at this point i could make a blog about her

My Ace Relationship (AKA How I Found I Was Ace Too)

rimewasted-icequeen submitted:

This is a happy relationship story, despite my own acephobic reactions at one point :D

I’ve been in a relationship for eleven and a half years now with my fiancée. I’m very sex-orientated, and at one point was actually borderline addicted to it - long story short, I had a hell of an upbringing and that combined with the fact I’m trans and an ex-sex worker meant a lot of my issues went into personal contact. I didn’t know when we started going out that my partner didn’t enjoy sex and figured other people were just saying they did to sound cool/because of peer pressure - and she didn’t know about asexuality at that point. I always thought there was something off a bit, but at that point I wasn’t mature at all and neither was she, really, so we didn’t really talk about it - and I could also get quite…manipulative about it as well, thanks to above issues and me not realising I was doing it. 

Fast forward about five, six years, and we both find Tumblr, and suddenly my partner discovers a name for how she feels: sex-repulsed asexual. Suddenly she’s not ‘broken’ in her mind, everything makes sense and the relief she must have felt…we’d both grown up by this point, but now she had to tell me - the very sex-orientated, sex-enjoying transguy that felt his only worth was physical - that she didn’t like sex. 

Now, we very, very much loved each other - still do - and I’d grown and learned that I’d been manipulative and packed that in pretty quickly. I still had my problems, as you’ll soon see, but I tried my best to try and stop them. But the sex petered off, and me being me, I assumed she was rejecting me so…kinda asked about it and got pretty defensive with it. I could hear the old nastiness coming out so I was trying very hard to be non-defensive and manipulative, even warning her to tell me if she thought I was be so that I could stop that before it happened.

And then she blurted out she was Ace and…I didn’t react well, immediately taking it personally. I’m not going to go into details as I’m sure you’ve heard most of the things. Suffice it to say I took it personally, like she was taking a toy away from a child. There were a couple of other things not related to the asexuality that made it worse, so it wasn’t entirely acephobia behind it and was more mixed with ignorance, but yeah. I was a dick, and I wince thinking about it now. 

Her being the wonderful person she was, she actually suggested an open relationship, which I immediately went ‘oh hell no’ to as a kneejerk reaction. We did nearly break up over it, though as I said, there were other factors at play. But yeah. It was serious stuff.

Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to chill out and think it over, not helped by the other factors (not to do with this so not being mentioned here). After I’d worked my way through them and apologised for upsetting her with me being an ignorant twit, I actually asked her about it - all of it - and listened, which I should have done at the start but was too defensive and bull-headed to. She told me about asexuality, about being sex-repulsed, about how it had nothing to do with how she felt about me emotionally. That honestly, it had nothing to do with me at all - she just really did not like sex. Orgasms were great, sorta, but so was playing Mass Effect - she just didn’t care about them enough to want to get through the ick.

Eventually we agreed to trying the open relationship thing. I’m now in a happy polyamorous relationship with her and my Koto, and we’re stronger because of it - god, I couldn’t be happier.

BUT it doesn’t end there.

See, my fiancée pointed me in the right direction to read about asexuality - this blog being the first I looked at - and I read everything. I wanted to understand this, so I could make her happy without making her compromise - because she tried, for me, but it was making her miserable so we decided to stop it. It was how I discovered about romantic and sexual attraction not being the same. And slowly, I discovered several somethings about myself in reading all of this - that I’m quoiromantic, and that I myself sit very squarely on the Ace spectrum - first as demisexual, and then as I learned and grew, as an asexual person myself. I’m still very sex-positive and treat it more as a chocolate bar - I enjoy it if it’s there, but I’m not going to bother getting out of the chair to go to the shops if I haven’t got it. I also realised that I don’t really experience sexual attraction. I can appreciate aesthetics, and if I’m in a sexual situation then whoop, but outside of it I’m just…not bothered. 

My fiancée now is so much happier with who she is and relaxed, as am I, and our relationship is so so much stronger because of it. I do have sex with my Koto, but I no longer feel the driving need to have it all the time like I used to (another thing to chalk up to addiction there). We’re heading towards the sixth year with all three of us, and I can’t imagine it could be any better, honestly :D

Live Blog TWP Ep. 7

This week’s episode was… so bad.  So, naturally, I wrote down all my thoughts to share with you all!  It’s about 5.5 pages of me breaking down the stupid.  Enjoy.

Lol how Richard/Perkin is brought with a bag on his hand.

He looks nothing like a York - he just has golden hair and his hot af, as we know all Yorks are.

Henry’s been wearing the same outfit(s) for EPISODES which translates to YEARS.  One of the richest kings in Christendom and he had legit four outfits: his bdsm jacket, his triangle jacket made out of shoulders, his dark green long housedress, and his rare happy mood red and gold housedress.  Am I missing anything.

Glad to see Lizzie’s *finally* got something new to wear.  Also, if they’re going to do her hair like that and put that doily on top why can’t they give her a hood?

I like how Richard/Perkin thinks he’s going to go through the doors, then Maggie B is like “THINK AGAIN IDIOT!” and shoulders past him.

Maggie B’s like “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Tudor.  I don’t fit in.  And I don’t want to fit in.  Have you ever seen with without this stupid red and green dress on.  That’s Tudor.”

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anonymous asked:

Regarding sixpenceee (insert eye roll) after deleting the healing post or w/e they now have another scheme to make YouTube videos of animated shorts (of which they have no hand in creating) their blog just seems like a big moneypit at this point. After they realized they could sell t-shirts on here fairly well I think now all they're trying to do is just see what they can get away with and how much money they can make

I saw something about that lmao, I remember showing my boyfriend and us wondering which YouTube horror creator she would be “borrowing” content from. to be honest I’d usually be psyched at the idea of an animated horror short channel or something similar but seeing the lack of effort she put in to her blog, and all the plagiarism issues, really makes me hope that she doesn’t bother with the videos. she clearly has no time to even run the blog adequately – her posts are hurried, full of errors, terribly written, and riddled with spelling mistakes. I have no idea how she expects to find the time to lead any kind of vlogging project. I’m sure if (and let’s be real, probably when) it does show up, it’ll be just as subpar as the rest of the things she’s associated with. 

I do think you might be right, though. at first, when all this first began coming out about her, I didn’t fault her at all for wanting to make a bit of cash. if you can make some money from your hobby, great. but then I started seeing the terrible quality of the clothing, and also the fact that she was ripping off art (some from copyrighted sources that could get her in trouble, like Stephen King’s Carrie, for example; others from independent artists who were getting nothing from it) started making me realise it was less about creating good content and sharing and more about the money. I still cannot believe anyone would pay good money for those shirts; everything about them is shoddy. 

greed will ruin everything if you don’t keep it in check. if she gave me $30 for personalised advice, I’d tell her to stop trying to make a career from a blog on a dying blogging platform and focus on her degree instead.

Reminder that Diana didn’t lash out at Akko in ep14 when Akko accused her of not knowing how hard the lower class works. And that Diana absolutely could have, and had every right to.

She works hard. She studies hard. She has done so all her life. Akko saw that with her own two eyes in Diana’s room, but she (sadly) still accuses Diana of not knowing what hard work really is. And maybe Diana doesn’t know about the lower class’ work, but she sure as hell knows about the work of the upper class, which is arguably, a LOT more demanding, stressful, and time-consuming.

Reminder that Diana absolutely could have retaliated and told Akko how hard she’s been working all her life too. She could have gone on a rant about all the hard work she’s done and is still doing. She could’ve made it all about “me, me, me” at that point.

But she didn’t. Because she didn’t want to fight with Akko, and make this all about herself.

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Hi! I'm new to your blog and I just read your Mc looking after deaged Rfa members + Saeran, I was wondering if you could do one where Mc was the little kid, and Mc is very hyperactive and doesn't listen to adults, someone could tell her "stay here" they come back and Mc's gone because she want's to explore the magical world~ Maybe at some point with even all of the members watching she gets lost?,sorry if I already sent this, amazing blog and love your writing <3 I hope this ask was okay!

Beautiful scenario! Thank you so much for sending this, and please don’t worry about inconvenience or anything, recieving your asks makes me really happy!
(I couldn’t decide how to do V for this one since he’s blind and all :’) Maybe I’ll edit him in later as a bonus. Not sure if this is what you wanted, anon, but I had lots of fun. Thanks!)

Aight, let’s get this thing done;


• Jumin would probably be the most terrible at it to be very frank

• He can’t do this shit- he can barely understand how adults work, let alone kids

• Since his mansion is kind of gigantic, he just sort of lets you roam around in case he has work; or something that doesn’t allow him to personally look after you because he doesn’t actually think you’d be able to get out of it

• Surpise surprise! Get out is what you do. In precisely 3.5 minutes of being left alone.

• Jumin panics really bad? Like wtf? Where did you go? How the heck did you get past the stupid security guards (lmao they probably didn’t notice you crawling around their feet to be fair, you’re very sneaky and hella tiny even for your age)

• But then he just finds you in the garden poking a lizard or something, just in general touching any animal or plant you can get your hands on

• He just lets out a sigh of relief, scoops you into his arms

• He takes you inside and tries to punish you but he doesn’t know how? What do you do to punish a kid? He doesn’t think he should touch you at all and doesn’t believe in physical discipline and really, what was he supposed to do?

• He ends up just lecturing you on the dangers of going outside into the garden without guidance (which, hey; its a big garden and a small MC. We all know they’d have wandered outside if this big ass piece of land which happened to be Han property wasn’t there)

• You just sort of,

• Start apologising tearfully

• He feels uncomfortable now. He can’t stay mad for long, so he fixes his tie and tells you it’s OK before proceeding to spoil you with anything your child mind asks for

• Of course, the minute his back is turned, you’re glancing at the door already. Poor Jumeme


• Much like Jumin, he’s never done anything with kids, so I bet at first he’d be pretty confused about what to do

• But then he’d be really pumped up and excited because he discovers that baby MC is really cute??? Also, he’s always had a soft spot for kids anyways tbh.

• Tiny MC will be really sweet and easy to deal with. Right?

• Hahahahah

• No

• Yoosung wants to shut MC in with him and possibly put them on his lap while he plays LOLOL

• He tries to pay attention to her AND the game while tutoring her on How To Be A Pro Gamer 101

• “MC! Look, this is my guild. Haha. Pretty awesome, yeah? These little things we’re slaughtering are goblins ~”

• He’s totally oblivious about the fact that six year olds are probably too young for LOLOL

• Yoosung barely notices when you climb out of his lap and walk outside his room

• By the time you’re outside though, he realises there’s no one for him to point his LOLOL loot out to and he’s freakinG out

• Unlike Jumin, he has no security cameras or some shit so he’s legit terrified and has no idea where you went

• He finds that you’d navigated your way out of the building complex

• You’re just kind of standing at the side of the pavement and staring at all those real fast cars whooshing by and all those adults with their long feet and purses and wallets wander

• When he finds you, he immediately picks you up and just starts chiding you right there.

• At which point he starts tearing up because what if something had happened to you? What if you’d gotten hit by a car or something? It would have all been his fault if that happened!

• You wrap your tiny arms around his neck and say sorry over and over before promising not to go out like that again.

• He starts paying far more attention to you afterwards and even takes you outside to the park and to get ice cream!! Really if that’s what you want, you could have asked. He’d do anything to make you happy and make sure you’re safe

• He ends up falling asleep with you in his lap after you refurn home. You steal the half melted ice cream come from his hand and start nomming on it as you settle down on his lap and start yawning too. It’s not long before you close your eyes and think of the next possible adventure tomorrow -

Bo i

Seven though

• He hasn’t grown up with the best guardian obviously so he doesn’t know HOW to treat kids

• He just can’t tell what you’re supposed to do tbh

• But he’s pretty sure kids shouldn’t be allowed to walk out in the middle of the city all by themselves-

• Which by the way, after managing to sneak out of his apartment, you do

• He’s kind of freaking out because first of all, how did you get out and second of all hOW DID YOU GET OUT? His security system’s supposed to be fool proof??

• He’s paranoid for the rest of your stay and just kind of always hold you.

• Once he discovers you like PhD. Pepper and Honey Buddah Chips too, though, it’s all cool

• He lets you drown (metaphorically) in both these things

• But unlike him, you can’t live off of that stuff, and once you’re bored with it you just wanna get out again

• Unfortunately, he never forgot lock the door again and contrary to his belief you don’t actually, magically know Arabic

• So you end up exploring Seven’s place

• And you’re the clumsiest six year old ever so riP SEVEN

• Vanderwood’s probably rage quitting this shit when they come back because everything is a pure MESS.

• Seven.exe has crashed.

• Of course once he’s over the thing he’s really not mad or anything because it’s not like you destroyed his CARS (and let’s be honest those are the only things that matter). Speaking of the cars, he just takes you out in one of his for a ride in the countryside. Was it that easy? Was going out all that you wanted?

• Seven lectures you about the dangers of NOT obnoxiously demanding what you want when you want it, because it’s just easier to know what you need then

• He’s really chill and lets you do what you want. He tries his best because he thinks you deserve a good memory as a child (technically a temporary child but eh) and he’ll go out of his way to do what he thinks works with you

• He’s very affectionate if you get sleepy because then he can loosen his guard and concentrate on cuddling you instead of making sure you can’t get out of his line of vision.

Saeran ma boi

• Do NOT ever think you can get away from this guy

• He’s just confused af tbh

• Why would anyone leave a pure, innocent child with someone like him?

• He KILLED a man and you’re just the embodiment of everything innocent and childish and he just feels like crap compared to you. Why is he even trusted with this?

• Regardless, he tries his very best. His babysitting methods includes staring at you. Just. Staring at you and following you around.

• He doesn’t even say anything he just stares and follows

• It’s kind of creepy if you’re anyone else, but you’re MC for 707’s sake!

• He just won’t let you out of his sight. No way around this one. It’s like he can legit stare at you for hours.

• In the end you give up trying to get out on your own and just start whining

• He picks you up (hesitantly. Is a demon allowed to pick up angels?) because you ask him to.

• You cling to his neck all cute and childish and then whisper in his ear how you don’t like being in such a closed in place

• So naturally, he gives in after some thought and lets you out with him; conveniently, there’s a (very crowded) carnival nearby.

• Ha. Ha.

• Ha

• Good luck finding MC there, Saeran.


• He’s really hyped at the idea of having a kid with him tbh? Especially a really cute and adorable one such as yourself?

• He tries to be a cool babysitter that you can talk to about anything and just gives you general freedom

• Bad choice


• One second he could have SWORN he saw you sitting there, innocently on his couch and the next you’re gone?

• He starts panicking and freaking out before he catches you out in the living room, dangerously close to the open window, standing on a couch for support with your arms stretched out

• Caught red handed, you just pull your cute card and tell him (tearfully-) how you just wanted to go out and look at the pretty blue sky because being inside makes you feel suffocated or something

• Really MC? You could have just asked.

• He opens the door for you. Poor bab. Just as he starts going over some safety rules, you legit sprint out of the door and he has to run after you

• One word. Famous actor running in public with no disguise after a child.

• Fangirls and faboys everywhere

• You pretty much accidentally start a parade of ZEN fans in the middle of the street.


• She’s a total momma. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s already learnt her lesson from when she left you in her apartment’s living room and found you outside in the elevator (already having pressed all the buttons you could reach)

• She had to climb four different floors before she eventually caught you

• Boi, she was not happy. But she tries to be calm and understanding about it. After all, you are a child.

• She scolds you properly, but halfway through she goes to fix her glasses and finds that you’re gone again

• Goddamnit- wait, is that you in pantry? Nononononono not the coffee bean jars nOT THE COFFE BEAN J-

• Whoops. Broken. Good job, MC.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to interrupt but since you spend a lot of time finding all these videos I though you could maybe point me in the direction of some good recipe blog or YouTubers. I just find looking at recipes and thinking about making them myself to be really relaxing but the people I find use professional equipment or complicated recipes. Thanks for your time. Love you💖

Here are some Youtube accounts I like:
-Yolanda Gampp’s How To Cake It (also on IG
-Peaceful Cuisine
-MyOwnPinkLips (she does traditional Liberian recipes but I watch her mostly because her videos give me ASMR)
-Meghan Rosko (nutmegandhoneybee on IG

Hope this helps!!

ofvaliancy  asked:

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 honestly idk what my blog would be without you at this point!! your susan is so precious to me, so true to her character, and i love how in-sync our headcanons are! your susan basically *IS* susan to me, from everything about your headcanons to her aesthetic. i'm always checking your blog and just adore you very much. thank you for making her <3

i had to physically close the page and walk away for a second before i could reply to this, tbh, because i was so?? overwhelmed?? like this might be the nicest thing anyone has ever sent me on tumblr, thank you so much! (and thankYOU for making LUCY!  you and your lucy are honestly the whole reason i made this blog in the first place, the reason susan didn’t stay as just an errant muse drifting about in the back of my mind!) 

send 👍 if you like my character portrayal : (accepting

I’m not gonna delete or leave or anything but I’m putting more distance between myself and this blog/Bella for a while. It’s just not making me happy anymore. In fact, I’m making myself pretty miserable and anxious all the time over her. I feel like I’m really starting to dislike her and nit pick over everything to the point that I’m sitting here literally struggling to find anything I like about her and I use to love her to fuck and back and I take the things in her life and her actions so personally when she could give fuck all about any of us so I don’t know why I even care so much. 

And I loved being on this blog, too, and talking to you guys but it’s started to become really too personal when it shouldn’t be and it just feels like a waste sometimes idk. I feel like I put more into this blog than I should. Just not as much fun being here the past few weeks or months so I’m taking some what of a semi-hiatus. I disabled my instagram a few hours ago and I already shut down the ask box on Tuesday and I’m not really going to worry much over getting updates up quickly for a while. It’ll probably only be for a week or two. Sorry. xx, Cy.

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ive been dating my girlfriend for a couple of months and i get to meet her in 5 days (we're long distance) and honestly your blog has helped so much, seeing you and syena being so open about your love for each other has allowed me to feel so much more comfortable & i know it's so hard but i finally feel at a point where i feel like i could hold her hand in public. just thank you for your blog tbh

this is so exciting im so happy for you!!! now that im thinking about it the first time syena and i met and held hands and kissed in public i was still in the closet so this message really brings me back it makes me so happy!!!

Nothing has ever made me sadder then Sarah Urie getting hate

Winchester Sister- Runaway P3

Requested by anon
Could you maybe do one where the reader gets in trouble for sneaking out to do a solo hunt, but she does it while dean has the mark of Cain so he goes overboard in yelling at her, and it brings up her own insecurities to the point where she runs away? Could end w/ her coming home or not, your choice! I’m going thru a really hard time, and I just need some angst, ya'know? Love your blog btw!!



Half a year had passed and not one day had gone by when you didn’t think about your brothers.
You missed Sam’s big hugs and kind eyes.
You missed Dean’s reassuring grin and familiar smell of whiskey you’d grown to know to mean home.
You missed the bunker, the creak it would make on the third step from your bedroom, the long corridors leading to countless rooms you’d memorised like it was nothing, the safety: everything.

Maybe everything would have been okay if you hadn’t been so selfish. Dean was right: what were you thinking?!. You had to go and ruin everything by going on a hunt by yourself. One was bad enough, you could’ve stopped and maybe your brothers would’ve forgiven you. But no. You carried on for an entire year.

But you couldn’t go back.

Dean made it clear he wanted you gone.

The picture of your stained mirror flashed in your mind: LIAR.
He was a liar, he didn’t love you. No one did. But you were okay with that, so long as you kept your head down and didn’t grow too close to anyone you’d be okay.

You told yourself this for weeks on end.

Walking back to your motel after a nest of vampires you thought about it again. About going back home- no- it wasn’t your home. Back to the bunker.

Then you stopped mid-step.
Directly in front of you, across the road was a 1967 Chevy Impala: Baby.
You could do nothing but stare as you watched two tall men walk into the cafe next to the car. Their backs were to you and therefore oblivious of your presence.

Without even noticing, a tear rolled down your cheek.
“Y/N?” A voice broke you from your daze and you turned around to see a stiff figure frowning at you, a trench coat shaped his shoulders neatly and his tie was loose below the undone top button.

He tilted his head, looking unsure as whether to smile or not. You stood still, frozen with uncertainty.
Then, you ran.

Why did you run? You thought, realising how stupid you were. He was an angel, not a snail. 
Cas appeared in front of your path and you were forced to stop. “Y/N, Sam and Dean have been worried sick.” He explained and you cowered with shame.

“Cas, please just let me go.” You beg, taking a slow step away.

“I can’t do that.” He reached forward to zap you to your brothers no doubt but you ducked his hand, shaking your head vigorously. “Y/N.” Cas said sternly.

“I can’t go back. I promised.” You explain, not expecting him to understand.

“Promised who?”

“Myself.” You snap.

“Y/N, your brothers haven’t stopped looking for you since you left. You haven’t left any traces. Dean joked, said they’d trained you too well.” You interrupted him. “Cas please I don’t want to know.” 

The thought of your brothers actually caring for you again was too much and you wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up into nothingness at that point.

With that you turned and left, trying your best to look and sound confident, but you felt your voice quiver as you spoke. You felt it as Cas grabbed hold of your arm forcefully and before you could resist you were face to face with your brothers.


I think I’m going to have to put Sunday Grace on hold for a few weeks. It’s been very difficult to keep up with it with the supplies I’ve got and the various stresses in my life. This blog is honestly one of the best things I’ve made, and it keeps me working, but I need to get my life on a set schedule so that I’m not going out of my mind with stress over this project.

I’ve seriously appreciates that so many of you love Grace, and the art and tidbits about her that I’ve been able to put out over the past nine months(wow, it’s been going that long??). The blog has grown much faster than I could have anticipated, it’s taken less than a fourth of the time to get almost as many followers as my main blog. Every ask and interaction I get with the blog seriously makes me so happy, and I really want to get to a point where I can answer every question and prompt, even if it takes me a while.

Grace won’t be gone long, but I figured I’d let you know instead of dropping off of the face of the planet without so much of a stray note. You can expect regular updates to come back by August 6th, give or take a week. Seriously, thank you guys.

my point with barbie is that i could make two blogs and i promise you they’d be different in every aspect because barbie is like… suppose to represent real girls and i get the convo about barbie being unrealistic but lbr all of us projected very hard onto barbie and now when we think of her it’s our own version? like barbie can be east asian she can be south asian she can be black she can be pacific islander she can be latina she can be anything u want her to be? i hope in the future i see more barbie rp blogs because seeing like… people personal ver. of barbie would be very sweet because how someone chooses to portray and represent barbie says a lot about them like barbie can literally be anyone? and my barbie is a gay jewish asian woman who is bigger and has ocd! shes bossy and a little stubborn but she has a heart of gold and strives for change and thinks with her heart! she cherishes family over everything and suffers from compulsory heterosexuality! 

anyway… lol the point of this is that barbie can be anyone and anything u want and my portrayal is only a small reflection of who i think barbie is and whoever u think barbie is - is also right! barbie is an enigma to exist within you and reflect you and reflect your thoughts? i love that pink bitch! 

anonymous asked:

Hi ghost,,,do you know any good advice blogs/could you give advice aboutmy friend using my character in her own story?b/c she's been changing my character a lot and its to the point where if I were to make my thing it'd seem like Im ripping off her and I dunno who to go to for advice on this

h eck i don’t really have any advice other than talking to her about it??

i don’t know of any good blogs either ;; @ followers if u have advice feel free to reply tho

anonymous asked:

At this point, if you could go back and change this blog would you prefer to make it about Gigi instead of Bella? Just curious because I'm a gigi fan but also against Bella, and it seems like you favor Gigi a lot more these days :)

No, I’m not a Gigi fan. I knew who she was when I started the blog and wasn’t motivated in the slightest to start a fanblog about her. I didn’t start this blog because I liked the Hadids or the nepo/insta model squad, I just liked Bella. She’s the only person I’ve ever liked like that.

I literally do not understand the point of blogs like… cis character of the day, het character of the day, allistic character of the day, ridiculousness like that. Like, what actually is the point? I mean, I can understand them using the same logic - “Other blogs can post headcanons about their favourite characters, this is just a headcanon blog like any other, there’s no evidence that they’re not cis/straight/allistic!” but it just seems so… unnecessary.

Diversity blogs exist because there are so damn few canonically stated LGBTQ+/autistic/ND characters. Most characters never have their gender, orientation, or neurotype explicitly stated, so headcanon fills in the gap that the lack of solidly stated representation leaves. And frankly, who’s to say that they’re wrong? The word ‘autism’ is never mentioned in the Harry Potter series, Hermione is pretty damn autistic, and not once do the books actually say, “Actually, Hermione is completely neurotypical” (to use an example), so diversity blogs could be seen as providing some much-needed representation and identification with characters.

But cis, het, allistic? Those are all things that are presumed for just about every character under the sun. There is no need to state, “Well, I personally see Hermione as allistic!” because, well done, good for you, you see her the same way as like 90% of the population. Have a cookie, you’re really making strides towards representation there. What a superb and necessary niche you fill.

There’s just no point for cis, het, allistic character of the day blogs to exist! You get practically every single character ever written by default, and while it shouldn’t be like that, it is. You serve literally no purpose. Yeah, on a technicality, there’s nothing saying that Character A is canonically trans or Character X is canonically autistic, so you’re not technically incorrect saying that you headcanon them as cis or allistic, but damn, what’s the point? All you’re doing is giving a platform to people who want to shut down minority viewpoints and headcanons.

Just… damn, go away forever, please, and let us have our diverse headcanons with characters we identify with in peace, okay?

Hey guys, I’m really curious to know one thing. Since you can clearly see how greatly I’m obcessed with the girl above and how much I love drawing her I wish I could try to do something serious involving her (well serious xD). Last spring I had an idea to make an additonal blog to post there a story about Karai after being reunited with the turtles. Though I like the idea it needs some corrections. The point is would you guys like an ask blog dedicated to Karai who is finally saved and living with her crazy family? 

I’m still greatly hesitating and can’t make any promises, I just want to know your opinion. 

The mystery of Katie Holt

I’ve already explained what  brought me here in a post I made on my main blog, so can jump strait into the meat of my cases on both sides of this debate. 

I stick very very hard to canon, and I make as few assumptions as I can when following a story. 

 On the issue of Pidge’s gender, I believe that the show has been very clear. Katie Holt used the alias of Pidge Gunderson to get into the military academy and use their technology to find the truth about her father and brother.

She kept up the ruse for a while longer as she began acting as a paladin but later revealed herself to her team once she believed it was important information. 

 I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it,  but I agree that the creators forgoing what could very astutely be called the “hips and tits” treatment, for characters that reveal themselves to be female. We’ve seen that already, and for Pidge it really makes sense. She’s a nerdy tomboy with the build of a 12 year old boy. And we love her for it. 

 Now, I understand the desire for trans characters, but I think you’re all barking up the wrong tree here. We can reasonably say that Pidge/Katie is a cis-gender girl.      …. Most likely……. Probably….. All signs point to yes…. Occam’s razor says it is so… but… 

 Let’s not forget who made this character. The writers(? at least the same animation team) who brought us Korrassami, a lesbian couple who was disguised thinly so as to ride the line of canonical truth, so that their relationship could be interpreted as either platonic or romantic.

They may have done something similar here, Let me explain. (For this next part I will also be citing evidence against the theory, there’s no evidence against the other argument.)

Let’s say that Pidge is transgender, K? She came out as a girl, so, born a boy identifies as a girl. Peachy. If that’s true, then from what we’ve seen from her flashbacks, her parents supported her and let her live as a girl. The officer at the academy addresses her as a girl and generally the society they live in seems to be pretty accepting of her being trans.

In this scenario, the proverbial “coming out” Would be her telling her team that she is a girl, that is, that she identifies as one.

And it’s kind of sad that she needs to assume her male identity to get into the academy.

But then, if she’s trans, why does she act so stereo-typically boyish? Really, there’s no rule saying that just because she identifies as a girl she needs to act like one… though, if her being trans and her family supporting her in it meant that she could express herself, so, why would she act like a girl around them?

Hmm.. this could be a bit of a problem.

What about… being a trans, boy?

Let’s say that the society is not so accepting of trans people. So, now ‘he’s’ born a girl, but he either comes out as a boy to his family and is forced to live as a girl, or never does and is then later allowed to embrace, his male identity in the academy.

In this case, coming clean as a girl is him saying, “hey guys, i was born a girl, but I’m a boy, k?” With a resounding, “k.”

There are problems with this one too. 

 Wouldn’t his mother oppose his decision to join the academy as a boy? I guess it wouldn’t be hard to convince her that it was the best way of finding their lost family.

And, if the society they came from was really intolerant of trans people, why would not a single one of the other paladins have any problem whatsoever with that? Lance’s shock doesn’t count as intolerance.

I do suppose that both of the previous points could also be resolved by saying that it was his father that was trans-phobic.

In closing, I acknowledge that there are applicable alternate theories to apply to this situation, but I don’t think they are correct.

For now it’s canon that she’s just a cis-gender girl.

Don’t accuse me of misgendering her. Don’t presume to correct me. Don’t make wild claims about how she’s trans or agender or genderfluid. 

And please, don’t be so abrasive towards people who make assumptions about her, as she is cis in the show. If your ask-blog version of her is trans, say it, K?

Like @ask-pidge here. I am almost  certain that Katie menstruates, unless of course she hasn’t his puberty yet, making her kind of a late bloomer. Or what could very well be the case, that she IS trans, which is not canon until the creators confirm it. In either case, it seems that you are sort of pushing your headcanon, trying to pass it off as truth.

As a writer myself, I believe very strongly in authorial intent and if it is made clear that it was in fact their intent for Pidge to be trans, I will gladly embrace their decision.

I will listen to your headcanon, and in fact I love reading them. But for now, she’s cis and that’s canon, until the creators say otherwise, at which point I will never shut up about it because we just got a trans character in a family program.

Stop going to the wiki and trying to push your headcanon.

It’s not true. get over it.


I saw a post from @trapped-in-cartoon-hell , which seems to possibly hint at possible authorial intent.

Pidge looking confusedly at the genital area of an anatomical silhouette seems to be the closest we’re going to get to confirmation that she’s supposed to be something like an allegory for what being transgender means.

So, between the scenarios that I described above, and this image here. There can be at least an entertaining case that Pidge is a Transgender metaphor.

But again, until the creators say otherwise, she’s cis.


While i was searching for imaged for this post, I found this,

I like it, but it made me realize that I don’t really want a more feminized Pidge, I like her just the way she is.

credit goes to @myshitartblog

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What do they love most about Kisuke Urahara?

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I think Yoruichi could never define what she loves the most. Kisuke is in her blood like she is in his. They come in twos and leave in twos. She loves his voice whenever he didn’t have to shout to make a point, when he didn’t have to lower it to frighten people to teach them a lesson, but when it whispered into her ear how much he needed her and how she makes him feel alive and strong enough to pursue even the hardest challenges. She loves his touch that recharges her powers even without kidou. And so much more. Everything about Kisuke completes her. 

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What other book blogs do you recommend?

Sorry for taking so long to reply!!

@wishful-bibliophile :

Anouk is like my best friend and she is utterly amazing. Not only that, but her blog is a very great combination of ballet and books! It’s so pretty and she has awesome taste. She deserves all the followers!


Graham is a loser with one heck of a blog. He loves liquor, classic novels and really bad jokes. His blog is freaking great, it’s mostly about dead Greeks, coffee and literary puns. What more could you want?!

@bookswithbazzi :

This amaaazing lady is a really close friend of mine. Her photography is out of this world! It’s so clean and has a very beautiful style. I adore this woman. She is extremely kind and great with a camera. Plus points for being such a badass feminist! 

@theworldofabookworm :

Lena is a huge inspiration to me. Her photography is just what makes my heart warm up. She is such a creative person. She spends her time doing things I wish I had the energy to do. She does her own hand made book-ish things like bookmarks and tote bags and HER OWN HAND MADE NOTEBOOKS! She also has an amazing youtube channel!

@kat-from-minasmorgul :

Kat is a beautiful sunflower. She is kind and funny with an amazing collection of photography. She does her thing so well! It’s so extremely geeky and that’s what I love about it. But it’s also very classy and elegant. This is a must follow for everyone.


Clara puts a lot of time and effort in to her blog. She writes stylish reviews and takes stunning photography. she is also very cute, kind and supportive. Go give her a follow, or else!

@books-and-cookies :

Mary is THE SWEETEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER EVER EEEVEEER COME ACROSS! I SWEAR IT! She is a highly lovable ray of sunshine with such a positive book blog. 

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I don’t know this blogger personally, but this is an amazing photographer with top quality content. The work with color themes are gorgeous and it makes me feel all warm.

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This lovely lady will literally





She writes such amazing short stories, Both fanfiction and other lovely stuffs. My favorites are the ones she writes based on fairytales. Like the blind prince Rapunzel one. Jeez. Here’s a link to the stories, go read the crap out of them: x
Plus, she is very sweet and very funny.

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Sofia is my fellow Swedish book lover. She is awesome and cute and funny. Her blog is great of you want to scream about a book, or just read her funny posts. She is awesome at making them. You will feel the book love.

Thanks for helping my friends out!

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