn’t have one. Luckily, I am in an amazing place in my life. I should have never made it this far, but I am so thankful for all the reasons that I am. For anyone who thinks they can’t go on any longer, for anyone who swears there’s no way it’ll get better, it does. Please wait, you deserve to be alive to see it.


I’ve secretly been going to the gym but I don’t really run because I’m bad at it and I can’t emotionally deal with being bad at something else right now. I secretly dated a person and I liked her a lot and she liked me a lot but we are both too broken to make it a thing. I secretly got a job at a call centre and I started yesterday and it’s at a desk and waking up to do it makes my stomach feel sick because it is my literal last resort. I secretly hate sleeping alone. I am secretly having a really hard time being a person right now but I don’t want to tell anyone because I feel embarrassed that I went backwards and that everything hurts again and I want to live in my bed but I can’t because I have to handle customer complaints on a telephone and pretend that I am okay, pretend for everyone that I am okay.

i had a moment yesterday where i was like “oh my god… what the fuck am i doing. do i even…. enjoy reading this? or am i just doing it because i have to? do i even LIKE what i’m going to spend a year of my life studying? do i? oh my god. what have i done.”

but then my dad came over and asked what i was reading and i was like “lmao it’s actually hilarious let me tell u the whole plot from start to finish”

and it was like, ok. maybe it doesnt bring immediate, innate joy. because reading old plays is hard and often makes no sense. but like… in the long run, i do enjoy it? maybe enough to make it through the MA? lmao

Why Carrie Fisher is such an awesome Star Wars cast member

  • Endured the double bun hairstyle even though she hated it because she thought she’d lose her job if she complained
  • Made Mark Hamill put her Leia clothes on all the time (she prob even tried to get him to wear the golden bikini)
  • Immediately said “I’m in!” when George Lucas asked her and Mark if they were interested in doing more movies
  • Once referred to herself as Jewish Space Princess
  • Multiple BTS pics of her in the 80s kissing droids, Chewbacca, and touching them inappropriately
  • Tried Harrison’s pot while filming and it made her give up on pot completely
  • Partied with the Rolling Stones & Harrison before filming on Cloud City
  • Was still drunk while filming said scenes
  • Remembers Leia’s complicated lines from the first film
  • Warned Daisy Ridley and John Boyega that they would have stalkers after doing SW movies
  • When filming the scenes as Jabba’s slave, she said “So just because I’m wearing a bikini I can’t speak anymore?”
  • Has called herself Mrs. Han Solo on more than one occasion
  • Filmed the scenes as Boushh even though she was sick and couldn’t breathe under that mask
  • Admits she’s Princess Leia’s protector
  • Has a big slave Leia doll in her house
  • Called Jabba an ‘ignorant slug’ on a Return of the Jedi blooper
  • Harrison once pranked her and pretended he was hanging himself in her dressing room and he was naked and she told the world this story, thank you Carrie
  • Agreed to do commentary for the original trilogy first DVD release in the 2000s when George Lucas gave her a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special filmed in 1978
  • Shows said Holiday Special when she wants guests to leave her parties
  • Refers to Han Solo and Princess Leia as space dates
  • Once called Kylo Ren “my little Hitler”


Jack frowned at the crowded bookstore. He usually tried to go on week days, but the next three weekends would be spent on roadies and then, he wouldn’t have time to shop for his parent’s presents. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas, if one was to judge by the amount of shoppers on a Tuesday evening.

He waited in line for the information desk, watching the new releases displayed around him. The History display was further away, he was stuck reading the titles of romances and science-fictions, neither were very much his style.

‘Hi!’ said a cheery voice. ‘How may I help you, today?’

He was faced with a young blonde man wearing the company nametag, a manic smile and styrofoam pellets clinging to is clothes.

‘Huh… I- Is Shit- I mean, Mister Knight, here?’

‘I’m sorry, he’s unavailable today, caught a nasty bug, left us a little bit short-staffed!’ said the young man with a nervous laugh.

‘Huh- It’s okay, I can come back- ’

‘Oh, are you Mister Zimmermann? He said you came on Tuesdays, left this note for you…’ he grabbed a handwritten note taped to the computer screen. ‘Tell this - huh, I can’t say this word while I’m working - that I managed to find that out of print book he was asking about, I had to call the editor’s personal number, oh geez, he knows we’re not allowed to do that, and the book should be here in eight to fifteen weeks.’

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I am so ashamed and embarrassed, but I need help!

So this is an extremely time-sensitive call for help. I made a side blog under my original blog because I am deeply ashamed and would like to remain anonymous from hate. (If you have full intentions of helping me, I don’t mind giving out my personal details.) I have an appointment set next week on Wednesday (DEC 7, 2016) and I need to come up with $1300 by then. I am 18 weeks pregnant currently and the clinic is a few hours away, and its super time sensitive as its only a week to earn this money and I CAN NOT reschedule because of how late I am in this pregnancy. I recently lost my job and have no source of income. I could become homeless. I CAN NOT have this baby. I just can’t. I need help PLEASE. I’m not sure how to receive any donations, but I do have a paypal if that works! (Email:

If you need proof of my pregnancy, I do have ultrasound pictures I can provide.

If you cannot donate, please just share this. I need this to reach as many people as possible before then. 
I’m so sorry for this I don’t know where else to turn. 

Thank you everyone, for your time.

EDIT: I had a fundraiser but it got deleted because apparently they don’t want to be associated with pregnancy terminations. My only option of receiving money now is through PayPal only!!! Please reblog this edited version so people know!! I only need $1000 now!!

Okay, you guys see this man, right? This remarkable, extraordinary, one of a kind man, right? Well, his name is David Tennant and he’s an actor a brilliant actor. And this is a friendly reminder that this man is not the characters he plays. Who he plays on screen is his profession and nothing more. He isn’t Kilgrave for example; he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything or purpose. One he’s exceptionally kind to his fans which can’t be said about a lot of famous people out there. And he is downright humble and sincere to all those he works with and then some. So, there is a reason why I as a fan love him so much because he isn’t some pompous, rude, thinks he higher than thou celebrity twat; he’s everything opposite of that and then some.

“Goblet of Fire” was my favorite Harry Potter book for a very long time (and still is among my favorites), but I feel like the movie did a terrible job of portraying the story. But at the time it came out, I felt really alone in hating it - all my friends were absolutely over the moon about how awesome they thought the fourth movie was, and I could never understand why!

To put a dark kind of optimism on things, i have to say that I find this election kind of… validating in a way.

When I tell people how hard it is to succeed in the world when you are female or disabled, LGBTQ or any combination, I am often met with this kind of soft derisive condescension.

Surely it can’t be THAT bad. Other people have it worse. Starving children in Africa, etc.

I mean, why don’t I just quit my job for a better one? (because society hates me)

Why not just dress the way I really want? (because society hates me)

Why do I say I’m so tired all the time? I don’t look disabled (because society hates me)

Look at the millions of people voting for that angry fucking Cheeto and know. Know that you’re not wrong when you feel like the world is set against you. That it’s all uphill. Because it is. And nobody in their well-meaning pat-pats can take taht form you when you have such visible proof of apathy and hatred.

if you need to wallow, go wallow. You have every right. Be pissed. Fight. You’re not wrong. And if they tell you that your lack of success is some kind of bootstraps bullshit, show them the election results.

*this is just about me, not advice for anyone else*

My parents know a thing or two about living in an oppressive country that hates them and wants them dead. They got damn good at their jobs, they put one foot in front of the other, and whenever they could, they escaped with their friends to the woods where they could eat, drink, and make music–sometimes about what they were going through, sometimes about beautiful places they dreamed of going, sometimes about getting drunk with your friends.

It must’ve felt like dancing on the deck of the Titanic at times. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll ask them now if it felt that way, and maybe they’ll understand why I’m asking.

But, the music they and their friends produced out of all that pent-up rage and heartbreak has gotten me through my own worst days, and today it becomes more relevant than ever.

White Americans, myopic and arrogant as usual, chose not to learn from what my parents and so many others around the world have gone through. I’m reminded of helping to raise my little brother and sister. I try to protect them, but some lessons, you have to experience for yourself in order to fully learn. I only wish that this were one of those lessons that hurts only the learner.

As for myself, I’m lying in bed watching the sun rise on a new time and realizing that I already know what to do, too. That knowledge feels written in my body, like an instruction manual passed down to me by generations who hoped I would never have to use it. Isn’t that why we came here, after all? Wasn’t that what they told me in kindergarten, when I was fresh off the plane, still sleeping on the floor, barely understanding the language, but already knowing it was supposed to be different?

But that’s irrelevant now, so here’s what I’ll do. Drag myself out of bed and go to work. Listen to my fantasy audiobook on the drive. Try to be helpful to people even in this hollowed out state, like one of those decaying porch pumpkins they’ll be getting rid of soon. Game with my friends after work, just as I was planning to, as long as they’re still in. See a cool play tomorrow. Go to my friend’s birthday party and a comedy show on Friday. Move into a new house. Throw a housewarming party. Go out for me and my boyfriend’s anniversary, which is something that last night’s events have for some reason rendered me finally able to say without cringing and gagging, maybe because openly enjoying romance doesn’t seem quite so silly and childish to me anymore. Host Catsgiving again, and fill the house with light and people and the smell of roasting turkey and sweet potatoes. See my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have a sweet New Year’s Eve party. Survive the winter. Try to treat my fatigue disorder. Go camping a lot in the spring. Spend the summer evenings at the pool, again. Photograph as many flowers as I can. March the shit out of the Pride Parade. Go to Wisconsin with my family in August. Apply for independent licensure in the fall. Continue with my fucking career, somehow. Write. Plan. Bike. Make food. Try to love people even though I don’t want to.

I can’t save all the people this will destroy, or any of them really, or maybe even myself, but I can definitely do all those things so those are the things I will do, starting right now.

Jaehee’s Christmas Route in A Nutshell

Yep! It’s here! And, this time, in BULLET FORM! The first part of the Christmas routes from me! So, yes! Indeed! SPOILERS, MATIES!!!


  • Mr. “Damnit, I hate my job!”
  • Not his fault, but the most annoying character in the DLC. :/
  • “I know you like Jaehee, but STARFISH, LOVE ME LOVE ME!”
  • Hates brokers
  • Hates Jumin for acting like a broker
  • Hates having to agree with Jumin.
  • “Goddamn, I hate what’s happening! I want someone to love me, so I don’t have to spend Christmas alone! Come with me, MC! We can have a nice Christmas together! …oh, right. Jaehee.”


  • “Hey! Remember me from Jaehee’s regular route? Well, guess who’s back!?”
  • Overworks Jaehee, yet points out that Jaehee willingly chooses to work during Christmas.
  • Lowkey wants Zen
  • More importantly, highkey wants answers from V.
  • Weirdly enough, is MC’s new wingman.
  • “MC…please, go see Assistant Kang…she needs you. Also, give her these documents for me ^^”


  • Jaehee’s little helper.
  • Still adorable.
  • Still talks about Rika.
  • “I should give Jaehee an energy drink…that will help her out!”
  • Still oblivious to MC’s advances towards Jaehee.
  • “Of course they’re good friends! Just look how they look at each other, talk to each other, hold each other. It’s exactly like what I want, only with a girlfriend!”


  • Loves the bunker
  • Enjoys long walks on the beach, star gazing, and Christmas alone time.
  • Gives you Jaehee when you request Jaehee
  • “Oh, you want to talk to her? Well…(cracks knuckles)…let’s see what I can do.”
  • Totally understands LGBT
  • “Yoosung, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your horizon! As how MC says, you shouldn’t limit yourself to sexuality. I mean…(points to himself) I’m right here! XD”

Elizabeth 3rd:

  • Meowmeowmeow (You mean to tell me that I only show up in a picture…and that’s basically it?! F*CK!)


  • The start of the drama
  • Unresolved drama.
  • “Jumin! Give me illegal information, stat!”
  • Promises to show up at the charity
  • Typical V


  • Still afraid of Jaehee
  • Spoopy hacker is spoopy
  • I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge I’ll get my revenge


  • Waving rainbow flag in the air
  • Wishes to see Jaehee a million times more than in the normal story
  • Gets her wish
  • Also, ships Seven X Yoosung
  • Also, ships Jumin X Zen
  • Also, ships Jaehee X MC
  • Practically gets to kiss sleepy Jaehee on the cheek
  • “Jaehee, I know you’re asleep…but, one day, I’ll tell you how much I love you…oh, wait…I guess I already did just now…well, regardless, one day, I’ll tell you how I truly feel.”


  • friendship.exe is no longer responding. Would you like to upgrade to love.exe?
  • Absolutely wants to see MC before the end of the story
  • Also gets her wish
  • Doesn’t hate Jumin, but wishes to have Christmas to herself
  • At the beginning of the story
  • Now wishes to spend every Christmas with MC, just the two of them
  • “I…dreamed about you, MC…you were giving me a big, warm hug. I liked it, and felt so warm…I…I think I’ve…actually developed feelings for you.”

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Matsuhana 12!!

12. Kiss on the ear

Hanamaki smiles, watching as Matsukawa gently snores in his sleep. Most of the time he’s like some monster, his snores echoing off the wall. Hanamaki hates those nights.

But this? This is fine. Matsukawa looks… peaceful. Relaxed. He’s not stressed from his job, he’s not constantly worrying over the small things, he’s not fretting over the chores or anything.

Hanamaki likes these moments, because soft snoring like this tells him that Matsukawa is okay. It shows that he isn’t sleep deprived or sleeping like a rock. It shows that Matsukawa is actually relaxed.

Humming under his breath, Hanamaki sits up, gaze never leaving Matsukawa’s face. He carefully leans over, making to place a feather light kiss to Matsukawa’s cheek. It backfires as Matsukawa shifts, head moving. Hanamaki’s lips gently brush his ear instead, causing him to giggle.

He shuffles forward more, pressing another feather light kiss to his ear. He’s laughing softly, he knows, because Matsukawa is just so unbearably cute and it isn’t fair, really.

What he didn’t mean to do, however, was to wake Matsukawa. His eyes slide open, a confused noise leaving his lips. But then he sees Hanamaki, the sun from the window framing him perfectly, his mouth stretched out into a wide smile, small giggles slipping passed his lips.

Matsukawa smiles lazily, reaching out to yank Hanamaki closer. “You’re cute,” he yawns, burying his face in Hanamaki’s hair.

He receives a small laugh in reply. “You’re the cute one, Issei, shut up.”

“We’re both cute,” he says, earning a hum from Hanamaki.

“..does this make us a power couple?”

Matsukawa snorts. “Sure, whatever you want, babe.”

Raywood Headcanons

I loved making my FAHC Ryan one so I’m going to make a FAHC Raywood one. Because I’m a slut for Raywood.

  • They are both Gay af
  • Ryan is constantly scared he’s not worth Ray’s time and Ray will leave him
  • Ray never will
  • Ray is the out in public protective one
  • Poor Ryan doesn’t know how to tell people to back off or that he’s taken so here comes Ray like a fucking superhero basically growling at anyone whose within 3 ft of Ryan
  • Ryan is extremely grateful for this
  • Ryan is the on a job protective one
  • Ray hates this
  • They never plan on having sex
  • Mainly because Rye’s not comfortable with it
  • When Ray discovered Ryan was transgender Ryan had a massive panic attack from the fear that Ray would leave him. Spoiler he didn’t
  • They are both domestic
  • Always going for touching and making out
  • They were dating for 3 years before the crew even suspected anything, well not Jack but Jack knows everything
  • Geoff totally gave Ryan the “you hurt him your dead” speech about 5 times before realizing he doesn’t have to worry about Ryan
  • On that note Ryan is totally head over heels for Ray still.
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My recording of Yuzuru’s new exhibition during the 2016 Skate Canada Gala practice.

If you watch carefully, the other skaters seem to clear the ice and also stand on the sides to watch. This first viewing of Notte Stellata made quite an impression on me. With the smaller crowd due to it being a practice session, coupled with the way that Yuzuru was the only one skating on the ice at the time made this version of the exhibition piece particularly memorable. It felt as if Yuzuru was in his own private little world. I think this is my favorite exhibition piece of his thus far, good job David Wilson.

PS - I hate to say this, but please do not re-upload my videos or edit and re-upload them without asking for permission. I don’t mind if you want to download the video from Dailymotion for your own viewing purposes, but please do not download and re-upload it elsewhere. I don’t like to watermark my videos, and would hate having to resort to that.


How did you come to this show? Did you go through a whole audition process for this role? Yeah. Not that I’m in the stage of my career where they’re offering me parts in The Revenant, but I try very hard to go through the audition process because I feel like I learn quite a lot about the character and the people I’m going to work with. The last thing I want is to get there on day one and realize that Kat [McNamara] and I hate each other. So, I went through the entire audition process. I was actually doing a movie in L.A., at the time, so I missed the busy audition season. I finished filming and was freaking out going, “I’ve been unemployed for four days. What do I do? I’m going to die alone without a job, for the rest of my life.” My manager was like, “Just calm down. Stuff is coming.” And then, I got Shadowhunters and I was like, “Oh, I love this, and I’m sorry that I panicked.”

Please Help

I know I’ve asked for help a lot, especially this year, but this is really important. It’s apparently gotten to the point where being one day late (so far this month) in paying rent has prompted them to kick me out if it’s not paid in three days. I do not have $650 to give them. None of my job applications are ever answered, and I get commissioned or get freelance jobs or have things bought from my stores so rarely that I’m lucky to come out with $200 at the end of the month, despite my efforts to change that.

So I just really need some help. I don’t want to keep mooching off my friend, because I do not feel good about it, and my parents are the last people I’ll ask for help. They’d be about as happy to shell out that much money as they will be to learn this is the second eviction notice I’ve gotten this year. That, and I’m scared to tell them that there’s a possibility I might have to move back, because that is not a nice option.

Please, if you can help, in any way, it’d be greatly appreciated. I have a lot I can offer in return, all my commissions and shops are listed out, and there’s also just my PayPal, I just don’t know what to do or how to fix it without asking for help. And to anyone who can, thank you.

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I hate listening to my straight friends joke about being lesbians all the time. they say shit to each other like "I'm your lesbian" and "im in lesbians with you" and I feel irrational for being upset but it rlly rubs me the wrong way

You’re not irrational at all, honey. Your friends suck and that just shows that they don’t take lesbian relationships seriously. Do they know you’re out? I don’t even think they’d be worth talking to or educating as that’s not your job to do but if you do, I hope that they are receptive to your discomfort. 


Night Shift (Jimin)

Okkkk SOOOO this story is in celebration of my new job at a store and this is what I think about when we have down time ._. Hope you guys like it<3


You sigh as you get out of your car slamming the door as you walk into the door of the corner store you work at. Tonight you got stuck on the night shift. From precisely 10pm-6Am. And to make it better you had it with no other then Park Jimin. You didn’t hate him… You just liked him. A LOT. Too much. And that made you want to beat his ass. 

You knew he would pick on you tonight. He always does when you two are the only one in the store. And because of your outfit tonight will be a long one. You didn’t wash clothes so what you did have on was tight white skinny jeans with a tank top that was black but it’s covered by the store smock you have to wear. Your feet covered with brown timberland’s and your hair falling over your shoulders a bandanna crossed into a bow above your head.

You sigh when you hear Jimin laughing with your other co-workers Namjoon and Suga. They exchange the registers getting you guys set up as Jimin helps them with the paper work. A requirement for every shift. When they see you all of them look at you with a smirk and you want to slap the dimples off of Namjoon’s face. 

“I’m going to the bathroom.” You announce turning around walking to the opposite side

“Hello to you as well!” Suga yells out to you and all of them laugh when you flip them off. You go in the bathroom looking in the mirror pepping yourself up. You push your bra up making sure your breast look good and you fix your pants where it twisted at the ankles. You turn your body around looking at your ass sighing when you just now notice you can see your blue laced panties through them. 

“I should’ve fucking knew it.” You sigh before trying to push the smock down over to cover your ass. You brought it a size big for these types of situations but when you saw the other girls with the tight smock’s on and Jimin’s eyes glued to their breast you wished that you would’ve got a tighter one. But oh well. 

You walk back out of the bathroom and you go back to the front stepping up behind the counter shutting the little door behind you as you walk beside Jimin. He looks at you as he leans over the counter by his register his eyes lingering on your body. You feel your cheeks heat up as you take in his body. He has on a long white T-shirt with ripped blue skinny jeans and brown timberland’s to match yours. His brown hair in a black beanie and a sucker in his mouth his tongue darting out a bit.

“W-where’s your smock?” You ask him and he smirks at you his eyes meeting yours. 

“I didn’t bring it. Sort of forgot it last minute. Trying to rush to get to you it slipped my mind~” He says with a smile and a wink. You roll your eyes leaning against the counter. 

“Save that lie for someone else.” You say as you glare at him. 

“Yah no staring at me right now! You have to do your cigarette check.” He says and you sigh looking around for the paper. 

“Right here sexy.” Jimin coes and you sigh walking up to him. He hands it to you his eyes staring down at you. You get a little flustered under his stare so you snatch the paper from him going to count the cigarettes. 

The first two hours are the same Jimin teasing you or making corny lines to get you to talk to him. You both get a lot of customers since it’s night and especially since it’s a Friday night. You catch Jimin eyeing you really hard as the store clears out so you cock your head to the side meeting his gaze. 

“Sir is there a problem?” You ask him and he nods his head the sucker long gone from his mouth. 

“Then fix it…” You mumble looking off straight a head. You feel hands turn you around and suddenly Jimin is in front of you looking down at you as he grabs your hips with his hands trapping you against the counter. 

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” You shout at him hitting his chest.

“Fixing my problem.” He mumbles bringing his face to yours. 

“J-Jimin no!” You say turning your head to the side. Jimin laughs as his face lands in the crook of your neck and he starts to suck a hickey into your skin making you squirm against him. 

“S-stop Jimin-ah!” You moan softly as he grabs at your smock pulling you to him. 

“You don’t really want me to..” He says licking a slow line from your neck to your collarbone. 

“I-I do. I don’t like you like that.” You say feeling your skin heat up from what Jimin is doing. 

“Oh really? So your saying that I’m the only one that’s thought about me fucking you? Hard against the counter even. Pounding into that tight pussy until your screaming my name. Your legs trembling as I fuck you hard. Maybe swipe my tongue against that pink clit?” He says his breath ghosting over your ear. 

“I-I mean.. Maybe.. I have but not at a store!” You admit with a shrug of your shoulders and Jimin give you a deep chuckle as he tugs on your earlobe with his teeth. 

“It doesn’t matter baby. Either way you will be screaming my name.” He says as he wraps his arms around your waist squeezing your ass. 

“Ahh~” You gasp as you turn your face to his and you feel soft lips against your own. You respond to the kiss instantly, pushing your body harder against his as his soft lips mold against yours perfectly. He gives you harder kisses and you except each and every one.

He nibbles on your bottom lip his tongue sweeping against your bottom lip asking for entrance. You open your mouth gladly letting his tongue sweep in against yours to taste your wet cavern, your hands going up to tug his beanie off as you pull at his hair. He moans as his tongue wrestles with yours for dominance. The taste of his cherry sucker lingers on your tongue.

He opens your legs with his as he starts to grind his member against your, his erection pressing against your clothed wet pussy. You roll your hips back letting him dominate the kiss as he flicks his tongue against the roof of your mouth. He trails his hands to the front of your body his fingers skimming over the button of your jeans. You jump a bit as he pulls at the button before he pulls away with a groan wiping his mouth as he goes to the other side. 

“Customers.” He says deeply and you shiver as you look out of the window.

You see a group of guys come into the store and you turn around to wait on them. They get beer and chips before walking to the counter. 

“Hey sexy lady.” One guy says to you leaning over the counter. 

“H-hi.” You say your cheeks heating. Not from this guy or any in the group but from how stiff Jimin is as he watches you guys. 

“So what a guy like me got to do to be with a girl like you?” He asks licking his lips. 

“I’m sorry I’m not looking at the moment.” You say bagging their bags as they give you the change. 

“Why you taken?” One asks you eyeing your smock. 

“Yes she is.” Jimin says as he pulls you to him. You whine softly as he kisses you but you kiss him back as the guys scoff and walk off. 

He pulls on your smock unbuttoning them as he pulls it off of your body. He sets it on the back counter as he comes back to you kissing you again. He pulls at the button on your pants again undoing it before he unzips your pants pulling them down. 

“J-Jimin not here!” You squeal as he pulls you panties down to rest on top of your pants pooling at your ankles.

“No one’s here baby. Besides if anyone comes they won’t be able to see behind the counter.” He says as you allow him to push your legs apart his fingers running up and down your slit slowly, your teeth starting to tug on your bottom lip. 

“A-and the camera’s?” You ask in a small voice when his fingers skim over your clit. 

“Jin will take care of that. Baby your so wet. And it’s all for me? I have to make you feel better baby, we wouldn’t want to have to walk around with soaked panties all night would we?” Jimin asks you as he slowly slips one finger into you pulling a gasp from your lips. His finger starts to move slowly in and out of you. 

You shake your head side to side not being able to say words as he starts to move his finger faster. Jimin smirks as he watches you pant against the counter your cheeks red from embarrassment it makes him want to tear you apart. He decides to add another finger, his pants getting extremely tight. Especially when you start to moan his name, your pussy tightening up on his fingers. 

Jimin starts to stretch you out scissoring his fingers inside of you his lips connecting with yours to covers your little mewls and cries of pleasure. His thumb starts to rub your clit in slow hard circles and he breaks the kiss to watch you come undone. 

A car pulls up and you both see it. Jimin swears making you giggle but it’s quickly cut off when he curls his fingers hitting your spot. He smirks at the choked moan that escapes your mouth. He pulls his fingers from you sucking them as he turns you around but he doesn’t pull your pants up. 

“HI!” You yell at the next customers who walk in and they look at you laughing before greeting you. 

You feel Jimin’s body leave yours and you groan in frustration and embarrassment from how you have to lean over the counter to keep them from seeing you.

Suddenly you feel hands pushing your legs apart a bit and then you feel a tongue sweeping against your core making you bite your lips hard as Jimin traces his tongue up and down your slit. He hums against your pussy sucking on your clit with his plump lips. You try to close your legs as you see the customers coming to you but Jimin grabs your inside thighs hard with his hands, his nails digging into your flesh. 

You have to pause in between talking to the customers while ringing them up. They purchased so much and they wouldn’t stop asking you questions. All the while Jimin is shoving his tongue deep inside of your pussy making it harder for you to even focus on these people let alone not moan. Giving them the change was the hardest. You had to stay bent over while you gave them their bagged items and things. They asked you were you ok because of the cry that left your lips and the rest of your head against the counter. 

“C-CRAMPS!” You shouted at them tears filling your eyes as Jimin continues to abuse your core his fingers and tongue now pressing against your spot hard and fast better then any vibrator you ever had. The couple bids you farewell and when they leave Jimin pulls from your shaking body. 

“Baby you taste so good.” Jimin says as he turns you to him licking his lips. 

“Shut up and fuck me, I need you.” You growl at him grabbing him by his shirt smashing your lips against his as he presses his body to yours. You taste yourself swirling your tongue around his in a rough heated manner. You drop your hands down to his pants trying to undo his belt and zipper but Jimin has to help you because your fingers keep slipping. 

Jimin pulls his pants and boxers down to his knees and you grab his dick stroking it fast and hard getting a moan from Jimin when he breaks the kiss. He turns you around bending you over the counter, grabbing your hair as he pushes into you slowly. 

“Gnn~” You moan biting your lips as he feels you up. Jimin pulls at your hair harder once he’s buried inside of you, your insides squeezing tightly around his thick cock and that makes him more turned on. 

Jimin pulls out of you before he slams back into you, holding your hips with his free hands. He starts to give you slow thrusts making sure you feel all of him buried deep inside you, making sure it hurts but in a good way. He rolls his hips into yours pulling a cry of pleasure from your lips as you claw at the surface. 

Jimin pulls you back by your hair until you have to brace your hands against the counter to hold yourself up. He starts to bite and suck on your neck grinding his hips into yours he lets your hair go. Jimin moans your name hotly against your ear making you tremble as he trails his hands under your shirt pulling your breast out of your bra so he can grab and play with your nipples. 

“Your such a dirty girl. Letting me fuck you in the open like this. Your so horny for my cock you couldn’t even wait.” He teases noticing how a wanton moan slips past your lips as he talks dirty to you. 

“You like the way my cock stretches you? How your tight little pussy throbs because of me?” He asks roughly slamming into you as he holds your breast. 

“OH GOD YES!” You shout out throwing your head back against his shoulders. 

“I would love to take my time and break you down slowly but I’m afraid I’ll save that for another day. What would people think if they saw me fucking you like the little slut you are hmm? And besides I don’t want anyone else looking at what is mine.” He says as he lets your breast go slapping your ass. 

Jimin pulls out of you, and turns you around smiling deep inside as he sees how quick your chest rises and falls sweat already dripping down your face. He pushes you on the counter before he pushes your legs up making you bunch your knees as he keeps your pants and panties at your ankle. He comes between your bent legs one hand grabbing at your waist as the other tangles into your hair. 

He pushes inside of you moaning as he watches himself slip in and out of your wet pussy that clings so tightly to him. He fucks hard into you not giving you a chance to adjust. He pulls your hair back making your head tip back so he can mark your skin over and over loving the cries of his name that falls from your lips. 

You grab at his biceps that are clothed by his shirt as he switches angles to land on your spot. You beg him to continue to hit that spot but he slows down teasing you, his forehead against yours. 

“Please Jimin.” You groan wrapping your arms around your neck. 

“I’ll clean I do the paper work I’ll do whatever you want but please I need you to fuck me!” You whine feeling your orgasm so near as he slides slowly into you and everything is to much. 

“Even date me?” He asks deeply pecking your lips as your roll your hips up to his. 

“Y-yes" You say looking in his chocolate orbs that almost make you cum from just looking at him. 

Jimin lets your hair go grabbing both sides of your waist as he gives you what you want pounding deep into your walls reaching your spot over and over. You cry his name so loud you think people may hear it down the street but you don’t care the only thing that matters is Jimin being inside of you. 

“J-Jimin I’m close!” You warn him with a groan. 

“Me too baby. Cum for me. Cum all over my dick and shout it out who owns this pussy.” He says with a growl as he leans one hand down to rub your clit. He claims your lips one more time and teeth skims against teeth as lips mold together and tongues get bite. You tighten up around him as you feel your toes curling in your shoes your orgasm approaching you. 

“JIMIN!” You cry out your body shuddering as he fucks you into an orgasm your body arching to his, voice cracking from your throat being so dry. Jimin groans feeling your juices seep out onto his length. He feels himself start to pulsate inside of you, so he grabs your hair making you watch him slip in and out of your wet folds. 

“–!” He cries your name as he fills you up, he continues to pound into you until he is emptied out his hand finally moving form your sore sensitive clit. Both of you breath heavy as you stare at each other. 

After sometime he pulls out of you and you both clean up, after helping each other dress up acting shy and blushing from simple touches you both being more shy now then what just happened. 

“I’m.. Gonna go clean the bathrooms now.” You say softly as you see two customers come in. Jimin grabs you pulling you to his body as he kisses you again. 

“Keep the cleaning supplies close. Your going to need them much more then once.” He whispers giving you a wink. A whine leaves your lips as his eyes give you the promise and you walk off blushing once again in embarrassment when the customers watch you limp away. 

You decided that maybe night shifts were a good thing. As long as you tell Jin to destroy the tapes.