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okay this is really random but can you imagine doctor!jin getting all worked up and flustered cause his SO is pregnant and he wants only the best care for his wife and so he has his close doctor friends take care of her and he's like breathing down their necks just cause he's so protective of his SO and unborn child

dating a doctor had it’s perks and with those perks came with nurses who’s known seokjin and you personally with helping hands that would like to strangle your husband for getting all worked up about the life being made within you. indeed, from the moment it came to regular checkups and such, let’s just say almost everyone knew who you were even before you met them.

“tae, please?” you grab onto his hand, shaking it a little and he whines, “y/n, hyung’s gonna kill me!”

“but i asked for it!”

taehyung takes a quick glance around the hall room before sitting back down, leaning in to whisper: “hyung’s been getting all the best doctors and nurses he knows to take care of you,”

“does it cost him extra?” you whisper back, and taehyung scoffs a laugh, rolling his eyes, “it costs him his social status,”

seeing that you don’t get it, he chuckles and shakes his head, “no, y/n. it doesn’t cost him extra-”

“cost who extra?” a voice comes over between the pair of you and taehyung just knows it was gonna happen this way. said guy gets up and excuses himself, even when seokjin tells him to stay put, taehyung never listens.

“duty calls, hyung!”

seokjin sighs and walks around the bench, only to get tugged down for him to sit by your side as you wait for your appointment. squeezing his hand, seokjin only raises a brow when you ask: “have you been asking for… favors around here?”

seokjin knows you’re not dumb, and he’ll never think that way so… “taehyung said something, didn’t he?”

with a nod from you, he lets everything out. including of the worries that’s been keeping him up since the two lines showed up on your test.

“i just want the best for you… and our little girl in there. if i can do anything in my power to get you some of the top guns i know will do their job well, i’ll do it,” you bring your hand up with his to your lips, pressing a kiss there and seokjin has an inkling that whoever your child turns out to be, she’ll be lucky to be the receiving end to your love.

“that’s sweet, it really is but… don’t be too harsh on them, okay?”

“yeah, hyung! i agree!” jimin hollers from the other end and a hint of jungkook when said boy yanks jimin from his death.

“excuse me for a bit, will you?”

“be gentle,”

“i’ll be gentle alright.”


“come here, park!”

“jeon, save me!!!”

Twisted in Love Epilogue

Summary:Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken?

A/n So, since @scuteedolans and loved working together so much on this series. A sequel may or may not be in the works. But you’ll have to look out for that.


Grayson’s pov.

It’s been a week since y/n left, since Ethan left.  

Since everything blew out of proportion. Leaving me with no”girlfriend” and no brother. 

And well the past week has been a literal hell for me. I’ve never felt so empty, and lonely. It was like my thoughts were eating me alive on the daily.

Constantly thinking about how if I controlled myself. If I didn’t kiss y/n that first time, if i didn’t confess my love. Maybe I could still have the both of them. 

I know Ethan hates me. I don’t blame him, i’d hate me too. Hell, I actually do hate myself now. I mean Ethan literally had to leave the state because of me. I’m guessing to clear his mind from y/n and I. I’ve tried reaching out once or twice. But, well i knew he wasn’t going to reply. I just wanted to make sure he was okay, I mean he’s my brother no matter what.

Cameron told me he was fine, but depressed as hell. And well, Ethan doesn’t get upset easily. And, I was the reason he was fucked up. He loved her, and so did I. 

But, if giving her up is what it took to get my brother back, i guess that’s what i had to do. 

If you love something you must set it free, right?

As I was eating some cereal in my currently messy living room, I heard the front door open. Indicating it’s Ethan because he’s the only other person with a key beside myself.

As he walked in I popped up, trying to say something to him. But i couldn’t.

He pushed aside me heading toward his room, not a word yet. And it was killing me. I needed to talk first but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to fuck up my only chance to redeem myself. 

“Ethan, Wait E!” I shouted catching up to him as he walked into his dark room.

“Fuck off.” he spoke coldly.

“No just. I fucked up i know. But we need to talk.” i said, his back still facing mine.

“No we don’t leave me alone!” he spoke coldly.

“Ethan come on, what would make you not hate me!” I shouted.

“Promise not to see her. Ever again.” 

What. Not see y/n. Again, I couldn’t fuck. But then again I needed my brother, I needed Ethan.

“What?” I replied

“Gray don’t be fucking stupid promise never to talk to her. Never to see her, just never to fucking think about her again and I sure as hell never will see her again. That’s how I’ll forgive you.” Ethan spoke, looking at the ground slightly.

“Okay. I promise.” I said, and we shook on it.

That’s it. I think i got Ethan back. But at what cost, possibly the love of my life? I had to give her up, and I knew it was the right thing to do but it felt so wrong.

**Ethan’s pov** (Six Months Later)

“So you excited about tomorrow?” Grayson spoke taking a bite of his pancakes.

“Hell Yeah I am!” I exclaimed.

I know, I said i was done with the Dolan Twins, and that I hated Gray. 

But, all of those feelings were gone. Gray and I were stronger, and closer than ever. Neither of us had ever been happier. The pact made us stronger, as we were both reassured y/n was out of our lives for sure. That no one, not even her would tear us apart. Life was phenomenal.

 And we were even up for another TCA, tomorrow actually!  For Best Male Internet Star. Which I mean is cool as heck. 

This felt like a fresh start for us. A new chapter to turn in our books, we had some drama and conflict yes. But tomorrow, all of our hard work that was put into our channel was going to pay off. And I couldn’t be more hyped.

“Come on bro we gotta go, and pick up our clothes for tomorrow!” Gray said grabbing my arm, the both of us leaving the diner.

(Next Morning)

It was the day! Well, morning but still! We were going to the freaking TCA’s! It literally felt like a dream. We were two seventeen year old boy’s, and nominated for our second award, that’s insane.

As I walked into the Kitchen, putting my shoes on quickly finishing off my outfit for the event. I mean I looked pretty good if I say so myself.

“Hey E, come here.” Gray shouted out, causing me to go to him, where he was located which was his room.

“What you cool dude?” I asked, as I saw a concerned expression on his features.

“look.” he said, showing me his phone. Which showed a tweet, that belonged to y/n.

She was nominated for Best Female Internet Icon.

She was going to be at the Tca’s, and so were we.

I’m not saying I’m writing a bellarke arranged marriage au where clarke is saved by Mythical Being Bellamy as a kid and hence is marked to become his bride when she turns of age, but that’s Precisely what I’m doing, at this point


Well … this count as a Au?? I don’t know??

Anyway, “Sincerely me” but Connor and Zoe are writting the fake letters (sorry if I make a mistake writting or this didn’t rhyme (??) english isn’t my first languague) 

Dancing dinosaurs!

While the troodons give names to all of their cows, the names are usually all simple references to their looks. (White Path is piebald, Cross Horn has a curved frill horn due to old injury, Small Dot has a small white dot on her frill’s dark marking, etc.) The matriarch is always a special case, though, as a new matriarch always gets a “people name” in a celebration upon taking on the duty.

The current matriarch of Two Feather’s herd is called Dancing Shadow.