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Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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anonymous asked:

What was the underground ice cream trade? That sounds like a cool story

*shifty eyes* oh no someone actually asked about this

alright well…. its kinda a long story that no one is going to hear in full detail because.. my brief childhood as a rising entrepreneur and procurer of goods is not to be discussed.

ahem- anyways when i was in… 1st grade (kindergarten?? nah first grade) i discovered that the Lunch Ladies were monitoring our food and reporting back to The Parents what we ate. Like say ice cream on a day we arent supposed to be eating ice cream and then our parents yelled at us because it wasnt allowed, wah wah wah cry me a fucking river. But still, such a breech of privacy was Not To Be Tolerated. so i decided to fuck the system. in ways only a 6 year old and The Godfather could.

The hows of my… procuring of the ice cream are… unimportant (I’m not telling a soul) but i managed to eat like an Ice Cream Empress for about a solid week or so before i realized that my fellow compatriots were also suffering under the tyranny of the Lunch Ladies and only I could help them. So i waited. until someone else ate ice cream on a day they weren’t supposed to and got yelled at by their parents. And when they complained at lunch and still wanted ice cream i pounced. 

“Well… i could… trade you my ice cream for something, if you want?”

and the very first deal was struck. i walked away with a pack of crayons complete with crayon sharpener and a mechanical pencil that day and i knew. I could do better. so i kept it up and soon i was selling a few ice creams here or there… for about a buck fifty within a month. i kept my rates pretty standard at that point. (icies at the school store were 75¢ for a small and $1.25 for a large - i knew what i was about)

and then a kid from the next classroom over asked me for a trade at recess and i had to expand. so i knew a kid. and then he knew a kid. and she knew a kid in 3rd grade who had a friend in the advanced class and so on. but i wouldn’t let my …opportunity out to just anyone. you had to be in to be in the know. you got me? rates stayed the same and i had to take a small cut in my profits for a minute while my operation expanded. a trade was $1.50 and my fellow entrepreneurs got 50¢ per trade plus one ice cream a week. we had to be careful now. i had about 5 comrades in arms again the Lunch Ladies in our quest for ice cream (and filling as many piggy banks as possible - even though my piggy banks were actually dalmatians and then a tea pot)

by second grade i had worked out all the kinks more or less. and developed my rules of operation.

  • no more then three trades a week per operator
  • if you share a lunch time no trades on the same day
  • do not trade to just anyone
  • all trades must be accounted for at recess or car line
  • do not tell the adults.

i was also getting sick of ice cream on the regular so i stopped eating it at this point. and then there was this kind named bry-(on? ce? something? it definitely started with a bry) and bry almost blew all of us out of the water because this little fucker got caught. he cried and was 7 years old so the adults thought poor little bry had made a mistake and let him go. but i knew. oh i knew what had happened. and this little shit could have ruined everything. and if one of us went down then all of us were going down. And the Lunch Ladies would win. but worst of all. they would tell my mom. 

so i called a business meeting at recess. now let me explain how recess was divided up. all of the 2nd graders went out at the same time and of course not all of the 2nd graders can associate with each other so parts of the playground and subsequent field was claimed by different groups. and i always got the swings. unless i wanted the slide and all the surrounding monkey bars. but that day i wanted the swings. Now its almost important to note that beyond the swings was an area that had some trees and this huge stone picnic table that was absolutely covered in gum. That belonged to the 5th graders. And no one fucked with the 5th graders. (unless you are off school property and can run fast as hell but thats another story entirely)

well. i made sure to be the teachers pet smiling little line leader that day because i didn’t need to make an entrance, i needed bry to come to me, on my swing, and know that he’d made a mistake. (i also miscalculated on the line leader thing since i was never the line leader, i always walked firmly in the middle of the pack, and my teacher was suspicious) so I’m swinging as high as i dare, this kid i knew tried to go around the bar earlier that year and broke his arm,  and waited for bry to show up. now I’m on the closest swing to the gum table and no one ever dared step a foot over the railroad tie that marked the end of safe and the beginning of danger. well. bry comes walking over and stands next to the swing set and I hop off my swing storm right up to this kid and start pushing him back. until this little shit steps clean off the playground and stands with both feet just inside 5th grade territory. and I’m standing there on the railroad tie and i say something along the lines of

“i won’t tell if you dont”

with a very pointed glance at the table of gum and since 5th graders are infinitely more terrifying then adults bry bursts into tears and swore he wouldnt. and because it was 2nd grade i probably made him swear to give me his batman folder if he did. (was i a fan of batman as a 7 year old? i was not. it was the principle of the matter.) well my teacher saw part of this and i spent a few hours in the principals office and then got sent home for the rest of the day. but my message was clear and the lines had been drawn. everything was smooth sailing there on in.

and then my parents sent me to private school for third grade afraid of all the bad influences i was encountering at public school.

they didn’t know I was the bad influence

Infatuation - Part 2

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Authors Note: A lot of unanswered questions in today’s chapter! I am trying to make this fic interesting. I apologize for the grammar! Again, this is my first fic. I am trying my best! I started off with 4 followers, but now I have 113 after part 1! Also, Part 1 has 283 notes! I am really happy! Thank you so much for reading! Please message me or ask me if you have any questions about this fic! 


It was the weekend and that meant partying. Although you were a teacher and you had to maintain your professional aura, everyone deserves some fun right? You went out with your best friend from college, Ashley. She always encouraged you to have a bit more fun, out of your comfort zone, but sometimes she had some shitty suggestions. 

You guys went to your favorite club, and as per usual,  Ashley got drunk after like one drink.

“Hey Y/N, I dare you to sleep with someone tonight and then tell them you have a boyfriend to freak them out. Tell them that your boyfriend will kill them, tell them he’s in the mafia!"  she giggled drunkenly to you.

"What the hell is wrong with you Ashley? You have bad ideas.” you playfully hit her.

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wlw survey results

thank you so much to everyone who participated in mine and @aliciqvikander ’s survey! we ended up getting 221 responses. below is a breakdown of each question.

disclaimer: there were a couple of responses that we considered to be disrespectful or homophobic that we decided to delete from the survey pool. the idea of this survey was to gauge the feelings & opinions of wlw skam fans regarding lgbt representation in the show; it was made with wlw fans in mind, and there were some skam fans who decided to take the survey and give disrespectful/homophobic answers, which was not the point of the survey.

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Headcanon: How the Avengers would play Monopoly

Author’s note: Sorry this so long, I got carried away after playing a 7 hour game of monopoly ,anyway!

Warning: a few cuss words, not much 

 -So there hasn’t been a disaster in almost 3 months

-They’re bored out of their minds

-Clint especially 

-He’s begging everyone to do something with him 

-Like Anything

-He finally suggests a game of monopoly

-Steve is like “No, Clint, that takes hours” 

-Tony is all for it 

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i loved you, then i lost you {5}

a/n: sorry this took so long im procrasinating about school :,)))) vvvvv sorry!

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary:  you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you. 

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

You stared at him in silence, hands gripped over your mouth tightly. He shuffled over and turned around, groaning quietly. Questions swirled around your mind furiously - was he eating correctly? He looked so frail and fragile now, his bony hands gripping the pillow. The smell of whiskey intensified when close to his body, giving a hint that he was drinking. You looked around the room, cautiously moving around the room. His clothes were scattered around the ground, phone on the bed beside him. You looked behind your shoulder, checking to see if Namjoon was coming up. 

“Yoongi..?” Taehyung stirred, rubbing his eyes. 

You froze again, quickly turning to face him. His eyes were still closed and he was half asleep. 

“Uh..yes, this is Yoongi..I came to”

Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed. “Money?” 

“Yep. I got it. Bye.” You rushed out the room, running downstairs and to Namjoon. “We gotta go, Taehyung is here.” 

“What? Who’s Taehyung?” 

You flinched at the small creaking in the floor from Taehyung’s steps, fumbling for your keys. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” 

Namjoon stayed glued to the wall - the poor man was terrified. “(y/n)..I think..he’s staring..”


You slid the key inside the little slot, slamming the door open, “Go, Namjoon!” You pushed him outside, looking back. Your heart raced as Taehyung ran towards you, you turning to get out as quick as possible. Lifting your foot up, you were determined to leave - until someone’s arms wrapped around you. 

“Are you really (y/n)? Are you? Are you?!” Taehyung cried, squeezing his arms around your body. You gasped, shooting your head upwards. You were careful not to speak, pursing your lips together tightly. “Answer me, answer me, please!” 

You stayed silent, but that only made Taehyung tighten his grip even more. You looked down at Namjoon, who was beginning to walk inside with his fist tightened in a ball. You held up your hand, struggling slightly, to signal him he should stay back. He looked at you with confusion. 

“Let go,” You tried to make your voice as deep as possible, trying your best to hide your voice. 

Taehyung gasped, releasing his arms and grabbing your shoulders. He turned you around, scanning your face. “I..It’s you!” 

You stayed there, glued to the floor, eyes wide with Taehyung sobbing in front of you. 

“You came back, I told Yoongi!” 

You gritted your teeth. 

“God, we missed you so much! Where did you go?!”

You lowered your face. 

“(y/n), you have no idea-” 

“I just want my apartment back for Namjoon.”

Taehyung stopped, his voice falling short as he looked behind you. Namjoon stared at him, arms behind his back. Taehyung’s smile fell, his eyes loosing it’s sparkle. 


He let go of your shoulders. “ really came back?”

“Only for him.” You forced those horrible words out your mouth, moving your mask away. Taehyung stared at you with tired eyes.


He shot a nasty glare at Namjoon, his hands shaking. “You have to see everyone else if you’re staying in this apartment then.” He whispered, running upstairs to grab his phone. You looked back at Namjoon, stepping out of the opening. 

You scratched the back of your head. “Yeah..sorry about that.”

Namjoon glanced up at you. “You have a weird life back here.”

You shrugged. “They have the right to be possessive. I left.”

Taehyung rushed downstairs and towards you, bringing the phone to your face. A tired Yoongi squinted through the screen. 

He was silent when staring at the screen and then ended the call.

“Stay here.” Taehyung whispered, wrapping his hand around your arm.

“Why should I?” You stared at him “Yoongi told me you stayed at his house. Why are you here?”

Taehyung bit down on his lip. “I missed this place, that’s all.”

You scoffed, forcing a smile onto your face. “What do you mean, miss? You throwing up. You arguing with me.” You stepped closer to him, and he stepped back. “There’s more bad memories than good.”

Taehyung gulped. “You changed,” he whispered. “You changed, you changed, you changed!” He repeated, screaming the words as he said them. Namjoon flinched, staring at the two of you with wide eyes. 

“My god, I just calmed him down, piece of shit!” A man pushed past you and Namjoon, running to Taehyung and bringing his face into his shoulder. “How nice of you to make Taehyung cry, thanks!.”

You stared at those familiar, icy eyes - the eyes that belonged to Min Yoongi. You said nothing. 

Taehyung sobbed in Yoongi’s shoulder, scratching at his back. He coughed loudly and roughly, squeezing him tight. Little flower petals fluttered down from his hidden mouth. Namjoon gasped, gripping his bag tightly. 

“Why are you back?” Yoongi snarled. 

“I..I came for Namjoon.” You responded shakily, glancing down. No matter how much you changed over three years, his glare would still shut you down. 

“That’s Namjoon?” He stared at Namjoon behind you, who nodded awkwardly. “Look, I can understand for him..but you,” He pointed his finger at you. “You have no excuse.”

Taehyung hiccuped. 

“Get out,” you muttered.

“No.” Yoongi pressed. “You know how depressed Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook became? They keep breaking down. Jimin’s still crying. Jungkook quit his job and now I have to take care of three boys.” He glared at you. “We suffered so much because of you. You fucking piece of shit,” He raised his hand, only to be stopped by Taehyung. 

“D..Don’t h-h-hit her..” He butchered his words while trying to talk, voice hitching from crying. Yoongi’s expression softened at him, lowering his arm. 

“Come to my place.” 


“Taehyung, come on-”

Taehyung looked up at you. “She’s finally back. Show Jimin and Jungkook she’s back.”

Everyone fell silent as Yoongi let go of Taehyung, pushing past you and outside the door once again. You waited a few minutes before turning to Namjoon. “Come in. You’re gonna freeze.”

Namjoon hesitated, carefully bringing his belongings inside. He eyed you cautiously. “I..uh..”

“Go to the guest room. I’m sure it’ll be comfortable and you wouldn’t want to hear any of this.”

Namjoon shot you a hopeful smile, quickly gathering up his things again and quietly moving upstairs. Now only you and Taehyung were standing in the living room. The clock ticked loudly in the silence. 

Taehyung picked at his nails, avoiding your stare. You stared at him again, once again noticing how skinny and pale he got. 

“Has your condition gotten worse?”

He looked up at you, his hands dropping. “..No.”

“I can tell, you don’t need to lie.”

Taehyung looked down. “I’m doing just fine.” 

“Fuck, I broke it!” Namjoon shrieked.

The two of you looked at each other and burst into giggles, holding your sides tightly. You smiled slightly, glad that the awkward atmosphere was breaking a bit. Taehyung’s shoulders bounced up and down as he laughed softly, his eyes following the slam of the door. 

Both of your smiles disappeared when Jimin and Jungkook stood there, pale and looking tired. 

“Yoongi..I don’t get it..” Jimin murmured. 

Yoongi looked around. “Where’s (y/n), Taehyung?”

“I’m right here!” You croaked, stuck between the door and the wall. 

Yoongi blinked twice in confusion before moving the door away, releasing you. Everything went silent again before Jungkook shrieked. 

“(Y/N)!” He ran over to you and hugged you tightly, squeezing you. You coughed as Jimin also screamed and hugged you. 

“Oh my god, oh my god..” Jimin cried, nuzzling your neck. 

“L-Let…me g-g..plea..” You croaked out again. They hugged you so tightly you were worried they were actually going to break one of your bones. 

Yoongi dragged Jimin and Jungkook away, panting when he was done. The two boys had bright faces and smiled brightly at you. 

“Now that we have everyone here, explain.” Yoongi shut the door closed, leaning against the frame. 

You glared at him. “Why should I?”

“I didn’t bring them here for nothing.” He spat. “I swear to god, disappearing on us and then thinking you have absolutely no right to ex-”

“Yoongi,” Taehyung murmured, shaking his head. Yoongi threw you an angry stare before averting his gaze somewhere else. 

You waited a few seconds before sitting down on a stool near the kitchen counter. “I went to South Korea,” you explained. “With Namjoon.”

Taehyung shot up, “South Korea?! would have planned that ahead of time, and-”

“Namjoon gave me the money,” You interrupted, shutting Taehyung down. “I wanted to get away from all of you so I wouldn’t cause anymore problems.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Then Namjoon told me…” You trailed off, careful not to mention a specific name. 

Jimin stared at you. “Told you…what?”

“Nothing.” You quickly dismissed it, standing up. “That’s all.”

“That’s all? That’s all you have to say after being gone for three years?” Yoongi threw his hands up in the air, letting them drop and laughed while he paced around his small bubble. “Oh wow, oh just fucking wow.” 

“What else do you want me to say, Yoongi?” You stood up from your chair. “I didn’t even want to see you here, yet here we are, like fucking children and-”

“Oh for fuck sake,” He argued, stopping in his tracks to turn towards you. “Don’t act all innocent.” Yoongi’s voice began to raise, and Jungkook began to look worried. Nothing was going to end well if Yoongi was angry and in an argument. 

You took a step toward him. “I’m not scared of you anymore, Yoongi.”

“You sure ‘bout that?” He smirked. “Hit me then.”

You gritted your teeth, and without thinking, slapped him harshly across the cheek. Taehyung gasped as the room fell silent. Yoongi’s face was turned towards the way you slapped his cheek, the red mark beginning to show on his pale skin. “You little shit!” He yelled, grabbing your collar and slamming you to the ground. 

Now, of course you were scared - he had you pinned down and everyone was shouting at the two of you. You said you weren’t scared of Yoongi, but you were - terrified. He always looked at you as his “good” friend, getting into college and whatnot. 

Time went by quickly and before you knew it, Taehyung was treating your injuries in the bathroom. Jimin and Jungkook were cooling Yoongi down in the living room, their soft whispers barely making it out. 

You stared down at Taehyung, who patted your face with a wet towel. His eyes were dull and dried blood had crusted on the edge of his lips. You raised your hand and wiped it away, making Taehyung pause. “You know,” he whispered while cleaning the towel. “Yoongi isn’t usually like that. Ever since you left he was super quiet and didn’t make smartass remarks.” He folded the towel in half and wringed the water out, placing it on the cut on your arm. You flinched at the sudden touch. “He really was trying his best to find you.”

“Well, he obviously gave up quickly.”

Taehyung shook his head, reaching up into the cabinet to grab rubbing alcohol. 

“Don’t use that, it’ll make the cut worse.” You took it away from him, placing it back where it belonged. He shrugged, going back to his treating. 

“He didn’t give up quickly. I think he started hallucinating because he didn’t sleep for so long,” He smiled slightly, keeping his head low. “He kept muttering about how he was gonna throw his stuffed animals at you.” 

You smiled back, chuckling at the thought. Your hand brought up Taehyung’s head so you could inspect it. “Have you been eating?”

“None of us have..well, we do, but not properly.” He admitted, focusing his eyes on the wall. 

“You haven’t slept as well?”

“Yeah, we haven’t slept-”

“I’m asking you, not them.” You pulled away your hand, pushing the towel away.

“Wait, I’m not done yet!” Taehyung stared at you, glancing at your cuts.

“I’m fine. I need to talk to Yoongi,” You sighed as you started to walk out the door. Taehyung set his towel down, grabbing your arm to prevent you from leaving.

“That’s not a good idea..he’s probably gonna get mad again.” You shook your head, pulling your arm away from his grip.

“I’m sure we’ll be alright.” Walking out from the bathroom, you approached the three silent boys. “Yoongi,” You whispered quietly, standing near the couch.

“….Yeah?” He replied softly, staring straight forward.

“You alright?”


“Um..can you come over here for a sec?” Yoongi stood up and shuffled over to you, his weight leaning into your shoulder.

“Fuck,” He whispered. “I’m so damn glad you’re back.”

You froze as he sniffled, staring at Jungkook and Jimin, who also had their jaws wide open. Yoongi cried silently on your shoulder, leaving you all in awe.

“Yoongi, it’s okay, r-reall-”

“I’m sorry..I’m sorry..” He cried, hugging you tightly. You looked down at him with surprise. Yoongi barely cried, barely gave hugs to you - he was closed up like that. Had you really left such a damaging scar to everyone by leaving just like that? You patted his hair fondly, waiting a few moments before pulling him away. 

“You guys should go home now,” You smiled. 

“..You’ll be here the next morning, right?” Jungkook spoke quietly, brushing his hair away from his eyes. 

“Of course I will. I can’t have Namjoon wasting his money on me.” You pushed Yoongi towards Jimin and Jungkook, waving goodbye as they left. You sighed, weaving your fingers through your hair and turning to walk upstairs. 

“Ow!” Taehyung yelped as you bumped into him, jumping up. You stared at him blankly before clearing your throat. 

“Shouldn’t you be going home?”

“I wanna sleep on the couch.”

“Go home with Yoongi, Taehyung.” You sighed, pushing past him. His hand rose and grabbed your arm. You paused, “You have a habit of grabbing my arm or something?”

“..Just let me stay here. And stay next to me, please.” He tightened his grip, his voice almost desperate. 

You stared at him with sharp eyes before groaning, shoving his hand away and sitting on the floor next to the couch. “Can’t believe you want to sleep at what, 3 PM?”

“I have’t slept well, I have my excuses.” He smiled, walking over to the couch and laying down. He laid his head down on the pillow, locking his eyes with your. “Thanks for coming back.”

“Just sleep already,” you yawned, smacking his forehead.

“Sweet dreams.” He whispered as your heavy eye lids shut closed.

You furrowed your eyebrows together at a sudden jolt of a pain in your left hand, opening your eyes groggily. You looked to your left hand, finding Taehyung’s finger clutched around yours tightly. Your eyes shot open when his coughing reached your ears, eyes darting towards his body. 

Taehyung coughed hoarsely, his hand shaking as he squeezed your hand. Blood spilled out his mouth, along with brown flowers escaping as well. “Oh fuck,” you began to stand up, only to be froze again by his tight squeeze on your hand. 

“D-” He almost screamed, gasping for air. His knuckles were white and nails were digging into your flesh as he sobbed in pain, his hair falling in front of his eyes. His face was red from crying so much and his body was trembling You felt yourself feel a wave of nostalgia wash over your body - the memory of three years ago when Taehyung was choking and sobbing. You blinked, returning back to reality. You scurried closer to his hunched up body and ran your fingers through his hair. “Breathe, breathe Taehyung,” you whispered in his ear.


You paused. “What?”

“Su..ha..” He cried out loud, bringing his head to the floor. You stared at him in disbelief. Taehyung froze, muffling his hiccups. The flowers had stopped, and so did your heart. You gritted your teeth together, forcing his fingers off of yours.

“I thought you had changed!” You screamed, glaring at him with scorching fury. “I…you’re the same man I know from three years ago,” you gasped for breath from the sudden scream. “I really, really thought you changed!” Taehyung’s eyes widened as his shaky body tried to stand up, tears spilling from his eyes.

“No, wait-”

“I want you to stay down here and don’t come upstairs, I swear to God I will fucking-” You caught your breath, staring at his horrified expression. You turned on your heels, rushing upstairs and into your room. The smell of whiskey hit you harshly, but you didn’t care. After closing the door shut and locking it, you hit the bed with a flop, panting heavily. “He’s the same.” You whispered to yourself. In the silence of the room, you could hear muffled hiccups downstairs. Your eyes watered up slightly but you brushed it off. You coughed, staring up at the flowers. You let them fall from your palm and onto your chest, letting your arm fall back down.

You sat up quickly when someone knocked on your door. “Go back downstairs!” You yelled, bringing your knees up to your chest. 

“What? Is it because I broke something?” Namjoon’s tired voice spoke through the door. You stood up from the bed, unlocking the door and opening it slightly.

“Oh..sorry.” You smiled.

Namjoon smiled back before his eyes trailed down and gasped. “You have blood on your shirt, holy shit, do I-”

You looked down as well, an alarm of panic going off in your mind. “Uh..are” Namjoon looked at you with a worried face. “Did, there aren’t any flowers here..”

You cleared your throat and gestured for Namjoon to come closer. “Do you know the Hanahaki Disease?”

Namjoon thought for a moment before nodding slowly. “Oh god, don’t tell me..”

You shrugged.

“How long have you had this?!” He took a step closer.

“Three years,” you mumbled.

He bit down on his lip. “I- I’m sorry, I wish I could-” He paused. “..But I’ve never seen anyone with you in South Korea..aren’t you supposed to like, love someone?”

You pointed downstairs.

“Like that is gonna help me,” he sighed and pushed his hair back. “I don’t know their names very well. Can you tell me so it’s easier?”

“Kim. Tae. Hyung.”


“Yes.” You looked at your hands. 

“You guys seem extremely close together though?” He blinked.

You shrugged. “I’m pretty sure he’s still married to a girl called Suha, but then again he’s also involved in a one-sided love.”

Namjoon let out a stressful sigh, trying his best to comprehend the situation. “Fuck, (y/n), I didn’t know-”

“It’s fine.” You closed your eyes.

“You do realize you’re gonna die, right?” He asked quietly.

You shrugged once again. “As long as Taehyung doesn’t, I’m fine with that.”

Namjoon looked up at the ceiling. “You can’t die that easily, you know? Everyone is gonna break down.”

You stared at him in awe before letting out a small cough. “You should go back to your room.”

He nodded, turning around to go back to his room. He stopped to look back behind his shoulder and continued to walk towards his room. You walked back into your room, glancing at the clock on your desk. 5 PM. You turned away, popping your head over the corner that lead to the stairs heading downstairs. You quietly creeped downstairs, sighing when you saw Taehyung leaned against the couch, sleeping silently. You looked around and walked into the kitchen, searching in one of the drawers to grab your car keys. You grinned when you grabbed them, grabbing your shoes and slipping them on quickly. Unlocking the front door, you exited the house and shut it closed, jumping into the car and starting up the engine.

Soon after you left, you reached the place you were searching for - a bakery. Yes, it was probably the worse place to go in this situation, but you needed a break from all this shit. You walked inside, inhaling the sweet aroma. The small bakery was dimly lit, the soft light from the sunlight shining through the windows. The place itself was comfy and comfortable to be in general. Hushed mumbled were scattered along the other customers as you walked over to the small display of pastries. All kinds were placed to show in all their spotlight. You looked up, shuffling over to the line. You smiled at the cashier when you reached them, ordering your food - you handed them the money and collected your things while they grabbed the pastries. It didn’t take long and you nodded, waving goodbye at the cashier when exiting the bakery. 

You approached your car and reached out to open the door, stopping when you heard a faint crinkling sound. You look down and squinted at a small note attached to the handle, picking it up. You stared at it and read it silently in your head. 

we know where you are.

You gulped nervously, spinning around to check if someone was watching. Although you couldn’t see them, you felt a pair of eyes stab into your back. It sent a shiver down your spine as you quickly got into the car, gripping your hand on the steering wheel. You shoved the key into the engine, pressing on the gas pedal. Your mind was blurry and unfocused as you tried to concentrate on the road. It was surely Hoseok, you weren’t that much of an ass to anyone - in fact, you were a quiet person in general. The one thing that boggled your mind was that you just saw Hoseok in South Korea. There was no way he could track you or Namjoon down, they surely couldn’t have put a GPS or anything on that, Namjoon would be able to detect that; anyone could, in fact. You drove home quickly with your sweaty palms, grabbing the small box of pastries. As you slid the key in the door, you wondered why all this shit was happening to you - out of all the people in this damned world, it had to be you.

“Calm- d- (y/n), help-”

You stared at a crying Taehyung clinging to Namjoon’s back, and a Namjoon staring at you with teary eyes. “He keeps hugging me and crying, I don’t know how to stop it!” 

Taehyung looked over Namjoon’s shoulder, releasing his grip. Namjoon yelled with happiness to be freed from that hell. 

“You didn’t leave!”

“Uh..yes I did, to get pastries.” You held up the box. “How else would I get them?” 

He blinked twice, then three times. His face burned red as he looked down. “O-Oh..”

“You really thought I left again.” You let out a breath of disbelief, setting the box down. You opened it up, staring down at it with a smile. 

Namjoon walked over to you and looked down as well, and Taehyung joined quickly. “Oo…” Namjoon whispered. 

“Get a plate for all of us,” You whispered back in awe. He quickly ran over to the small cabinet, pulling out three plates. He gave one to you, Taehyung and one for himself. The three of you pulled out one pastry and ate them in peace, forgetting all the problems. 

“Shit, this is good,” Namjoon sighed with satisfaction. 

“Mhm,” Both you and Taehyung agreed wistfully. 

It was quick process to eat all of the pastries, they were small enough to eat in one hand full. Namjoon washed the dishes while you sat on kitchen stool, staring at your phone. Taehyung twiddled with his fingers, looking back and forth between his hands and you. 

Namjoon looked up at the clock when he set the dishes down in the sink, wiping his forehead. “It’s 6:30 PM..I think I’m gonna sleep,” 

“Sleep? 6;30?” You stared at him. 

He shrugged. “I like to sleep, alright?” He glanced at the two of you. “Uh..try not to make any more noises.” He grinned, walking upstairs and into his room. 

You looked at Taehyung. “You’ve stayed here for what, two days now? Where are you supposed to go?”

He glanced at you nervously. “I don’t wanna bother Yoongi.” 

“Go to Suha’s place.” 


You stared at him. “What?”

“We got divorced,” He sighed. 

Your eyes trailed down to his hands to find a golden ring wrapped around his ring finger. 

“…Doesn’t that mean that disease should have gone away then?”

He shook his head. “It’s too late. You saw those flowers and the blood,” he sunk his head into his arms. “The only choice now is to get surgery.”

“Get it then.”


The two of you stayed silent before you walked over to him. “Why do you have that ring?”

“I can’t bring myself to put it away.” He whispered. You sighed and grabbed his his hand, sliding the ring off his hand. 

“Let her go already and just get the surgery, Taehyung.” You placed the ring on the table, shaking your head as you walked away. 

“What about you then?” He asked loudly, and abruptly. “ need the surgery too, right?”

You stopped cold in your tracks. Your heart beat began to raise and speed up, and you could feel your palms becoming sweaty again.

“…Why would I need surgery? I’m fine.” You let out a butchered laugh.

“You have the same disease as me, I remember.” Taehyung stood up from the chair. “Before you left.” He said firmly. “You said you loved me and you had the Hanahaki Disease.”

You ran your tongue over your dry lips. “You probably heard wrong. It was three years ago, after all.”

“I couldn’t have.” He protested. You could feel his eyes burning into the back of your head as you gulped. 

“It had nothing to do with you anyways. I don’t care about myself as long as you get the help you need for it.” You hastily turned around to face him. 

“(y/n),” He walked over to you and grabbed your shoulders. “You already left me once. Three years was too much.” You felt a lump form in your throat as his hands tightened around you shoulders. “If you die from you know how much we’ll cry?” He whispered.

You lifted your shoulders up and down. 

“Yoongi won’t want to do anything, he’ll..” He licked his lips. “Jimin and Jungkook would probably just sit there and not do anything. No eating, no drinking.” His eyes began to gloss over as his brown pupils stared into yours. “Please get the surgery with me.” 

You shoved his hands off your shoulder. “I love,” you started, “How you remembered that I said I loved you. I still do.” You admitted. “Yet you want me to get surgery?” You grabbed his shirt collar and brought him close. 

“I love you so fucking much. I can’t let that go to waste.”

Taehyung stared at you as his hand raised up to brush your cheek, then leaned into your face. Your lips locked against each his as he wrapped his arms around you, his kissing becoming more fiery with each groan that escaped his mouth. 

He moved his mouth away from yours after a few seconds, gasping for breath. 

You too looked at him and wiped your mouth. “But you still love Suha.” You whispered, wriggling out of his grip. His expression fell at those words, his arms dropping to his sides.

“I said I divorced with her!” Taehyung tried to reach his hand back out to your cheek, but you stepped back. 

“But do you really love me?”

His lip trembled as he looked away, rubbing his arm with uncertainty. “I don’t know,” he whispered.

You let out a laugh, a strong laugh. “Then that kiss meant nothing to me!” You dug your nails into your palms as your fists curled up into a tight ball. “Maybe it’s better if I do get the surgery. So I can forget all about the shit I have to deal with you.” 

Taehyung looked at you with a painful expression written all over his face. “Why did you become so angry?” His voice was soft as he spoke. “You were melting into that kiss, but now here we are, just arguing again.”

“Just go back to Yoongi’s place.” You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.


“Please.” You looked up at him with a dull expression. 

He looked at you with tears rimming at the edge of his eyes, then nodded. “Alright.”

He walked to the front door and opened it. 

You turned to walk upstairs. 

Taehyung let out a blood-curdling scream.


a/n: ack only 4k words :,( sorry, i kinda rushed this since the last part was posted almost a week ago and my dashboard seemed dry lmao

the reckless club kiddies

making a hc post bc theyre now my kids thanks

  • after that one detention they dont immediately start hanging out 
  • gotta take it slow
  • eventually tho they come together one by one bc i mean cmon they really had a great time with each other
    • eli is the first one and ofc he drags steve over kicking and screaming but in reality steve is the happiest one to be there bc hes actually really lonely 
  • one day jims sitting with only toby claire and darci at the lunch table and after he blinks one (1) time all of a sudden its filled with the rest of them
  • theyre squished up next to each other but honestly? this is great 
  • whenever jim and claire do anything ever everyone else at the table fake gags bc theyre usually very sappy
  • it gets to a point where even when they arent doing anything romantic everyone just fake gags its become a running meme
  • “hey claire did you take notes today in math class?” “ya” “cool can i-” “god we’re trying to eat here you guys” “huh?” “do you mind??” 
  • toby wants to woo darci so bad so hes like talking about it one day and at first steve calls him a weenie but then he gives toby some pointers 
  • “just yell” “what?” “trust me. just let out the loudest shriek possible and she’ll come a-runnin dude. trust me” 
  • toby actually does it and darci does run all right. she runs to get help bc “omg toby what was that??? are you okay??? you were wailing!!! are you in pain???????”
  • mary invites the gang back to her house for a Treat Yo Self session bc she loves skin care and if theyre gonna be a squad then everyone has to look just as good as she does of course honestly she just wants to treat her friends 
  • steve is the only one against it and he tries to decline but all jim has to do is call him a chicken and steves already teleported into marys backyard telling them to hurry the flip up
  • after they did shannons makeup for the first time in detention she really really loved it and looked up tons of videos online and offers to do everyones bc she thinks its fun
  • at first its serious but then jim distracts claire when its her turn  and shannon messes up and it looks hideous but its so so funny that it turns into a contest of who can make each other look the ugliest 
  • nobody wins bc theyre all laughing too hard to actually form coherent sentences
  • eli has video games and tons of movies at his house so they all go to his house one day and his mom almost faints 
  • eli’s mom seeing toby come out of her bathroom: WHO TH E F CU K B UR GLUR G ELI THERES A BURGULAR CALL YOUR A UNT CHERYLL SHE HAS THE SHOT  G UN / eli: mom!! no!!! hes my friend!! / eli’s mom: huh / toby: nice to meet you ms pepperjack
  • they spend about 20 minutes arguing over what movie to watch until all of a sudden they hear the opening credits of httyd and when they look over darci and shannon are already on their 5th bucket of popcorn with snacks spread out around them 
  • it turns into a sleepover bc all just fall asleep there 
  • eli’s mom takes pics bc shes really happy for her son and she sends them to him in the morning
  • hes embarrassed but secretly saves it to his phone
  • theyve all been to almost everyones houses. all except steves 
  • he wants them to come over. but he doesnt. but he does. but he doesnt. but he- 
  • they dont pressure him and just wait
  • eventually he invites them over and he begins teasing them all but he doesnt know why he feels so nervous hes nervous about them seeing his home life mayhaps??? hmmm
  • “is that coach sitting on the couch watching a soap opera” “no” “oh my god thats the coach” “no its not” “coach!!” “NO-” “HEY KIDS” “GOTDANGGIT”
  • at school, coach is strict but outside of school hes one of those Cool Dads that check in every 5 minutes 
  • “hey everything alright in there” “yes pls go away” “just checking on ya……” “……” “do you kids need anything?” “no” “okay…” “….” “but if you do need anything just-” “oh my god” 
  • eventually they all become thick as thieves and become that big group of kids always walking around town 
  • its lit 
Shattered  (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

Based on around this request:  Hey! Just here to give some suggestions for requests. Maybe you can write a Jonathan one where the reader is Will’s babysitter and she blames herself for Will going missing because she was supposed to pick him up from the Wheeler house but she had something to do (maybe work or something “stupid” like a date with a guy she had a slight crush on)

A/N: Thanks to the anon the suggested this! I tweaked it slightly, I hope you don’t mind. I have a few other Jonathan requests that I’ll finish up at some point this week. Thanks for all Your suggestions!! Enjoy!! also i dont have time to edit rn so I’ll go over it later, this was just a quick drabble.

Disclaimer: Don’t roast me lmfao

Warnings: Curse words, bullying


Will Byers had gone missing and it was your fault. At least, that’s what you convinced yourself was the truth. You asked Jonathan Byers to take your shift that night, unknowing to you that this would play a role in Wills disappearance.

The entire town was talking about it, search parties had been called and parents everywhere were on edge.

You pulled on your skirt, tucking your t-shit into the waist band. Your eyes were sore and puffy from crying, all you could do was think about how you played a role in all of this. You jogged down stairs, almost making it out the door before your mom ordered you to put a cardigan on.

“It’s cold out honey, it’s not the summer anymore.” She pestered as you pulled the sweater on hurriedly making your way out the door.

It was weird how quickly things seemed to go back into the normal swing of things, quickly forgetting about the Byers boy who had gone missing just a few days ago.

You went through the motions of taking your books from your locker, although you weren’t mentally there. Your mind wandered, thinking about all the kidnaping cases that had happened in the past, all with gruesome ends.

“Y/N?” A hand waved in front of your face, snapping you out of your trance. “What’s wrong with you, we’ve been taking to you for like 5 minutes.”

Carol leaned against the locker next to yours, Tommy by her side. Steve joined the gathering that had started by your locker, closing you in.

“Guess who’s got the house for the rest of the week.” Steve said in a song song voice, dangling his house keys in your face.

“How can you guys think about getting drunk at a time like this?” You asked, slamming your locker shut.

“Your such a prude.” Carol snapped with an eye roll. “You know Jackson Manson took her out the other night and she wouldn’t even kiss him?”

“Sorry I don’t want to hook up with random people.” You retorted, folding your arms across your chest.

“You won’t even kiss anyone, that’s not hooking up.” Carol groaned, annoyed with your attitude.

“Look, I don’t care what you guys do in your down time, but I’m not comfortable with that kind of thing…especially with someone I hardly know.” You explained, irritated with her judgement. “And who names their kid Jason when their last name is Mason?”

Steve was about to interject but darted forward as Nancy and her friend Barb walked down the hall, engrossed in their study notes. Steve snatched the notes from Barbs hands, much to her dismay, and reassured them they would do fine on the test.

In all honesty, you only hung around Carol and Tommy because of Steve, who had become your cousin through marriage. He urged you to hang out with his friends, considering you didn’t know anyone else, save for a few people from work.

As Steve rambled on about his plans for this fine Tuesday eveneing, Carol interrupted.

“Oh god” She said, her voice filled with disgust. “Look.”

The group of you turned toward Carols gaze, your heart sank as you watched Jonathan post a missing child poster up on the school bulletin.

“That’s depressing.” Steve said.

Your feet carried you toward him, your mind disconnecting from your body, only guilt dictating your every move.

“Hey.” You said, barely a whisper.

“Hey.” He replied, his tired eyes trailing over to the group of people staring at your interaction, then back to you.

You stood there for a moment, an uncomfortable silence keeping you frozen in the moment, just watching one another.

“I just wanted to apologize.” You finally admitted, looking down at your hands.

He raised an eyebrow at you, confused by your apology.

“For what?” He asked, his body now completely turned toward you.

You released a shaky sigh, fidgeting with one of the rings on your thumb.

“It’s just…I don’t know…” you hesitated. “If I hadn’t called you to take my shift, maybe … maybe Will wouldn’t have gone missing.”

Jonathan held your wrist, just for an a moment before dropping it.

“It’s not your fault, it’s mine.” He said, his voice lingered in the air.

You shook your head from side to side, you hand brushing against his.

“It’s not your fault either…I guess it’s just out of our hands.” You said before regretting it, realizing that it probably wasn’t the most comforting thing to hear.

“Could I…help you?” You asked. “With the flyers I mean, and to help you search for him.”

A small smile lifted the corners of his mouth. “Sure, that’d be really nice.” He said giving you a small nod.

The bell rang and the two of you said your goodbyes, a small glint of hope sparked within you.


“Steve, why are you guys still waiting around?” You asked, approaching his car. “I told you I could walk home.”

Steve gave you a look, he was clearly upset about something as his jaw was set in a hard line.

“Your little boyfriend, Jonathan, is a creep.” He spat, his eyes narrowing into a squint. “Nicole caught him developing some of his photos, he took pictures of Nancy through my window.”

Your eyes widened as Steve’s accusation, confused by it really.

“What are you on about?” You asked as you hair blowing into your eyes, the wind picking up.

“Oh look here he comes now.” Steve announced, clearly making a show out of it. “Hey man, Nicole here was telling us about your work.”

Jonathan gave a confused look, evidently nervous. Tommy grabbed his bag and tossed it to Steve, much to Jonathan’s protests.

“Steve, give it back to him.” You urged, trying to grab the bag from his hands. Steve pulled out a pile of photographs, taunting Jonathan. “Steve your acting like a prick.”

“Look.” Steve said, tossing the photos to you. “He got some pictures of you too.”

You looked at the photo that Steve presented to you, caught off guard, you gave a perplexed look to Jonathan.  As you flipped through the others, you could feel the tips of your ears become hot. There was a lot of pictures of you, just lounging in one of the chairs, not paying attention to anyone else. You finally came across the Nancy photo, her back to the window as she took of her soaked shirt.

You held them to your chest looking up, staring at Jonathan.

“We gotta get rid of the perverts toy.” Steve said, grabbing Jonathan’s camera and smashing it against the cement.

You clasped your hand to your mouth, gasping as the pieces splinters at your feet.

Tommy snatched the photos from you and handed them to Steve, like an obedient dog. Steve tore the photographs apart and threw them at Jonathan, he flinched in response.

Steve and his lackey’s sauntered off, leaving you and Jonathan alone.

“I’m so sorry.” You muttered, your eyes wide with shock.

The two of you quietly picked up the broken pieces of his camera, the sound of his hitched breathing mixed with the swirl of leaves.

“I didn’t mean to be creepy.” He whispered, his voice shaking. “I swear I’m not some voyeur, I just thought they made good pictures.”

“Jonathan, you don’t have to explain yourself.” You interjected. “I know your not malicious, really don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to Steve, he’s a complete idiot sometimes but he’s got a good heart.”

Jonathan scoffed, shoving the torn pieces into his backpack.

“Oh yeah, real stand up guy.” He said sarcastically. “Why do you hang out with him anyways? You don’t fit in with their group, you seem like you actually have a soul.”

You stood up, brushing off the dirt from your knees.

“My Mom married his uncle, like a year ago, and we moved here to be closer to his family’s business.” You clarified, your mouth forming a tight line. “Not exactly an ideal situation to be in.”

Jonathan, now on his feet, gave you a shrug. “So your an honorary Harrington then?”

“It’s my cross to bare.” You quipped, hand placed over your heart dramatically.

“Oh, I printed some more flyers at lunch.” You added, reaching into your bag for the flyers, “I thought we could post them around town.”

Jonathan beamed at your gesture, he was flattered by your kindness. 

“Thank you…for everything.” He said in shy voice.

To be continued? I’m not sure if this is good or not, I wrote it to take a break from my other WIP’s that I was feeling stuck on. Sorry it’s kind of short, I’m not sure how I feel about it TBH

You don’t own me part 8

Originally posted by the-a-team-baekhyun


“Don’t stop”, you said quickly and opened your eyes. The both of you stared at each other before you quietly picked up his hands and put them back on your shoulders.

“Please continue.”

Word count: 1648 // Short. I know. I’m sorry.

Warnings: Angst. Not too hard but I cried for some reason.

Author’s note: So I do have to admit that I’m not really satisfied with the lastest part but I guess it was okay. I’m currently so looking forward to the end of the story not because I dislike writing it but I’m hoping to wreck all of you in the very best way. Does this sound strange? Well I don’t know how many parts are there to come till you can finally enjoy the grand finale but I hope you’ll stick with my pathetic ass till then :)

Lovelies ♥: @vicassa @byunbunniess@dont-hyuck @httpwyf @jookyunhoe @i-am-a-death-dealer @byunshim @galaxy99love @imbaekhyunstrash @holymolydrrad @shesdreaminginoverdose @roamingsalad –> hope I could clear your confusion properly? :D

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7

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All evidence that proves Shiro is a sleeper agent, and also a robot

OK EVERYONE I have some incredibly hard evidence regarding Shiro and his… “escape”. 

I think that this version of Shiro really thinks he is the real Shiro, but this is far from the truth.

His escape was all part of the plan. A plan to make sure he really believes that he is the real Shiro, and will behave like him as well. Every single part of it was set up so that the Galra and trick and track Voltron. That includes those 2 rebels. They were in on it. Read more below, it’s gonna be long.

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Betta Tank Minimums: Let’s Discus!

haha see what i did there? ;D but really though, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! This post should be a thread where people are allowed to express their own opinions freely, and discuss the opinions of others in a civil and polite manner. It’s okay to disagree, this is supposed to be a conversation afterall, but it’s not okay to berate anyone for having an opinion.

1. How do you define minimum tank size?

I consider the minimum tank size to be the absolute minimum size of a tank (with reasonable dimensions) where all a fish’s basic needs can be met. i feel like ‘minimum tank size’ shouldn’t be synonymous with ‘recommended tank size’ because the minimum tank size only covers the basics and nothing else while a recommended tank size gives the fish more room to swim and also leaves more room for decor, plants, hides, extra enrichment, etc. basically: i feel like the minimum tank size for a betta is 2.5 gallons, but i’d still recommend a 5 or 10 gallon tank to anyone looking into getting a betta since bigger is better and bettas love to wiggle!

2. As a follow up question, do you think that minimum tank size should be synonymous with recommended tank size? If so, how does that relate to or affect how you define ‘minimum tank size’?

3. Why do you feel that this tank should be the absolute minimum size tank required?

  • you can buy a standard-size 2.5 at most pet stores
    • if someone’s looking at a 1-2 gallon bowl for a betta, it might not be too hard to talk them up to a slightly bigger tank. if someone’s looking at a .25-.5 gallon bowl, 2.5 gallons looks like a palace and they probably won’t even consider upgrading to a 5 or 10 gallon for their prospective betta :/ also, lids! a standard 2.5 is the smallest size lid (glass or screen) thats commercially available from what i’ve seen.
  • pet stores don’t sell fishbowls over 2 gallons
    • i dont even think fishbowls over 2 gallons are manufactured >.> someone let me know if they are tho?
    • a lot of keepers push the “fishbowls are bad” narrative (me included!) since a lot of people will walk into a store and want to impulse buy a betta, guppies, or goldfish for a very small bowl. now, i know that the shape of a tank isn’t really the problem here (in fact, if you like the bowl shape, head over to walmart, hobby lobby, michaels and pick up a 12" bubble bowl from the floral department. 3-4 gallons (when full of water and decor) for $10-20, same price as a 1-2 gallon bowl), but a lot of people (myself included) would like to see people move away from seeing fishbowls as acceptable because when someone who doesn’t know about fishkeeping thinks “fishbowl” they probably just picture some gravel, a bowl, no filter, no heater, and cheap flakes for food. “fishbowl” is kind of a packaged up notion of fishkeeping and i’d really like to see the general public move away from “fishbowls” and the type of care that generally goes along with them.
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be for the cycle to be stable
    • i’ve heard this a lot, and so far i think that water changes for really small tanks should be based off of carefully monitored parameters. removing too much waste (ammonia that’s hanging out in the water) with a big water change could starve the bacteria if your fish doesn’t produce ammonia very fast, meaning that there could then be a bacterial bloom or your cycle is just thrown off and you’ve got to pay even more attention to your parameters and your water changes. most beginning aquarists aren’t going to want to do this or know how to do this. (if i’ve misunderstood how a cycle works in a small tank, please feel free to comment! i’m always open to learning new things or understanding the nuances of a big concept!)
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be to heat properly
    • bettas require a heat source. most heaters are too big (the smallest 50w adjustable ones i could find are 6-8") or can quickly overheat a small tank (a 7w “betta bowl” heater or “slim” heater can quickly heat a 1-2 gallon bowl to 86F+, the hottest i’d let a pet-store betta get. i wouldn’t recommend keeping them at that temp long-term tho). the smaller the tank, the more the temp will fluctuate. and since most 1-2 gallon bowls aren’t big enough for an adjustable heater with a thermostat, even with a little 7w heater, the temp will fluctuate more than a few degrees unless your house stays x degrees 24/7/365. i feel that the extra ½ gallon of water and the dimensions of most 2.5 gallon tanks pushes you, just barely, over into the safe zone and allows you to purchase an adjustable heater with a thermostat.
  • wiggle room!
    • bettas aren’t colorless lumps of finnage that sit in one place all day! they’re super active fish most of the time! I have a boy who’s a double tail half moon with an insane doral fin (he’s gorgeous and i love him) and even tho he wouldn’t do well in a very deep tank, he doesn’t stop to rest very often in his current tank :p i find that bettas are so much more enjoyable when you get to see them and interact with them! a standard 2.5 gives them more length-wise swimming room than a smaller bowl or tank :)*

I wasn’t really sure if i should also point out this or not, but i feel like its a good thing to make note of regardless of tank size: tank size doesn’t necessarily equate directly to how much water volume is in a tank that’s got decor and substrate, so having a 2.5 gallon tank with substrate and decor might actually hold 2-2.25 gallons of water. in a 2.5 gallon standard tank, i dont think that this affects the fish’s swimming room very much, but i dont know to what degree the stability of the cycle is affected.

As a little endnote to everyone who participates in this conversation or who reads this post and those that (hopefully) follow:
It’s okay to have an opinion that’s different than someone else’s. It’s also okay to agree with someone else on certain points and disagree on others. It’s okay to question someone’s reasoning or stance, and it’s okay to be questioned. Be open to having a discussion! :) Lastly, it’s okay to walk away with a different opinion than the one you came into the conversation with! if someone’s point makes you rethink your view, feel it out and be open to change! I will be and I hope you will be too <3

day seven ( mingyu )

pairing; bff! mingyu x female reader

warnings; abusive relationships, abuse

a/n; i promise this one won’t end in sleep haha// i dont really know what happened haha

masterlist | christmas drabbles

Originally posted by visual-17

you knew you should have left the moment he started hitting you. you knew that.

but, if you really knew that, why were you still with him?

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Dead Men Dont Talk

Request: “ Would you mind doing a Jonathan Crane fic, it really doesn’t matter what type, just anything” from anonymous. And  “ Scarecrow arguing with the reader, threatens to use his toxins, only to apologise and comfort the reader when they react badl” from @my-fucking-world-13 and “ Fic request (when you have the time) of Scarecrow spraying reader with his toxin and finding out her fear is his death.” from @97thebaluga

Words: 939

Warnings: Death, blood, arguing/yelling, domestic dispute, use of fear toxins.- abuse within relationship.  

Notes: I just did what was asked. I’m not sorry. 

“SHUT UP.” He demanded, angrier than you’d ever seen him before. His normal, usual cold persona dropped and replaced by a louder, enraged one. His face only inches away from yours, one hand raised above his head as if to intimidate and the other pointed straight at you. But you refused to be intimidated by him.

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The Sound of Music Pennywise x Violinist!Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can you make a Pennywise x Teen!Reader where the reader plays the violin and what not and everyday she plays near the wellhouse which catches Pennywise’s interest

Warning: None

Note: Enjoy =3!

Originally posted by fiona-dourif

Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

The beautiful sound of the violin echoed from your room. Unlike what the violin originally was intended for, you like to play it like Lindsey Sterling. Fast and upbeat in a way but still equally beautiful.

You loved to play the violin ever since your mother taught you when you were little. She used to be in an orchestra and was known as the Lady of the Violins. You knew you could never get to her level but you’d at least try to make her proud.

She was the most sweetest and kindest woman but, sadly she lost a battle to blood cancer when you were 8. After that you promised you’d play the violin everyday for her to hear.

You heard a knock on your door and stopped staring at the door. You sighed and walked over to your door, sure enough your father was behind it.

“(Name)? Do you mind not playing your violin here?” He requested before taking a swig of beer.

“Sorry dad.” You apologized.

“It’s fine just…play somewhere else please.”

And with that he walked off. It had been over 5 years since your mother’s death but he never gotten over it. He couldn’t find another woman like her or keep a stable relationship.

It had caused him to have a bit of a drinking disorder so…you didn’t really play the violin at home. You thought he wasn’t going to be back home so soon but apparently you had lost track of time.

You put your violin and bow into your case before slipping on some shoes and heading out to the wellhouse. Despite the scary auera surrounding the place you loved to just sit here and play to your hearts content.

You had no where else to go since most store owners here didn’t appreciate a girl playing violin music on their property. So you came here instead to practice and play.

You Sat down criss cross on the sidewalk in front of the fence before pulling out your violin and now. You played a slow song at first but then aftrewards you were playing it almost as a fiddle but more modern and like Lindsey Sterling.

You finally noticed something out of the corner of your eye and looked to see it was a clown standing in the yard staring at you. This was the first time you had seen a clown, especially one at the abandoned wellhouse, and you were a little shaken by it.

“Contiue to play. Please.” The clown said his voice soft and almost child-like in a way.

You nodded and despite feeling a little scared contiued to play a song fluently. One of the first songs your mother had taught you to perform. Your agile and graceful fingers danced across the strings well your bow created the sweet sound.

The clown got closer until they had stepped over the gate with their long legs and sat down beside you staring at you. Their eyes were a beautiful blue color and one eye was a little lopsided but you thought he was kinda cute. Even though he was drooling like a waterfall.

Finally the song was over and he clapped excitedly making you blush and pretend to bow despite you sitting down.

“You play that good. In all my years of living I had never heard something like that.” The clown said.

“Thanks. My mother wrote it so only I know the song. She never wrote it down or anything.” You explained placing your instrument on your lap.

“Oooo.” He awed.

“So, um, what’s your name?” You asked shyly.

“Excuse me?”

“What’s your name?”

He grinned pointing his bottom lip well replying, “I’m Pennywise the DANCING Clown.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle when he shook his hesd making the bells on his suit jingle.

“Well Pennywise I’m (Name).” You said smiling.

“(Name)? Very fitting name.”

“Why thank you.” You giggled.

“Do you mind playing more of your music?” Penny asked.

“I dont mind at all.” You replied before bringing the violin back to your neck and playing a different song.

Everyday you came over to the wellhouse and played for Pennywise. You both had started a deep friendship as you grew up to become a proffesional violinist working for the “Greatest Orchestra Ever”.

Yet everyday you came back to Derry to play for Pennywise.

Ending Notes: Another request done! Hope you enjoyed it! The songs I listened to well writing this was Mirror Mirror by Jeff Williams, Shatter Me and other songs from Lindsey Sterling, and I Don’t Care by Apocolyptica. I suggest you look them up cuz I LOVE those songs. THANX FOR READING!!! X3!

when wizards social media

Harry Potter updated his facebook status: “we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” –A.P.W.D”



Hermione: so true

Ron updated his facebook status: food


Harry: eat something?

Caption on @LunLoves photo: if you look hard enough you might see the three legged garden gnomes. They’re a unique creature that only will leave their burrows for lavender infused apples during the full moon but have the lovely ability to garden fresh basil! This one was very friendly and stood still while I took its photo! (@hermione.spew try tilting your head a few degrees to the left to clear your vision!)


hermione.spew: there is a very logical reason for what that is exactly

hermione.spew: @ron.ron might be able to explain this better than I can

ron.ron sent a Direct Message to HJPotter: I think Luna thought that the muggle garden gnome was real

hjpotter: I thought you got rid of that thing

ron.ron: I guess she saw it before I got around to bringing it home

hjpotter: why did you pick the garden gnome one with three legs?

Neville sent Harry a private message: remember how I said the greenhouses were probably okay

Neville: and that I swore that I could handle the third and fourth on my own and that Sprout could go on holidays

Neville: and that I would be fine

Harry: do I need to bring a first aid kit?

Neville: yes

Ron updated his facebook status: food


Hermione: this is your twenty third status in a row about food

Ron: I can’t help it!

Harry: wait

Harry: why exactly are you posting about food every time you’re online?

Ron: dunno the stupid box keeps asking me whats on my mind and I thought it might summon what I wanted.

Hermione: wizards.

Ginny Weasley (@gin.ny) moral of the story is that you can make anyone cry if you yell loud enough


Humans of Diagon Alley posted 3 new photos: “sometimes I forget that I’m allowed to be upset. When my boyfriend died it was a really hard time. People got really distant and it was hard pretending that I was okay. A lot of people were expecting me to move on after a few days but I couldn’t. I couldn’t find a way to be okay then, and I’m not always okay now, but that’s alright. I’m living and one day that will be enough.”


Hannah Abbot updated her status: I swear to god the next person who sets off fireworks in the tavern will be scrubbing the floors with their toothbrushes.


Susan: that serious, is it?

Hannah: please tell me that wasn’t you

Susan: remember when you didn’t let me copy your paper for potions third year


Hermione Granger created a new page: S.P.E.W.

Ron Weasley and 1024 others like this page.  

Hermione Granger updated the description: The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare seeks to improve on standards of living for the House Elf community. We hope to achieve better communications and support these works in a more effective way. Stay tuned to this page as we will be having a series of panels in the upcoming month, led by Winky and Kreacher. .

Ron sent Harry a private message: so Hermione thinks we plan on going back to school at some point right?

Harry: ha jokes on her

Ron: she keeps making study schedules so we don’t fall behind

Harry: when in the history of ever did those ever work

Ron: we should get Neville to tell her that we’re never going back

Harry: that’s a great idea mate

Harry sent Neville a private message: hey man

Neville: no not a chance

Harry: ?????

Neville: I’m not suicidal I’m not telling Hermione that you and Ron aren’t going to complete your seventh year.

Harry: mate you literally fought a giant snake

Hermione sent a private message to the dream team: traitors

Caption on @gin.nys photo: and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the famous Boy Who Lived who isn’t drunk but only ‘drunkish’. You’ll notice him trying to climb the street pole while Ronald, only marginally ‘drunkish’ is trying to hold the fully stable street pole up. These are your war heroes.



hermione.spew: I thought you boys were studying for auror examinations

forge.w: that looks like top notch studying to me

percy.wealsy: Ronald you’re a public disgrace. You should consider your image next time you engage in bar drinking.

ron.ron: sorry @percy.weasly I couldn’t hear you over the sound of I don’t care

Harry sent a message to the dream team: guys do you think raccoons hate being raccoons?

Hermione: it’s 4am shut up I have to give a lecture tomorrow


Hermione: raccoons are trash pandas, the equivalent of Ron. Ron, do you hate being a trash panda?

Ron: that was a jump there, Mione

Hermione: im sorry if it wasn’t clear ITS 4AM

Harry: but I had a dream about raccoons

Hermione: listen potter im glad you discovered the existence of normal dreams that aren’t visions inflicted by a noseless man who talks to snake and is trying to commit genocide, but I will hex your nose off if you don’t go back to sleep.

Ron sent Hermione a private message: do you think pigeons are sad about being pigeons

Hermione: RONALD

Neville posted 7 new photos: we’ve made some great progress in recovering 3 greenhouses. These are some example of Devil’s Snare in bloom. You might note the display of purple flowers that only happen for 2 days a year. #plantsaregreat



Luna: how lovely! My Great Aunt Hilda used to make wreathes out of aged devils snare to keep the griffins from entering her home. <3

Ron: #fucksnape

           Harry and Neville like this comment

George Weasley made a new event: help the famous boy who lived move into his new flat

1007 going| 3658 interested

Harry posted a new status: thank you, George Weasley, for making sure that plenty of people would help me move in exactly five boxes worth of things into a very small flat. I appreciated that.



George: anytime (:

Hermione sent Harry a private message: fuck ron found memes

Hermione: he has defiled the group chat

Hermione: I thought we agreed we would never show him memes

Harry: (:

Luna sent Hermione a GIF over private message

Luna: do u pronounce gif as gif or jif

Hermione: GIF

Luna: jif sounds better

Luna: dont be a memater

Percy sent Hermione a Words With Friends request!

Hermione posted a new status: Enjoy your Halloween everybody, but remember to be respectful for those remembering the past.

891 likes, 50 sad reacts.

Ron sent Harry a private message: where are you

Ron: people are worried about you

Harry: dunno tpo of te water towerr

Ron: kay just wait there I’m on my way

Hermione sent Ron a private message: did you find him

Ron: yeah but he’s wasted

Hermione: I left a hangover cure beneath the bathroom sink yesterday just in case

Ron: thanks

Luna sent Harry a private message: you’re going to be alright

Percy posted a new status: I publicly admit defeat. Hermione Granger is clearly the better player in Words with Friends and I regret ever challenging her in the first place.



Hermione: thank you for honoring your side of the deal (:

Harry posted a new status: hey guys stop sending me flowers I have a very small apartment also I’m allergic

Humans of Diagon Alley posted a new photo: “We weren’t in touch with our daughter during the war. We didn’t even know our daughter, if you can believe that! She made a difficult choice to keep us, and herself, safe. All the matters though is that we each found our way home again.”



Harry: good job granger

Caption on @ron.rons photo: thank you world for letting me see Malfoy in community service robes



hjpotter: I still think him as a ferret was great

hjpotter: but this is even better

forge.w: I have this photo framed for the shop

hermione.spew: guys be nice

hermione.spew: lol just kidding he deserves community service for everything he ever did and said.

ron.ron sent hermione.spew a direct message: u okay there?

hermione.spew: I really dislike him

hermione.spew: sometimes when im sad I remember the time I punched him and then im really happy again

Ginny sent Harry a private message: you have spiders beneath your sink

Ginny: you have a lot of spiders beneath your sink

Harry: yeah but they’re my friends

Ginny: ??????? I wasn’t aware that I was talking to Hagrid?

Harry: when I was a kid living beneath the stairs I used to make friends with the spiders.

Ginny: moving past your traumatic childhood we’re getting rid of those spiders they are not my friends.

Ginny changed Harry Potter’s name to: Hagrid 2.0

Ron posted a new status: its been a long time coming but I’m pleased to say the Canons finally won a match.



George: you’re crying aren’t you?

Bill: he is

FleurWeasley uploaded a new Vlog Video: steak night Fridays (translated from French)

9028 thumbs up | 10 thumbs down

Ron posted a new status: after an awful 5 months of learning nothing new, I can proudly say Harry Potter and I are official aurors.

690 likes, 246 loves


Ginny: I’ll put 50 gallons down on you guys switching careers before two years go by

Luna: well done Ronald and Harrance! Be careful of street buttersnargles when patrolling

Hermione: im personally amazed you both passed your potions examinations

Hermione: honestly I never saw that coming

Hermione: ever

Hermione: please tell me you didn’t use a specific textbook

Harry: Hermione Granger literally not a clue what you’re talking about (:

           Ron liked this comment

Hermione posted a new photo: he swears my cat is a satan creature



Ginny: weird he came home with so much hair on his clothes we thought he met someone

Charlie: this makes so much more sense

Ron: first-your cat was clawing me in its sleep

Ron: secondly-I hate you all

Harry posted a new status: merry Christmas everybody.

Harry sent Hermione a private message: will you come with me again

Hermione: to see your parents?

Harry: yeah

Hermione: of course. Let me grab my cloak

Harry: thank you

I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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[Misawa AU] Synchronous Flowering Chapter 5

fandom: Daiya no A

Characters: Sawamura Eijun/Miyuki Kazuya

words: 5.5k+ 

summary: Sometimes a twist in destiny can mean a closer bond from an early stage, and dragging Kazuya off to a small sleepy town in Nagano was probably one of the best things Rei could’ve ever done for him 

Notes: whoooops xD and I’m right back to being late on my updates. I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at being on time but uni is taking all my time at the moment and I almost dont have time to think of anything else. This is chapter 5 so now we’re past the halfway point of what I’ve written. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s the first chapter at seidou and changes are probably becoming more prominent from this point on.
The next ten days I’ll be in Tokyo so I probably won’t have time to update, so I decided on a mini hiatus which means I’ll be back with ch 6 in two weeks. Thank you all so much for your support of this :D I didn’t expect it at all and I’m so astonished at it :D
(Ps: Sorry my laptop is messing with me so the layout is a bit different from usual since I’m doing this from my tablet)

There’s a ringing in Eijun’s ears.

“I’m sorry Ei-chan.”

“I plan to have made first string by the time you arrive.”

“We wanted to play baseball more with you guys.”

“Whether you decide to go or not, I’m definitely going to Tokyo.”


It doesn’t stop until somebody throws a pillow in his face and he opens his eyes to see a grouchy Kuramochi Youichi glowering at him through eyes that are barely slits.

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anonymous asked:

how do you work on college apps with such terrible adhd because i literally cannot even sit down to start, and when i do it takes 8 hours because i keep wandering even though i dont want to ?


Note: People have requested that I supplement these kinds of posts with a podcast/audio form for those that can’t focus on large bodies of text. Please tell me your thoughts in my inbox!


I recommend you look at my ADHD masterposts if you haven’t already (part 1 and 2.) 

I’m in the same boat as you, honestly ;; The app is hard for anyone, let alone people who can’t regulate their attention well enough to even be introspective in the first place. Hopefully, my guidelines can help you like they’ve helped me!

I refrained from talking about how to write the common app, and focused (ha) more on how to plan and write the essay itself, especially when you have regulation issues! 

1. Stop treating it as a necessity. 

This is less a school essay, and more an opportunity to talk about literally anything that you find really exemplifies certain parts of you. You can format the Common App in whatever way you find proper and applicable, meaning that you have full creative freedom with this! 

I’m personally diverging from the traditional essay format, and I strongly encourage that you try it out to see what you prefer. Keep in mind that you also want your essay to tell a story that drills into the very core of who you are, a particular trait of yours, and/or a small event that ties into a larger idea.  Be introspective, and if that means coming to unconventional conclusions/formats, so be it! 

Make sure to read examples of successful common app essay, just to get an idea of what creativity can mean.

2. Don’t force creativity 

ADHD is usually associated with boosts in creativity, but this doesn’t mean that creativity flows on demand-not to mention that your common app essay doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be incredibly creative in the first place.  You still want to be authentic to who you are, and if you’re not a creative person, don’t try to be. Also, don’t avoid sitting down and working on your essay just because you’re stuck on something like a  creative intro (which brings me to my next point.) 

3. Don’t force it in general 

Inspiration comes in small, scattered bursts. You may be at a bus station, or eating lunch when suddenly, something hits you and you think you have a solid (prospective) idea for your essay. Write it down! Don’t forget it, even if, as the day goes by, you realize it’s not as strong of a topic as you thought. Work whenever inspiration hits, and when it does, don’t stop writing until you’ve come to a satisfactory stopping point. This doesn’t mean that you should put the essay off until you have inspiration, but just make sure to take advantage of the opportunities when you do. 

Note: Often times, you need to just start working on it, regardless of quality. Even if you produce nothing relevant in the first couple of drafts, that process is crucial in order for you to eventually open doors to better ideas. If you work now, you’ll have more time to improve the quality of your ideas. 

4. Work informally

Nobody is reading your brainstorming draft. Make typos, write continuously for five minutes regardless of what you’re typing, use abbreviations and internet slang–that’s what your natural thought process looks like. You don’t need to MLA format your brain 24/7; the more fluid your thought process, the easier it will be to select standout ideas to then format into a more organized outline, and eventually, an incredible essay. We’re naturally creatures of chaos, so it would put less pressure on us to be comfortable during the first stages of writing. 

5. Go to a public area

Like most of us, I feel like being at home only makes it harder for me to focus. Go to a coffee shop, or public area and see if it helps! These are places I like to say have ambient activity-there’s a constant stream of tolerable, and even enjoyable sounds and people coming and going, and that subtle touch of energy is just enough to prevent the environment from being disengaging or boring. 

If you can’t go to a coffee shop or a public area, try the site below! It simulates the same feeling I mentioned above. 


6. Notice your surroundings

This shouldn’t be hard, because we probably do it more often than we’d like to, but take notice of the seemingly unimportant things in your life from time to time. A person may like the way the light reflects on the windowpane, but an artist will draw inspiration from that to create a piece. Be the artist! Extract information and inspiration from normalcy, and experiment with where that takes you. Be careful not to become too distracted with that kind of simulation, though! 

7. Set a timer

If you’re worried with how “sitting down and writing until you can’t write anymore” is going to fare with you (that may result in you neglecting other work) then set a timer. Tell yourself that you’re going to work on the essay for, say, 25 minutes (pomodoro technique) and then take a break, or to work on it for no more than 2 hours a day. After the allotted time has passed, jot down any final ideas you have and slowly come to a halt in your brainstorming/writing process. If you have any more ideas later on, you can always jot them down and develop them another time or day. 

I have some general techniques in my masterposts that may help as well, such as working with other people, or using technology to aide you in focusing! Best of luck!! 


WRITING THE COMMON APP ESSAY (applies to most essay prompts as well) by @ccllege


Heart ~C.G.~

Summary: you’re little brother needs a heart transplant.

Requested: yes

Note: 2 more imagines coming and then the prologue for my Gang Fanfic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were in the car taking my brother to another doctors appointment. We’re going to see if he needs surgery now or if we continue with medicine. My poor brother, he’s been going through this since he was 3 months old. He was so strong and adorable and I hate that he’s going through this.

As we walked into the hospital to see his doctor I told him a funny story about the time me and Carl got stuck in a dumpster running from bullies.

“Hello, how are you guys today?” The nurse comes in to prep him for his appointment. She asks us the usual questions about our day and how he’s been eating and sleeping and exercising. She finally left and in came the actual doctor.

“Hey little man, how’ve you been?”

My brother just smiles at him.

“Okay, we’re going to draw a little bit of blood to run some tests and than we’re gonna take you to the special x ray machine and have a look at your heart okay?”

My brother doesn’t say anything. I grab his hand so he can squeeze when they take his blood. After they finish drawing the blood from his arm, they give him a bandaid and we go the same room we’ve been to a million times.

“Ok, hmm. Mrs. Y/L/N, could you step out with me a moment?” The doctor says grabbing two pictures printed from the machines side.

I help my brother get his shirt on and ask him how it felt to be a superhero.

“A TRANSPLANT?! ARE YOU 100% SURE?” I hear my mother yell from outside the door.

I tell my brother to stay while I go outside.

“What’s going on? What’s up with his heart?” I ask the doctor.

“Well, he’s going to need a new heart. This picture on the left is what a healthy normal heart should look like, on the right we have y/b/n’s. He’s going to need it within the next 6-12 months but as soon as possible would be preferred.” The doctor explains.

“Okay, so how long is the wait?” I say upset.

“Well, we get anywhere from 5 to 0 hearts a week. If we put him on the list, he could probably last until a new child’s heart comes in.” The doctor says quietly.

“Probably? You’re telling me there’s basically no way to save him. You’re okay with a small child dying because there wasn’t enough hearts to go around?” I say growing angry. I feel my mom grab my hand but I shake it off and go back into the room with my brother.

I pick him up and take him back to the car. I buckle him in and wait for my mom.

She gets in the car and sits for a second.

“It’s going to be okay everyone. I promise.” She says before starting the car.

“Can you drop me off at Carl’s house?” I say without looking at her. She sighs but agrees and takes off for the Gallagher residence.

I knock on the door and it’s opened my little Liam.

“Hey buddy, is Carl here?” I say walking in anyway. Liam nods and points to upstairs before going back to some tv show.

I trek up the stairs, passing Debbie and Fiona arguing about something on the way up.

I get to Carl’s room that he shares with Ian and Liam. I knock before slowly opening the door.

I see Carl on his bed sleeping. I walk over to him and shake him lightly.

“Carl, babe. Wake up” I say quietly before standing on my tip toes to kiss his forehead, then his cheek then his lips. He groans before smiling and turning the other way. I huff and hop up in his bed and straddling his body making him lay on his back.

“Literally any boy, would love to be woken up like this Gallagher. What the hell is wrong with you?” I say lightly laughing. Carl wraps his arms around my back pulling me into his chest and turning us so we are on our side.

“Carl wake up, I need to talk to you about something serious” I say pushing away from him slightly. He kinda sits up so his shoulders and head is against his headboard. I move with him and rest my head on his chest.

“What is it babygirl?”

“Y/b/n has to have a heart transplant and they say he might survive until then. He needs it within the next 6-12 months but if we put him in the waiting list, there’s no telling when he’ll get it. My baby brother needs a heart Carl and I think I’m gonna give it to him.” I say tracing circles in his stomach to keep from crying.

“What do you mean, you’re gonna give it to him, y/n you only have one heart and you can’t give that up.” Carl says more serious.

“I’m gonna drown myself” I say looking at Carl.

“No the hell you aren’t. Your baby brother is strong and I know he’ll last. He also wouldn’t want you dead just so he can have a new organ”

“Carl he’s so young, I just want this to be over for him. I don’t want him to suffer anymore. We have the same blood type and everything. He could have my heart and live long and he wouldn’t have to worry about breaking down any moment.” I sit up and cross my arms.

“I don’t give a fuck what blood type you are. You can’t give up your heart. IM NOT LETTING YOU KILL YOURSELF I DONT CARE. I love you and so does your little brother. Why would he want you dead y/n. Don’t be fucking stupid. You’re a idiot if you are even considering that as an option. I swear to you, your brother will get a heart and it’s not gonna be yours. Now lay the fuck back down and take a nap with me princess” Carl growls at me before pulling me back down and kissing my forehead.

“I love you too Carl.” I say snuggling in his chest still thinking about my brother. Maybe I should just let fate deal with this one. Whatever happens, happens.


*4 months later*

My baby brother actually got a new heart earlier than expected. When I left Carl’s house that night, I had a talk with my brother. I asked him if he wanted my heart and he said, even if something happened, he wouldn’t accept my heart. So I figured there was no point in trying.

But things did work out, and I guess I have Carl to thank for that.



So yesterday I told yall how Tuck’s sponsoring the biology club at my school and the first meeting was to be at 2:45 today.

This morning, my friend (J) decided she wasn’t going to come so I asked my other friend (we’ll call her C) and at first she said yes, but then she wasn’t able stay after. I was super sad because I really didn’t want to be by myself with the two smartest people in my class BUT THEN!!!

During lunch, I was sitting with C on a bench in the atrium (Lil note to keep in mind: I had my Lolita book on the bench next to me). She was talking to a teacher and Tuck walked by to go to the bathroom. As he passed, he glanced at me and kinda smiled while I was eating my Doritos LMFKSKCKR. On his way back to his classroom, he passed again and RIGHT as he passed me, he turned around and started talking to me about how the meeting is postponed until next Tuesday. FOR A WHOLE 5 SECONDS WHILE HE WAS TALKING HE WAS JUST STARING AT MY BOOK LIKE HELLO MY EYES ARE UP AND OVER SIR HEHWDHKGKSK

I figured he was just letting me know but then he says “I can show you the material [for the club] now if you want” and I HAPPILY got my ass up and said okay! ALONE IN A CLASSROOM WITH HIM??? BITCH! ESSSS GET IT!

He was walking ahead of me down the hall but then I caught up to where I was just barely behind him. My fingers were coated in Dorito dust so I took this opportunity to clean my digits via my oral cavity. While I was doing it, he was looking down at the ground and kinda back, as if he were trying to see how far behind him I was >:)

We got to his classroom and he pulled up the website for the program and just explained all of it to me. While he was explaining, it dawned on me that if I start this club here, I should probably pick it back up at my new school when I move. So that’s when I decided today would be the day I tell him I’m moving

In the midst of our conversation, three boys came in and asked if Tuck had equipment for a lab they were doing in their class and as he gets up to help them, he says to me “You can sit down and read if you’d like.” I HAVENT SAT IN HIS CHAIR SINCE SOPHOMORE YEAR. Initially I just leaned over but then I ever so enthusiastically planted my ass in his seat :”)

When he came back, I asked if this club was only offered at specific schools in the states or if it was a nationwide thing. That’s when I threw in “I’m PCSing….” THIS IS THE MOMENT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR! He asks when I’m leaving and I say “Next month, so in a few weeks.” Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, he deadass STAMMERED, STUTTERED, COULD NOT EVEN GET ONE WORD OUT. I COUNTED A GOOD FOUR ATTEMPTS AT HIM TRYIN TO SPIT OUT WHATEVER SENTENCE HE TRIED FORMULATING BUT HE FAILED MISERABLY SO HE GAVE UP AMD JUST SAID “Wow.. you didn’t tell me” IN THE MOST SHOCKED/TAKEN BACK/HURT TONE. SIS… MY HEART BOUT BROKE INTO A TRILLION PIECES.

He asked where I was going (at first he thought California, and I have NO idea why he assumed that???) and if I knew what school I was going to and I said I knew the city, but not the school (I told him what state). He proceeded to answer my question and said to email the school when I find out and ask if the offer the club. When we were talking about registering, HE JOKED AND SAID “You could just say you’re homeschooled…” ANd POINTED TO HIMSELF I DONT REMEMBER HIS EXACT WORDS AFTER THAT BUT HE BASICALLY HE SAID TO LIE AND SAY I WAS HOMESCHOOLED THEN JUST PARTICIPATE WITH THIS SCHOOL [the school I’m currently attending] LFKSMXGKKE MY BOYFRIEND ANYTHING FOR YOU

After we concluded talking about the club, he asked me how my brother is doing in school (he’s a freshman in college, he used to be Tuck’s student as well). I said he’s good or whateva then he asked if he was in Cali (AGAIN, DONT GET WHAT HES GOT ON CALIFORNIA???) and I said “No, he’s in Pennsylvania” then Tuck says “that doesn’t seem like a place he’d be” LMDAKXMGODKD I FUCKING LAUGHED AND SAID “WHY DO YOU SAY THAT?” AND HE LAUGHS AND SAID THAT HE SEEMED LIKE THE TYPE TO BE IN CALI OR SOMETHING AND I USED THIS AS A GATEWAY TO BLURT THAT IM INTERESTED IN GOING TO COLLEGE IN CALI ;))) He says that there’s a lot of fires there so I shouldn’t go LMFKDMXKG PLEATHE

As I walked out I said thank you and he told me to take care. Lord have mercy on my soul I most CERTAINLY WILL take care!! At the meeting on Tuesday I’m lowkey gon try and get some physical contact (I’m finna take notes from Lo)!