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hanahaki & soulmate au (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst and a sprinkle of fluff
word count: 18.748
warnings: implied smut
disclaimer: I do not own the hanahaki disease concept.

I am immensely thankful for the talented people who have created art / edits for this story: x, x, x, x, x, x make sure to check them out ♡

You were eighteen years old when Jimin’s name showed up on your hand.

The day is fresh and clear in your memory: early December, the winds stronger than ever as they threatened to pierce through the windows of your room, hints of snowflake dancing in the air as the first snowfall augured an even sharper winter. There was a smile on your face that didn’t match the unrelenting coldness of the month, and even though the night was falling and the air felt icy on the tips of your fingers, there was only warmth in your chest as you went through the pictures of your phone.

Pictures of you and Jimin drinking hot chocolate, of clumsy iceskating, of funny faces that made you laugh out loud in the quietness of your bedroom. The feeling sparking in your chest could be considered somewhat dangerous— after all, you were just a girl that didn’t have any marks on her skin, a girl whose fate was yet to be decided. Something as enigmatic as love could be a treacherous thing, too risky for someone that couldn’t decide their destiny on their own.

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I feel like Derek would just spoil Stiles rotten! You see Derek never really got to be a teenager courtesy: Kate Argent and well Stiles after his mom's death had to grow up too quickly and then the financial issues of the Stilinski household not to mention his best friend turning into a freakin werewolf! So yeah Stiles didn't get a normal teen life either so you can bet my ass that Derek does everything in his willpower and bank account to remedy that. And he's so extra with it and Stiles just!!

This is such a cute ask!! And it’s absolutely a headcanon of mine that Derek would hate spending his inheritance on himself (see: him having hundreds of thousands of dollars and squatting in an abandoned train depot), and also a headcanon that Laura and Derek had a tradition on spending it on each other on holidays for extravagant things (that’s where the Camaro came from) so Derek buying Stiles nice things or surprising him with expensive trips is just completely fitting to me.

And the thing is, Stiles would probably be put off by it at first. Like… “dude, these are nice but you have me, ok? You don’t need to win me and you definitely don’t need to buy me.” And the ridiculous thing, the thing that makes Stiles feel guilty about all the amazing (and expensive) gestures is that Derek never buys himself anything, never gets anything new for the house or buys himself books or goes out to restaurants unless he thinks Stiles will like them or spends money on anything beyond the bare essentials unless it’s for Stiles or one of the pack.

But eventually I think it would probably click eventually –– when Derek’s planning a trip to the Caymans because “Stiles, you like beaches and the water’s incredible there, look at these pictures, and see, you can swim over the reefs and there’s a boat trip to pet stingrays, you’ll like that” –– that Derek’s not doing any of this to buy Stiles, or because he thinks he has to impress Stiles with expensive things to keep him, or even necessarily for Stiles. Yes, he genuinely thinks Stiles would like the trip, and Stiles is sure he will, but Derek’s face has just this little hint of shy excitement when he’s talking about stingrays and about all the water activities they can do… and Stiles realizes that this is something Derek really wants to do. For Derek.

And he probably also really wanted to try out that nice restaurant last week –– the one that was strangely fancy and lacking in burgers, considering Derek had framed it as a “place Stiles would love,” and Derek has spent a hell of a lot more time on that porch swing than Stiles ever has, even though Derek had made it so Stiles “would have a place to sit if the pack was ever out back training.”

Derek does buy himself things, sometimes, slipped in between the newest Playstation and the trip to Comic Con and all the things that are genuinely and truly meant just to brighten Stiles’ life. He just doesn’t know how to say that –– to admit it to even himself, maybe. To give anything nice to himself, because he still doesn’t feel, deep down, like he deserves it.

So Stiles lets Derek book that trip, and the stingray boat ride, even though he’d really rather stay at the beach and not risk his life to stinging, thank you very much. And he stops complaining when Derek buys him expensive things –– buys them expensive things –– loving the little moments where Derek buys something that’s just clearly not Stiles-centric for the thrill of watching Derek indulge himself, even secretly.

The Chamber of Secrets, a summary
  • Dobby: Harry Potter must not go to Hogwarts!
  • Harry: The fuck are you Hogwarts4lyfe
  • Dobby: *Pudding crashes and burns worse than Snape's love life*
  • Harry: fuck
  • Ron: *mass breakout*
  • Vernon: *falls out window*
  • Fred'n'George: sup
  • Mrs. Weasley: BoYs YaLl DoNe It NoW GeT yo SoRrY AsSeS oVeR HeRe- except you Harry nothing's ever your fault an btw thanks for almost getting my son killed last year
  • Ginny: *highkey stalker*
  • Floo powder: lol you thought things would go right in your life
  • Draco: *exists*
  • Harry: He'S FuCkInG Up tO SoMeThInG
  • Hagrid: *saves Harry from being raped*
  • Hermione: sup
  • Lockhart: OMG IT'S HARRY POTTER HERE TO BOOST MY HALLWAY CRED- I mean- *coughs* you have a few fans yourself, I hear- HERETAKEMYBOOKSTAKETHEMALL
  • Lucius: *is an ass*
  • Aurthur: *fights a bitch*
  • Lucius: *here have this book it's pretty and talks to you but be careful it may possess you*
  • Platform 9 3/4: *is an ass*
  • Ron: Let's just take the flying car illegally instead of just owling Hogwarts or waiting for my parents
  • Harry: k
  • Car: *eighties action music*
  • Harry: can you hear that?
  • Ron: we must be getting close!
  • Harry: hold on-
  • *music grows louder*
  • Hogwarts express with Thomas face on it: DUN DUN DUN DUUN DUN DUN, DUUUUN
  • Car: *crashes*
  • Tree: *is an ass*
  • McGonagall: Idfc just go away here have a sandwich
  • Hermione: sup
  • Shit: hello friends
  • Wall: ThE ChAmBeR Of SeCreTS HaS BeEN OPenEd EnEmIeS oF The HeiR BeWArE
  • Mrs. Norris: hanging by noose from ceiling
  • Harry Ron and Hermione: *are there*
  • Filch: Y'all killed my cat IMMA KILL YA
  • Dumbledore: Bruh you accusing the great Harry Potter?!? If it was anyone else I wouldn't care but since it's Harry SHUT UP
  • Malfoy: *is a slithery Slytherin*
  • Harry: He's the heir
  • Hermione: *starts making potion*
  • Myrtle: *moans*
  • Colin: *takes pictures of Harry*
  • Harry: ew fuck stop
  • Lockhart: StOp YoU cAn'T bE MoRe PopUlAr thAn mE- I mean *coughs* it's unwise to hand out pictures until you're as famous as me
  • Harry: *gets detention* *is worse than Umbridge's blood quill* *hears hissing* *doesn't suspect it could be a snake which is the animal that hisses*
  • Hermione and Ron: sup
  • Harry: can you hear that
  • Ron and Hermione: wtf no you must be insane
  • Harry: lol tru
  • Lockhart: *has dueling club*
  • Snape: *kicks his ass with the disarming spell*
  • Lockhart: totally meant for that to happen now give me a moment while I restart my heart
  • Hermione: *is killed by Millicent but somehow manages to get a hair*
  • Snape: Harry fight Draco
  • Harry and Draco: *fight*
  • Draco: *snakeness intensifies*
  • Harry: (to snake) bruh calm down mate
  • Snake: k
  • Snape: *kills snake*
  • Ernie: Bruh you tryina kill me
  • Harry: lol no but I should asshole
  • Ron: Harry why didn't you tell me you had a completely dead ability when you didn't even know it existed or that it was rare
  • Harry: idk snakes are cool
  • Person: *petrified*
  • Teachers: maybe we should give a shit
  • Dumbledore: lol nope
  • Quidditch: *happens*
  • Draco: training for the ballet, Potter?
  • Harry: *trains for ballet* *breaks arm*
  • Lockhart: OMG GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE TI HEAL HARRY IT WILL BOST MY READERSHIP I mean *coughs* I've done this a thousand times
  • Harry's Arm: *is bendy*
  • Harry: *goes to infirmary* *hears extremely important information*
  • Polyjuice: *happens*
  • Draco: blah blah blah mud blood blah blah blah poor blah blah blah whydoesntpotterloveme
  • Draco: *isnt heir*
  • Harry and Ron: well shit *get the hell outta doge*
  • Hermione: *is cat*
  • Harry: *finds moist book in a girl's bathroom* Imma take this
  • Harry: *ignores more murderous hissing*
  • Diary: hello friend no more sadness today
  • Harry: seems legit
  • Diary: here look at this memory I'm Tom Riddle
  • Harry: k
  • Memory: *happens*
  • Harry: boi why da fk you lyin
  • Hagrid: *is taken to Azkaban because we needed to introduce it for the next book*
  • Harry and Ron: *follow spiders*
  • Spider dude: We do not speak the name of the giant snake in your pipes now excuse me while my children murder you
  • Car: *is real hero of the story*
  • Hermione: *is petrified*
  • Harry and Ron: Shit
  • Hermione: *has clue casually hidden in her hand but takes weeks to find*
  • Harry: ohh it's a Basilisk dats why I can hear it
  • Ginny: *is taken*
  • Professors: *finally give a shit*
  • Lockhart: lol nope
  • Harry: lol yup
  • Myrtle: yah that sink with the snake on it. I mean, it would've been helpful to tell you about it before but whatever have fun
  • Harry: k thx
  • Myrtle: Harry when you die you should stay in here and fuck me
  • Ron: bye bitch
  • Harry: *hisses*
  • Draco: *in dungeons* *gets boner*
  • Chamber: *is opened*
  • Lockhart: I LOVE YOU HARRY! I mean- *coughs* say goodbye to your memories imma just take credit for your stories like I did for erryone else
  • *uses Ron's broken wand* *hits himself* *cavern collapses conveniently blocking Ron and Douchehart on one side and Harry on the other*
  • Ron: lol rip
  • Harry: k bye
  • Ginny: *is almost dead*
  • Harry: shit
  • Tom: *is hot* *appears menacingly*
  • Harry: sup Tom wanna help
  • Tom: lol nope *takes Harry's wand*
  • Harry: Bruh give me my wand
  • Tom: Snakey go kill this twelve year old
  • Harry: *runs*
  • Snake: *is blinded by random phoenix*
  • Harry: *stabs snake with magic sword* *gets bit* *stabs book*
  • Ginny: sup omg Harry that look like it hurts
  • Harry: *gives speech*
  • Fawkes: *cries*
  • Harry: yay I'm healed
  • Fawkes: gets them past all the boulders magically
  • All: *are free*
  • Dobby: *socks are lyfe*
  • Harry: *roast*
  • Credits: *roll*

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Hi could you do the "Exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn't notice before?" But for Monsta X now please, thanks

Shownu: The only thing running through his mind was oh shit. He had heard the members talking about doing a v app broadcast later but he wasn’t sure if they’d follow through with it. Besides, he hadn’t seen you in weeks due to his schedule. The two of you were laying on his bed and he was hovering over you slightly as he kissed you when the other members barged in, catching the moment live. He pulled back, blushing as the other members scrambled to get out of the room.

“Well, everyone knows we’re intimate now, so I guess we can at least hold hands in public at this point…”

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho: He had invited you to meet his mom at Momo Cafe. The two of you met in front the cafe and had a nice date late at night, only an hour before the cafe closed and when very few people visited. Without thinking, he kissed you goodbye. A fan caught the moment on camera and they were quick to share it. Wonho tried to stay calm, but he couldn’t deny that he was glad the two of you wouldn’t have to stay up late to go on dates anymore.

“This means we can go on dates in the daytime now I guess Y/N…” 

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

Hyungwon: The two of you were at a late movie. You’d done the cliché thing where he arrived first and you arrived after and sat with him in a dark corner of the almost deserted movie showing. However, the two of you hadn’t been sneaky enough. Fans were already speculating that he was dating and when they saw the two of you together, it was confirmed. It was even further confirmed when he kissed you goodbye. The next morning, the grainy photo was circulating Twitter.

“Well… I mean… we can go on public dates now so I guess this is a positive.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Kihyun: He’d given you a ticket to their concert and of course you’d gone. He’d forgotten that the cameras often panned offstage to follow the members as they prepared for different songs and as he came off stage he gave you a quick kiss on the lips… in front of the camera… which was filming for hundreds if not thousands of people. He didn’t register until Minhyuk pointed out the camera. Knowing there was no taking it back, Kihyun simply grabbed you again and kissed you before giving the camera thumbs up and rushing off to get ready. 

“Enjoy the rest of the concert Y/N!”

Originally posted by aceyng

Minhyuk: He hadn’t even been the one being filmed. A manager was filming an MV behind-the-scenes video and he’d been hugging you in the background and leaving small kisses on your forehead, nose, and lips. While none of the managers caught the interaction in the background, as soon as the video was posted on YouTube, fans certainly did. Minhyuk was worried about you and made sure you were okay with your relationship becoming public. When you said you were, that you weren’t embarrassed to be with him, he broke into a grin.

“Good. Now I can finally show you off Y/N.”

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Jooheon: He hadn’t known fans were following him as he walked to your apartment to pick you up for your date. It was nearly midnight and very few people were out. When he picked you up, he kissed you out of habit, hugging you close to him. The fans caught the moment on video and soon it was circulating Twitter. Jooheon was more than a little angry that the fans had invaded your privacy, but he was also relieved that he wouldn’t have to make up stay up so late just so that you could spend time with him.

“Let me take you out on a real date now Y/N.”

Originally posted by monstalways

I.M: He had been sitting backstage in the waiting room with you. He’d been teasing you about something and you’d been laughing and hitting him playfully. Neither of you knew Minhyuk was filming a video for twitter and that the two of you were being reflected in the mirror behind him. Changkyun kissed you on the lips to make up for his playful fighting and the moment was caught on Minhyuk’s video and posted on Twitter. Fans spotted it right away and screenshots of the kiss were spread around. Changkyun was a little relieved he didn’t have to sneak around with you anymore and even saved the screenshot on his phone, making it his background.

“What?! We look really cute you can’t deny we’re couple goals.”

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Dean has been trying to be open with Cas, telling him he's worried, we're better together and Cas doesn't really respond except with what could be called flippancy saying I didn't mean to add to your burden or betrays him again. So it's not that Dean needs to open his mouth, it's that when he does, he's shut down. This happens a lot in the series with other people too and I think we undervalue how much that shapes Dean's willingness to open up. As in, I think we often ignore it completely.

This is an interesting point, and the thing is, we’ve come so far in this ‘haha, we’re not describing a relationship, #no homo’ thing that the tropes of the genre have started to have an impact on the actual narrative of the show. Like, one of the main reason I don’t like romance movies is the lack of clear communication between the two main characters. I mostly hate it in its classic ‘chick flick’ form - ie, a woman going on and on with her girlfriends about how perfect this guy is and being encouraged to do all sort of ridiculous things to catch his attention rather than just talk to him - but if the movie is not subtle, I’m even capable of hating those pregnant ‘I wish I could come out and say it, but I’m too manly to’ pauses because, come on. Sometimes I truly find romance movies are the plague of our societies and are way, way more dangerous than horror or violence or whatever, simply because they set a model of behaviour for situations we actually encounter IRL - and the idea that we can’t communicate openly and honestly with each other, especially in a romantic relationship, is often at the centre of whatever demented story they’re telling.


I guess this is to say that miscommunicaton is a classic romantic trope and the most usual way to keep lovers apart (short of, let’s say, family obligations, mind control spells and terminal illnesses - not that Supernatural has used any of those, of course), which means neither Dean nor Cas are, at this point, to blame for any of it. It’s simply how the narrative goes, and one of the most tried-and-tested ways to preserve some semblance of UST and will they won’t they even in those circumstances where it’s very clear that yeah, they will. 

You say Dean’s been opening up, has been clear about what he wants, and that’s true. Dean’s been incredibly direct this season (and the last), not only with Cas, but with Sam and Mary as well. I think it’s unfair, though, to say we ignore it - some days, it seems we talk about little else: performing!Dean walls coming down, that’s a huge bout of character development, especially considering Dean’s worst fear is people leaving him, and, well - if you don’t come clean to someone, if you don’t tell them how much they mean to you, then you can hold on to the illusion they left because they didn’t realize how much they would hurt you - but if you’re clear about your feelings and you do your best and they still leave - ouch. Dean’s faced this dilemma with both Mary and Cas this season, and basically lost both times. His ideas of creating some kind of patchwork family - all of them safe, happy, and living right there in the Bunker where Dean can keep an eye on them and protect them - yeah, that didn’t work. Despite the unusually honest conversations he had with them, both Mary and Cas continue to do their own thing without much regard for Dean’s feelings - and I feel like I need to stress it’s not only a character’s ‘fault’, but a narrative need: to keep Dean on edge, and to make him miserable.

Something else we need to consider is that Cas is new to humanity and sees things from a completely different perspective. To him, human feelings are - well, not irrelevant, but I think he sees them as something so complicated and changeable that it’s not really worth analyzing them. Like, consider his impatience when Dean asked for help in how to deal with Mary - Cas is millions of years old. Planning a conversation, however life-changing that conversation may feel in the moment, is completely irrelevant on the long term - a speck of meaning against the backdrop of eternity, or even of a human life. When he shuts Dean down, he’s not saying he doesn’t care about Dean feelings; he’s saying everything will sort itself out, and why do humans always stress so much about such small and transient things? It makes no sense. Oh, and another thing that presumably makes no sense to him is Dean’s worry over him - Cas was created to obey and walk into battle and die, if necessary - nobody’s worried about his happiness or wellbeing for thousands of years - why would Dean? Cas is an angel - Cas is the (self-appointed) Winchester’s guardian - not the other way around. I know they keep telling him they care (sort of), but, again, different species here. And Cas also knows, because he’s seen it, that (unlike angels) humans are built to withstand grief and loss - that both Dean and Sam have done it, several times (that despite everything they’ve endured, they can still be sort of happy). To him, his own death is perhaps a matter of regret, of things unfinished, but certainly not something that’ll hurt either Sam or Dean in any definitive way - which is why he prefers to be out on the field and keep them safe, rather than staying close to them and avoid danger.

Finally, something about the mixtape scene. 

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Look who I found dying of lethargy in my portfolio, my very first drawing of Sherlock Holmes! He was an abandoned sketch until today and like, 1 year later, I just wanted to complete it. So here he is: Pompous.

This title is from Sherlock & John’s blogs (if you know what I mean:) and I think he looks quite pompous on the picture as well!

Painted with coffee on A3 paper and drawn with 4B mechanical pencil.

The style is also inspired by the wonderful end credits of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.

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Can u recommend some wolfstar fics?

the electric fizzing prick pistols, or whatever by whitmans_kiss (3k+ words, no rating, completed)

everyone is born with words on their arm that connect them to their soulmate. james finds his, sirius had everything figured out back in first year, peter doesn’t talk to girls anyway, and remus thinks he’d very much just like to put his earmuffs back on and disappear.

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Ok so what if MC used to work for C&R International and Jumin before showing up into the RFA, and Jumin didn't recognize/realize it at first? How would he react when he finds out? I live for flustered Jumin, honestly.

So like…this blew way out of proportion? Like I really planned on keeping this a short and sweet scenario but when can I ever keep myself short, am I right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic!


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: General 
Warnings: A little cursing, but that’s all
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Jumin
Word count: 3800

“You’re resigning”, Jumin asked her, hands folded on the table in front of him. Jaehee nodded. “Yes, I am. I think it is time for me to leave. I’ve gathered valuable experiences over the past two and a half years, but I think I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve learned enough. I want to start my own business. Nothing big, just a little cafe.” Jumin eyes her, expression stoic and untelling as it usually is. Still, Jaehee likes to think that after spending so much time working by this strange mans side she finally understands him a little bit and somehow that thought makes her proud. She knows that you are the only person that truly unravelled him, but at least she’d cracked him. “I see”, he eventually said, effectively stopping Jaehee’s train of thoughts. “I will have to make the announcement in the following meeting and find a replacement as soon as possible.”

Jaehee felt like a heavy weight was lifted off her chest. This job had been one of the most infuriating, frustrating and draining jobs she’d ever done and yet it would have pained her to know that Jumin didn’t give her the blessing to leave the company and start a new chapter in her life. In fact, she could have sworn that there was just the faintest of smirks curling around his lips and for one Jumin Han that was a big step into the right direction. “You mustn’t worry about that, Mr. Han. I took it upon myself to look through possible candidates within the company, as I see them to be most suitable. They already know how C&R International works and have experience. According to the Chief of another, smaller department there is a Chief Assistant he would highly recommend. Apparently she hasn’t missed a day of work for as long as she’s worked here until a couple of weeks ago where she took less than a handful of sick days. And even then she handed in all the work she had to do.”

Jumin listened to what Jaehee said, thinking everything over. He wasn’t particularly fond on hiring another female Chief Assistant. Even though his father had calmed down after everything that had happened with Glam and Sarah it wasn’t to say that he wouldn’t go after his next assistant. Not to mention that he was not very fond about the idea of having to explain to her – like he had to Jaehee – why she had to cut her hair, wear formal clothes at all times and fake glasses as well. It was tiring and taking away time he could spend more productively. Still, if Chief Assistant Kang believed that mans word and the girl was really that good at her job, he should probably give it a try. At least he wouldn’t have to read through a thousand and one applications and resumes. “Alright. Tell him to send me her resume. I don’t need anything but that. If I like what I read I’ll tell him as much so he can introduce her to me at the next meeting. Thank you for going through the trouble of finding a replacement for yourself. I would have found it bothersome.”

Jaehee nodded and retreated, leaving Jumin alone in his office. It was nice to have been praised and thanked for once, but she sincerely hoped that she’d actually done the right thing. Frankly Jaehee had no idea who that mystery Chief Assistant was. After she’d mentioned that she was leaving C&R international to a couple of colleagues Chief Yie had approached her. He’d started to talk about that amazing Chief Assistant he had that absolutely deserved a promotion after she’d basically doubled the revenue of her department. Jaehee was quite sure that the only reason Chief Yie had suggested the girl was because he feared she’d otherwise get his position and he’d face either demotion or being fired. Of course she hadn’t mentioned as much. After all, it was a win-win situation for both him and her. The sooner Mr. Han found a replacement the sooner she could focus on planning her little café. Chief Yie kept his position, Mr. Han had a replacement and she was free.

The next day Mr. Han called all the Chiefs into a big meeting. He planned to announce Jaehee official resignment as well as see for himself whether that girl he’d been recommended was any good. Jumin read through her resume and work performance and had to admit that he was quite impressed. Apparently she’d started at C&R at the age of sixteen as an intern. Even then, despite still attending school, she’d performed so good that she’d gotten hired by the time she turned seventeen. She worked while attending university and got her first promotion after obtaining her degree. Over the next years she’d gone on to earn one promotion after the other until she’d become the Chief Assistant of the fashion department. Her resume also stated that while fashion wasn’t her primary goal nor passion she’d learned quickly, adapted and never once complained about it. She hadn’t even attempted to change the department despite being offered a different position due to loyalty to Chief Yie.

Apparently the only reason she was considering it now was because he’d told her to and Jumin admired such loyalty and obedience. She’d make a mighty fine Chief Assistant, maybe even as good if not better than Assistant Kang. The only thing that Jumin found confusing was that he’d never even heard of that young woman. The resume was strictly work related so he neither had a name nor a picture – he rarely looked at the ‘personal’ files when looking for candidates – but this one got him curious. He’d been sure that he knew all his employees at least by name but looking at her file he was proven wrong. Despite her performance being meticulous he could not say he’d ever even seen that woman, which probably made her only the more desirable as a possibly assistant. Discrete, invisible and hard working were the perfect traits. When Assistant Kang had told him that she was resigning he’d been worried but all of a sudden he found himself feeling excited.

Everyone had gathered in the conference room, quiet rumble filling the room. It died down the second Jumin entered the room, closely followed by Assistant Kang. Silence fell as he stepped to the front of the room, everyone including his father, looking at him with anticipation. At first the meeting started like any other would. All the heads of their respective departments discussed increase or decrease in revenue, possibly reasons and solutions. Nothing overly exciting happened. Especially now that Jumin and Chairman Han had finally gotten out of the press and everything had returned to normal. That was until Jumin announced that Jaehee was leaving C&R International. There was an audible gasp amongst the others, although Jaehee knew better than to think she would be missed by any of them. She hadn’t had the time to form any meaningful bonds within the firm and frankly, she didn’t mind. It was their shock speaking. To think that anyone would ever so much as consider leaving such a lucrative job was beyond their comprehension.

That was when Chief Yie decided to stand up, announcing that he would go and get his Assistant now. Jumin have him a short nod and the older man practically shot off to go and get her. A mere minute later footsteps and quiet walking could be heard. No one could really make out the most of what was being said, but it sounded a lot like the woman was begging Yie not to do this while he was hissing at her not to be ridiculous. Jumin frowned, confused at what was going on until Yie stepped back into the room, hand wrapped around the woman’s wrist he was practically dragging along. Her long, brown hair was falling openly over her shoulders, fringe covering a lot of her face as she was vehemently looking down. She was wearing trim clothing that was both formal as well as very appealing as it showed off her perfect, slender figure and just enough of her long legs to make it interesting. Mainly because Jumin very much recognized both the body and the legs. 

Yie let go of your wrist, instead gripping your shoulders and pushing you in front of the entire room so everyone could see. It felt embarrassing, being paraded and shown off like that. Especially considering that your fiancé and soon to be husband was standing in front of you with your best friend by his side, and you didn’t even have to look up to know that they were staring at you with wide eyes and shock written all over their face. You swallowed, entire face heating up with shame as you stood in front of the entire board room of C&R International – including your soon to be father in law – with your boss swooning over how great of a worker you are and how you deserved the position. No one knew that you were that mysterious fiancée Jumin Han apparently had. Nor did said fiancé know hat you’s forked for his cooperation for even more years than his very own Chief Assistant. You really couldn’t think of a way to make this situation any more uncomfortable.

Your boss did, though. Yie had always been an idiot and poor worked. The only reason the fashion department hadn’t gone down years ago had been because of you. You didn’t even care about fashion that much, but it had been a steady job and paycheck and tuition was very expensive these days. So when he suggested for you to present the logistics of that month to the board room it wasn’t because he was proud of your hard work, but because he himself didn’t know shit about what was going on in his own department. He knew that you did, though, so now he made it your time to shine. Just a couple of months ago you would have preened and happily done so. You would have died to stand in front of the board room and present your hard work and yourself. Now though there really was no place you’d like to be less than this particular room in that particular situation. “Mr. Yie, Sir, I don’t think this is a good idea”, you whispered desperately. “Don’t be silly, girl. Just do as you are told.” Strike.

You could practically feel the anger coming off of Jumin, even from the other end of the room. He was fuming and you knew that if Yie continued to treat you the way he usually did he’d find himself without a job rather soon. “Sir, I’m begging you, please don’t ask this of me.” The man snorted, glaring at you. “Don’t be ridiculous and do your job”, he hissed at you loudly. With that he stormed off to return to his seat, leaving you standing alone in front of the presentation that had been opened up behind you. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. If he wanted a presentation, he would get a presentation. Your straightened your back, held your head high and proceeded to look into everyones eyes before locking with Jumin’s. You gave him a short smile before all emotion was replaced by perfect professionalism as you began the presentation. You could feel Jumin’s eyes on you the entire time, filled with wonder and fascination about that new side of you he’d never seen before.

You were quick, precise and well informed. Everything about you radiated energy and strength to the point where even the most disrespectful and misogynist of the men in the room were silenced. No one dared to interrupt you, dares to speak or so much as breathe too loudly as your presence filled the room. Jumin had never found a woman more attractive in his life than he did you in that exact moment. He loved your innocent, gentle and caring side to bits and pieces. It was that side that had drawn him in. That side that had gotten him through the darkest of moments. However, this new side, the strong almost dangerous one was bordering on arousing. He could feel his heart beat faster as he listened to your every word without hearing anything at the same time. You were like a tiger and the dangerous jungle had been claimed by you and you only. 

“Thank you for your attention. I would like to use this gracious opportunity to thank my boss, Mr. Yien, for recommending me. It will be my outmost pleasure to accept the new job offer and finally get out of that pathetically taken care of department I am currently working for”, you spat, glaring daggers at Yien. Jumin gasped, surprised by such harsh words. Then his demeanour changed, melting into pure satisfaction as he leaned back in his chair, legs crossed, to watch you tear your boss apart for disrespecting you the way he did. “I’ve been working for the fashion department for many years now and never have I ever encountered a man that incompetent and lazy. He asked me to do the representation today as he himself has no idea what it is about. I researched and composed it all by myself as I have been doing for years. His workload is thrown off onto me and the other assistants whom he disrespects and sexually harasses on a daily basis.”

“You little bitch, how dare you spread lies about me like that. Have her removed”, he shouted at the security men, obviously aggravated. You merely smiled, folding your arms behind your back. His head was bright red, sweat gathering on his forehead. When the men didn’t move your smirk grew, almost devilish, as he grew angrier and angrier. “I said have her removed! Why the fuck aren’t you taking her away.” Jumin snorted out a chuckle, covering his mouth to muffle the sound. “I think, Mr. Yien Sir, the reason for that would be that they do not dare to touch the company heir’s future wife”, you explained, calmly. You knew you had the upper hand and you were enjoying every last moment. His face fell as realization dawned on him but Jumin felt no empathy at all. He’d been eager to chew him out himself, but watching you do it yourself was much, much, much more satisfying.

“When I’d asked you politely, begged you in fact, not to do this you didn’t listen. I tried to protect you, you see, as I felt sorry for your pathetic being. Now, however, you’ve lost all my compassion. I did some digging and found out that beside not working properly you also quite frequently seemed to use company money for private businesses as well as evade certain taxes, which is why you were satisfied by staying in a smaller department, as no one ever digs deep into those. Well, I did. So, I hereby declare, for everyone to hear, that in the name of C&R International I am suing you for sexual harassment at the workplace, heavy tax evasion as well as fraud. I’m not familiar with the legal system, but I am quite sure that you are facing a couple of years of prison. Now please, gentlemen, would you do me the honour and remove that scumbag from this meeting room? I would prefer not to have such useless people working for my husband-to-be.”

This time the security men didn’t hesitate. They walked over to Yien and dragged him out of the room, ignoring his cursing and screaming. The second the door closed behind them you sighed, shoulders sagging. You hadn’t planned on any of this and while you didn’t mind holding presentations those were usually prepared and practiced on your part. Improvisation had never really been your thing. The sound of a chair moving was what ripped you out of your thought and you looked up to see Jumin standing up. You swallowed, shyly looking at your fiancé who once more had one of those unreadable expressions. “Would everyone please leave the meeting room. I would like to talk to my fiancée in private, please. The meeting is over. Thank you for your participation.” It didn’t take more than that for everyone to get up, gatherer there things and hurry out, leaving you alone with Jaehee, Jumin and his father.

When you started to apologize Jumin instantly cut you off, shaking his head. When your eyes met, he was smiling at you. Actually, grinning would be the better word, bright and excited like a little school boy. You’d never quite seen him like that. “You were magnificent! The presentation was perfect and the way you took down Yien was…I dare say sexy”, he said, chuckling in a way that made the hairs in the back of your neck stand up in the best way possible. “God, I cannot believe I never noticed you before. To think that I could have had you all these years, that you were in my reach all this time. It’s infuriating. Only the more reason to be grateful that I got the opportunity to see you in your prime like this.” You blushed, smiling shyly. “I tried…to tell everyone. I really did, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

Jumin walked around the table and towards you, pulling you into a warm, tight hug. Hands resting on his chest you melted against him, burying your face in his chest as well. “Is that why you were so desperate to leave when you stayed at my place? Because you were worried about work?” You nodded against his chest, so relieved he wasn’t mad you felt like crying. “I wanted to tell you but…I didn’t want you to think that I was with you to ride some sort of coattail. When Yie mentioned a promotion into Jaehee position I instantly said no, but he basically forced me. I wanted to work my way to the top by myself but now -”, you spoke quietly before Jumin interrupted. “And now you’ve made it. You didn’t ride any coattails and yet coming next week you’ll be by new Chief Assistant.” You looked up then, eyes wide and questioning. You couldn’t believe it. You’d been working towards that goal for years and yet…it didn’t feel right at all. 

“But…I’m the one who encouraged Jaehee to quit. I would feel bad for taking her position.” That is when Jaehee cleared her throat, getting both of your attention. “You have nothing to worry about, MC. When you told me to quit you didn’t do so to get my position but with my best interest in mind. I know that for a fact. You told me to follow my dreams and thanks to you I am finally brave enough to do just that so you should too. I didn’t enjoy working here for the most part but you seem to really like the job and we all know that you love Jumin dearly. I think the two of you working together could work out better than any other assistant. He’ll listen to you and respect you while you’ll be able to support and help him. So please, MC accept my position. I could have not wished for anyone better to take over for me”, she said, smiling happily at the both of you.

“You heard her. Please accept the offer, my love. That way we can be together every second of the day and I’ll never have to worry about you anymore. You’ll be safe and provided if you stay by my side and even when I have to go on business trips I can take you along without feeling guilty”, he pleaded, cupping your face and caressing the tender skin with his thumbs. Your eyes locked and there wasn’t a fiber in your body that was capable of denying this man anything. Let alone when he looked at you the way he did in that moment; like you were his entire world. So you smiled and nodded, reaching out to return the tender kiss. “If it is alright with your father I’ll be happy to be your new Chief Assistant.” Of course Chairman Han didn’t mind at all. If anything he’d be delighted to get to know his future daughter in law. Everyone’s problems seemed to be solved.

Jaehee resigned officially a couple of days later and opened up her new café. You and Yoosung helped out as much as you could in your free time. You also talked Jumin into invested, not for profit but to help a good friend. The rest of the RFA had been rather shocked at the announcement but it quickly died down. No one was really surprised that you and Jumin couldn’t be apart even for a couple of hours. Admittedly Zen was fuming for another week and even showed up at C&R International just to check on you. He found you and Jumin talking over coffee you’d gotten at Jahee’s, relaxed and beaming at one another. He left without you even noticing, finally realizing that his worry was not necessary at all. Mr. Chairman quickly learned to adore you. Not only did you make his son happy, but you were also a highly competent and good worker. A real profit for the company.

The happiest, however, was Jumin. He’d never even considered asking you to be his assistant but now he couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect. He never had to fear his father making any advances. He never had to fear betrayal or having to replace you. He got to protect you while simultaneously allowing you to keep your job like you’d asked him to. You were a great worker and reduced his stress by not only cutting his workload in half, but making him relax and smile throughout the entire day. Really, he’d never been happier to go to work then when he did so with you right by his side. “Say, now that I am your assistant, should I call you Mr. Han and Sir as well”, you’d asked one day, grinning cheekily. Jumin had chuckled in reply, husky and warm in ways that caused butterflies in your stomach. “No, my love. You only have to call me that in the bedroom.” He’d winked at you before returning to his work, seemingly unaffected while your face felt like it was burning up. Oh my, working with Jumin sure would turn out interesting…and you were looking forward to every single part of it.

Things I love about the Signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You're so passionate about things. You manage to get to me when you talk. You leave something in my head, you know. You inspire me, influence me in a good way. You're like the rising sun. Your face is a piece of art. You're such young souls, so full of life. You fight your battles and you win. There's something about you that attracts me so much. You speak to me like no one else does. You're so intelligent.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Your will is stronger than a thousand armies. You are so trustworthy, reliable and adorable. This little smile you give people you like when they walk by. You are honest. You can sense when I'm about to make a mistake and you try to keep me from doing it and when I do it anyway you say "I told you so" but you're still there for me. You're so pacient. You know how to enjoy life. You're both; a young soul and a wise person.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> If someone knows how to make things 100% better then it's you. You literally grab the dark clouds and push them away. You're the sunshine. You brighten every day. Your way of thinking is really inspiring and the way you see life is the way I wish I could see it. You never really get mad at me although I mess up so often. You just understand people as if you could see what's going on in their heads. You're a walking mess but you're such a beautiful combination of many messes at once.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You're so strong. You pick yourself up when you're on the ground. You never bother people, never ever. It's so easy to talk to you, so nice to spend time with you. You're so kind and caring and loving. And you know how to treat people right. You know what someone deserves but you're willing to give them more than that without being naive. You yell at me when it's needed and this is something I can never thank you enough for. You kick someone's ass in order to make them get up again.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You sometimes have these moments when you randomly point out someone's good traits. You never forget to say something good about someone but you're also not afraid of saying something negative about someone. But you're never really mean and if you are, you apologize. You're honest. You know when someone needs to talk and you always manage to keep something private. If you promised something, you keep it. Sometimes life gets really tough for you but you just keep fighting and you never run out of power. Seriously, you're so powerful.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You're a good friend. You may hold a grudge for long but that's okay. You realize something is wrong long before anyone else does. You encourage me to go for the things I dream of. You give me motivation when I'm not even willing to breathe. You're brutally honest and you can cure every wound that's been caused so far. You have healing powers. You know that words are powerful weapons and you use them wisely.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You see the good in all the bad. You find light in the dark, art in the things I threw away. You inspire me and you never stop. Your cheekbones are goals. You know the most beautiful places and you're a beautiful person. You always try to make me laugh and you never fail. You understand things I didn't even know that existed. You're a genius in your very own way.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I just cannot look away. You're so interesting and magnetic. You never reveal much of you but you always drop hints. You're passionate and strong willed and your roaring is louder than a lion's. Your heart is bigger than the ocean and please, don't see this as a weakness. It's your strength! You can literally move something. You have so much power, so much will. You find a way. Always. Your soul is dark but your stars burn bright.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You stand for the things you believe in, even if you stand alone. You're not afraid to speak up and you won't lower your voice for anyone. You don't accept a "no" when you know you deserve a "yes". You don't depend on anyone. You're so colourful, creative. You are a beautiful creation of many mixed colours and you can paint with words.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You're almost never wrong. You can literally predict the future. You give better advices than anyone else and you're never afraid to take the blame when you know you made a mistake. You stand for what you did or what you said. You're very honest and intelligent. You know more about people than you should and you share your life with all your loved ones.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You combine the most beautiful melodies inside you. You're so full of life and kind of wise at an early age already. You don't care what others say, you do what you think is best for yourself. But you're not reckless. Your door is always open for those who want to come in and also for those who want to leave. You don't play games. You don't love with half your heart only. You're whole. And you love with all your heart.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You seem so innocent but you're so strong and so powerful. You're the kind of person that people go to war for but you're also the kind of person to lead an entire army. You know that you're usually being underestimated and you play with that, you surprise. You have such a beautiful mind and your heart is gold. You fight hate with love and you win. You tell great stories and your presence is really calming and comforting.<p/><b></b> Lots of love to you all 💜<p/></p>
“With a beard or without, with breasts or without, in flannel or in skirts, I am female and I will never let anything or anyone try and take that away from me again.”

Submission by @questiontransition

28 years old, Maine

When I was little, I did all the gender expected things that little girls are “supposed” to do like wear dresses and try on my mom’s make up, but I was also really active and climbed trees, played with my brothers in the mud, and played soccer. I was always wanting to pretend to be the boy when I would play with my friends, and I eventually fell out of my love of feminine things to instead embrace everything more masculine. I liked how the girls around me would accept it when I was pretending to be a boy and I felt like that made me feel more real.

When I was in middle school, I realized I was attracted to my female friends the way my male friends were attracted to them, and I started to feel really out of place. I hit puberty and I hated the way my body changed, I despised my period as any sane girl would. I had cut my waist length hair up to my ears and it didn’t take very long to start getting homophobic slurs thrown my way and people avoiding being my friend. While I found a girlfriend in high school who loved me for who I was, she was only just starting to settle into her sexuality and so she was shy about public affection or really being proud of telling people we were together.

I felt very isolated and I had started to really experience what I would later know was dysphoria, especially the larger my breasts grew and the more men started to give me attention. I was 15 when I had to do a research paper for my AP Psychology class based on any topic I wanted. I had wanted to do something related to the LGBT community and it was then that I decided to do research on the T part of that acronym and really try and figure out what it was about. As I looked up information on Gender Identity Disorder, as it was then called, and read personal stories, I started to see myself in more of them. Maybe not the knowledge of from birth, but certainly the desire to be a man, the discomfort in my gender role, the hatred of my female body. I was certain this was who I was.

I’ve been in therapy since I was a kid due to childhood abuse from my father and a traumatic divorce between my parents, so I started to discuss these thoughts with my therapist. Even over a decade ago, she was ready to tell me that I absolutely was trans from everything that I was telling her, and that the childhood wishes didn't really have to be a part of it - my current clear body dysphoria coupled with my constant desires to be a man were solid enough for her. As I was just a kid and I did not want to come out about it to my parents, I didn’t pursue any adolescent transition. My girlfriend and close friends were the only ones I came out to and I started to use he/him pronouns to see how it felt.

I was 19 when I moved away from my home in the mid atlantic to New England. Being so far away from home, I started to change my pronouns with people I introduced myself with, and started to introduce myself by a masculine name. I hadn’t taken hormones, but trans awareness was starting to slowly come into the public, so people were understanding. I ordered a binder and a packer. I tried to deepen my voice. I watched YouTube videos and read advice blogs telling me to study other guys, to talk with a deeper voice, to walk like a guy, to take up more space, to change the inflection of my words, to be more aggressive, to play more sports and stop doing all the “girly shit” I was more fond of like sewing and baking. I came out to my family - my mother didn’t care, my father was expectedly an asshole, but my aunt said something that would always stick with me; “Oh, I knew you had to be trans - you never liked make up or gossip or any of the stuff normal girls like. I knew you had to be a boy.”

By the time I reached my early 20s, I had decided I wanted to pursue transition. Through help from the Tumblr trans community, I found a doctor who only needed inform consent rather than multiple letters from therapists because I thought easier meant they were more accepting, that there was less “gatekeeping.” I got on hormones within a month of my 25th birthday. Two years later, I was able to get chest surgery. I changed my name. I changed my gender marker. I had thousands of followers watching my transition, pushing me along the way, congratulating every “brave” step I took, telling me how incredible I was, how handsome I was, how perfect I was. Sure I got the occasional hatred from bigoted jerks looking to get a rise out of me, but I was seen as a hero to so many more.

My girlfriend from high school ended up becoming my wife, we decided to start a family. It was around that time that I had started to really question what it meant to be a man or a woman. I couldn’t get her pregnant because I didn’t have the right reproductive organs - if I was a man, that should have been something I could do. My dysphoria worsened and I started to feel depressed. I had no one in the lesbian community to talk about our pregnancy journey with, no same sex couples to really connect to, and opposite sex couples wouldn’t have understood my needs. I started to realize that my sense of self was not actually that of a man, that I would never be a straight man, and my brain couldn’t wrap around it because of years of exposure to the constant rhetoric that trans men are men, men don’t all have penises, men are men if they feel it. 

The idea of trans without dysphoria had led me to the “truscum” community, which eventually led me to the radfem and gender critical communities. I had been taught to despise these people by the trans community on and off Tumblr, but I had started to see how many opinions we had that overlapped, and the concerns of gender I’d had since my wife got pregnant actually addressed. These ideas were so much more real, so much more factually backed, and not relying on feelings or senses of self. I started to realize my desire to be a man may have been my fear of being a butch lesbian, that internalized misogyny and homophobia could have been the cause for all of the feelings I’d had.

It’s only been a few months in which I’ve finally really accepted the idea of detransitioning. I stopped taking T about 3 weeks ago, my wife and I have had long talks about the idea of my socially detransitioning as well as medically. What it might mean, how it might effect us, what her parents will say, what my parents will say, how our friends will react. My mother knows and is fully supportive. I haven’t told most of my friends, too afraid of how they might react right now. I’m easing my way in, wetting my feet, trying to slowly remind myself what being a woman really means and trying not to regret the steps I took to survive in a time when I didn’t know any better. 

With a beard or without, with breasts or without, in flannel or in skirts, I am female and I will never let anything or anyone try and take that away from me again.

anonymous asked:

ok so i just realized that during the revival hype lauren mentioned that she has to wear a costume for one of the final scenes and we were all like OMG WEDDING DRESSS but like that didn't happen and i know there were last minute budget cuts that changed everything but like we were so close and im bitter ok thx

We feel you, we honestly do! We complained about that fact a thousand times to each other, over and over again. We never get tired of picking on the things we didn’t like or we could have had. The whole fandom is probably with you on this. We wish we never knew about the dresses and the possibility to have the wedding of all weddings and not the cheap, yet beautiful elopement, where so many important people were missing. 

It’s OK to be bitter, there were a lot of hopes and expectations for the revival and the wedding, especially when they teased us like this. But let’s canalize all this bitterness and let us come up with what the real wedding would have looked like.

What we know for sure: (x) and (x)

The ceremony/reception will be on November 5 in the middle of the town. (Even though Lorelai mentions it will be on a Sunday, which would be November 6…)

Lorelai will wear more than one wedding dress. One will be inspired by Jackie O and other famous wedding styles. (To our mind comes Diana, right?) Miss Celine is the one making the dresses, but Lorelai will probably help her because Miss Celine is like a thousand years old.

Luke will wear that suit that he looks as hot as Rande Gerber. He will even wear the pocket square - Jess will make sure he does!

The decoration is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. You enter the location through a door with a huge key, walking through a tunnel of white clothes before you see the whole town square decorated with all these beautiful flowers, twinkle lights all over the place. Then there’s the tunnel with the heads,. A car works as a decoration, the Stars Hollow sign is serving as a cute little welcome sign and reminder of the wedding. The couches and stools next to the gazebo invite the guest to chill and talk. While at the richly decorated table the hot dogs can be eaten.

All of Stars Hollow will be present, even Caesar will be allowed to come. 

Emily will come all the way from Nantucket to the wedding, probably still not believing that Lorelai will actually get married, even though Lorelai had assured her. However, Lorelai had persuaded her, in the end, to invite her friends, after all, they were on the guest list.

Kiefer Sutherland might show up, we don’t know if he will make it. One thing is for sure it will be the biggest mystery of the wedding and a running gag.

Reverend Skinner will officiate the second ceremony as well.

Rory is the bridesmaid, and she will be excellent at it.

There will be two flash-mobs. Lorelai’s will be to “Relax don’t do it” with Patty’s girls, who wear t-shirts with Luke’s face on it. It will get crazy, cheesy, and Luke will want to leave the reception as soon as the song starts playing.

Luke’s flash mob will be a disaster with the song change Lorelai had ordered last minute. (Either Luke will get so flustered that he won’t know what do anymore, or he will suck it up and just go through with whatever choreography had worked so hard on. Either way, Lorelai will be super proud of him.)

Both the flash mobs will successfully entertain the guests and nothing else matters.

Sookie is in charge of the wedding cake. The milestone cake will be the official wedding cake, but maybe Sookie made a different one after all - you never know with her. They will get displayed on a table somewhere, maybe even in the gazebo. There will be a lot of leftover cake and Lorelai will eat it for weeks after.

Kirk is in charge of all the organizing of the wedding, and his skills in that department have improved a lot: An incident like the egg incident a decade ago won’t happen this time around, partly because there won’t be an easter-egg-hunt.

What we can assume (headcanon-time!):

Even though April never gets mentioned she’ll be there to see her father getting married. Finally, she will be able to cal Lorelai her step-mother and Rory her step-sister. It’s the beginning of the Gilmore-Danes-Nardini-fam, which we all grew to love so much. 

Lorelai won’t be able to hold back the tears when she realizes that her father can’t be there to witness her big day. There will a heartfelt exchange between Emily and Lorelai, which hopefully won’t be interrupted by any of the townies.

Either Emily and/or Rory will walk Lorelai down the aisle and will give her away to Luke. There won’t be any threatening words, but Emily’s look will tell Luke she will hunt him down if he ever dares to hurt her daughter.

Speeches will be held. Rory is giving probably the most heartfelt one, making everyone sob like a baby (like she did when she gave the speech at her high school graduation). Liz’s speech will be a wild one, filled with all these creepy, yet somehow adorable childhood memories. She loves her big brother dearly.

The dance floor gets probably entertained by Kirk as a DJ and/or Hep Alien will play live. There will be dancing all day and night long. Morey and Babette will be the last ones to leave the dance floor. Morey will moreover play some music himself because it’s a special occasion, he will melt Babette’s heart with that. However, Babette and Miss Patty have prepared some songs themselves to declare their love for their dream couple. 

Either there won’t be a father-daughter-dance at all, or Emily will dance with Lorelai. Luke will ask April to dance, and halfway through the song, he will ask Rory to dance with him. Rory is a little bit his and he steps up to all the step-father duties.

Lorelai and Luke will dance to “Reflecting Light” again. Liz and TJ will get emotional since it was their first dance as husband and wife too.

Jess acts as the best man for Luke, taking care of him and giving him the support he needs.

Paul-Anka and Petal will have some kind of role in the wedding, maybe bearing the rings, or ruining a nice or emotional moment. Paul-Anka will wear a big white bow on his back, and so does Petal. 

Doula would have the right age to act as a flower girl, so has Martha. Davey might be the ring bearer after all, or Lane’s twins. All the kids have some special role and will be involved in the wedding.

Babette and Miss Patty will sit in the first row at the ceremony, sobbing like little girls when Lorelai and Luke exchange their vows. They will hug them so tightly, that Luke thinks he might not be able to breathe ever again. And then he will get the shock of his life when Babette and Patty will finally pinch his butt. Lorelai will shrug her shoulders and smile at him.

Liz and TJ will entertain half the wedding party with their stories of the vegetable cult they were in for about half a year. But they will avoid any explanation for all the couches they have at the new home. (Maybe they are in a couch cult now?)

Luke knows Cousin Billy, he totally forgot about him and he is embarrassed to admit that to Lorelai. She will find out much later. 

It will scare the crap out of Luke when he sees Paris at his wedding. Lorelai was like a mother to her and therefore she could not miss the wedding.

Even though it is Luke’s wedding day, Taylor will find a reason to annoy him. It will probably have something to do with some rules and the town’s regulations.

Kirk will get tangled up in the white clothes and will need to be rescued from it.

Later, Kirk will get into a fight with Lulu because he doesn’t have enough time to dance with her. He has to make sure everything goes according to Lorelai’s plan and that leaves no time for dancing or some crazy times on the couch.

Michel will come to the wedding with his husband. It will be their last big event before their kid gets “delivered”. Frederic will drive everyone crazy with his special orders for the food, everything needs to be served on separate plates.

The 30-something-gang will work as waiters at the wedding, they don’t have anything else to do and they can put another waiter job on their résumé. The parents of the 30-something-gang will be forever grateful for that.

Crazy Carrie will forever be bitter that A) she isn’t invited to the party and B) Luke is off the market for good now. She will hold onto the rumor she made out with him under the bleachers though.

Mrs. Kim will ask Lorelai if her new choir can perform at the wedding, and since Lorelai still is a little scared of her she agrees on it, but she cringes the entire time the choir performs.

Moreover, Mrs. Kim will give her some useful antique as a present, telling her who that item has belonged to some time and why he or she was important to the country’s history.

Mr. Kim won’t be able to make it to the wedding because he will be off on a business trip again.

The guests will demand countless times of Lorelai and Luke to kiss by clinking their glasses. Lorelai enjoys that very much and is happy that Luke is for once comfortable with that kind of public display of affection.

There will be some of Patty’s founder’s day punch, and Emily will try it out and get a little tipsy. Miss Patty and she will bond over it and laugh just as much as at her bachelorette party all these years ago.

Emily will be just as smitten with Gypsy as she was when she first met her at the same party she bonded with Miss Patty. When she’s tipsy, she will confess to her that she reminds her of her maid Berta. Gypsy will think Emily is crazy because Emily won’t have a picture to prove it to her. In the end, Gypsy will be very thankful when Lorelai rescues her from Emily, telling her mother the cab she asked for had arrived.

Kirk will be the last one to be at the reception because as the organizer he’s also in charge of the clean-up.

Lorelai and Luke will spend their first night as husband and wife at home, having the house completely to themselves. Lorelai will want to discuss everything that has happened and Luke will actually have to talk her into sleeping with him.

You’re welcome to add all of your headcanons! The more the better - we can come up with all the subplots for the “shebang” AS-P intended to have.

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So I entered a writing contest and I had gotten my hopes that I'd at least get third place. But I didn't and now I'm so discouraged I took down all my stories on wattpad. I don't know what to do. I like to think I write for myself but there's no joy in writing when you have no reader to enjoy it.

That happens and it’s very rough and upsetting.

Please remember that there are thousands of writing contests and they’re usually skewed. Realize you are only one of many who lost that contest, but you’re all still writers. If you stop writing, you’re not even that. One measly writing contest is not an authority on your writing.

Wattpad also is not an authority on writing. It is less a reading room than it is a popularity contest. If you have a sparkly, sexy cover and make lots of friends on the site you’ll get reads. But that takes just as much work as the writing part, and you’re a writer not an agent.

Do you want to write? Write. If it gives you peace of mind, write. If you’re angry and want to tell someone, write. Writing is an art form and therefore has to be about you first. If you write only for fans and recognition then you’re not going to love writing for long. Find something else, something that’s just you, something you don’t need others to approve. We spend too much time seeking approval that we never get anything done. 

Best advice to get you through this discouraged funk is to get yourself a big stack of books and just start reading. An unemployed writer falls back on being a reader. Reading will change the way you feel and might also teach you a few things for when you decide to start writing again.  

 i wanted to tell the people who have been saying that call me by your name is about pedophilia to educate themselves!! this is the bittersweet love story between two young men, that’s it. here are some things i wanted to point out so y’all can stop freaking out over fucking nothing: 

- Elio (the younger character) is above the age of consent. He knows what he’s about. He says it like a thousand million times during the book. 

- To some of you a seven year gap in a relationship is scandalous and falls into the category of “abuse” and “manipulation” but  in this case they were always equals in each other’s perspective. Oliver was never in a position of power (teacher, boss, etc) that coerced Elio to engage in a relationship with him. It was a consensual situation.  

-Oliver didn’t repeatedly tell Elio that they should not do what they were doing because he felt guilty he was taking advantage, but because he knew it would end eventually leaving both of them devastated. He knew that as much as he’d like for them to live happily ever after, it just wasn’t possible. 

-Elio was all shy around Oliver because of how infatuated he was with him, not because he was afraid of him. He also felt guilty when he thought he bothered Oliver because Elio wanted to be liked by him. 

-  Elio is a little extra sometimes, like he could do anything to please Oliver, but that’s not because he was being manipulated or whatever that’s because he’s an awkward 17 year old in love. That’s exactly how it feels when you fall in love for the first time and at that age. Also his persistent desire to be physically with Oliver is a result of that. Aciman did a 10/10 job describing his feelings btw. 

-At some point Oliver admits that he was just as besotted as Elio was all the time. They were both dumbasses who didn’t know how to express their feelings for each other, causing all the misunderstandings they went through until they finally got together. They were assholes to each other to cover up the fact that they were crushing hard. 

- At the end of the book, they acknowledge the strong feelings they had for each other even though everything ends up being really sad. They both loved each other, they just experienced it differently. Please note this not only in this context but in every other aspect that this could be applied to. Every single person experiences feelings in different ways.  I think this is the aspect that makes people confused, causing them judge this particular relationship as abuse. Elio loved Oliver like a flame, like something that burns you from the inside out, and from experience I can confirm that that’s exactly how you love when it happens for the first time. Oliver loved Elio deeply and has his best and happiest memories from the summer they were together…he says it himself lmao, but i guess it is different to fall in love at 24 than it is to fall in love at 17. Also maybe cultural aspects and their personalities may have influenced how they experienced their love.  So to summarize my rambling that may be repetitive but whatever: they did love each other, very fucking much, but they experienced and exteriorized it differently. 

-I think that y’all get a little disturbed because when you research a bit about the book the first things to pop up are previews from the movie (which i’m sure is a masterpiece) and Armie Hammer who plays Oliver is like, the all-American dude all muscly, blond, tan and tall, while Timothée Chalamet who plays Elio is skinny, pale and baby-faced and looks exactly like a teenage boy. So yeah, they are very different and that contrast is kinda shocking to some people. 

-The wikipedia description is kinda off… like i wouldn’t say completely innaccurate but i wouldn’t say reliable either because my impression of this book when i read about it on the wikipedia page was completely different to how i see it now. The reason why i mention this is because you damn well know that the first thing you do when you want to read abt something is go to wikipedia, so yeah, maybe look for some reviews or smth instead of going straight for that horrible place. 

-READ THE FUCKING BOOK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!. For all you know, you could be missing out on a fucking wonderful novel because you are shallow. 

-Also this has nothing to do with the previous things i said because i think i’m done with what i wanted to point out but the peach scene wasn’t so scandalous in my perspective??? like when i read it i was like oh boi but i didn’t freak the fuck out like some people did… maybe i’ve read too much fanfiction and i’m used to that stuff but idk 

So yeah this has been it. Before you come at me talking about me not understanding or whatever… like any other human with common sense, i do know that this is not romanticized pedophilia/abuse. This is a love story. A sad one that made me cry. And just another thing: if you come at me comparing call me by your name and lolita  i’ll fuck you up personally for being a headass bitch. 

Brief Overview of Sith History

Before we start, just know I’m gonna use three dating systems. I know, I’m sorry ;A; but hopefully I made it so that it’s easy to follow. >,<

1327 AE = 0 ATC = 3653 BBY
AE, After Emperor (BE is obviously Before Emperor)
ATC, After Treaty of Coruscant (BTC should be self explanatory)
BBY, Before Battle of Yavin

Please note.
This is not an exhaustive list of ALL the events ever. But rather brief points about some of the important ones from the Imperial-side of things.

Old Sith Empire

95,020 BE (96,347BTC/100,000BBY)
Start of Sith civilization on Korriban.

25,020 BE (26,347BTC/30,000BBY)
Pre-industrial age Sith fight off Killiks.

23,020 BE (24,347BTC/28,000BBY)
Korriban is unified under King Adas, making this the first time for an official Sith Empire.

22,700 BE (24,047BTC/27,700BBY)
The Sith, under Adas, fight off the Rakata.

9,020 BE (10,347BTC/14,000BBY)
A library temple established on Krayiss Two

2020 BE (3347BTC/7000BBY)
Civil war initiated by Dathka Graush

1920 BE (3247BTC/6900BBY)
The Exiles arrive on Korriban.

20 BE (1347BTC/5000BBY)
The Great Hyperspace War begins and ends.

19 BE (1346BTC/4999BBY)
Vitiate eats Nathema and leads remnants of the Empire on a 19-year odyssey.

Resurgent Sith Empire

0 AE (1327BTC/4980BBY)
Vitiate forms the Empire on Dromund Daas.

76 AE (1251BTC/4904BBY)
Grand Moff Vaiken is killed on a mission.

374 AE (953BTC/4606BBY)
Kel’eth Ur is imprisoned for heresy.

Darth Lokess, with fellow Councillors, tried and failed to overthrow the Emperor.
Vodal Kressh attempted to challenge the emperor and failed.
Vitiate declares the planet of Athiss to be forbidden.

937 AE (390BTC/4043BBY)
Darths Victun and Qalar fight a Kaggath that leaves the Citadel in ruins. The other Councilors execute them and their family lines. The Citadel is rebuilt with Darth Nostrem as the architect.

1020 AE (307BTC/3960BBY)
Battle of Malachor V.

1026 AE (301BTC/3954BBY)
The Sith Civil War.

1299 AE (28BTC/3681BBY)
Battle of Korriban and the start of the galactic war.

1327 AE (0ATC/3653BBY)
Sacking of Coruscant, a treaty is signed.

1337 AE (10ATC/3643BBY)
Start of SWTOR.

There’s a post somewhere that expands upon the timelines of the game…. I can’t find it right now. :<

But by 2000BBY the Sith Empire is…. gone.

(if i did my math wrong and the dates are off… i’m sorry. i tried. i really did. ;-; tumblr ate my whole post and i had to rewrite the WHOLE damn thing….)

Now, I would actually say the “Old” Sith Empire is basically from 1920BE with the arrival of the Exiles to 0AE when Vitiate ascends. Anything before that could be categorized as “Ancient Sith History” (in like… Imperial/Sith history textbooks or something. idk).

It’s worth noting, that both the Old and Resurgent Sith Empire lasted like…. a really long time??

From the Exiles to the Great Hyperspace War, the Empire was unified and together for nearly 2 thousand years. And with Vitiate, the Empire trucked along for more than 1000.
Something’s not adding up with the “canon”. No way in hell can a galactic governing body last this long if its leaders are constantly~ fighting and killing and betraying each other. Regardless of how much DS Force powers and Sith magic these people are using.

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Hi! I love reading all your theories on SU and VLD and I wanna ask: any thoughts on Haggar? I didn't care about her at first but my interest in her sky-rocketed after the last few episodes of S2 where she was shown doubting and even opposing some of Zarkon's decisions (and having more emotions). I'm also embarrassingly strongly hoping for her to be Lotor's mother (as crazy and improbable as it might be)

Haggar is very interesting to me because if nothing else she’s basically the only individual that we see Zarkon near-unconditionally trusts. She got on my radar almost immediately for that reason because Zarkon fits a particular model of antagonist- it’s strongly established that it’s either his way or the highway (and by “highway” it means, get executed and/or loaded into a Robeast) and he basically can’t tolerate anyone, even the Black Lion, potentially contradicting him to the point that he’d rather deny that the Black Lion is a sentient creature with her own goals rather than admit that she’s someone with autonomy that chose to turn on him.

And then in the middle of that, you have Haggar- who Zarkon trusts, explicitly, who Zarkon lavishes with resources, who is able to do basically as she pleases. And it doesn’t even seem particularly one-sided, as Haggar is much like Zarkon- she’s haughty, she’s proud, she’s beholden to almost no one and rankles at the implication of being questioned, but with Zarkon and exclusively with Zarkon, she calls him “Sire,” she bites her tongue, she doesn’t directly argue with him at times. 

That said, it doesn’t seem like she was one of the older paladins or, like Zarkon, she would have kept her bayard. So far, Allura and Coran haven’t mentioned her role in history at all which is suspicious to me. It suggests she came relatively out of nowhere, but we do have some potential insight into how she and Zarkon might’ve started their partnership.

Keep reading

YOI Cooking Headcanon

I don’t get the number of fics I’ve read in which Yuuri can’t cook.  He grew up in the hospitality business – at the very least he can at least cook anything that his mother serves!  And comfort food is important to him, so when he sees others upset his first instinct is to feed them.  Cooking will never quiet his anxiety in the same way that skating or dancing does because it isn’t physical enough, but it’s definitely soothing in its own way.  Bottom line: Yuuri can goddamn COOK!

Victor, on the other hand, is a menace in the kitchen.  Never mind that he takes the same more-is-more approach that he does in every other aspect of his life (it turns out that there is a critical mass of chocolate chips beyond which point there is no longer a possibility of “cookie” so much as a vaguely-cookie-flavored puddle of melted chocolate, go figure); no, the problem is that patience and focus are not skills he’s particularly interested in using off of the ice and after the third time the fire department showed up because Victor got distracted by a shiny thing Yakov had someone come in and disconnect the stove.  Fortunately his food plans ensure that he’ll never need to use anything more dangerous than the microwave anyway.

Yuri never had much interest in cooking, but recently he’s started asking his grandpa to teach him.  Starting with pirozhkis of course, but when he sees the way that dedushka lights up at the request he suddenly has a burning need to learn everything.  It’s a wonderful way to spend time together, and Yuri tries not to think about how much or little time his grandfather might have left…

Phichit has no interest in cooking.  That’s what restaurants are for.  This does not stop him from having over four thousand recipes pinned on Pintrest.

Of course Christophe can cook.  It’s a prime tool in his arsenal of seduction, but really he just enjoys indulging himself.  And while he could write an entire recipe book on dishes that are meant to evoke specific feelings (or are just stuffed to the gills with rumored aphrodisiacs), his guilty pleasure and secret weakness is tuna noodle casserole made with condensed soup and canned peas.

How could Seung-gil not love to cook?  It’s all numbers and science in the pursuit of perfection.  Following a recipe is the first step, of course – with no variables like the weakness of human muscles a flawless outcome is ensured every time – but learning the whys behind the formulas opens up unlimited potential for logical experimentation.  And… it just makes him happy, okay?

JJ’s thoroughly average in the kitchen, and he doesn’t mind a bit.  He makes a mean plate of spaghetti and his chili is outstanding, but anything containing eggs winds up a total disaster and he relies too much on shortcuts (instant gravies, condensed soups, frozen vegetable mixes) to ever really impress.  But Isabella tells him that everything he makes for her is wonderful, and even though he knows she’s being kind that’s good enough for him.

Otabek… Hmm.  He’s tough.  I think Otabek is too focused on other aspects of his life to really pay attention to what goes in his mouth.  He likes good food, but it’s not super high on his priority list.  That said, he’s a perfectly adequate cook and can make pretty much anything so long as he has a recipe for it.

Emil has been learning how to make Italian cuisine to try and impress a certain someone.  Michele thinks he knows who that is (and is super pissed off about it) but he’s kind of a clueless idiot.

Mila throws herself into cooking the same way she does with everything else: with ferocity.  She likes her flavors bold, and what she calls “bold” everyone else calls “basically inedible” and “what the fuck ghost peppers are not a vegetable are you trying to kill me”.  Phichit became her favorite person ever when he declared that her curry was “Not bad.  Warmish.”

The idea of cooking has never really occurred to Georgi.  Anya always did all of the cooking and it was always so amazing oh god Anya why did you leave me ANYAAAAAAAAAAA

Guang Hong was visiting Leo in America when Leo got invited to one of those cooking parties at Sur la Table.  Leo was going to cry off but Guang Hong insisted that he go; Leo demanded that they go together.  It was a wonderful evening and they had so much fun.  Leo snuck a picture of Guang Hong with flour dusting his cheeks.  They both secretly wish that they could do this together every day but are too shy to confess to the other one.

Michele is too hung up on gender roles to cook anything beyond heating things up.  He needs to get over it.  Among other things.  Sara is a perfectly fine cook but she’s been refusing to do so lately, mostly to annoy her brother vis-a-vis the gender role thing.

Kenjiro’s still a kid and doesn’t have much opportunity to cook.  But he knows that katsudon is Yuuri’s favorite food and is determined to be able to make it for him the next time that they meet.

So, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, it always bums me out that a lot of others haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, some people just can’t get into comics. Some people don’t even know they exist. And then there are those who just can’t get into the Buffy comics at all, it just isn’t their cup of tea. That’s totally cool and there is no judgement.
But, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, I feel like I got to see so much more character development with EVERY character and it’s just beautiful. The Scoobies have grown so much since we left them in Season 7. They have learned so much more since fans who have seen the show left them, and it honestly makes me so sad that not all of us know that they get better, that things get better. You get so much closure and at the same time see these amazing new beginnings.
The comics have changed my opinion of so many characters. Giles,dealing with the years he spent watching over not only Buffy, but everyone. Dawn, growing up and getting more and more mature, dealing with her problems and really opening up to everyone. XANDER. I HATED him so much, and now after reading the comics he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s not so scared all the time, he’s so much more confident.
I just really encourage you to check out the comics if you haven’t. They strengthened my love for Buffy and the Scoobies a thousand times over, and helped me get over so much that happened in the show. They are worth it!!

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When Kass Morgan gave the right to make The 100 a tv show, do you think she could've put certain stipulations down? Like that certain characters shouldn't die, etc? I always wondered if she asked for Bellarke to become a thing. It sounds ridiculous but it's always been so clear that they're building up Bellarke while at the same time JR and the cast would say they didn't see them as romantic, etc? So I'd wonder if maybe they didn't necessarily want Bellarke but had to make it happen. thoughts?

I guess I thought that because if I were an author, and I gave a company the right to make a tv show out of my characters, I wouldn’t want them to change certain things that were dear to me. So if I really loved a couple in my book, I’d make sure the tv show wouldn’t change that that status and make them end up with other people. And it’s clear KM loves Bellarke. But at the same time it sounds ridiculous that she’d put Bellarke down in her contract as something that had to happen. Thoughts?

They way I heard it, I don’t have the evidence to back this up, but I saw it and it was good enough for me way back when, is that this was not Kass Morgan’s intellectual property to start with. She was HIRED to write the YA novel, and JR was hired to write the pilot. The two stories were written from the same basic set up and starting plot, and the same main characters, and were allowed to go in their divergent directions. The 100 the tv show is not an adaptation of The 100, the novel. They are both original stories based on the same premise. 

The original premise, however, included Bellarke as a the main couple. 

JR had the freedom to follow Bellarke as the center romance if he wanted. Or to dump Bellarke as the romance. Or, if he so desired, to delay the center romance of Bellarke so that he could focus on the action and politics and adventure and non-romantic relationships and also on building a truly epic, slow burn romance that makes the whole story better.

You can say, like many have, that JR chose to dump the central romance of Bellarke and make it platonic, but then you’re going to have to take into account all the clearly non-platonic music, visual cues, fades, dialogue, eye contact, cinematography, plot, and script to screen.

“Take into account” does not mean, “ignore and pretend it’s not there” the way so much of the fandom does. Or calling people delusional, heteronormative lesophobes for seeing the canon evidence and pointing it out, which is just an attempt to discredit the ideas without ever actually addressing them.

If JR didn’t want Bellarke to happen, then he wouldn’t be telling the story from the pilot. And we wouldn’t have the visual journey of Bellarke hand holding. And we wouldn’t have the fades and the bellarke theme. 

If he was being forced to tell Bellarke and he didn’t want to, he would have made them romantic a long time ago, and then had them break up and move on from it, becoming awesomely platonic and saving the world that way.

Instead he hinted at it, at held it away. Camouflaged it. Smoke and mirrored it. Hint. Switch the story. Hint. Show a different romance. Hint. Run away. Prestidigitation. 

I don’t know how many ways I can say this. 

This isn’t someone NOT telling a romance story. This is what a romance story looks like. This is a highly committed romance story with  three years of investment into a developing romantic connection. This is not an accident. Putting them into a shot with their faces inches apart as they stare intensely into each other’s eyes before darting down to glance at lips is not a “whoops!” If they didn’t want them staring at lips, they wouldn’t be showing it. Staring at lips is a visual cue that kissing is on someone’s mind. Bellamy feeding Clarke that chip and us sitting there rewinding a million times trying to decide if Bellamy touched her lip or not is not us reading into something that isn’t there. JR had them FILM THAT SCENE DOZENS OF TIMES. Eliza joked about it. She had to spit the chip out again and again to do reshoots. Do you know how expensive it is to film things? They spent thousands of dollars on that chip feeding/lip brushing scene to make us focus on it and question it and obsess over it and wonder. 

YES. These moments are subjective and we can say they mean romance or platonic, but the very fact that the show is spending all this money on putting in scenes that force us to question if something is platonic or romantic IS TELLING A STORY WHERE ROMANCE IS ALWAYS ONE OF THE OPTIONS. ALWAYS. Will they? Won’t they? That is the essence of a romance story.

That is how you tell a romance that hooks the audience. 

We’re hooked. 

  • <p> <b></b> Michael POV<p/><b></b> "Man I didn't even really wanna go to prom, it was just a bunch of overly horny niggas and bitches that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on one night that would be over before it began" I said as me and my bestfriend Metri sat at the food court in the mall. "Bitch shut the fuck up you know you wanna go, you just mad cause you don't have a date yet, and you extra salty cause Darrien ain't ask you yet" he laughed as he took a bite of his chick-fil-a sandwhich. He was right though I actually did wanna go but I only wanted to go with one person and that was him, waiting on him to ask me to prom was like waiting in line for new Jordan's to drop it takes forever. "Yeah whatever Bitch, he ain't gonna ask me so Im just over it, it's only a week an a half left till prom and I don't have a tux or limo shit I'm mad as hell I brought that $100 ticket" I said actually becoming mad a little. " Calm down Mike, you'll get asked and if you don't you can come with me and Travis" he replied trying to cherler me up. "GREAT!!, so I can be a third wheel, na I'll pass" I retorted honestly. We finished our meal and did a little more shopping as we were leaving I seen darrien and some other boy walking on I quickly grabbed metri and duck behind this big ass flower pot outside the mall. "BITCH, I'll smack the shit outta you bout to give me whip flash better be glad me and Jesus ace boon coons in this new year don't do that shit no more" he said but I ignored everything he said and said " Look, there go Darrien and some other boy going in the mall, do you know him?" I asked because my Bitch been around the block and up the street a few times. " Yeah that's Evan he got a big dick, Mmm.. A really big-". " Michael?" Someone asked from behind me and from the voice I knew exactly who it was. " He-hey Darrien funny running into you here haha" I say nervously beings I was just caught hiding behind a flower pot at 3 in the afternoon. " What you doing behind this flower pot, hey Metri" he said as he hugged us both. "Well I was-we were- he needed" I couldn't speak at all so like a true bestfriend my bitch quickly said " We were here looking at tuxs for prom, how about you guys and hey Evan!" He said as he gave Evan that look that make ya mom uncomfortable cause she no her son getting dicked down right. "Wassup Metri, still looking sexy as ever, you a stranger thou shawty, I see ya new nigga got you in lock huh?" Evan replied licking his lips and I'll admit I got alil turned on. "please don't get him started on niggas" I said as I pulled darriens so we could talk away from those two knuckle heads.<p/><b></b> Darrien POV<p/><b></b> I'll admit it Michael was looking so fine right now he had his hair I'm braids that led to a man bun and his ass was sitting right, I spotted him and Metri walking out the mall as soon as we got close to the steps o seen him duck down behind that flower pot and all that. "So why was you hiding again?" I asked him because I wanted a answer. " ok truth is I seen you and Evan and I didn't know him so I thought-" before he could finish I said " I was cheating, Oh okay, nah shawty I'm not going no where". " So if that's true why haven't you asked me to prom yet Darrien we only have a week basically to get his shit together, is cause I'm a boy and your parents don't know" he said and I could see the hurt in his eyes. " Come on man! Don't start with that, look I love you and I always will but I'm just not ready for my parents to know yet" I honestly said.<p/><b></b> Me and Michael been messing around since sophomore year and we are now seniors, I came out at school for him cause I really do love him I just haven't told my parents yet.<p/><b></b> "Don't do what! D, explain to the guy I love that I wanna be with him whole heartily I fucking love ya bigheaded ass and I just wanna spend this night with you" he said as tears rolled down his face. Before I could reply he grabbed Metri and left me standing there. "damn, bro you fucked up this time huh?" Evan said walking over as we watched them leave. " Man shut up nigga, I didn't do shit, he wanna go to prom with me but I haven't told my parents about us yet, don't get me wrong I love his ass a lot but I'm not ready yet man, what you think?" I asked him cause he was my boy and he keep it 100 with me. " I think that you should take his ass to prom, tell ya parents and move on if that accept you great if they don't go to college with ya man and start a new life my nigga, for to long we love for others because what they might think or feel bit what about us?" He said as we entered Zumiez " Since when did you become Mr. Knowitall" I said mushing his head. " Since I came out 2 months ago and my mom accept me but you know pops ain't wit it but he cool" he replied which made me think about my next move and how I was gonna tell my parents that there only child was gay and wanted to go to prom with a boy!! Damn.<p/><b></b> If you like this first little snippet of my new tumble story "Knight in shining armor" please please please #reblog and comment lemme know wassup I'll beposting updates every Wednesday and the chapters will be much longer this is just a tease!!<p/></p>