at times facebook pleases me

  • “ Ask me anything but math, i’m terrible at math. “
  • “ It’s my first time on Facebook Live, so please go easy on me. “
  • “ I can’t write very well with my left hand, but i can punch with my left hand so that’s good. “
  • “ - I’m like a little butterfly, i won’t hurt anybody. “ *cheeky smile*

- i can’t even, she is so so gorgeous, pretty, natural, cheery.

- I’m on full gushing rage right now hahah

Facebook vs. Tumblr: Free! Edition

Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook:

Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr:

Someone sends you a Facebook message:

Someone writes in your Tumblr askbox:

Loses a friend on Facebook:

Loses a follower on Tumblr:

Error on Facebook:

Error on Tumblr:

Scrolling through Facebook:

Scrolling through Tumblr:

Facebook at 2 am:

Tumblr at 2 am:

Someone sends you a dirty message on Facebook:

Someone sends you a dirty message on Tumblr:

So basically



I had some free time