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How to write your book step 210


“We regret to inform you that your book is not what we are looking for right now.” 

“It’s okay. Not as good as what you made me read last time.” 

“Yeah, but why did you change the ending? I liked it better before.” 

“This feels so familiar, are you sure you haven’t made me read this part already?” 

If you haven’t heard this sort of feed back before, you will. Let’s face it. Not everything we put out there is going to be good. Not every change is going to be for the better. Not every baby is a winner. Negative feedback is something every creative person has to deal with at some stage. Especially if they want to have a creative career. Even if you disagree with the person whose feeding you their negativity, even though you know you can’t please everyone… It’s still going to hurt. 

Build your thick skin out of small nicks. 

Show people your terrible writing, then as you improve, they’ll notice. They will recognise your hard work. If somebody says they don’t want you, prove them wrong. Inspiration to continue can be found in even the most scathing reviews. Every time you acknowledge that you could do better, you do do better. Determination is the backbone of creative endeavours.

Wander Over Yonder Season 3 Wishlist

1. Hater and Peepers sharing a meaningful hug that isn’t one sided

2. We’ve seen Peepers help Hater a lot in terms of figuring things out, let’s see Hater attempt to help Peepers seem cool at a party, even if his advice isn’t that great (or, his advice is so helpful that Peepers becomes cooler than him)

3. Hater telling Peepers that his height doesn’t change how evil/awesome he is

4. Wander forcing Hater and Peepers to go on vacation together

5. Hater letting Peepers sit on his shoulders to help him feel taller


Artyon and Paige killing it on AGT tonight!

When someone insults me : 

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When someone insults Sansa Stark:

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What's that I hear? Crickets?!

Yup….not a peep! But it’s gonna be interesting the theories that they will come out with! My favorite by far of “Danielle”, they stopped calling her Danissouris was the “he’s just playing her cause he’s playing the Game of Thrones!!! ” but I’m gonna enjoy the silence before it’s all gone and “Shit Storm with Salty Rain 2k17” falls upon us!

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To All Of You Original Trilogy Fanboys Out There...

Leave. The Prequels. ALONE.

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Anon Submission - Geekgirl is fooling nobody

Anon please
Canadiangeekgirl’s rant proves three things

1. She has no understanding of either empathy or decency. Because what person who has the most rudimentary grasp of either thinks it is in any way acceptable to spread lies and hate online at all let alone about people who have never done them any harm whatsoever?

2. She is either very stupid or thinks everyone else is and will buy the crap she is spouting. Because caring about major global political moral and ethical issues affecting many people (not that I believe she gives a toss about such things) does not make it ok for you to run or contribute to online hate campaigns directed at individuals such as an actor and his wife. Benedict Cumberbatch, his wife and children are people too Geekgirl.

3. Geekgirl is one of the nastiest people you would meet in a very long walk. No matter how much she tries to rant against that inconvenient truth, she is a horrible person, a fact that stands out a mile every time she puts finger to keyboard.


rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Not anime related, but I'm making a fallout cosplay and I'm super small. I'm talking 5'0", 95 pounds small. And like hell if anyone can stop me from making that cosplay. You do you because only you can do you!

Oh my gosh yesss you go my friend! I’ve never played Fallout since I only play a few video games but I’ve seen images from Fallout and those outfits would be so cool to cosplay as! You sound like a precious smol bean so I know that your cosplay will look absolutely amazing!! I adore your confidence and I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait for you to go show the world your awesome cosplay with your awesome self!! ;D

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