at the very least it shows that they know that the chemistry spark for a deep loving friendship is there and important

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Im losing hope about olicity. Between how the episode pretty much looked like Oliver is the only one holding on to their relationship (and tbh, that can't last long because they're constantly talking about moving on). Im willing to hold on for this season but I'm getting really sad after all we got last season.

I have to admit, anon, I didn’t feel very Olicity tonight. 


I do think it’s for a specific reason. One, I wanted more, but we didn’t get it - that’s life, so whatever. My head lives in fanfiction, this was basically inevitable. Two, Oliver and Felicity are in straight up heavy-ass denial, in so many aspects it’s frightening.

I don’t think Olicity will be coming around the way we want them to for a long while. They didn’t work together for many reasons (not-so-great writing aside) and one of those was that they have so much baggage on their own, as individuals, that they were bringing into the mix.

When they broke up, that was the basic message: you two need to fix your own shit before you can make this work the way you both want it to.

Tonight was a step towards that. It wasn’t exactly a forward step, but it was a step.

Tonight, we saw Oliver and Felicity regressing hardcore

Stick with me here.

Based on what we saw tonight and in previous information we’ve received about S4.5 and S5, we’re supposed to believe that Oliver and Felicity had “a talk” over the summer, supposedly agreeing that they have to work together from here on out and move forward aka the past is the past. They’ve put what happened between them to bed, they are fine, they are back to being friends and partners… They’re ducky with this plan. Because they’re adults. They’re mature adults, and that’s what they do, right? They talk and everything’s fine? 

Pfft. No.

Still, they’ve convinced themselves of this, and thus, they’re “dealing” with it.

The unfortunate part of this is that their idea of dealing with it involves a great deal of denial, and that is on top of the denial of everything else they can’t really get right in their own personal lives:

Felicity is ridiculously nonchalant and almost chipper, to the point I’m slightly worried. Oliver, on the other hand, is too invested, in everything. He’s so invested that he’s swinging right back into thinking that killing and diving into extreme vigilantism is the answer. So while Felicity is coming off as very happy-go-lucky-I-am-here-for-Team-Arrow, Oliver is back to I-am-alone

And I have to wonder if there’s a reason for his denial about the team tonight - part of it is that he wants to keep doing it alone. Not for safety reasons, necessarily, but because there’s nobody out there to temper this regressive attitude of “I’m gonna kill everyone.” 

And Felicity, she’s covering so much that it’s downright suspect. Felicity was the most fascinating tonight for this reason: she was back to S1/S2 status - manning the bunker, staying in, being lowkey - and how much you want to bet she’s fine there? There isn’t any real responsibility there, at least the kind of responsibility that involves dropping a bomb on a town and killing thousands upon thousands of people. 

(Side Note: The Boyfriend does come into this, and I’ll get into that in a minute, but I’m still on the ‘he’s entirely inconsequential so whatevs’ side of things. And don’t even get me started on comparing that blip of a scene with the tension/chemistry-filled ones with Olicity. I’m still so meh about any guy that isn’t Oliver.)

Oliver and Felicity are on opposite ends of the denial spectrum, from what I saw tonight. 

Now, they gotta work their way back to the middle.

Is the spark still there? Oh hell yes. They sparked on the screen, they can’t help it, but is that spark being fanned right now? Oh hell no. It’s almost like they want it stomped out. But, to me, that’s only because they have both agreed to Move On.

So what does Move On mean to these two lovely creatures? 

Let’s start with Oliver.

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