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Trust Issues

Request: @pleasecallmecaptain - Steve drabble with “You wanna know the last thing I thought of? You. I thought of you" pls??

A/N: I am amused.

“Steve! (Y/N) has been hit! She’s down!” Clint yelled at Steve as the pair fought valiantly on the battlefield.

“No! How could this happen? She’s our most valuable agent! Clint! How could you let this happen?” Steve was slightly distraught, but mostly too preoccupied to scout your location.

“Hey, you’re the captain! Go get her! I’ll be fine on my own for a bit.” As soon as those words left Clint’s mouth, Steve was sprinting away in search of (Y/N).

“(Y/N)! Where are you darling? Come on! Don’t do this to me! Can’t lose you!” Steve was screeching at the top of his lungs, unable to locate you. 

Until he tripped over you, that was.

“Steve,” you groaned, “please stop yelling my head hurts.”

“What? Why does your head hurt? Where were you hit?” 

“It hurts because you tripped over my head. And look down, where does it seem like I was hit?

“You shut your mouth smartass. Let’s get you back to base.”

“Steve.” You blurted out in a frenzied breath.

“What? Save your breath! We’ll get you back to base!”

“I don’t - I don’t think I’ll make it.”

“Oh (Y/N), don’t talk like that. Please!”

“Before I go,  do you wanna know the last thing I thought of?”

“Please save your breath.” Steve sighed.

“You. I thought of you.” You breathed out, clinging onto Steve’s neck as he picked you up.

“(Y/N), darling, why are you so melodramatic? We’re having a water balloon fight.” You scoffed indignantly.

“Me! Melodramatic! You turned this thing into a full fledged mission!”

“This is for team bonding!” Steve began his slow walk back to base where Clint was making more water balloons.

“Steve, stop walking.” Steve stopped immediately, only to be pelted by water balloons on both sides. In a vain attempt to cover himself, he dropped your laughing self onto the floor.

“Argh! (Y/N) you traitor!”

“I got you good!” You said, rolling over with laughter, joining the laughter of Nat, Bucky, and Sam.

“You know, darling, you’re the reason I have trust issues.”


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How's your dad doing, babe?

still very much the same, its frustrating, everyone just keeps telling me to give it time but its frustrating watching him lose more weight, fall down, and be so disoriented. Some days it feels like he’s normal but then now he just doesn’t remember so much. He forgot that his parents passed on years ago, he doesn’t remember my brother’s wedding, he doesn’t remember him getting facials from me at my beauty school, and every day he has no idea where he is, honestly i just want to scream and cry at the top of my lungs but I am out of tears, it’s just lots of anger in its place. thanks for asking love <3 it’s been really hard, I just hope things get better for him

And now I am an orphan. At 29. Shush. Adults can be orphans, too. At least I plan to get drunk and sing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie at the top of my lungs for three hours.

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fun fact six years ago my state elected a shitty mayor who wanted to get rid of a bunch of really important stuff so there were a ton of protests and i was only 11 but i went to a bunch of those protests and at every single one i stood on a whatever tall object i could find and sang Here We Go from Lemonade Mouth at the top of my lungs and it was glorious bless that movie

this is the most iconic thing i’ve ever read

come chat with me about disney channel original movies!!

Highlights from the Yuri!!! on Stage Drama
  • The answer to the question: “what would happen if both Yuuri and Victor got drunk at the same time”
  • Which turns out to be: “they BOTH strip and get super flirty with each other”
  • Victor loving Yuuri’s off-season katsudon tummy and squishing it happily and excitedly
  • Victor drunkenly flirting with Chris, making Yuuri jealous and prompting him to go all “look only at me” and “you aren’t looking ENOUGH” on him
  • Them playing a drinking strip game (essentially rock-paper-scissors/janken)
  • The implication that this is a COMMON OCCURRENCE for Victor and Yuuri and that they do it often (i.e. whenever they drink together, which is apparently frequently)
  • Naked stretching during which “Chihokogate” happens
  • Victor getting super jealous at this “Chihoko” and assuming its Yuuri’s ex-lover
  • Yuuri waking up like 10 hours later with a vicious hangover, wearing Victor’s underwear on his head like its a goddamn crown, and the words “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” scribbled on his back
  • Everyone wondering where the fuck Victor disappeared off to
  • People accusing Yuuri of hiding him away
  • People accusing Yurio of getting rid of him bc they found his list of edgy exhibition skate titles (including: “Yuri on DARKNESS” klfjskdfjs)
  • Them finding Victor essentially flexing on top of Hasetsu Castle, naked
  • Victor, screaming at the top of his lungs for the whole town to hear basically: “THIS PERSON IS YUURI’S PAST, BUT I AM YUURI’S NOW
  • Y: “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO?????????”
  • The plot twist being Victor misheard Yuuri saying the word “shachihoko” in Japanese, and thus there IS no ex-lover lmaoooo
  • (The implication that this may mean Yuuri and Victor sometimes converse in Japanese bc Victor’s Japanese has improved to that point)
  • My soul being saved by this
  • Victor asking Yuuri to join him on top of the castle, naked
  • Them enjoying the view, while being naked and somehow not getting fucking arrested


  • Seung-gil being an affectionate drunk and kissing Nishigori LMAO

ok but i want to talk about this.

bts has literally had the biggest fucking gap in votes for this award, like winning shouldn’t even be a question by now. But this? this is just unbelievable. They have. EVERY. SINGLE. REASON. to get this win yet they are STILL crossing fingers they are still hanging on this hope to win like I’m sorry but this level of humbleness is so great, so UNBELIEVABLE like I always knew they were humble but this, this just makes my heart grow 7 times and you cannot tell me not to be annoying about them, not to SHOUT THEIR NAME at the top of my lungs, not to give them my FULL support when they have come SO FAR and yet all they show is STILL those 7 boys from Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Gwacheon 

binding is unhealthy. there is no such thing as safe binding; there are just ways to minimize the damage done. i’ve been binding for three years and i will continue to do so until i get surgery because the danger to my mental health if i don’t bind is greater than the one to my physical health if i don’t, but my body has been damaged over time. binding used to not hurt at all and now my shoulders and chest start to hurt if i’ve been wearing my binder for a few hours. my lung capacity is very low for a person my age because my lungs have weakened from regularly being forced to take smaller breaths.

this is not meant to discourage anyone from binding, i just don’t want another trans kid like me who binds to feel upset and misled because they learn this after they’ve been binding “safely” for a year. this is also a reason that top surgery NEEDS to be more accessible– it’s not just about mental health.


rockin’ jams that are great to scream along to at the top of your lungs

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not even bards

Takes place in a 5e campaign with several level 8/9 characters. The players had just navigated an invisible sky-high wall and found what it was hiding behind it, which the DM was explaining. 

DM: So you enter this—this portal type deal, and you find yourself standing in a, in a 20-foot diameter stone cave stretching forward into darkness, with smooth walls and a— 

Fighter and Rogue, simultaneously and at the top of their lungs:

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