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Nothing But Trouble

Working somewhere relatively isolated meant our local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals did not have as many resources as it would have in a more populated state. This meant the RSPCA didn’t employ their own vets and used us instead. Mostly this was for desexing anything that moved, but occasionally there would be a cruelty case that needed attention.

On case in particular, was a lovely kelpie puppy and her surviving litter of puppies. They had been seized by the RSPCA when the pups were a few days old, and raised with her in the RSPCA while evidence was gathered and court proceeding did their thing

Only after two months, the ‘owner’ started making noise that they were going to claim their dogs back and were coming to the shelter to ‘claim’ them. the RSPCA inspectors had no intention of letting them have these dogs back, but there were concerns that if they knew where the dogs were, they’d break in later and steal them back. Considering they’d already skipped court there was a good chance we’d never find the dogs again if that happened.

So on the day of concern, it was decided that the Mumma Kelpie and her four puppies would spend the day at my house while I was at work, and the Long Suffering Boyfriend would dog sit. After all, he’d grown up with dogs and the puppies would be in a crate. 

He fell for their cuteness.

He wondered what could possibly go wrong if he let them out of the crate for a little while.

Like Pandora’s box opening, when my LSB opened the crate, four puppies sprung forth, each running in a different direction within the house to find something to destroy.

He could not contain more than one puppy at a time.

Every time he grabbed one to return it to the crate, the previous puppy would escape again. They roamed the house like entropy sprites, seeking things to chew and destroy.

Wonka the cat was not impressed.

Meanwhile, Mumma Kelpie would just follow the LBS around from room to room, looking smug as her offspring unleashed chaos.

Fortunately, when I returned home late from work the RSPCA inspector had already collected the dogs, after corralling them all up again.

I only witnessed a fraction of the knee-high chaos and destruction that remained. A litter of bored 8 week old puppies who have been confined most of their lives and then suddenly have free run of a house can be very creative chaos.

(And if you were wondering, they all got pet homes eventually, even though it took Mumma Kelpie months longer to be adopted.)

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RFA+V+Searan with an MC that is a pro gamer/YouTube gamer? Like gets paid for paying games or showing off the newest games?

This is a dream job oh my gosh anonny I’m wondering why I haven’t pursued this career! I’m awful at video games but they’re a lot of fun to play and I bet the RFA and friends would definitely have varying opinions on video games! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • The amount of jealousy Yoosung felt when you told him your job was to play video games was insanely high
  • Even though he loved being a veterinarian and helping sick animals, he’s always dreamed of being a pro gamer
  • Once Yoosung is done with his petty pouty faze, he becomes supportive of your amazing career
  • He’ll give you all kinds of tips and tricks that he’s gathered throughout his own gaming experience
  • The two of you would spend all night long coming up with gaming strategies, guides for each other, and just generally playing video games together as a couple
  • Yoosung would also brag to all of his colleagues that his wife was a pro gamer, making his old gaming buddies green with envy
  • While Yoosung is still somewhat jealous towards you having the perfect job as a pro gamer, he enjoys the fact that the two of you share the same passion for the gaming world


  • Videos games were something that Zen had never seen the appeal for and why so many people were crazy about them
  • But when he found out that your job was to make videos showcasing upcoming games, Zen was intrigued
  • You sat him down one day and showed him an action/adventure game that you’d be reviewing and playing later
  • Zen tried the game out himself and his character died within the first two minutes, yeah he’d leave the gaming to you from now on
  • Instead, Zen would give you tips on how to get the best angles when you were filming, set the lighting properly, and would always make sure that your make-up was perfect
  • While Zen did typically watch you play video games on the sidelines, you were once asked to play and review a fashion based video game
  • Of course Zen stepped in and beat the game within a day, luckily you recorded it all to show your viewers
  • Zen now wanted to try out all kinds of fashion based video games with you and playing these games soon became a common theme for date night


  • Video games were always something that seemed childish and a waste of time to Jaehee
  • She’s never even truly played one until she met you and found out about your career as a pro gamer
  • Jaehee was honestly amazed that you could make a salary just by playing video games but she had to admit, it impressed her
  • Curiosity got the better of her and she’d typically sit on the sidelines watch you play the video game while explaining to the camera the game functions and mechanics
  • Your explanations were so well done that even someone like Jaehee with no video game experience at all could understand how to play the game
  • Jaehee would look through some of your older videos and was impressed at how consistently you would give helpful tips to your viewers
  • She liked watching you play puzzle games the most and even tried playing it herself as she found out just how much fun video games can be
  • Jaehee would never truly understand why video games were so successful but she thought that if they made you happy and gave you a job, then she had no reasons to complain


  • Video games were something Jumin never understood and the only good thing about them was they could make a profit
  • So when you tell Jumin that you’re a pro gamer and get paid to play video games, he doesn’t really understand
  • But since your unique job seems important to you, Jumin makes you promise him that you’d let him play the next video game that you would receive to review
  • Of course the next video game you received was a driving simulator game
  • You still kept your promise and let Jumin try the game but it was an absolute disaster
  • Many virtual people’s lives were lost that day thanks to Jumin but at least he didn’t drive over any virtual cats
  • So he left the video gaming to you but as an apology Jumin would buy you the newest gaming systems and filming equipment
  • Jumin would always watch your reviews and he eventually taught himself how to become a better gamer
  • With his newly equipped skills, you and Jumin became the top two players in LOLOL, devastating and confusing Yoosung
  • Jumin was slowly warming up to the idea of playing video games all of the time with you expect never again would he try and driving games


  • When you told Seven that you were a pro gamer he was impressed to say the least
  • To him, you had the coolest job known to man so Seven would often disregard his own work to sit and watch you play
  • Even when you’d shoo Seven to go back to his own work, he’d hack into your screen so that he could still watch you play
  • And when Seven joined in to play video games with you, it was an intense time in the Choi household
  • His favorite type of video games to play with is party games because he liked the fast pace of them
  • Seven would always manage to win the mini games based on luck and you raged at him for cheating even though he actually didn’t
  • After a round of gaming, Seven would give you the best advice on how to get the best angles and lighting for when you have to film reviews
  • He’d also let you borrow his best filming equipment to record and your views skyrocketed because of the best quality
  • Seven never tampered with your work and instead smiled at how hard you worked and how much fun you had working, but he was always up for some competitive gaming with you


  • V’s never had time to play video games coupled with his poor eye sight, that is until he met you
  • When he found out that you were a pro gamer, he became more interested in gaming
  • He marveled at your vast collection of video games as you casually said that you completed and reviewed them all
  • You offered for him to play a video game together and let him pick out the game
  • V randomly picked an RPG and found himself immersed in the game, the two of you didn’t stop playing until you beat the game
  • He couldn’t believe how much fun video games were and was slightly jealous of your fun career
  • But V also couldn’t believe that he stayed up for almost three days straight to finish the game with you
  • V then stuck with watching your reviews, loving every second of them and enjoyed how informative they are
  • He took some photos of your games to put on your website and you suddenly got an increase of followers thanks to V’s photography skills
  • V was sincerely happy that you found a career you were passionate about, he made you promise to play more video games with him whenever you both had the time as it became a new, fun hobby for the two of you


  • Having free time was a luxury to Saeran and he’d never spend it playing video games
  • They always interested him and he finally got the chance to play them whenever you told him that you were a pro gamer
  • Saeran would watch in silent awe as you would play through and review games, he’d listen intently to the advice you’d give to others and now he wanted to play with you
  • So when Saeran approached you asking if he could play a video game with you, you let him pick out whichever game stood out to him
  • And out of the hundreds of games you owned, Saeran picked out the most edgy looking game that still looked like it could be fun
  • Of course it was Shadow the Hedgehog
  • To say it was a stressful play through would be an understatement, Saeran threw the controller multiple times and almost broke your console
  • So you had to make Saeran play more relaxing and friendly games after that fiasco
  • He would give you gruff but helpful tips when you make your reviews on games and you saw an increase in your followers making your boss happy
  • Saeran still wasn’t convinced that video games were as fun as you made them out to be but seeing you happy with your unique job would always make Saeran happy

Guys, I had a rough 24 hours and I kinda wanna vent. If you can’t handle mentions of bodily fluids and kittens being very ill, you should probably scroll past this.

Yesterday at around noon, Fender ate some kibble and had some water. He fell asleep for 5 hours at 2PM. This is normal for kittens, but when he woke up he let out a pained yelp and started gagging. He threw up some white foam and fell back asleep.

I figured I’d give him some water when he woke up for the fluids he’d been losing, but that I wouldn’t force any calories into yet, because he may have something blocking his digestive system.

He woke up at 11 PM, threw up foam again, and didn’t want to drink anything. He also had diarrhea (entirely liquid) and it had been almost 12 hours since his last water intake.

I called the emergency veterinarian, who told me to come in in the morning, unless he started throwing up multiple times an hour. Almost immediately he did just that - at midnight, he’d thrown up 4 or 5 times, each time more gross and foamy than the last. So I did what I had to do - I woke up my mother because I don’t have a license yet, and we went to see the emergency vet at half past midnight.

She immediately gave him painkillers, and something to stop the puking. He had an insane fever which only started a few hours earlier, and he was in a lot of pain. He likely has a stomach bug left from his previous home, we only adopted him a few days ago. He also got something to lower his temperature.

Almost instantly he started getting better. An hour after our visit, he was back to normal and had started eating and drinking again. The vet gave us some meds for during the day to keep the puking down, and a special kind of wet food to calm his stomach.

He’s a lot better now and expected to be fully recovered within 2 days, but man it was scary. I’ve been up all night to make sure he was okay and I’m exhausted from that and worrying non stop.

End of unrelated vent

Midnight Mumbles

Summary: [F/Name] [L/Name] and Thomas Jefferson have been best friends since their sophomore year of high school. Since they graduated college in their respective fields, he a lawyer and she a veterinarian, they moved back to Monticello from her small home to take over his father’s estate. Now living together, Thomas has been working up his courage to ask [F/Name] to be his.


Thomas sat at the newly set up desk in his study working on a case he and his partner have in a couple of days.

He guided a hand through his thick hair, cursing himself for forgetting to tie it up. Too late now. He was almost done with the defense part for his client. It shouldn’t take him no more than thirty to thirty five minutes to finish.

He heard the creaking of the floorboards which made him look over his shoulder to see [F/Name] standing behind him half asleep in a short nightgown.

“Why are up so late?” He asked her, glancing up at the clock that read eleven forty.

She shrugged. “We just moved in so I’m not use to the atmosphere yet, I guess.”

She moved so she stood on his right side, glancing at his laptop screen. “Watcha working on?”

Thomas moved so his hand rested on her hip, pulling her closer. “Just this case. Nothing important.”

He used his other hand to gently grab her wrist, tugging on her until she was sitting on his leg, her legs hanging over his left leg.

[F/Name] leaned her head on his tank topped chest. “But it’s important to you since it’s your career.” She yawned. “So I don’t mind if you tell me about it.”

He shook his head, moving just enough so that she was comfortable and he could type with both hands. “Mm. How about this? You can watch me work on this. If you fall asleep, that’s fine. I’ll take you back to bed when I finish this. Okay?”

[F/Name]nodded, her half lidded eyes trained on the screen. Thomas chuckled, resting his chin on top of her head before he began typing once more.

She fell asleep five minutes into watching him work, occasionally waking up here and there. Every time she did, he unconsciously would kiss the top of her head until he felt her relax into him again.

It wasn’t until 12:20 that he finished his revision. He sighed, leaning back in the chair as the document saved. [F/Name] was fast asleep by this time. Making sure he had a good hold on her, Thomas took her up to her room and tucked her in for the night.


Welcome to JTV Pokecenter! Please ensure your pokemon are in a carrier, on a leash, or in their pokeballs at all times. Thank you!

Your friendly neighbourhood veterinary clinic is probably the closest thing in real life to a pokemon center, eh? So here are some pics of a few of my patients re-imagined as pokemon. I’ve been meaning to do a mashup like this for a while, but now seems a particularly relevant time.

(And if you ever visit our little clinic with your real life critters, I’ll check out your pokemon as well for free! ;) )


The computer said my next patient’s name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic. Not that an unusual name for a pet, I have to admit.

“Come on in. Do you have Lucifer hiding in that box for me?” I say. A gentleman dressed all in black with a rather spiky aesthetic and a selection of piercings comes into my consult room and opens the box.

He places a perfectly black rabbit on the table.

Honestly, I had been expecting a cat.

Turns out Lucifer is his new rabbit. He’d insisted on taking it from a friend who wasn’t taking care of it a few months ago.

Lucifer, for his part, had decided the table was too scary and that his dad’s leather clad armpit was the best place to be.

To my surprise and delight, our new goth rabbit owner is doing everything right. Perfect diet, read up on rabbit health, vaccinating, enrichment, the works.

He even started a vegetable garden to grow treats for the rabbit, or as he put it, “tributes for lucifer.”


natgeo Video by @joelsartore | Meet Frankie, a Southwestern gray fox that was found as a baby behind a chicken coop by the volunteers at @southwestwildlifeConservation Center. He was wearing a blue cat collar around his neck and was totally unafraid of humans, so it was clear that someone had taken him from the wild and tried to keep him as a pet. He either escaped or became too much for the person to handle and was left alone to fend for himself. The goal at Southwest Wildlife is to rescue, rehabilitate and return animals to the wild. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an option for Frankie since he had already been raised as a pet. He has now become a permanent resident and will live with other non-releasable foxes at the sanctuary.
This little fox’s story reminds us all to never attempt to take in a wild animal and raise it as a pet. It just doesn’t work out, and in many places it’s illegal. If you’re concerned about the well being of a wild animal, contact your local vet or wildlife rehabilitation center.
To see a portrait of Frankie, check out @joelsartore!

‘Temporary’ Names

Vet clinics often have litters of kittens to raise. Either they’re too young for a shelter, too sickly, or the clinic intends to adopt them out when they’re big enough. Whatever the reason, nurses often end up raising kittens and giving them ‘temporary’ names. 

The intention of these temporary names is that if you give the kitten a stupid name, you have something to call it other than ‘the middle black male’, but because it’s a stupid name you wont get emotionally attached and end up keeping it. Again. 

Which is how some nurses end up with cats that have names like ‘Flea bus’ and ‘Trash bag’. 

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I have a demon character with horns. Can horns break? If so, is it painful? can it heal / grow out? Thanks, and love your blog!

An excellent question my friend. It depends on what sort of horns we’re talking about.

(Ram Image Source)

Animals with true horns, which are mostly ruminants like the ram and friends, which is also the classical demon look, have a core of living bone in the center of the horn. The outer layer is composed of thick keratin, but it is the shape of the living bone core that dictates the shape, size and direction of the horns. The living bone core is often much smaller than the keratin component.

(Goat skull showing bone core of horns)

The keratin has no nerves and little blood supply. The living bone core has a whole bunch of nerves, an impressive blood supply (it is bone after all) and if you break the horn too close to the skull then you will also have a big whopping hole into the frontal sinus.

This would be at least as painful as breaking one of your bones.

Horns can certainly heal, but they often heal in a not quite right manner. If you haven’t completely fractured off the living bone then the shape template for the new horn will be different. If your character has lost the living bone core, but still retains the germinal layer of cells around the base, then they can develop scurs.

A scur is like a remnant horn growing without a template. They often occur when de-horning hasn’t quite been done right or after trauma. They have an unpredictable shape, can grow in any direction, and are frankly quite annoying.

(A particularly funky scur)

These are often tipped (cutting off a portion near the end) and sometimes have no blood supply. They have no feeling, and can twist around to grow into other areas of the animal’s head.

There are other structures animals have which we often refer to as ‘horns’, even though they’re not true horns like these.

(Rhinoceros image source)

Rhinos do not have a living bone core in their horn. You can cut off parts of these horns, they’re made of keratin and can be thought of similar to a very fancy finger nail.

But uh, don’t be tempted to do it like the poachers do it, where they cut a straight line including both horns and part of the skull. That is going to be the equivalent of fracturing a true horn at the base and entering a sinus (or nasal cavity in this case). I’m not posting those pictures on here.

But lastly, another anatomical feature we humans sometimes think of as ‘horns’ are antlers.

Antlers are dead bone with no covering when mature. They are shed every year. When they are mature they have no feeling and no blood supply except at the very base. While they are growing they have a good blood supply,  but when mature they are inert. Antlers don’t grow bigger as such, they are shed each year and regrow, sometimes into a bigger or more pronged shape, depending on the species.

So take your pick. I don’t know which sort of horns your demon has, but I hope that’s answered your question.

Sighthound PSA: 

This is Brexit fifteen minutes after reversal of a sedative (for a minor laceration repair). He was given less than ¼ of the manufacturers recommended dose of dexdormitor (dose given 0.2ml IV, recommended dose for sedation of an 83lb dog 0.9ml IV). I repaired a laceration of his eyelid and he was completely asleep. No opioid added. 

If your vet is unfamiliar with sighthound anesthesia, emphasize they are lightweights!!! Sighthounds can do great under sedation and anesthesia as long as they are dosed appropriately. 

Please, stop.

“Hey! How are you going? I just have a quick question regarding [insert pets name here].”

“Long time no speak. My dog hasn’t eaten in 6 days and has had vomiting and diarrhoea for 5 of those days. What should I do?”

“Hey, just a quick one but I really want to let my cat have kittens just once so she can experience motherhood, is 8 months too young to let her mate?”,

Please, stop. 

Please, if you have a friend you rarely chat to, a friend of a friend of a friend or an extremely distant acquaintance who is a vet/student/nurse/tech etc, it is really not okay to ask for free advice. It is actually disrespectful.  

Most of us (including myself) are obliging and willing to help because that is the nature of our profession. Though I tell you, if you haven’t bothered to say hey prior to Mitten’s getting into a cat fight at 2am or if you haven’t cared to check in and see how life is going before Charlie started coughing 2 days ago, it is not okay to ask for that free advice.

You usually message us in the middle of a busy day or you message late at night when we are settling in, trying to unwind from a 15 hour hectic day of sick animals and devastated/angry clients. A Facebook message or text pops up from someone we haven’t spoken to in 5-10 years. I get it, you are desperate. Most want to know if they should take their pet to a vet or not. My honest answer is, if you are desperate enough to ask someone you rarely know or haven’t spoken to in a while if you should seek medical attention for your pet, then you more than likely need to. If you are unsure, it is best to call an emergency clinic and ask for advice.

Be mindful. Veterinary medicine already consumes our lives. It bombards us in all aspects of life. I will reply and help as much as I can without physically seeing your animal, but keep in mind that I am most likely replying to you when I am shoveling food into my mouth in the 2 minutes I have spare to eat during a shift or I am in the middle of spending some rare, free time with my loved ones. I will always advise to seek veterinary attention because if you are that concerned to message me, best bet is that your pet requires it.

All we ask is to please be mindful. 
Here’s a thing: If you suspect your vet is ripping you off, they just might be ripping you off

You know the thing where people either don’t have health insurance or do but mistakenly get sent an itemized medical bill and they see hospitals charging like $80 for an aspirin and $150 for a blanket and $5000 for a paper gown*? That shit goes on in veterinary medicine both with procedures and drugs prices. Only difference is, almost nobody on the planet has pet insurance so almost all vet bills come out of pocket. And there’s an added layer of mystery because much of the time your animal can’t (or doesn’t) indicate if something is wrong. Even more so than with with human medicine, people are entirely at the mercy of what their veterinarian tells them is necessary.

I won’t go so far as to say vets deliberately mislead people to make money. I will say that I’ve seen prices for pretty standard procedures cost as much as 100% more depending on which clinic you go to. And I don’t mean ‘normal vet office in suburban neighborhood vs mobile vet bus in downtrodden area’. I mean like, down the street. Sometimes things cost what they cost though. That’s why I say the biggest problem I see with vets ripping people off is in their policy on expensive, invasive procedures. In my time I have seen vet’s offices recommend annual full dental cleanings (anesthesia, x-ray, and all, every single year), and whole hip replacements for 12 year old dogs with like the normal joint/skeletal degeneration you’d expect from a 12 year old dog–while not telling owners that said replacement will mean the animal may also need to be on blood thinners, pain killers, and anti inflammatory meds for the rest of its life. 

And I know this shit is bad practice because I’ve seen good, responsible, pragmatic veterinarians who sit down with owners and explain that having a tumor removed from their 4 year old guinea pig is probably a waste of money, and there’s a higher-than-normal chance that such a small animal could die under anesthesia. I’ve known good vets who will tell you their whole office policy is to try to not do invasive surgery on dogs over 10, because it’s super stressful and carries higher risk. I’ve known responsible vets who just straight up say yes your dog has epilepsy, but the meds to help that are expensive and will damage its kidneys, so unless it’s having a seizure a month I don’t recommend it. I’ve known pragmatic vets who straight up tell people, “Your pet is old. It’s going to slowly degenerate. When it gets to be too much you can have it put down, but burning money to make it act like it did when it was young is fighting a losing battle that will ultimately decrease its quality of life and bankrupt you.”

Those are the sorts of vets you look for, because those people know that animals are animals, and people have budgets. PLEASE don’t internalize messages that the amount of money you’re willing to spend is evidence of how much you love your pet. Sometimes shit is extremely expensive, and it’s just not responsible to spend thousands of dollars on a pet. IME I’ve noticed a difference in the kind of clientele certain offices get? Like, ‘upper-middle class people who can afford dog chemo and will shell out a mortgage payment so Fluffy can live 1 more year’ vs ‘everyone else’. You can tell quickly which kind of client your vet is used to servicing based on what kind of shit they recommend. It’s tough to draw a firm line on that, because young animals need rounds of vaccinations like young humans, and some animals do have health problems, or special concerns. But if you have a healthy 5 year old cat and they have you coming in every 6 months for blood work, and they’re trying to sell you on pet insurance**, I’d say that’s a red flag. Some vets are pretty down to earth, and will work with you, or offer alternatives to expensive procedures. Some live in a beverley hills bubble and look down on owners who won’t sell all their possessions to have their dog’s brain transplanted into a rocket-powered cyborg body.

So if you have doubts about either the cost of a procedure or a diagnosis, shop around/get a second opinion. I just had to do that for my dog. She needs her teeth cleaned and her regular vet was charging $600 for it before the x-ray. I called around one afternoon and found a great place who will do it for $240, x-ray included! So we now we have a new vet!

*for those not familiar with the widespread phenomenon of outrageous hospital markups and soaring drug prices:

**Lots of people have good things to say about pet insurance. I’m not one of them. I think it’s a scam. It maybe comes in handy in the first year of your pet’s life when they need all their shots, and to get spayed/neutered. And maybe at the end of its life, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend to delay the inevitable. But most of the time, your average mongrel dog or cat won’t need any serious medical intervention, ever (barring getting in a fight with a porcupine or car).