at the time it wasn't

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hey connor, what are your thoughts about jareds gradual growth spurt??

oh look a few changes in my terrible style

We used to have Granada’s Sherlock Holmes on VHS way back when I was a kid and without fail, I would always watch it on our shitty TV when I was sick, whilst sipping hot chocolate through a straw and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Minus the VHS and the shitty TV because DVDs exist now.

avengers assemble writers: oh yeah we love all the avengers! steve rogers, natasha romanoff, clint barton, thor, hulk.. *looks at hand* and tuna stank

That’s not a battle body. That’s a dogsbody.

I had to draw something to celebrate my discovery of the fabled light grey pen. It’s everything I ever wanted… My former lightest shade of grey is the shadow on the skull/body/dog. You might not see it through the oddly yellow photo, but believe me, I’m happy.


“ Don’t you lecture me, blue-box man flying through time and space on whimsy. All I’ve got, all I’ve had for thirty six years, is cold, hard reality.“ ||| “ You left me alone for ten years! Don’t tell me I can’t be angry


My parents didn’t do anything wrong. They both work two jobs. I’m on scholarship at St. B’s, and I get good grades. We’re a normal American family.