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Man, Attack On Titan’s character and thematic writing really is underrated.

I see almost nothing picking the characters apart (outside my bubble of Tumblr, at least), when to me it’s the most interesting part of the story.

I don’t think the horror would work if the characters didn’t have these human reactions. If everyone were a badass like Levi you wouldn’t believe in their threat. It’s really the tragedy element of a character’s human flaws and desires getting the best of them.

Eren’s mother’s death is so effective because she is so human. Because she isn’t a infallible source of hope. She’s just another human being who breaks when her family is taken away. If that weren’t there, I don’t think the scene would be nearly as powerful.

Imagine if Gelgar didn’t really have the drinking problem?

If the Levi squad never admitted their mistake?

If Ymir had no motivation of living for herself or Historia her predicament of having given a false name?

If Mikasa didn’t have everyone she loves constantly taken away?

If Eren and Armin didn’t have their shared dream of freedom or putting an end and giving a meaning to all the deaths that happen?

The characters all have human desires, but within a cruel and unfeeling world.

The world is unfair and our characters fight so it no longer would be unfair, this is why I think I care, at least.

Would you really care if these characters weren’t shown to be feeling these things? It’s not that the Titans are this overwhelming threat that makes this story effective, it’s that they turn a blind eye to feelings. The Titans could be no matter what size or shape, but their threat wouldn’t be real if it didn’t mean anything to the characters and thus the audience. We hate the Titans because they make the world unfair and cold (just as we hate Marley because they make the world unfair and cold).

The idea that rational badass who does nothing wrong = good character is such an annoying thing for AoT for this reason and would absolutely ruin the series.


Based on this prompt <3

“Harry, he’s doing it again.”

Harry’s head snaps up. He looks over at Malfoy, who hastily buries his face in his parchment again.

“What is he playing at, staring at you like that?” Ron mutters grumpily.

“Dunno.” Harry has been wondering that himself. Okay yes, they had kind of a reputation for staring at each other. But lately it was… different.

“What is he even scribbling on his parchment? Class hasn’t even started yet!”

Harry snickers at Ron’s tone.

“Mate, relax. Just ignore him,” he tells his friend, very well aware that he will probably spend the next hour doing the exact opposite.

He catches Malfoy several times studying him intently with narrowed eyes. Whenever their eyes meet, Harry could swear Malfoy’s cheeks turn a bit rosy before he breaks eye contact. Harry feels his own cheeks heat up involuntarily at the sight.

When class ends, Harry packs his things deliberately slow. He even tells Ron to head off to the Great Hall without him.

“I’ll be right behind you,” he grins. Ron gives him a skeptical look, but shrugs and heads out of the classroom. When most of the students are gone, Harry picks up his last book and tries to be discreet about watching Malfoy out of the corner of his eye. He’s collecting several rolls of parchment, spread over his desk. Harry glimpses something strange and a little gasp escapes his mouth.

“Is that…” Harry can’t believe his eyes. “Is that me?”

Malfoy’s eyes are impossibly wide as Harry approaches him and makes a grab for the piece of parchment he has spotted his own face on. Malfoy tries to snatch it away, but Harry is quicker. Always has been.

He stares at it, a strange feeling washing over him. It’s not a big portrait or something, it’s more like a doodle on the edge of the parchment.

“Huh. You’ve improved since third year,” Harry murmurs.

“What?” Malfoy snaps.

Harry looks up to meet his gaze.

“Well, I remember a rather unflattering drawing of me on my broom.”

And there it is again. This time, Harry’s standing so close that there is absolutely no doubt - Malfoy is blushing!

“I admit, that drawing was quite unfortunate,” he drawls.

“Well, it was meant as an insult, so -”

“It wasn’t an insult,” Malfoy interrupts him.

What? Harry stares at him, not sure he heard correctly. Malfoy seems to realise his mistake and suddenly looks very alarmed.

“I mean, obviously it was an insult. What else would it have been?”

He snags the parchment from Harry’s fingers, hastily stuffing it into his bag. The scowl on his face doesn’t convince Harry as he marches out of the classroom.

Harry traces a finger along the desk Malfoy has just been sitting at, a grin spreading on his lips.

“Yeah, obviously,” he murmurs to himself.

Malfoy has been drawing him.

Harry probably should be appalled.

But strangely enough, he finds he isn’t.

Not even one bit.


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honestly,,, jeffrey dean morgan just makes me so happy
i’m sure if you know me you’re sick of hearing it (hi gail, fight me) but like
he seems so sweet and he’s extremely attractive and his face always makes me feel better when i’m sad
i want to hug this old man forever and ever

i had a dream i was participating in a marathon and during it me and a girl i knew from college got into a truck and me and her were talking about credit card fraud at gas stations and apparently in this dream world it was known that ed o'brien had given rides to 10 credit card scammers while trying to be nice and they took money each time and i remember in the dream specifically saying “they targeted him because he’s famous. he’s a big guy so he could take them on. I’m short so i would get beaten up ahhhhh.” and in the dream this made total sense

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we are the window full of starving eyes

A post-SPECTRE take on James Bond/Madeleine Swann. 
For @isthisrubble.

[ Wordcount: 14K  ||  Rating: T  ||  Warnings: None ]

Summary: There are no sunsets in the flashing lights of the ambulance barricade.

The signs as science memes