at their awkward state

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Ok, this question is not meant to start an argument and it's not meant to make anyone mad, I'm just curious. Why do you all think Spencer is gay? Granted, I'm still new to the fandom, but I haven't seen anything so far that would make me say, "Yeah, he's totally gay." Maybe slightly effeminate, but not so much so that it would make me question that. He just seems nerdy and awkward to me.

The writers themselves stated that they had written Spencer’s character as bisexual before throwing out the idea because he developed a crush on JJ, which only shows that the writers don’t know the definition of bisexual in the first place.

BARACK: “Sooo…..ummmmm…..
TRUMP: ”……“
BARACK: ”……did you see ‘Suicide Squad’?“
TRUMP: "Um…uh, no. I’m not really a 'Star Wars’ fan.”
BARACK “………….Jesus Christ–”

when u walk past an awkward situation and think “glad thats not me”

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aaa also this might sound weird but do you have any tips on how to make it look like coran? actually has a mouth??? when i drew him his mustache was like,,, blocking where his mouth would be and he looked Awkward™

Coran’s neutral state is pretty much his mouth hidden by his moustache

butt then

there it is!!!

it’s part of his upper lip so you gotta consider how it’s shaped depending what expression he’s makin

majestic~..…wait i’m getting distracted here (and you wonder why i like drawing him so fun, he’s got the best expressions dudes)

usually i start with the mouth and then add the moustache on top, then shift em around if it seems off 

and sometimes works the other way round. play around til ur happy and use ref if ya stumped~

hopes that helps somehow o3o

Really, the basic difference between an Action Guy and an Action Girl boils down to their default emotional range.

The rest states of an Action Guy are “dull surprise” and “generic rage”.

The rest states of an Action Girl are “awkward sympathy“ and “smirk”.

Michaels comments on the pic:

Okay here goes..

- Michaels first reaction was saying something about he told her not to post it until later. He said he told her or whoever was gonna post it to wait until later because his friends always call/text him about it when stuff is posted and he said he was enjoying company when this happened and requested it not get posted until later.

- He said the main reason this pic was posted was because in the new years video ppl kept saying the kiss was faked and PR/Management got wind of what ppl were saying calling it a fake kiss and stuff so they needed one that made it look more real, Even tho this pic is just as awkward.

- Michael also stated once again this will get worse before getting better.


In which you haven’t been in a relationship for a WHILE and there seems to be something going on between you and Chen (your work colleague) but you are v awkward and he tries to help you get over this awkward state and actually starting the relationship.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2536

“You and I, we have a lil something” [🎵 ]



“What about Baekhyun?”


“Oh, what about the new guy, Sehun?”

“Anyone that attractive definitely has a girlfriend”

Soohyun sighed in exasperation and theatrically banged her head against the table to convey her frustration. “Why are you so picky? Just find someone, anyone to date so you can stop complaining about being single.”

You scoffed and narrowed your eyes. “I’m not just going to pick anyone,” you scolded. “I don’t want a repeat of last time.”

“You need to let go of the past,” pressed Soohyun. “It’s what’s holding you back from putting yourself out there.”

“I know,” you breathed in defeat, leaning down to rest your head in the bend of your elbow and laying on top of the table. “It’s just been so long, I don’t know how to do that anymore.”

Soohyun rose from her position and turned her head, spotting someone across the company cafeteria whom you couldn’t see. Her lips ticked upwards before turning back to you and asking, “What about Jongdae?”

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Confession:  Ever since Origins I’ve been a die hard Alistair fan. Most playthroughs of the game I let him kill Loghain in some capacity (as my champion or as Kingly decree). One playthrough I made him marry Anora so they would join forces and rule together. I spared Loghain and played with him the rest of the game. Its one of my favorite world states. He feels like my awkward Uncle Loghain when I encounter him in Awakening and his dry wit always cracks me up.

Deleted S1 scene – Jasper & Murphy, high on jobi nuts, waltzing through the woods

Me: Hi! Can we waltz?
Richard: Sure!
Me: …while looking high.
Richard: … … … HIGH?!
Me: Yeah. Stoned. In character.
Richard: Very good. What do you have in mind?
Me: Just staring into the distance, zoned out.
Richard: Let’s do this.

Comic Con Germany, June 2016.

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I was talking to a customer who I haven't seen in some time. I mentioned that I was going back to college in the fall and not planning on working at the same time. They asked what I was planning on going into, and I said video game design. Later a different customer came up to me and suggested a certain college, then mentioned most jobs would be out of state. It was kinda awkward, but the second customer was nice enough at least.

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-bands like that lol
-anything cool :D

If so, I’d like to check out your blog and possibly follow (:

I adore Katie Cassidy because not only is she amazingly talented and a complete sweetheart, but she genuinely loves Black Canary and has done the best she possibly could to do Dinah justice with the limited means she was given.

Katie has physically altered her body, put herself through significant training and work-out regimes. Have you seen her biceps? Respect.

Katie sat in on AA meetings to do research for her performance throughout Laurel’s addiction arc - for which she won a Prism award. She’s the only person on the show to win an award that wasn’t fan-voted.

Katie read the comics and fell in love with Dinah and genuinely loves Black Canary.

Katie legitimately cried when talking about Laurel at a convention. When Laurel’s death episode aired, Katie tweeted “life is tough, but darling so are you”.

When one of the showrunners hinted to a Black Canary/Wildcat relationship, Katie responded with an awkward “…did you read the comics?” Katie stated that she thought Laurel and Tommy’s relationship in Season 1 was underdeveloped, unnecessary and didn’t showcase either character well. Katie said she would be totally enthusiastic about a bisexual Black Canary.

Gail Simone (probably best known for writing Birds of Prey, and fighting on behalf of female characters and stopping them being killed off for the sake of men), expressed interest in meeting Katie, even though Gail has stated she doesn’t watch Arrow. When they finally met last weekend, Gail could not have praised Katie highly enough, absolutely loved her and even said that Katie had tried to meet her numerous times before. Katie expressed interest in a Birds of Prey show involving Gail.

I just love Katie and her love and respect for Dinah Laurel Lance. And I thank her for doing the best she could with what she had to work with.

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hi!!!! I absolutely love you mini deku and all dad au! it's really cool to see the sort of paternal relationship they share and you write so well it's an absolute delight to read!! but I wanted to ask if you've given any thought to how Toshinori and Inko would get along after they get through the awkward introduction and Inko's state of being a protective mama bear?

Hmm… A bit of a spoiler for my time-travel fic (mostly regarding the interactions between Inko and Toshinori, not the actual intricacies of plot), but I don’t think many people from Ao3 follow me here. So here you go! (Also glad to hear that you like the AU haha)

Inko was a young adult with dreams at some point, too. When she married her husband, she had a bright future in mind - one of her happy, warm family, consisting of her husband, herself, her son, and potentially a younger sibling after her firstborn.

She had always dreamt of it. Sure, she had had other aspirations when she was younger - much like Izuku, she also went through a point in time where she wanted to be a hero, and then she wanted to be one of those famous models, along with many other fleeting whimsical dreams.

What she had always wanted was a family. A warm, welcoming family, a home.

(Maybe she was distant from her own immediate family. Maybe she was an only child and always wanted a sibling. Maybe she simply felt lonely, distanced from those around her despite her warm [slightly empty] smiles. There are many possibilities, but the point remained that she wanted a family. [AKA I don’t want to add too much detail that could be contradicted by canon])

But her husband, her adoring, wonderful husband, walked out on her one day. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t even take his belongings. Just, one day, she had been animatedly talking about their bright future, their first child resting within her belly and Hisashi smiling kindly.

And the very next day he was gone.

She hadn’t thought much of it, at first. He had left all of his things, and she had been assured that he would return soon enough. But time passed, hours became days became weeks and months, and he still didn’t return. She tried every avenue she could think of to find him, only to realize that many of his contact lines were dead, no one seemed to know him, and he was all but a ghost.

She eventually tired of waiting and moved all of his belongings into boxes and stored them away.

And on the evening of July 15th, she gave birth alone. Alone, tired, scared, and pained. But when her baby - her son, her wonderful, beautiful son - was propped on her chest, red-faced and fragile, she stared. He stared back, and she smiled. Even as he began to whimper confusedly, she smiled, hugged him to her chest as tightly as she dared.

She cried with him while whispering quiet “thank yous” into the small tuft of dark hair atop his head.

It wasn’t exactly the family she had envisioned. It wasn’t the life she had envisioned she would be living, decades ago - her, a single mother, raising a quiet son and struggling to make ends meet.

But she managed somehow, and she was happy. She loved her son with ever fibre of her being, knew that he loved and appreciated her back (even if he did go through moments where he was embarrassed by her affection, but all boys did that) and even if their family wasn’t quite complete they were happy.

And as Inko watches her son (her son, her child, the boy she birthed and raised and loves) she feels conflicted.

Her meeting with Yagi Toshinori had, at best, been rocky, even hostile (on her end admittedly). She had just been so worried, so protective of her son that she had barely a moment to think and simply reacted.

But, being as protective of Izuku as she was, she was not blind to the way the two of them interacted. The way Izuku looked up to Yagi with respect and awe and affection (that was once saved for her, she noted sadly) and even the way Yagi seemed to genuinely enjoy being around her son. Seemed to reciprocate that delicate, kindly affection.

They look like father and son, Inko thinks quietly to herself, and it is not a new thought. She has thought it before, the first couple of times inciting discontent and a strange form of jealousy.

(Because that was supposed to be Hisashi. That was supposed to be her husband, her child’s birth father, laughing with and giving a guiding hand where Inko’s couldn’t reach. They were supposed to be two halves of a whole, each providing what they could to nurture their young son.)

But now, after truly getting to know Yagi, getting to know Toshinori, seeing how well he clicks with her son, seeing how seamlessly he has filled that void of an absentee father - the void that was always there, the void that Inko as a single parent couldn’t quite cover up entirely no matter what she tried - she can’t help but let her guard soften, lower.

He will never be Hisashi for her, but that’s fine, because she doesn’t want him to be. He has become a friend, a confidante for her; they share a mutual bond and understanding through their shared affection of Izuku.

Izuku has the family he always needed - the family he had never experienced - and Inko can’t help but note that his smiles are a little more free than before.

Sorry sorry I, uh, for any people who like Inko/Toshinori I’m sorry this ended up being kinda anti-that ship. I’m fine with it! I just like to imagine these two giving their everything for Izuku and becoming platonic close friends. I like to focus on familial/platonic relationships okay don’t judge me

Also this kinda focused on Inko’s background and her relationship with Izuku. Wow, I literally cannot write strictly to a prompt to save my life

All in all though, yeah, I feel like they’d become pretty good friends. They’d stress out over Izuku together:

“Mom, I’m home.” “Welcome home Izu - IZUKU WHAT IS THAT” “Oh, just a light scratch, I tripped on the way home-” *Toshinori crashes through the door* “I HEARD MIDORIYA-BOY WAS INJURED” *cue dual worried-squawking and shouting from Inko and Toshinori* 

Maybe they’d have a light, semi-joking rivalry over who could make Izuku smile/laugh more. They might fight over Izuku’s handling of One for All, though - his injuries would pain both of them, but considering canon, Toshinori would probably grit his teeth and bear it while Inko would become increasingly frustrated and worried.

And can you imagine the united “protective parents” front they’d give off? In canon, Inko isn’t like that, but with someone on equal standing regarding care/affection for Izuku - someone to bolster her own self-confidence - I’d imagine these two would be pretty damn terrifying. (PFFT, jagged-edged triangle skeleton man and round-and-adorable mother. THE TERRIFYING DUO)