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smooth sailing

He felt still rather like a man waiting for the axeman’s blade to drop; his body had become accustomed to this breakneck coltish pace, and nothing had convinced it yet that the danger had passed. 

some mid-episode-87 percahlia. 1.5k words. gentle pwp guest starring a Very Bad Nautical Joke* and a copious helping of fluff. explicit, but not as explicit as some things i have written! enjoy.

*to fans of patrick o’brian: sorry. you can already guess what joke it is.

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Dorian’s and Tamlen’s first kiss for Dorianmance Week 2017 <3

Just look at how they look at each other, it makes my heart melt. It’s the first kiss and there’s so much love and adoration in their expressions. For being “just” a video game character Dorian has a lot of qualities, but in my opinion he has one of the best set of facial animations and expressions, realistic and also subtle and full of emotion. It’s just one of many things that make him and his romance feel so real.

The romance isn’t your typically teeth-rottingly sweet and adorable fairytale-type story, but it’s one of the reasons why I adore it so. It’s lighthearted and playful, especially in the beginning, but also in a lot of the smaller moments in between, including the banter. On the other hand it also has these heavy and heartbreaking moments, going hand in hand with deep and loving conversations and scenes as well as the more fun ones. I’m not very good at putting it into words, but you can watch the relationship grow deeper over time in such a wonderful way. Dorian not hoping for more at first, being reluctant for a long time, not quite sure how to express how he feels and hiding a bit behind his wonderful snark - all part of his upbringing and background. But he changes, not always visibly at first, but he gets so much more happy. So happy and proud and firm at the side of the Inquisitor. “You’re terribly dull and I hate you” versus “You’re the man that I love, Amatus, nothing can truly keep us apart”. From almost secret stolen kisses in his alcove in the library to both a public, playful greeting kiss and also a long, deep, and probably not very easy goodbye kiss.

The reasons why I particularly picked this scene though out of the whole romance are many. It’s the first kiss of a lot more to come. It perfectly sums up their relationship to me, playfulness following a reather serious moment, then turning into something sweet with a slight twist of reluctance. I love how Dorian’s reluctance is visible especially through his body language, first keeping a bit of distance to the Inquisitor before turning towards him and kissing him. But then there’s also this different kind of reluctance to let Tamlen’s arm go after the kiss. This is what he wants, and it’s so, so hard to let go, now that the first hurdle is behind him. Then he slowly walks away after one last glance and another playful line, maybe a bit doubtful about whether the kiss was too daring, maybe hoping that he didn’t ruin anything now. Maybe also wondering “what am I doing here?” when thinking about what people might say about the Tevinter mage cosying up to the Inquisitor. Tamlen on the other hand is probably just surprised at first, but keeps his eyes closed for a few more moments after the kiss, which is just one of my absolute favourite things a character could do. Hoping that the moment might last a little while longer, because he’d been waiting for so long, because you just don’t want a perfect moment like that to be over. Because during the kiss it was just the two of them and nothing else mattered.

It’s one of my favourite scenes in the game… and in my first playthrough I didn’t even get it. I didn’t want to miss anything, and I was impatient and went for the first kiss right after “Last Resort of Good Men”. I love it for its own reasons - but this one I love even more. The patience and not going for the other kiss, waiting a bit longer and letting Dorian take the first step absolutely paid off once I knew it was an option. I think if I’d have to sum up the romance with one word it would be “patience”. By being patient with each other, loving, giving each other time, listening, being there and supportive of one another - that’s what these two nerds have, and I’m so happy for them, because it’s what great love stories are about.

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since in currently sick as a dog, blackmadhi sickfic? its ultimately up to you who's the sick one, but my suggestion is simon... just because we hardly see the chinks in his armor :D

I am also sick (the rapidly changing weather is killing my sinuses sob the headachesss), so this sounds perfect!


“Go home, Blackquill.”

“I’m fine, Edgeworth-dono.”

Edgeworth gave his subordinate his trademark scowl, but unlike practically everyone else who worked under him, it had zero effect on Simon Blackquill, who just returned the look with a hard-pointed glare of his own.  It would have been more intimidating if Simon didn’t appear even paler than normal, and if he hadn’t sniffled right after delivering it.  Edgeworth had grown tired of hearing Simon’s loud coughing from down the hall. Although he was still understaffed, he could barely get his own stuff done.  Besides, there was a high likelihood that Simon would end up needing to redo everything anyway, so keeping him here was nothing but a waste of time and effort.

“Go home,” Edgeworth repeated.  I can’t have you getting everyone in this office sick.”

“Then just stay away from me let me work?  Tell everyone else to do the same.  I know you’re still searching for new prosecutors, so is it really a good idea to understaff yourself more by sending me away?  Besides…I’m fine.”

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                            I LOVE ONLY THAT WHICH THEY DEFEND

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I miss when you were just a teenage tøp fan who liked the star filter.

ok…i dont


Yep, I think this is the end of this short journey~

part one . part two . part three .

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if you think OC muses should be treated with the same respect as canons. 


McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi